A Classic D&D Adventure for First Level Characters

The Haunted Keep

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Editor: Chris Gonnerman

Concept: Steve Zeiser Contributors: Stuart Marshall, Mike Harvey, Sean Stone, Gavin Pinchback, Chuck Griffith, Edgewaters @ DF, Ray “maddog” Allen, G.A. "QuantumEFX" McDougall, J.L. Peppers

Proofreading: G.A. "QuantumEFX" McDougall, Dana Shea Cover Art: Jason Braun Artwork: Andy Taylor, Sean Stone Maps: Steve Zeiser

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DF23 The Haunted Keep

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d20 # App. 1-3 1-8 4 1 5-8 2-12 9-11 1-3 12-13 2-8 14-16 1-3 17-18 5-50 19-20 1-10 Monster Bandits Crab Spider, Giant Giant Rats Giant Ferrets Goblins Hobgoblins Normal Rats Stirges AC 7, HD 1, #At 1, Dam 1-6, Mv 120' (40'), Sv T1, Ml 8 AC 7, HD 2*, #At 1, Dam 1-8*, Mv 120' (40'), Sv F1, Ml 7 AC 7, HD 1/2, #At 1, Dam 1-3*, Mv 120' (40'), Sv NM, Ml 8 AC 5, HD 1+1, #At 1, Dam 1-8, Mv 150' (50'), Sv F1, Ml 8 AC 6, HD 1-1, #At 1, Dam 1-6, Mv 60' (20'), Sv NM, Ml 7 AC 6, HD 1+1, #At 1, Dam 1-8 (by weapon), Mv 90' (30'), Sv F1, Ml 8 AC 9, HD 1/8 (1 hp), #At 1, Dam 1-6*, Mv 60' (20'), Sv NM, Ml 5 AC 7, HD 1*, #At 1, Dam 1-3, Mv 30' (10'), Flying 180' (60'), Sv F2, Ml 9

The giant ferrets hunt the giant rats and will not attack the party unless attacked first. They can be tamed by elves or with offers of dead rats. Tame ferrets will follow the party for a while but will only help fight rats or wererats. No more than one group of ferrets can be tamed at a given time. Stirges nest in the rafters and ruins above and attack through occasional holes in the ceiling. They attack both party members and monsters indiscriminately. They will flee back to their nests above if morale fails. Giant crab spiders also lurk in the rafters and prey on the stirges. Rats swarm everywhere. They do not bother the goblinoids because of the influence of the wererats. They are preyed upon by ferrets, stirges, and occasionally giant crab spiders.

d20 # App. 1-3 3-12 4-7 3-18 8-10 1-6 11-13 14-16 17 18-20 2-12 1-6 5-50 2-8 Monster Skeletons Giant Rats Ghouls Goblins Hobgoblins Normal Rats Zombies AC 7, HD 1, #At 1, Dam 1-6 (by weapon), Mv 60' (20'), Sv F1, Ml 7 AC 7, HD 1/2, #At 1, Dam 1-3*, Mv 120' (40'), Sv NM, Ml 8 AC 6, HD 2*, #At 3, Dam 1-3/1-3/1-3 + paralysis, Mv 90' (30'), Sv F2, Ml 9 AC 6, HD 1-1, #At 1, Dam 1-6, Mv 60' (20'), Sv NM, Ml 7 AC 6, HD 1+1, #At 1, Dam 1-8 (by weapon), Mv 90' (30'), Sv F1, Ml 8 AC 9, HD 1/8 (1 hp), #At 1, Dam 1-6*, Mv 60' (20'), Sv NM, Ml 5 AC 8, HD 2, #At 1, Dam 1-8 or by weapon, Mv 90' (30'), Sv F1, Ml 12

Undead are never encountered in the western catacombs, as the goblins keep them clear. The eastern catacombs are frequented by undead, and the eastern ladder has been removed to keep more of them from crawling up out of the caverns. The goblinoids use parts of the level and are trying to clear the rest of it. The goblinoids only use the western shaft for moving between levels, although they travel through the eastern catacombs to get access to the eastern tower. The Rodemus family had their cells and interrogation chambers on this level.

