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One day I saw President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was in an open-top car. He was smiling and waving at the people. We had heard for a long time that he was coming OUr way. Now it had become a reality. People had been preparing for his appearance for many months. They made the surroundings very beautiful. They paved the roads, even the one that ran up to the little country church, where Mr. Roosevelt spoke from a specially built platform. Before we got to see Mr. Roosevelt, we had to watch the line of secret service men, which ran about a mile before him. They were watching for signs of potential foul play. President Roosevelt also had many enemies. A heavily armed guard rode on either side of the President, and for a mile behind. After he had gone there was no need for a guard. People stood talking about what they had seen. The people had no money to prepare for President Roosevelt. They were willing to do the work, but the expenses , were great. Paving the roads was too costly for them. The federal government paid for the paving through the W.P.A. which President Roosevelt had signed into law. Soon we will see Jesus Christ burst through the clouds of glory. He will not be the president of a nation. He win rule the whole world. He won't have just a few hundred with Him. He will come with tens of thousands of His saints, (Jude 14). They will then be as the angels of heaven. We will then have spiritual bodies. We have been preparing for His appearance for a long time. We have been preparing ourselves inside and outside. We have no means to do this. He furnishes the power. We do the preparation. We cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. The bride is making herself ready, (Rev. 19:7). We will be without a spot or blemish, (Eph. 7:27). He will only come for them that look for Him, (Heb. 9:28). We are heavily armed. We have power over all the power of the enemy, (Luke 10:19). After Jesus has come and gone, there will be no need for angels to protect us. The people left here will have no protection. They will have to give their life for their testimony if they are left here to face the anti-Christ, (Rev. 13:15).

Angels came ahead of Jesus and His first coming. They announced His birth, (Luke 2:14). When He was born as a little baby, they were stationed all around the countryside, (Luke 2:9). The elements were full of angels announcing His arrival. They were with Him all during His lifetime upon this earth. They protected His as He grew up. Angels encamped in and around Jesus as the 4evil attacked Him on the Mount of Temptation, (Matt. 4:11). They ministered to Him While He was fasting. Many times they protected Him when people were trying to take His life. Angels came and strengthened Him when He was pouring out His life unto death in the Garden of Gethsernane, (Luke 22:43). He could have spoken the word and have had thousands of angels to come to His rescue, (Matt. 26:53) . As Jesus ascended back to the Father, angels gathered around Him to escort Him back home, (Acts 1:9). An eyewitness wrote that she saw a cloud receive Him out of her sight. This cloud said He would come back in like manner as they saw Him leave. Since He is coming back in like manner, this could have been a cloud of angels, (1 Thes. 1:7). As He is so are we, in this world, (1 John 4:17). We have angels camping round about us. Jesus had angels with Him all the time, (Pslams 34:7). Jesus set us an example that we should follow His steps, (1 Peter 2:21). If we follow in His steps, we can have the same protection that He had. The works He did, we are expected to do, (John 14:12). Jesus said, "As my father hath sent me, even so send I you, (John 20:21). He was given a body guard, (Psalms 91:11). Peter had an angel with him, (Acts 12:7). All children have an angel with them at all times. His angels are ministering spirits. They are nearby to minister to us at all times, (Heb. 1:14). Many times the writer has felt the angel of God hover near in his room assuring him that he had prayed through and received the answer in his soul, just before a healing service. (1.) Have angels watched over people very long? As far back as Adam's. time, an angel was sent to guard the tree of life, (Gen. 3:24). God has always used angels to carry out His work. He sends them forth as ministering spirits. (2.) Are angels interested in our safety? When judgment was about to fall on Sodom and Gomorrah, God sent

two angels to warn Lot and his family, (Gen. 19:1). They were first so concerned, they went to Abraham. They took Lot by the hand and pulled him out of the city. (3.) Does the appearance of an angel prove that one has been living more holy than another? We can't say that Lot was living a holy life. He was selfish and worldly. An angel appeared to Hagar to save her life after she had quarreled with her mistress, (Gen. 21:17-19). The angel met Jacob at Bethel when he was fleeing from Esau. He had double-crossed his brother, yet the Lord was anxious to protect him. The fact that you protect your child does not always mean that your child has always been obedient. (4.) Does an angel ever commission one to minister? An angel appeared to Moses in the wilderness and told him to lead God's children out of bondage, (Exodus 3:2-12). An angel came to Gideon and told him to deliver the children of God from the oppression of the Midianites, (Judges 6:12-22). (5.) Does an angel ever provide food for the hungry'? One time Elijah had brought a revival to an entire nation. He was weary after he had destroyed 950 false prophets. He ran from Jezabel, after he had been fed by the ravens; after he had lived three and one-half years without a ration book. He became weak and lay down to rest. An angel met him under the [uniper tree. Food from heaven was given to Elijah. This prophet went forty days on the strength of this heavenly food, (1 Kings 19 :5-7). This was not a fast, but Elijah feasted forty days. (6.) Do angels fight for God's 'people? One time the people of God were outnumbered by the Syrian army. Hezekiah fell on his knees and prayed. lie spread a threatening letter out before the Lord. God saw that His people were insulted by the enemy. He saw that they were in danger. In answer to Hezekiah's prayer, He sent an angel. The angel slew 185,000 soldiers in one night. The fear of God came upon the rest of them and they fled for their lives, (Isaiah 37: ). Should someone threaten you, all you need do is spread it out before the Lord. The Lord sees; the Lord knows and the Lord hears. (7.) Do angels foretell the future? Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she would give birth to the Christ child, (Luke 1:26-38). He told Zacharias that he would be the father of John the Baptist. He told him the kind of preacher John would be, (Luke 1:11-19). 3


(8.) Does an angel ever bring judgment? An angel told Zacharias he would be dumb because he did not believe the message, (Luke 1-20). An angel destroyed 185,000 sotdiers for King Heze~iah. An angel smote Herod because he did not give God the glory. Herod was eaten with worms, (Acts 12:23). They may appear inside or outside the church. Hagar wall in the wilderness. Moses was in the wilderness. Gideon was threshing barley, behind a wine press. Elijah was behind a tree. Peter was in jail. Paul was in the middle of a storm on the ocean. Zacharias was in church, (Luke 1:26-38) . (10.) Do angels help people who break the law? A law was passed forbidding Daniel to pray. He prayed anyway. He was cast into a den of lions for breaking the law. An angel went into the den of lions with him. An angel protected this law-breaker, (Numbers 23:23). It was against the law for Peter to preach on the street. He believed it was better to obey God than man. He went to prison for breaking the law. An angel came and delivered him, (Acts 5:19). This angel told him to go back and again preach. (11.) Will an angel appear to a man who does not have the Holy Ghost? Cornelius did not have the Holy Ghost. He knew nothing about the Holy Ghost. Yet, an angel appeared to him and he was instructed to send men to Joppa. He sent for Peter who came and instructed him in the way. Great revival followed, (Acts 10). (12.) Are angels interested in the Holy Ghost baptism? This angel was very much concerned. He wanted the Gentiles to receive the Holy Ghost, (Acts 10:7-22). According to his word Peter came and preached, Before he had finished all who heard were baptized in the Holy Ghost, (Acts 10:44). Angels desire to look into the fact that man can preach the gospel with the Holy Gbost sent down from heaven, (1 Peter 1:12). (13.) Do angels hold the door to prisons? Angels are jail-breakers. They can break into prisons. They do not need a key, as we know a key. They may break any prison that may hold you: They have the master key. The angel led Peter out. The doors opened of their own accord, (Acts 12:10). Centuries before man had the secret to a seeingeye door, angels had that secret. 4