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protrude from the wall. Dam 2-8 + special. while hobgoblins serve as sergeants and messengers for them. and the other door appears to have been hacked with an axe. Dam 1-3*. Dam by weapon +1. Its latch is broken. pushed away from the wall. GUARDPOST: This small room has the appearance of a former guard post that has been adapted to new use. HD 3**. HD 4*. Sv F1. #At 1. A four poster bed stands in the middle of the room. HD 2. in fact. The floor is suspiciously clean of dust and debris. Mv 90' (30'). Half a deck of hand-made cards are spread out on the table and a large block of wood holds up one of the table's legs. Save F1. The chest contains a small sack with 99 sp. The bugbears oversee the eastern caves.DF23 The Haunted Keep THE CAVERNS d20 # App. Sv F1. HD 1/2. each in poses of snarling agony. and the teeth Page 2 . 1-3 2-8 4-6 1 7 1 8 4-24 9-11 2-12 12-14 1-6 15-17 18 19-20 1-8 2-12 1 Monster Bugbears Doppleganger Gelatinous Cube Giant Rats Hobgoblins Thouls Wererats Zombies Wight Dragonsfoot. Ml 12 The eastern caverns are infested with undead. Leering faces. The colors are now faded. #At 1. 3. HD 3*. A rickety wooden chest sits against the west wall. #At 1. Dam 1-8 or by weapon. Dam 1-8 + poison. The nose and lips of the faces are distended. An observant character may note that a considerable amount of dust has built up behind. Ml 8. BEDROOM: This room contains the trappings of a long-abandoned bedroom. The wererats roam at will among both goblinoids and undead and. Mv 120' (40') Sv F3. A giant crab spider (AC 7.. AL Neutral) scuttles on the opposite side of the tapestry from whichever door the party enters. #At 1. strongly implying that the floor has been swept to remove signs of passage. D1-3/1-3 or by weapon. Sv F3. Dam 1-12. and several large holes ruin the composition. Mv 120' (40'). Dam 1-8 (by weapon). Dam 1-4 or by weapon. Ml 8 AC 6. Mv 90' (30'). #At 1. Mv 90' (30'). FIRST LEVEL KEY 1. HD 3+1. as the Rodemus family disposed of bodies in the deep eastern caves. Mv 90' (30'). HD 2. GAS TRAP: The walls of this room are heavily carved. A wooden table and three wooden chairs are on the north side of the room. One door is missing. they hate and fear the undead. Moths have also been at the tapestry. Ml 8 AC 8. and any light shone on the far side of the tapestry is visible as pinpricks of light coming through the tapestry's surface. Ml 10 AC 7(9). #At 1. #At 1. Ml 9 AC 5. the armoire. if only a suitable target presents itself. Mv 120' (40'). Mv 120' (40'). Each face appears to be contorted and distorted into a parody of human appearance.org Forums AC 5. HP 10. have combined some of them into thouls (which can also be found everywhere). Rotting curtains. #At 1. Ml 12 AC 7. Mv 90' (30'). HD 3*. A armoire lies on its side across one corner of the room. Sv F3. and it is easily opened. HD 1+1. Ml 12 AC 5. Bugbears command the goblin forces and serve the wererats. Ml 8 AC 6. #At 2 or 1. The room is bisected by a green and gold tapestry depicting a hart chased by hounds and riders. the giant crab spider will scuttle forward and attack from behind whoever opens the chest. 2. but not in front of. Sv NM. HD 4*. Sv F8.. If not already slain. Mv 60' (20'). Sv F3. At least one doppelganger has infiltrated the goblinoids but is ready to move on. once draped around the bed. Sv F2. lie in heaps along the base of the bed. #At 1. Dam special. Ml 8 AC 8.

4. is a locked iron box. The safe is both locked and trapped. Twelve goblins (AC 6. Ml 8. three containing 100 sp each and one containing 200 sp and a gold and emerald necklace worth 1100 gp. An observant character will note the absence of a lower bunk.DF23 The Haunted Keep sculpted as sharp and pointed. The statuette is covered with grime and has been somewhat defaced. a trapdoor is easily visible in the middle of the room. The sculptor seems to have had a wide array of subjects to distort. each containing 200 sp. hp 5 each. preventing the party from achieving surprise. revealing a small iron safe embedded in the wall. A close examination of a particular distorted and vicious face on the north wall will reveal a fine crack surrounding the scultpture. The jar contains a clear liquid (a potion of healing). allowing the face to swivel to the left. and a single wooden peg juts out of the end of the longest piece. in the space the chair would fit into. Ml 12. two of the hobgoblins will be found sitting on the stools. The rug is now fouled by dirt and grime and is a uniform brownish gray color. OFFICE: A large desk. Two of the goblins watch the door at all times. The trapdoor opens upwards and reveals a long stairway heading down into the depths. The goblins have no treasure. Pushing on the right eyeball will cause a hidden latch to release. are chained to the ring by manacles. and jar made of thick glass with a reclosable top. The largest hobgoblin wears the key around his neck on a leather thong. EMPTY ROOM: This room contains a number of thin. Page 3 . Close examination of the wood reveals the remains of lacquer on some surfaces. In the corner of the room. 5. Two bruised and terrified prisoners. Dragonsfoot. AL Neutral). AL Chaotic) occupy this room. Four hobgoblins (AC 6. #AT 1. D 1-6. HD 2*. Two crudely built stools sit next to desk. AL Chaotic) guard these prisoners. Mv 90' (30'). CHAPEL: This room is packed with crude bunks along the walls. a large metal spike with an attached ring has been driven into the mortar between stones. it will become apparent that it once was a chapel. and the ears are all more tapered than a human's. Ml 7. The eyes are much closer together. hp 7.org Forums If the desk is moved aside and the rug rolled up. 5. If not successfully disarmed. Concealed under the desk. Mv 60' (20'). 7. It is only valuable as a curio. A dust-covered altar with a stone statuette of a muscular man with a rat's head is hidden under one of the crude bunks. as each face is different from the next. If loud noises are made nearby. If surprised. Malcolm Hepplewhite and Mariano Trendall. the hobgoblins will fight first and ask questions second. Mv 3' (1'). Sv F1. Observant characters may deduce the wood is the remains of furniture broken up for firewood. either sleeping or playing dice games. of the type that the tower commander might have had in an office. If the room is searched. green discoloration of the ceiling. On the ceiling directly over these objects hangs a green slime (AC none. 9. 6. the trap will billow out a gas through small holes in the surface of the safe. HD 1+1. Sv F1. Dam special. Poison. 4. Dam 1-8. #AT special. Characters moving directly to the pile of debris will not see the green slime until it attacks. #AT 1. sits on a circular rug in the middle of the room. If not surprised. hp 13. HD 1-1. Inside the safe are two thin wooden boxes. jagged pieces of wood strewn across its dusty floor. Sv F1. Any creature standing within 10 feet of the safe will be affected as if by a Sleep spell unless they successfully save vs. characters observing the room first will note it as an odd. The iron box holds four small sacks. The cloth is embroidered on one side and bears a clear resemblance to a seat cushion. dusty feathers sit in a heap in the middle of the room. these goblins will warn and wake the others. SLIME ROOM: Several scraps of cloth and old.