(14.) Do angels deliver only the righteous? They are not. obligated to deliver the ungodly, but they can if they desire to do so. An angel came to deliver Paul and Silas. He sent an earthquake. Paul's bonds were loosed and Silas was set free. Everyone in the jail was set free, (Acts 16:26). God is still sovereign. He does as He pleases with His own.. . (15:) D~ angels bring the answers to our prayers? That IS their busmess. When Paul was out in the middle of the ocean in the storm, an angel appeared to him and told him all that all the men that were with him would be saved (Acts 27:23). Hagar and Ishmael were praying when an angel brought them the answer, (Gen. 21:17). (16.) Can the natural man see an angel? The natural man cannot receive the things of God, (1 Cor. 2:14). No man has seen God at any time. God is a spirit, (John 1:18; John 4:24). An angel is a spirit, (Heb. 1:13-14). You can't see a spirit with your natural eyes. When an angel appears, one person may see him and another person may not see him. Elisha prayed that the Lord would open his servant's eyes that he could see the angels that were just overhead (2 Kings 6:17). Joshua did not perceive that an angel wa~ by his side as he was in the battle. God helped him to see the angel, (Joshua 5:13). An angel stood in the path to keep Balaam from going to the wrong place to preach. Balaam's mule saw the angel. As the angel stood there Balaam did not see him for a long time, (Num. 22:31): A mule can discern angels 'better than some rebellious preachers. (17.) Are angels like human beings? They do not have P?ysical bodies, but they may appear to people, as if they did have physical bodies. Sometime they may appear in their heavenly glory, (Acts 10:30). An angel appeared to Daniel like a beryl. His face appeared as lightning, his eyes were as lamps of fire, his arms and feet were like polished brass. His voice was like the voice of a multitude (Daniel 10:6). • (18.) Why do angels sometimes appear without their heavenly glory? This is because of several reasons. Usually a fear comes upon the human being when an angel appears. Sometimes angels may act as secret detectives. They may not want to make themselves known to certain individuals. For. instance, a traveler may come by and ask for help. His car may be broken down, or he may be out of gas.


He may want a place to sleep. You mayor may not entertain him. You may invite him to stay and not know he is an angel, (Heb. 13:2). At the judgment he can witness against you for breaking the commandment, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers." You will be judged according to the books by your works. , (19.) Are angels of a very high order? Adam was made a little lower than the angels, (Psalms 8:45). There are different orders of angels. (20.) Which of them are described as having wings? Seraphims appeared to Isaiah with wings. They were the attendants of the Lord. Their main duty is to proclaim the holiness of the Lord, (Isaiah 6:1-8). The Cherubims appeared with wings. They guard the throne of God, (Ezekiel 1:4-25; Ezekiel 10:1-22; Rev. 4:6-8). (21.) Are there male and female angels? They are spoken of in the masculine gender. The Lord's angels do not marry or give in marriage. In that sense they are not of either sex, (Matt. 22:30). They have a celestial body. It appears that fallen angels may not be without sex, (Gen. 6:1). (22.) Are angels mortal or do they have a celestial body? As a super-natural body they never die, (Luke 20:36). (23.) Are angels many in number? They are innumerable, (Heb. 12:22). There are too many to count. There are millions of angels, (Rev. 5:11).' (24.) What are some of the duties of the angels? The lives of Christians would be in constant danger if it were not for angels. Evil spirits are worse than a lion ready to attack us at any time. Angels are watching over all Christians ready to protect them every day and every night. God gives His angels charge over us to bear us up with their hands. They even protect us against hitting our feet upon rocks as we walk, (Psalms 91:11-12). (25.) Do angels act wisely? They are strictly businesslike in their dealings. They never waste time or act foolishly. They deliver their message and go on their way. They never receive worship, (Rev. 22:8-9). They always direct worship to God. (26.) Do angels work, according to the word of God? An angel that acts or speaks contrary to God's word, you can cast him out, . (Gal. 1:8-9). You can put a curse on him, for he is not sent by the Lord. Even Jesus won the battle by saying, "It is written." 6

(27.) Are angels intelligent? We now know in part. When we get to heaven, we will know as we are known (1 Cor. 13:12). We will be as the angels in heaven, (Luke 20:36)., We go from truth to truth on this earth, but angels seem to grasp the whole truth at one time. {28.) Do angels possess omnipotence? There are some things they do not know. They do not know the hour of Jesus' coming, (Mark 13:32). They do not know all about this Pentecostal experience which we enjoy. They desire to look into it, (1 Peter 1:12). (29.) Does an angel have will power? An angel has more will power than man. He never changes his mind nor draws back. He does not wait. He knows what he sets' out to do and does not change. He has the information he needs before he begins the job. His decisions are certain. Ninety-eight per cent of man's problems is in his indecision. When man really makes a decsion, the greater part of his problems are over. Angels have none of these indecisions and problems. (30.) How fast do angels travel? It appears they can go from earth to heaven, or from one end of the earth to the other in a single instant. They can go as fast as man can think. (31.) Are angels all powerful? That depends upon the power God gives them, (Jude 8:9). One angel seemed to need reinforcement when he was bringing the answer to Daniel's prayer, (DaniellO). It appeared the angel that came to his rescue had more power. (32.) Do some angels have more power than others? Michael could do what other angels could not do, (Daniel I?). ?ne angel has power to bind Satan by himself and put him into the bottomless pit, (Rev. 12:1-2). (33.) Can We have more than one angel to help fight our battles? Jesus said that we could do the works that He did, (John 12:14). He could have called down thousands of angels to help Him at one time, (Matt. 26:32). (34.) Who is Michael? He is one of the princes that stands for Israel and with other angels he will drive Satan and his angels out of heaven, (Rev. 12). He had to do with the resurrection of the dead, (Daniel 12:1-2; Jude 2). (35.) Who is Gabriel? He has to do with God's work of redemption. He came with the interpretation of Daniel's vision concerning the Gentile kingdom, (Daniel 8:15-17). 7

He interpreted the future for Daniel, (Dan. 9:20-27; Luke 11:11-20). (36.) Does Gabriel reveal the future? He told Zacharies about the birth of John who was to be the forerunner of of the Saviour. He stands in the presence of God (verse 19). He foretold the future when he told Zacharias he would be dumb nine months because of his unbelief. (37.) Does each child have a guardian angel? Jesus said there were angels who always behold the face of the Father which is in heaven, (Matt. 18:10). A guardian angel is assigned each child. Jesus said unless we become converted and become as a little child, we shall not see the kingdom of heaven, (Matt. 18:3). There is a serious penalty assigned to anyone who harms a little child. That is what God thinks of children. You may say, "How can children die?" God in His mercy takes some children at an early age to keep them from gowing up in sin and going to hell, (1 Kings 14). While I was praying for a little child, the angel of God came into the room and took it to heaven. It did not die, it went to sleep in Jesus, (Matt. 9:24). God took a little girl from her home. I wondered why, until I saw her sisters were allowed to grow up in sin. God took the little girl while she was saved, sweet and filled with the spirit. An angel came into my room two months before and told me this was going to happen. Two months later the same angel came back and asked me to preach the funeral service. (38.) How long will an angel watch over a child? It will be there as long as the child makes it welcome. When a child comes to the age of accountability and goes into sin, the angel is not obligated to protect it. Some teenagers defile themselves and go into places where angels would not dare follow them. They freely turn themselves over to the devil's angels. (39.) If an angel watches over a child, why would you pray for the child? There's a difference between the child of godly parents and the child of the wicked. If there was no difference, why would some of the parents bring the children to Jesus and have Him to bless them? The soul of the child will be saved, but evil can befall them if the parents do riot pray, (Exek. 9:1-4). Some children are taken into profane houses where the devil's angels dwell; where disease and death reign. The child may be in danger. The Lord even may permit the child to go to heaven to get