BANDIT QUARTERS: Four more bandits are quartered here (AC 7. If no commotion comes from rooms 10-12. this most recent kidnapping occurred right after her father was secretly assassinated by his bodyguards (though neither Lemunda nor anyone else knows this yet). #At 1. AL Lawful. ML 8. Mv 120' (40'). but anyone attempting to leap onto the mattress from shore will suffer 1d4 hp damage as they impale themselves. armed with polearm and hand axe. The wood. A rusted iron statue of a beautiful warrior maiden is in the pool under the mattress. they will desert their popinjay of a leader. AL Chaotic) guard the hostages.not ladies' gowns! If offered a bribe of 3 gp each. 4. and the mattress. forming a scummy 3 foot deep pool many feet wide. D:15. on the rusted statue. The mattress is held in place by the statue. Dam 1-10. which he claims was in combat with a bugbear who attacked earlier (In fact it was a punch from Lemunda when the "knight" tried to make a pass at her). Mv 60' (20'). #At 1. 13. Dam 1-4.DF23 The Haunted Keep 8. Mv 120' (40'). Dam 1-8. one "Sir" Roenald who fancies himself as a knight and a gentleman (AC 4. Dam 1-8. Ch:17. BEDROOM: Quartered here is Lemunda the Lovely (F2. S:10. He will challenge the toughestlooking PC to a duel. the daughter of a powerful lord. They were convinced the carriage was carrying more than just a valuable hostage and servant. HD 1. A partially waterlogged mattress floats in the pool. 3. She has a dagger hidden among her belongings. the not-too-bright guards will ask the PCs to give them all the ransom money (mistakenly thinking the party is there with money to secure the release of the prisoners) so they can run away with it! Loyalty is not their strong suit. Sv F1. Corridor: Two bandits. #At 1. If offered 5 gp each. 10. #At 1. and a large mass of white mineral material extends in a ring around the crack. HP 4 (x4). so they tore apart the whole thing and searched every inch. Water drips through the crack. This room is locked with 2 bandits wide awake at night (they are fearful of the strange sounds from elsewhere in the stronghold). Dam 1-6. He sports a shiner. Ml 10). The water is not toxic. they will gladly serve and fight for the one who pays them. Sv T1. Mv 120' (40'). The first time. 9. He has 35 gp in his pockets. HP 5. AL Chaotic). as if made for a creature shorter than a human. her father paid a hefty reward. C:15. BARRACKS: The floor of this room has subsided and a large crack extends along the ceiling. Each bandit carries 10 sp. #AT 1. Aside from some expensive women's clothes (left on the table . HD 2. ML 8. Sv F3. Mv 120' (40'). Tucked into his shield is a Dragonsfoot. AL Chaotic). #At 1. Sv F2. 1. Dam 2-9 or 1-4.worth 25 gp). BANDIT LEADER: This room belongs to the Bbandit Lleader. However. is used in the kitchen (room 15). The goblins have no treasure and will attempt to use their hidden location to surprise those walking down the corridor. and the statue may be approached by wading through the pool. The statue is so rusted to be of no value. HP 18. HP 5. AC 9. along with the wreckage from a carriage the bandits attacked a few days ago. SPY ROOM: The entryway to this cubbyhole is hidden from sight. (AC 7. ML 8. The dagger has a jeweled pommel and is worth 100 gp. The water that has leaked through the ruined levels above pools in the depressed floor. so any party expecting a reward when they bring her home is going to be in for a rude surprise! Page 4 . BANDIT QUARTERS: Four bandits are quartered here (AC 7. Four goblins (AC 6. HP 12. Sv T1.org Forums dagger and a hand axe. W:12. 11. Sv T1. HD 1. spying on those walking down the corridor through peepholes in the hidden door. This is the second time she has been kidnapped.. HP 4 (x4).. which he will throw before closing for melee. HD 3. Mv 120' (40'). 12. AL Chaotic) crouch in this cubbyhole. they found nothing: The bandits want money . which is now in a pile in the SE corner. and is armed with a sword +1. HD 1-1. 4. AL Chaotic). Ml 7. I:14. Observant characters will note that the matress is shorter than normal. HD 1. but she hasn't tried to escape yet.