him out of sin and disease, and let him miss hell. The child is not res; -onsible for all this. (40.) Are angels only with children? Everyone that fears the Lord has an angel that encampeth round about him. That is not all. The angel is there to deliver him from the snare of the enemy, (Psalms 34 :7) . (41'.) Do angels protect only people who live a perfect life? The angel will not leave us as soon as we make a mistake or yield to temptations in a moment of weakness. Hagar's conduct was not exactly right. It seemed she had envy in her heart against her mistress, Sarah. Yet angels came to her rescue and to her son when they were left alone in the wilderness to starve. Perhaps they prayed to God and He sent the angel to them. Perhaps she did some repenting, (Gen. 21:16-19). Jacob did not always live a good life. He did the right thing in the wrong way. He knew the birthright was his, yet he obtained it in an underhanded method. I suppose he did some praying and repenting when his brother Esau was seeking his life. One night he said, "Surely the Lord was in this place and I knew it not." He saw a ladder with the angels ascending and descending on it. This shows that God sends His angels to protect us when we are not aware of it, (Heb. 13:2). (42.) Is that the only time that Jacob met an angel? It seems it was a common thing for him to have angels to help him. One night he wrestled all night with an angel. He did some confessing. He refused to let the angel leave until he received the answer and obtained the blessing. All the problems between him and his brothers was solved, (Gen. 32:28). Jacob said the angel had redeemed his life, (Gen. 48:16). He believed the same angel would protect his descendants. He had the blessing of Abraham with him. So do we, (Gal. 4:13). (43.) Will angels help in a moment of weakness? Elijah was strong. He brought revival to a nation. He brought down fire from heaven. He destroyed 950 false 'prophets. When he was overworked and running for his life, running from that wicked woman, Jezabel, he prayed for the Lord to take his life. Just at that time, an angel brought food to strengthen him. God said we are men of like passion, (1 Kings 19:48). We may have the victory one day and peed strength the next day. An angel is nearby to supply the extra strength. 9


(44.) Do angels do our fighting without our knowing it, sometimes? Elisha knew there was a band of angels over him, but the servant did not know it. He prayed that the eyes of the servant would be open, that he could see those that were for them far outnumbered the ones against them, (Kings 6:17). (45.) Do people who are not Christians sometimes see angels? King Nebuchadnezzar was called a wicked king. He saw someone in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew boys, like unto the Son of God. (Daniel 3:25). Then he declared that God had sent an angel and delivered the ones who trusted in Him, (Daniel 3:28). Angels can reveal themselves to sinners if they so desire. (46.) Do angels go into dangerous places? Daniel was put into a dangerous place. I would say it was a dangerous place to be thrown into a den of hungry lions. Lions have been known to overcome elephants and tigers. The 1ion is the king of the forest. Yet an angel was sent to close the lions' mouths that they would not hurt Daniel, (Dan. 6:22). If you can close the lions, then you are strong. If angels can close the mouths of lions, they can then be with me in any other kind of danger. (47.) Do angels warn us of things to come? Gahriel told Joseph that Herod would try to kill the child Jesus. He told Joseph to flee to Egypt. After Herod was dead, the angel told Joseph it would be all right for him to return to his homeland, (Matt. 2:13-20). (48.) Can a person be guided by angels? Gabriel told Joseph to take Mary as his wife, that the child was of the Holy Ghost. An angel appeared to Peter in prison. He guided him to bind on his sandals and he guided him out of the prison, (Acts 12). (49.) Can angels open doors without a key? We don't know what kind of key, but it seems they have the key to every situation. As Peter walked along with the angel, the door to the prison just opened. When Peter and John were in jail, because they had preached on the street, an angel let them out and instructed them to go preach again, (Acts 5:20). (50.) Can God deliver the answer to our prayers angel? Out on the ocean in the middle of a storm and 276 men were nearly ship wrecked. An angel by him and told him that he and all the men on by au Paul stood board

would be saved, (Acts 27:21-25). The same assurance can be sent to me by an angel. (51.) Are certain angels assigned to certain ones? It seems that they are, according to Acts 12:15. It seemed that the people in the early church knew and expected each person to have an angel assigned to him. The people prayed for Peter to be delivered from prison. When he came to the door and knocked they thought it was his angel. Suppose a man deliberately goes into sin. Then the guirdian angel may depart. God can withdraw His protection from a country, a city or an individual. After Israel deliberately began to indulge in sin, the angel of the Lord would no longer drive out the enemy from before them. They went into bondage, (Judges 2:1-3). The enemy became thorns in their sides. (52.) Are we in the presence of angels at all times? It seems certain that we are, (Psalms 34:7). Solomon knew that angels were listening to words that we are saying at all times, (Eccles. 5:6). The angels can record what we say. Our words can destroy us. If we can repent of the sins which the angels record on the books, of course, they will be blotted out, (Acts 3:19). (53.) What kind of good deeds can be recorded? Any good deed may be recorded. For example, any time you are faithful in prayer, it can be recorded. You can stand in the gap and make up the hedge and hold back the judgments. An angel takes note of all this, (Ezek. 1:9-6). (54.) Who has sure protection by an angel? All th~t fear the Lord are assured of protection. All that dwell In the secret place of the Most High are given this assurance. They will abide under the shadow of the almighty, (Psalms 91:10-13). The Lord will give His angels charge over us. (55.) Are we sometimes stopped by an angel? Sister Lester started to reach above her head to get some eggs out the hen's nest. A divine person stopped and caught her hand. Then she observed a snake was coiled up in the nest above. This divine person had been watching over her and protected her. (56.) Do angels associate closely with us? It seems that they trust us with too much. The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him, but there are certain secrets that are not given to certain people. When Jacob asked the angel for his name, the angel refused to share that secret with



Jacob, (Gen. 32:29). They usually do what they are sent to do and then quickly depart, at least from our sight. (57.) Are angels Diety? Angels closely resemble God, because they carry the glory of God with them. Some that have seen angels, have thought they have seen God, (Judges 6:22-23). Their words are considered the words of God. They do not speak vain words. They speak as the oracles of Gad. We are commanded to speak as God's oracles instead of joking and jesting all the time and telling things that are not true, (I Peter 4:11). (58.) Are angels to be worshipped? A true angel will refuse worship. He will direct the worship to God. There were people in the New Testament that worshipped angels. Paul condemned this practice, (Col. 2:18). 'After John had been schooled in the presence of GOd for years, he still did not resist the urge to fall down and worship an angel, the presence of the angel was so powerful. The angel refused to be worshiped, (Rev. 22:8-9). In Judges 13:16 Samson's mother tried to sacrifice to an angel and this sacrifice was refused. (59.) Will ·prayers dispatch an angel? Angels told Lot that they could not do anything until Lot was out of the city. It was not because of Lot or his family's good life or prayers, it was because of the intercession of faithful Abraham, (Gen. 18:23-28). Lot lingered. He held back. The daughters proved they were not too righteous. Lot's wife looked back to her possessions and turned to a pillar of salt. An angel took Lot by the hand and pulled him out of the city. (60.) Bow can we keep the angels with us? We must follow closely as did Peter when he walked out of prison. We must wrestle in prayer as did Jacob. We must heed the warnings as did Lot. We must not go places an angel would not dare tread. (61.) Do angels come after departing saints? There are many such testimonies from Christians who pass from this life. Some people pass that off as dreams or hallucinations. Jesus told of a certain beggar. He did not pass it off as a parable. He said there was a certain rich man and a beggar. The rich man died and went to hell. No doubt he was carried there by the devil's angels. When the poor man died, the angels of God came to him and 12

carried him to paradise, which was called Abraham's bosom, (Luke 16:22). (62.) Will angels carry you away? It seems certain that God's angels will carry you away to heaven and that the devil's angels will carry some away to a place of everlasting contempt, where there will be no more revival, water or little children. (63.) Which angel will carry you away? It will Iikeiy be the angel that walks with you in this life. Be sure to stay away from places where the devil's angels are, and where God's angels dare not walk. (64.) Do angels destroy the enemy? One angel slew 185,000 one night. The nation of Assyria came against the nation of Juda. Hezekiah prayed. An angel fought and won the battle for him, (Isaiah 37:26-38). (65.) What else do angels do after one dies? Michael the arch-angel, seems to be connected with the resurrection of the righteous dead. He was there to claim the body of Moses, (Jude 9). He is connected with the general resurrection, (Daniel 12:1-2). About the time of the resurrection there will be a war in the elements between the Lord's angels and the devil's angels. Michael will be leading the fight, (Rev. 12:7). When Jesus comes with his angels, the righteous will rise to meet Him. He will send the angels with a shout, the great shout of the trumpet. They will gather His elect from the four winds of the earth, (Matt. 25: 29-31). Michael will probably be the leader of the band of angels. (66.) How will the angels do such a tremendous task as this? Perhaps the angel will raise the one from the dead that he has protected during his lifetime, (Jude 9). The devil's angels may even try to prevent the resurrection of the righteous dead, but the angels of the Lord will win the fight. The righteous dead will take on a body like unto Jesus' glorified body and they will ascend to meet Jesus in the air, (Phil. 3:21). (67.) What will then my angel do? Perhaps he will cause gravitation to lose its hold. Then I will ascend to meet my Lord in the air. So shall we ever be with the Lord, (I Thes. 5:17). I will meet the Christians from everywhere in the air. They will come from China, Russia, England, Africa and every part of the world. Not even the angels know the hour of His coming. (Matt. 24:36). 13

(68.) Does the iron curtain keep out angels? It possibly does not. Brother Tucker, that was 'fed to the crocodiles and became God's martyr in the Congo, will be there. No doubt his guardian angel will go into Africa and get him. They will meet us in the air. No customs or international law can keep my angel from going in after me if I am there. No bamboo curtain can keep the Christians inside a Communist country. Praise God! The Christians must keep this appointment with the Lord just above the clouds. The Berlin walls will never keep the Christians inside East Germany. Their angels will bring them out. What a glorious truth. (69.) Will the Old Testament saints be brought in? The angels encamped even around the Old Testament saints, (Psalms 34:7). The angels fought for them. They were part of the church in the wilderness. They drank from the rock which is Christ, (I Cor. to:4). They moved with the cloud which was Christ. They were saved by trusting in Christ, (Isaiah 53:5). They too will be resurrected when we are resurrected. Their angel will gather them together, along with us. We will join with the Old Testament saints who have already been resurrected. They were the first fruits of the resurrection. They arose when Jesus arose. (70.) Do angels fight angels? It is evident that the angels of God fight the angels of Satan. There is a great spiritual conflict between these angels, (Dan. 10:12-13). We are permitted to see into the unseen world in this chapter. A high ranking angel from Satan resisted a messenger from God for three weeks. Michael, the archangel, came to assist in the fight and won the battle. He came to one man's rescue. God loves me as much as He did Daniel. (71.) Do some angels have more power than others? Some angels have higher position and more power than other angels. One angel has power to put one foot upon the land and the other foot upon the sea, lift his hand and swear unto Him that liveth forever and ever that time will be no longer, (Rev. 10:3). Another angel has power to shut the mouths of lions, (Dan. 6:22). Another angel has power to unlock the door for some Pentecostal, praying preachers, (Acts 5:19-20). Another angel has power to bind Satan and put him into the bottomless pit, (Rev. 20:1-5). (72.) Will we be as angels in heaven? We will have a 14

body like unto Jesus' glorified body, (Phil. 3:21). We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is, (I John 3:2). In some ways we will be as angels, (Luke 20:36). We will not marry nor give in marriage. We will serve Jesus and worship Him. No doubt we will be doing something besides sitting on the river banks or playing a harp. That sounds like a lazy man's heaven. I would not care about sitting on the bank of the river. I want to be active. We will be ministering, (Heb, 1:14; Luke 20:36). There may be other worlds. Maybe I will be sent to deliver someone from the lion's den, from a jail or from a fiery furnace. That would be heaven for me, just to be useful. (73.) Do angels ever die? In the resurrected life, we are equal to the angels. We will be children of the resurrection. We will be in the family of God. We cannot die. Angels do not die, (Luke 20:36). (74.) What does God have against the fallen ang~ls? He made preparation in advance for man's redemptIon. He already had a plan of redemption for man. In this plan He gives us power over all the power of the devil. This is through the atonement. I have power over all the power of the devil through Jesus. Through Jesus no power in the earth under the earth or in heaven can conquer us, (Romans 8:37-39). Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, (Rev. 13:8). (75.) How can we know the bad angels? Through the gift of the discerning of spirits we can know the difference between good angels and bad angels, (I Cor. 12:10). Bad angels can come to us as an angel of light, (II Cor. 11:14). Angels are spirits, (Heb. 1:14). We need discernin~ of spirits to recognize them. Paul said for us not to believe spirits that come to bring us a message, (II Thes. 2:2). (76.) What must we do when an angel comes to us with a message? We must do the same thing that Jesus did. We must say, "It is written", (Matt. 4:4). If an angel from heaven tells you something, if it doesn't measure up to the scripture, put a curse on the angel and cast him out, (Gal. 1:8-9). (77.) Will the struggle between God's angels and the devil's angels last long? If you fear the Lord, you have the angel of the Lord with you, (Psalms 34:7). The struggle will not last long. The God of Peace shall bruise Satan shortly under your feet, (Rom. 16:20). You have power 15

over all the power of the devil. Nothing shall by any means hurt you, (Luke 10:19). We are more than conquerors. When principalities or angels try to separate us from the love of God, in Christ Jesus our Lord we have the victory, (Rom. 8:38-39). We shall tread on serpents. We have power over all the power of Satan, (Luke 9:1). All devils means big devils, little devils, poor devils, rich devils - all devils of every kind. (78.) Why must we fight a continual fight against Satan and his angels? We must fight so the gospel will have free course. How many churches are bound tight, enemy spirits have stopped the flow of God's spirit until the people don't pray. The preacher has his hands tied. The gospel does not have free course in these churches. (79.) How must we fight? Daniel gave us an example. He prayed that intercessory prayer would open doors to the gospel, and would bring angelic forces from heaven to war against Satan's forces. Satan stands before the angel of the Lord to resist him. As someone prays, he can say, "The Lord rebukes thee," (Zech. 3:1-3). (80.) Where do we get our power against Satan's angels? When Jesus came to face the cross, He knew what it was. He said, "Now is the judgment of this world: Now shall the prince of the world be' cast out; Now is the prince of this world judged," (John 12:31; John 16:11). Legal authority was stripped from Satan at Calvary. Jesus said, "I beheld Satan as lightning, fall from heaven," (Luke 10:18). The true angels of God stand to assist us and to let us know our rights in Jesus' name. Jesus let the devil's angels captive and gave power to bind them, (Ephes. 4:8; Matt. 18:19; Luke 10:19). (81.) Do angels need our cooperation? Angels must have our cooperation if they fight for us. Daniel interceded in prayer as the angels fought for him as he fought the good fight of faith, (Dan. 10:11-12). The warfare of the Christian plays a very important part in the battle to overthrow the power of Satan, (Ephes. 6:12). We and angels are allies in the conflict against Satan. We must arm ourselves with the whole armor of God. Jesus could have called twelve legions of angels to have helped Him, (Matt: 26:53). He said we can do the same thing, (John 14:12; John 20-21). (82.) If we have these weapons, why then do we need 16