the only decent room (aside from Roenald's) under the control of the bandits. He has been so humiliated (i. Two statues. Sv T1." She will offer the party a 500 gp gem she has hidden in exchange for his life and freedom.) This object is the warning signal for the tower. they should receive full experience as though they had killed him. Sv NM. reinforcements from the surrounding rooms will start to arrive. NOTE: The bandits are close to deserting their leader. Last. She is madly in love with the "dashing" but cowardly and foolish "knight. It wouldn't take much to get them to desert or even change sides. four other bandits went exploring in the rest of the Keep and disappeared. 4. If they succeed. 4. 2. Dragonsfoot. 15. the messengers sent to Lemunda's father with a ransom demand (2500 gp) are long overdue in returning. AL Lawful). Worse. The bandits also think that the goblins and hobgoblins are getting more spoils than they are because Roenald paid the bandits' coin to the goblinoids in exchange for the rights to whatever ransom he collects for Lemunda. HD 1. lack of treasure. Lemunda's maidservant (AC 9. Page 5 . 2. and the bandits will attempt to reach it and sound the horn. #At 1. Ml 8. Dam 1-6. and they will be surprised on a 1-3. #At 1. since fights between bandits are commonplace here. giving the faces a slightly rodent-like aspect. Not only is his courtly love shtick getting old.org Forums 16. They are lax. and a fight with the PCs will sound indistinguishable from one of these.. Dam by weapon. Normal combat noises will not alert them. BANDIT ROOM: 5 bandits (AC 7. of husband and wife (these are ancestral members of the Rodemus family).DF23 The Haunted Keep 14. Losses. but the loot hasn't been very good.. and two hostages who are given better treatment than their captors makes for bad morale. KITCHEN: Here is Relda. He and Relda will ride away and never be heard from again. What's more. the bugbear who attacked the night before killed two more bandits before being dispatched (this incident has also strained their relations with the goblins). If the PC accept Relda's gem and set "Sir" Roenald free. He has allowed Lemunda and her maidservant to keep their belongings (of sentimental value only) here. HP 3. HD 1. are in this room.e. Mv 120' (40'). She has been made to cook for the bandits and spends most of her time here. ML 8. HP 5. AL Chaotic) guard the entrance to the western tower. Mv 120' (40'). being saved by a lovesick servant girl) that he could never lead bandits (or goblins/hobgoblins) again. Careful inspection will reveal that the tips of their top two front teeth are showing against their lower lip. Hanging from the back wall of this room is a largish ox-horn bound with bronze (worth 10 gp. STORAGE: "Sir" Roenald carries his knightly gentleman act to the hilt.