angels? Angels of God fight against Satan's angels. There is a spiritual warfare going on in the elements above. Satan's angels will try to keep our prayers from going through. Satan will try to attack us in any way he can. While Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, an angel appeared and strengthened Him, (Luke 42 :23). As He is so are we in this world, (I John 4:17). (83.) When will the battle above us be ended? Michael and the angels will come and fight against the devil and his angels. They will chase the devil and his angels out of the elements above us, where they now have their headquarters, (Rev. 12:8-12). That is in the very near future. Satan knows his time is short. That is why he has great wrath. That is why he is putting up such a fight. That is why we need the help from the angels that encamp around about us. (84.) How will Satan and his angels be overcome? The saints of God will have a hand in this. We must cooperate with the angels. We will overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. (Rev. 12:11). (85.) Is it a Iaet that We playa part against Satan's angels? Angels of Satan know that they are a defeated foe. They know they cannot overcome us if we come against them in the Name of Jesus in faith. The word of God plainly states that we shall judge angels, (I Cor. 6:11). No doubt we will have a part in casting Satan and his angels into the bottomless pit. (86.) How can we perform such a task as this? That is where the angel of God comes in. Each of us have a guardian angel. Our angel is ready and willing, waiting to protect us from Satan's angels. He will step forth and bind the evil angel that attacks us. No doubt our angel will take the angels that fight against us. He will be cast into the pit with the archangel. Thus we will win our final victory, the victory of all victories. (87.) Does the pastor of each church have an angel with him? Yes, if it is God's church and God has placed the members in it, (I Cor. 12:28). If God has put the pastor over the church, He has given him an angel to fight his battles. John made this very plain when he told us that each of the seven churches of Asia had an angel with them, (Rev. 1, 2, 3). An angel is a spirit, (Heb. 1:14). 17

Each pastor must have this ministering spirit with him, if he is to do what God has given him to do. Of course, a leader of one of the false churches would surely have one of the devil's angels with him. We must pray for the pastors as Satan sends his angels along to try to get each pastor to compromise and let down the standard of holiness and righteousness. (88. ) Is an angel a person? Yes, an angel is a person. A person does not have to have a body with flesh and bones. A spirit does not have flesh and bones, (Luke 24-39). An angel is a spirit. A spirit is a person according to the dictionary. God is a spirit, (John 4:24). Yet, God is a person, (Heb. 1:3). No man has seen God at any time, (I John 4:12). Yet, we may see him with our spiritual eyes, (John 14:9). (89.) Can we not just depend upon the gifts of the spirit? It seems that angels have something to do with the manifestation of the gifts. They are working through the same spirit. When Paul was in a storm facing shipwreck, all hope was taken away. It seemed certain 276 men would go down to their death. Just then Paul received the assurance from God that all of them would be saved. Not one of them would be lost, (Acts 27:24). This assurance from God is the gift of faith in operation. Paul received the assurance while he was praying. The answer was "God has given you all them that sail with thee." This was past tense. In this case, an angel brought this assurance. (90.) Do angels really answer our prayers? In the case mentioned above this was true. God sends His angels on such errands. They bring the assurance to our prayers. Sometimes we are gone when the angel arrives. A man dreamed that he saw some packages in heaven. When he asked what they were, the Lord told him that they were undelivered answers to prayers. The ones praying were gone when the angels arrived with the answer. The angels returned with the undelivered gifts. The packages in the dream are symbols of unanswered prayer. (91.) Does God have many angels? When John looked into heaven he saw ten thousand times ten thousand, thousands and thousands of angels, (Rev. 11:5). He counted to one hundred million. He stopped counting, looked out into space and saw thousands and thousands. They are an innumerable number, (Heb. 12:22; Rev. 5:11).

(92.) Does an angel want you to be cheerful? If you are always discouraged, you have the devil's angels with you. For an angel of God to help you, he requires that you be cheerful, (Acts 27:22). It requires faith. If you have faith, you are not sad or discouraged. Your praise is the incense that should ascend up to the throne of God all day, every day, (Heb, 13:15; Ephes. 5:2). If you offer incense with your prayers, you will get results. An angel stands beside the altar waiting for praise to ascend up with your prayers, (Rev. 8:3). He takes some fire from the altar and mixes it with the praise. He casts it down to earth. There are voices, there is a shaking, there is a revival, (Rev. 8:3-4). On the day of Pentecost praise went up to God. Fire was mixed with it. As it was cast down to earth there were voices and there was a great revival, (Acts 2:1-4). When Paul and Silas were in jail they mixed praises with their prayers. There was suddenly a great earthquake, (Acts 16:26). Evidently the angel shook the doors of that prison. There was a great revival that took place. People were saved, healed and baptized that night. No wonder that God says for us to let our requests be made known with thanksgiving, (Phil. 4:6). Let all things be done without murmuring and complaining, (Phil. 2:14). Of all things don't murmur and complain to God and call that praying. The devil's angels want you to do that. (93.) Do angels believe in a holy life? They believe in and practice a holy life. They are holy angels, (Rev. 14:10). Angels do not sin. They come to recompense judgment upon the people that do not obey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, (II Thes. 1:7-9). The angels announced that Jesus would save people from their sins and not in their sins, (Matt. 1:21). (94.) Does it take discerning of spirits to see angels? God divides the gifts as He will, (l Cor. 12:11). Sometimes he lets us see the unseen hosts that are fighting for us. They are there whether we see them or not. Elisha saw them, but his servant did not. God opened the servant's spiritual eyes and he saw them; that there were more that were for them than that were against them, (II Kings 6:17). If we have the discerning of spirits we will know that there is a battle between two unseen forces. We will also know that they that be for us be more than those against us. 19


(95.) Do angels sleep? A spiritual being does not need sleep. The natural body needs sleep. While Jacob was sleeping, a band of angels was ascending and descending on a ladder from earth to heaven. He said God was in that place and he knew it .not, (Gen. 28:12). Jacob was in a trance. His brother was seeking his life. If you are in trouble, why worry? If the angels are going to stay awake why not go ahead and sleep and rest? Nathanael saw the angels ascending and descending on Jesus, (John 1:511. As the Father sent Jesus, even so sends He us, (John 20:21). Maybe all the angels wanted the honor of being Jesus' body guard. They perhaps had to change shifts and work certain hours. (96.) Are we in the presence of angels now? They are whether we want them or not. God did not say they encamped around about only them that feel well, but around all that fear God, (Psalms 37:4). When we take a marriage vow, we take it in the presence of God and the angels. Angels witness it and record it. When we are ordained to preach it takes place in the presence of angels, (I Tim. 5:21) . We are in the presence of good angels or bad angels continually. Do not do anything that will cause holy angels to flee from you. It is necessary to be holy if you want to keep company with holy angels. Live holy, walk holy and dress holy. (97.) Bow do angels look? They do not always appear in the fullness of their glory. Sometime they appear as men. Some may mistake them for men, (Heb. 13:2). At other times their countenance is like lightning. Their face is almost like the face of God, (Judges 13:22). Their garments are white like snow, (Matt. 2:3). Men fall like dead men before them. Men quake because fear falls upon them. The men looked on Stephen as he was stoned to death. His face looked like the face of an angel, (Acts 6 :15). Angels do not shear their hair, (I Cor. 7:10). (98.) Do angels believe in the Holy Ghost baptism? They desire to look into fact that men preach the gospel of the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, (I Peter 1:12). An angel appeared to Cornelius and told him to send men to Joppa. He wanted Peter to come tell them what they must do to receive the Holy Ghost, (Acts 10:7-22). When Peter came and told them what to do, they were all so obedient they all received the Holy Ghost. An angel may 20

be sent to you or he may instruct a preacher to come to you to instruct you how to receive the Holy Ghost, (Acts 3:14). The angel did not go to the overseers. He went directly to Cornelius. (99.) Does an angel ever compllment us? One time an angel came and sat down under an oak tree. He talked to a boy who was behind a wine press, threshing wheat, Gideon was there because the Mindianites were taking God's children's possessions and food away from them. The angel told Gideon that the Lord was with him. He was a mighty man of valor. It is a blessed feeling when an angel commends us. (100.) Do angels work miracles? An angel commanded Gideon to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. He told him to lay flesh and cakes on the rocks. The angel put forth his staff and touched the sacrifice. There arose fire out of the rocks and consumed the flesh and cakes, (Judges 6 :21). There is no miracle an angel cannot do if we are in trouble and cry out to God in faith. (101.) Will an angel tell you where to go to win a soul? After Philip had many great revivals in Samaria and had preached to many of the Samaritans, an angel told Philip to go down to the South, into the desert of Gaza. He met the Eunoch from Ethopia who was seeking after the truth. Philip went up to him as he was reading in the chariot, and he preached to him. Philip baptized him after he had preached to him and he had believed with all his heart, (Acts 8:26). An angel waits today to direct you to some lost soul that is hungry for God. You must be willing to go out into the desert to that one hungry man. The angel will go along to protect you. (102.) Will God. use the angels in the last day revival! Evidently angels will work in cooperation with man as ill the case of Philip winning the Eunoch, (Acts 8:36). The harvest is the end of the world. The reapers are the angels, (Matt. 13:39-41). Jesus will send his angels. They shall gather out all things that offend. They will remove the tares from the wheat. The tares will be bound up and burned. Jesus will come with His holy angels with a flame of fire and take vengence upon them that know not God and that obey not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, (II Thess. 1:7-9). You must repent and obey the gospel if you want the angels to be for you instead of against you. 21

The angel wil1 be with Jesus when He divides the sheep from the goats, (Matt. 25:31-32). You will not want Him to be ashamed of you before the holy angels, (Mark 8:38). Then you must confess Him here and live holy and righteous. He will gather all of us for the rapture, (Matt. 24:31). (103.) Do angels depend upon us? Angels work mostly through us. They assist us. They depend upon us to cooperate with them. They see conditions through us as we obey God in intercession. We are spectacles to angels, (I Cor. 4:9). (104.) Do we speak in angelic language? It appears it is all right to speak with the tongues of angels if we have love, (I Cor. 13:1). An unknown tongue is different to tfte known tongue. He that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks mysteries in the spirit. Since angels are ministering spirits, we must: be speaking in a language they use, (I Cor. 14:2). Satan cannot listen in on that language. (105.) What status do angels hold? Adam was made a little lower than the angels, (Heb. 2:7). If the angels are lower than Jesus, the angels worship Jesus, (Heb. 1:5-7). Angels all bow to Jesus, (I Peter 3:22). They serve and obey Him, (Heb. 2:5). If Jesus took on the form of man for a time, it was only for our redemption. (106.) Will an angel protect us when we are being cheated? An angel will do our fighting for us and chase our enemies, (Psalms 35:5). When Jacob withstood his father-in-law, because his father-in-law mistreated him, changed his wages, an angel protected him. Laban cheated him and changed his wages ten times. He tried to .take his life. He gave him the wrong wife after he had worked for seven years. An angel stood by Jacob and redeemed him from evil, (Gen. 48:16). Vengeance belongs to the Lord and he will repay. (107.) How did the Israelites destroy all the nations around about? An angel did their fighting for them and led them to the promised land, (Exodus 23:20). They were commanded to beware of the angel and not provoke him, (verse 21). God's name was in the angel. The angel went before Moses and told him what to do, (Exodus 32:34). If angels helped them to take hold of the promise, we also have angels to help us. (108.) Can an angel foretell the future? An angel came to Manoah. He told this woman that she was barren, but 22

would bare a son. He told her what to feed the son. Her son, Samson, was a Nazarite. The angel told her not to let a razor come upon his head. The angels are interested in us living holy lives. (109.) Does an angel have power over fire? Fire cannot burn an angel. An angel went into the fire with the Hebrew boys. An angel ascended back to heaven in a flame of fire (Judges 13:20). One angel has power over fire, (Rev. 12:18): He will cast the fire into the winepress of the wrath of God. Blood will run up to the horses' bridles. An angel appeared to Moses in a flame of fire in the burning bush, (Exodus 3:2). (110.) Will an angel help select a wife? I believe an angel will go before you and help you select the right man or woman. An angel or the presence of God came to me and showed me the girl I was to take to be my wife. Four weeks before this I did not know her name. Isaac did not know his wife's name before he married her even that long. An angel went with Abraham's servant and helped him select a wife for Isaac, (Gen. 24:7). This is why the servant did not have a hard time choosing a girl to be Isaac's wife. (111.) Will angels go with us through trials? They went with Jesus and ministered to Him on the Mount of Temptation, (Matt. 4:11). God knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation, (II Peter 2:9). He delivered Lot by angels, (Gen. 19:11). The angel smote the men with blindness who tried to molest him. When Abraham was tempted and tested even to the point of taking his own son's life, an angel called to him and told him not to make the final, fatal stroke, (Gen. 22:11). (112.) Do angels rejoice when a sinner is saved? There is joy in the presence of angels when a sinner comes home, (Luke 15:10). Your mother who has gone on to be with the Lord is in the presence of angels, in the great cloud of witnesses, and she may rejoice when her son returns to his mother's God. The prayers were answered that she prayed while she was on earth. I believe angels also rejoice. They sang and rejoiced when Jesus was born. They said he came to save people from their sins, (Matt. 1:21). (113.) Do angels weep? Some think they are sad and even weep for sinners that are lost. I would rather believe angels are full of joy. When you are full of joy, there is no 23

room for sadness in you. I read how they are glorifying God continually in heaven, (Rev. 7:11). They even fall on their faces glorifying God. We will be as angels in heaven, (Luke 20:36). There will be fulness of joy in His presence, (II Tim. 1:4). Sadness and sorrow will then be over. 014.) What do angels have to do about visions? The angels interpreted the vision that Zacharias had seen, (Luke I). When we see visions, we can depend upon our angel giving us the interpretation. Many times in the past thirty-four years God has given me visions. Sometimes I would know the vision was from the Lord, but would not know the interpretation. As I waited on the Lord, the arigel would bring to me the interpretation. It was understood in Bible times that angels usually appear in visions, (Luke 24:23). The writer has had many such experiences. Peter saw an angel. The angel loosed him from prison, and Peter still thought he had seen a vision, (Acts 12:9). (115.) Do angels send us to carry the message? The angel moved the obstacle from some women. He rolled back the stone and sat upon it. He knew whom Mary was seeking. He knew Jesus had arisen. He sent Mary with the message of the resurrection. An angel may send you with the message. You may receive your call to preach Ly the visitation of an angel. (116.) Are angels interested in your healing? Angels assist in any way they can in helping people. They are used in delivering answers to our prayers. An angel came down each year and troubled the waters. The first person that stepped into the water was healed, (John 5:1-6). (117. ) Did men believe more in angels in Bible times than they do today? Men are more or less alike in all generations. The Sadducees were a denomination that did not believe in angels or miracles. Therefore, they were sad, you see, (Acts 23:8). The Pharisees believed in angels. When God spoke from the elements some of the people were quick to believe an angel spoke, (John 12:29). When Peter was delivered from prison, the people thought it was hIS angel, (Acts 12:15). (118.) Can we expect an angel to destroy our enemy? We can if we pray. One time Hezekiah received a letter from a wicked king. He spread the letter out before the Lord. The Lord can read, you know. The Lord assured 24

KIng Hezeklah that through the gift of faith he would be defended. That night an angel slew 185,000 soldiers, mainly the leaders, (II Chron. 32:21; II Kings 19:35). This teaches us to take all our troubles and threats to God. God sees and hears; He cares and He understands. We learn here that God's angels do not wish to destroy any more men than is necessary. (119.) Do angels only record bad deeds? They record all our good deeds. The Lord harkens and hears as we meet and speak often one to another. A book of rememberancc is made even when our thoughts are on the Lord, (Mal. 3:16). We will be rewarded according to our works, (II Cor. 5:10). (120.) Do angels also bring judgment? Angels appeared in human form to tell Lot of the coming destruction to their city. When the men of the city came and tried to molest them, the angels smote them with blindness. The angels have something that is greater than any tear gas gun. The angels can smite your enemy with blindness so . they cannot see to attack you. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, (Gen. 19:16-17). (121.) Should we ignore a warning from an angel? Lot's wife is an example of one who does not heed the warning. He told her to escape from the city and not look back. When she did, she turned to a pillar of salt. Jesus, in speaking of the coming judgment on this earth said for us to remember Lot's wife, (Luke 17:31). (122.) Does there come a time when the angel departs? The angel had to leave Lot's wife because she persisted in disobedience. They are merciful and patient, but if we resist and rebel there comes a time that they will withdraw themselves. They will take their protection from around you. Then they turn against us. (123.) Do angels help us at times we do not see them? While Balaam was out of the will of God and going to curse God's people, an angel appeared in the path to stop him. So merciful is God that when a preacher fails God and begins to put a curse on God's people, or to skin the sheep, sometimes an angel will appear in his path to block him from further disobedience, (Numbers 22:12). Balaam did not realize it, but the angel was preventing him from going further into destruction. The animal saw the angel, but Balaam did not. Finally, God opened Balaam's eyes so that 25

he saw the angel., This saved Balaam's life. Angels are spirits. The preacher was so carnal and cold that he could not discern spirits. He did not have as much discernment of spirits as did the dumb animal on which he was riding, We have such carnal preachers today, they cannot discern spirits. He that is in the flesh cannot please God, (I COL 2:14). They that worship God must worship Him in the spirit, (John 4:23). (124.) Can angels tum against us? It seems Balaam had persisted in going on, regardless. He would have been killed on the spot. The angel was in his path with the sword drawn. Maybe his own guardian angel had turned against him. He would have fought against him instead of for him. At a later time Balaam was killed for framing up against God's people, (Joshua 13:22). (125.) Would the: angel ever fight against us? After Saul disobeyed the Lord and became rebellious, God rejected him, (I Sam. 15 :23). God became his enemy, (I Sam. 28:16). Instead of the angel of the Lord protecting a man, he may actually chase him, (Psalms 35 :4-6). The angel takes God's part. He fights on God's side. When Saul stepped on the devil's side, he was God's enemy. When we are on the devil's side we then fight against the angel of the Lord. If we are not for the Lord we are against him, (Matt. 15:30) . (126.) Which angels sinned? Lucifer, the archangel, sinned and was cast out of heaven, according to most people's beli'ef, (Isaiah 14:12-20). (127.) .How did Lucifer sin? He was lifted up by pride. He wanted to exalt his throne above the stars of God. He wanted to be like the most high, (Isa. 14:13-14). Only Christ can be equal to God. Christ will sit on his father's throne, (Rev. 3:21). (128.) Was Lucifer perfect? It seems at one time he was sinless and perfect, (Ezek. 28:15). Then God found iniquity in him. He was lifted up with pride. He had beauty, charm and admiration of heaven. He was lifted up because of beauty, (Ezek. 28 :17). (129.) What happened after he fell? He became the prince of darkness; he became the god of this world. He can transform himself into an angel of light. He is the prince and the power of the air. He is the accuser of the brethren. He accuses them before God day and night. 26

(130.) Does an angel stand against the enemy? As the children of Israel marched across the Red Sea, the enemy was behind them almost catching them. About three million people were marching on foot. What hindered Pharoah's army from catching them? They were in chariots. The angel of God that went before God's people, removed and went behind them, (Gen. 14:19). The angel shone a light for God's people. He made it dark for the Egyptians. The wheels came off the chariots. They were overthrown into the sea. (131.) Would an angel want you to go to a fortune teller? He will not go with you. You are not protected if you do these things and are going on the devil's territory. King Ahaziah sent messages to Beelzebub to inquire if he would recover from his illness, (II Kings 1:2). An angel told Elizah about it. He told Elijah to meet the messengers and send them back with a message from God. The angel sent word that the king would die. Messengers were sent to destroy Elijah, but Elijah called fire down from heaven and destroyed them. An angel must have been doing all this for Elijah, because the angel suddenly told Elijah to go with the messengers for an interview with the king, (verse 15). (132.) Can an angel rebuke? An angel came and told the people they were not to make an alliance with the inhabitants of the land, but must throw down their altars. He said they had done all these things that he told them not to do. He said he had brought them out of Egypt, but would not drive out the enemy anymore because they had been disobedient, (Judges 2:13). All the people lifted up their voices and wept. It is not a pleasant feeling when the angel that has been fighting for you turns against you, rebukes you and begins fighting against you. The angel ordered a curse on Meraz because the people did not come to help fight the Lord's battle, (Judges 5:23). He can rebuke us for our sin of neglect, (Heb. 2:1-4). (133.) Does an angel carry a sword? Several places in the Bible we find that angels carried swords. One time we find an angel stood ready to destroy people all up and down th'e coast of Israel. After David repented, the Lord told the angel to put away the sword, (I Chron. 21:12-30). If you repent the angel of the Lord will put away the sword. He will fight for you rather than against you. 27

(134.) Will an angel chase you? He will chase you and fight you if you are fighting or persecuting God's people, (Psalms 35:1-6). 'Everything will go against you. A man rode into Tuscaloosa, Alabama many years ago' on a horse, He had spurned away the spirit of God in a revival meeting. The angel was driving him day and night as he rode this horse. Even an angel drove Adam and Eve from the garden after they had sinned. This man got a room at the hotel for one night only. He told the hotel clerk that the next morning he would be a corpse. He told him lie would give him the horse, if he would put a marker at his grave saying, "It does not pay to run from God." That head board stayed there many years and won many people to God. (135.) Do angels keep the gates of heaven? The new heaven has twelve gates. An angel stands at each gate. They do not let anyone enter who is fearful and unbelieving, who is a murderer or whoremonger, a sorcerer, idolator or liar, (Rev. 21:7-12). You must work with them. Then they will work with you instead of working against you. (136.) What will happen to faMen angels? They will be cast into hell with Satan, (Matt. 25:4). Hell is prepared for Satan and his angels. It was not prepared for you, but if you follow him, you will follow him to hell, for that is where he is going, (Rev. 20:1-2). (137.) Did Lucifer pull down angels with him? We do not know how many he pulled down, but we know God still has a great number of angels, (Rev. 5:11). We are told there are some angels that did not keep their first estate, (Jude 6). It seems Lucifer was not satisfied to fall himself, but he won the favor of other angels and had them to rebel against God. Perhaps he made them some promises as he did to Eve. Everyone of us have power to decide whether to follow the Lord's angels or whether to follow the angels who had power next to ('..od but rebelled against the Most High. (138.) What happened after the angels rebelled? It appears that Michael remained true to God. He, with some of the other angels, drove Lucifer and his followers from the third heaven. These evil angels have been in the natural heaven ever since. (139.) How long will they be in the natural heaven? Lucifer is not the god of this world, (II Cor. 4:4). He is

the prince of the power of the air, (Ephes. 2:6). During the tribulation days, he and his angels will be cast down to the earth where he will have great wrath. He will know he has only three and one-half years to work before he is cast into the pit, (Rev. 12). I do not want to be here at that time. Before this time, the true angels will carry me up to meet Jesus. (140.) What did the fallen angels do against God? He attacked God's creation which was Adam and Eve. He wanted to rule over the universe which God had created. He tempted man to fall. (141.) Do evil angels attack Christians? We wrestle against principalities and powers and against rulers of darkness in high places, (Ephes. 6:17). The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. You must use the weapons God has given you or be overcome by wicked angels. (142.) Do Satan's angels hinder us? They hindered Jesus. He sometimes had to pray all night. They hindered Paul from doing what he wanted to do, (II Thes. 2:18). Paul fought with the beasts at Ephesus, (I Cor. 15:32). (143.) Is there an angel behind each ruler? Since the devil has gathered all the governments together into a world government, he must have an agent through which to work. It is believed that each ruler of each nation has an angel that goes with him to influence the affairs of the nations. We are commanded to pray for the rulers. I pray that in this responsible position that one of God's angels will be there; that the ruler will follow directions of the right angel. No doubt there is a battle over the heads of each national ruler. The good angels and the bad angels are fighting for control. Daniel seemed to teach us this truth when he said that one of Satan's angels was the prince of the powers of Persia, (Dan. 10:13). In another place in the Scripture we find that one of Satan's angels might have been assigned to go with the leader of a country, (Ezek. 28:12-19; Dan. 10-12; Dan. 11:18). (144.) Will angels help bring in the tribulation? Yes, angels will loose plagues upon the earth. They will be used to bring judgment, (Rev. 15:7). They now stand at the four quarters of the earth ready to pour out the wrath of God upon all ungodly men for the ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed. 29


(145.) What arc some of the judgments the angels will pour out upon the ungodly men of our day? One angel will cause grievous sores to break out upon men. Another angel will cause the water in the seas to turn to blood. Another angel will turn the rivers and fountains of water into blood. The fourth angel will cause the sun to be so hot it will scorch men with fire. The fifth angel will cause men to gnaw their tongue with pain because of gross darkness. The sixth angel will cause the River Euphrates to be dried up to prepare for the battle of Armageddon. The seventh angel will pour out his vial into the air. There will be a great earthquake. Every island will disappear. The mountains will vanish. Hail will fall weighing about one hundred pounds, (Rev. 16). All this is in the immediate future. What manner of person must we to be? We must Jive so that God's angels will protect us instead of pouring out God's wrath of his judgments. It is up to you and me to walk out under God's wrath or God's mercy. If we abide in the secret place of the Most High, we will give His angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways and no plague shall come near our dwelling, (Psalms 91:10). Ten thousand will fall at our side, but these plagues and judgments will not come nigh us. An angel is better protection than a man-made bomb shelter. (146.) Dot's each angel have a or-rtain duty to perform in judgment" One angel will throw down fire mingled with blood that will burn up a third of the trees a'}d grass, (Rev, 8-7). As one angel gives the signal, one mountain burning with fire and will cause it to fall into the sea, causing one-third of it to become blood, (verse 9), As another gives a signal, he will cause a burning star to fall causing the water to be bitter. Another angel will put darkness on the sun. One angel gives the signal and causes two hundred million of the devil's angels to be turned loose on the earth, (Rev. 9; Joel 2). One of these can take a city. They cannot be killed with a gun. Men will desire to die, but death will flee from them. Locust will sting men and they will suffer for five months. They will try to die, but death will flee from them. One angel will fly through the earth and warn people. God's angels will turn four powerful angels loose and one-third of the men will die. (147.) Aren't these angels interested in men? They are concerned and interested in men. One of them will fly 30

just above the heads of the people and ask the people to accept the gospel. It seems the judgments are to get men to repent. Anything is better than being lost and going to an endless hell, (Rev. 14:6). An angel will warn men not to take the mark of the beast. He will tell them that they will be lost forever if they take this mark, (Rev. 14:9).
(148.) Will an angel destroy men? An angel will thrust in the sickle and reap the earth, (Rev. 14 :19-20). Every man will die, (Rev. 19:20-21). He will cast everything into the winepress of God's wrath. A horse cap swim in human blood up to two hundred miles, (Rev. 14:20). We must be careful every day to stay on the winning side and not on the losing side. We must live so the angel will fight for us and not fight against us.


How can we tell when angels are against


If we are for the Lord, they are for us. If we are against

the Lord, they are against us. We arc either for God or against him, (Matt. 12:30). While Joshua was in battle, an unseen man was near him with a sword drawn, (Joshua 5 :13), Joshua's eyes were opened so he could see this unseen guest. Perhaps Joshua was the only one that saw him. Joshua asked the man whose side he was on. The man said he was the captain of the Lord's hosts. He had a host of angels with him. It depended on which side Joshua was fighting. The angel was fighting for Joshua, because Joshua was on God's side. Had he been on the wrong side, the angels would have fought against him. That is why we must be sure to stay on God's side. (150.) Are angels on our side? They are on God's side.
It is left up to us to be on God's side and they will fight

for us. When Peter was in prison, the church made prayer for him. An angel came and let him out of prison, (Acts 12:9).
(151.) Why didn't King Herod catch Peter, put him back in prison or kill him? An angel smote Herod and he was eaten with worms, (Acts 12:23). If you do not serve God, if you do not give God the glory, the angel may turn to be your enemy instead of your friend. Worms have eaten thousands of people because they gave not God the glory. Recently a woman tried to tear up a church. The angel protected me and smote her. Worms ate her, I'm glad I stayed on God's side,


(152.) Do angels believe in the Holy Bible? Angels are holy. The people received the Bible by the dispensation of angels, (Acts 7:23). The Bible was ordained by angels in the hands of the mediator, (Gal. 3:19). The words spoken by angels was steadfast so that every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward.. (Reb. 2:2). Angels will come with Jesus to execute judgment upon those people who do not live according to the Bible, (II Thes. 1:7-8). (153.) Will repentance keep an angel from destroying you? Once an angel started to destroy an entire city. David repented and made things right with God. The angel stopped. He did not bring the judgments of God on the city, (II Sam. 24:16). When the judgments of God are about to fall on a nation it is possible that our chief executive could repent and call us all to prayer. The angel of judgment would stay his hand and our nation would be spared a while longer. (154.) Will an angel instruct us how to be spared in judgment? An angel spoke to the prophet of God and told him how to tell David to prolong the judgment, (l Chron. 21:8). David built an altar and the judgment was stayed. The sacrifice cost a tremendous price. David refused to give a sacrifice to the Lord that cost him nothing. In this case the angel spoke to the preacher instead of the chief executive. David was out of touch with the Lord at that time. If the president was not on speaking terms with God, perhaps a minister of the gospel could be sent to the president. Bow your head. Heauenli] Father, as [udtrment: is about to fall upon this nation 1nay you let the angel of God wa?'n OU?·chief executive 01' some of the rulers; or send some minister of the gospel to the chief executive. LOTd, iudgmeni is about to fall on an individual because they aTe out of connection with God. Help them to do as David. Help them to bow their head, be humble, sacriiice and repent to you that you might. stay the judgment, that you might proloru: the judgment that is about to fall upon them. May you f01yive them. May you heal their body and give them peace in their soul, in Jesus' name and I will give you the pmise. Amen, 32




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