This loose brick is trapped with a poison needle (save vs. the roof has leaked and ruined most of the documents. 1. Sv T1. The player characters. pedestals. 4. ML 8. BANDIT ROOM: There are 3 bandits (AC 7. 4. 3. One of the bandits has a bronze hip-flask containing cheap liquor. 2. on the mantlepiece. they will rush to the assistance of the door guards. The writing desk contains: * 38 sheets of blank vellum * 1 inkpot of beaten bronze (worth 20gp) * 1 partridge-feather quill (worth 10gp) * 4 clerical scrolls of cure light wounds * 1 clerical scroll of bless * 1 clerical scroll of light * 5 mage scrolls of detect magic * 1 mage scroll of sleep * 1 mage scroll of levitate * 41 scrolls which are now illegible * 1 scroll on which the words "Rodemus" and "rat" can be distinguished. The spear block has a frontage of four goblins and is three goblins deep. 3. Dam 1-6. 2. they will presume that any sounds of battle coming from room 15 are merely the bandits fighting one another. The characters may drink it (there is enough to leave the whole party reeling). taking 2d6 rounds to arrive as they gather their wits and their weapons. The largest goblin (the 7 hp one) has a leather pouch containing three yellowish. Dam 1-6. Dam 1-6. HD 1-1. 2. HD 1. and are amusing themselves by pulling the spider's legs off. Sv NM. and they are racing small insects on the floor. The fireplace has. 3. The writing desk is with papers. but it's very strong. GOBLIN BARRACKS: NOTE: The door from this room onto the corridor is wide open and held that way with a wedge.org Forums of the length of their spears. These are cheesecake rather than art.) 20. but would nevertheless sell for 25 gp each. they are rather fragile and need to be handled with care. HP 7. 4. HP 5. Mv 120' (40'). they will be surprised on a 1-3. AL Chaotic) are bored. Mv 60' (20'). However. If the horn from room 15 is sounded. when they see the player characters. Sv T1. fireplace. the goblins will hurl rocks at them for 1-2 damage per rock. One of the 6 hp goblins has a necklace of sharks' teeth (worth 10 gp as a curiosity) while the other carries a set of brass knuckles (gives +1 damage in hand-to-hand attacks. One of the bandits wears a golden earring worth 20 gp. #At 1. Thus. Presently they are gathered by the cage which is situated on the table in the northern part of the room. 13 goblins armed with spears (AC 6. AL Chaotic) are presently stationed in this room. However. The liquor is valueless and tastes foul. AL Chaotic) in this room. Mv 120' (40'). If the PCs attempt to stand back and attack with missile weapons or spells. HD 1. and there is quite a lot of it. 19. translucent gemstones (worth 50 gp each). one may be found to be loose (detect as a secret door). ML 7. These goblins are adept at spear tactics and will form a spear block in the doorway. ML 8. on opening will observe a writing desk with two each containing three drawers. The flask is worth 15 gp. 3. If the bricks at the back of the fireplace are examined. HP 5. If the horn has not been sounded. #At 1. FORMER STUDY: This room appears to have been the study of an erudite and literate person. Poison or die) and behind it is a purse of 534 gp. the door. but note that it is also highly flammable. BANDIT ROOM: These 5 bandits (AC 7.DF23 The Haunted Keep 17. 5. They have captured a baby Crab Spider (which is about the size of a fist) in a wooden cage. It is not possible for the PCs to pass this area without encountering the goblins. The goblins in the rear two ranks will also be able to attack because Dragonsfoot. #At 1. 1. a and a bookshelf. 18. 6. 1. 2. 5. piled high Page 6 . a pair of ceramic statuettes of nude nymphs. 6.

A trapdoor down to the second level is in plain sight in this room. The Giant Ferret can be temporarily tamed by an elf.DF23 The Haunted Keep The bookshelf contains: * A leather-bound journal entitled "Rodemus family diary. MV 150' (50'). ) is crawling around in the rafters where they normally dwell. #AT 1. they will attack and kill it in preference to attacking the PCs. * A bestiary. Dam 1-4 + poison. ML 8. * An untitled leather-bound journal containing long lists of numbers. Note that this creature is so fast that it will always win the initiative. STORAGE: The door between rooms 23 and 24 has been spiked shut. They are flying around in a state of agitation and cannot be surprised. * A saga of the northlands which contains a rousing tale of bloody revenge (worth 50 gp). A thinking character will be able to identify these as being financial records.000 copper pieces and a potion of healing. * A Common-Goblin/Goblin-Common dictionary. Mv 30' (10'). the players will find a shed snakeskin. Save F:1. and it has disturbed them. 2. and a treatise on the feeding habits of giant weasels (worth 10 gp). PRISONERS: This room contains two of the captives for whom the player characters are searching. HD 1+1. Underneath the bed. HD 1*. Two beds are along the north wall. #At 1. 23. Flying 180' (60'). HD 2*. HP 8.. the majority of which is uninteresting but which contains a first-hand account of a conversation with a Black Dragon. HP 7. In fact. D 1-8. featuring particularly graphic accounts of its devastating acid breath weapon. salt pork. BEDROOM: This room is apparently free of monsters. #At 1. the room is not free of monsters. 24. Because the stirges fear the ferret. In here are empty shelves where rare foodstuffs were kept in better times. as the bandits are scared of the stirges.. If the beds are searched. Dam 1-3. AL Neutral). Sv F2. hp 6. which may (50%) be ruined if the mattress is slashed with a blade of any kind.org Forums somewhat groggy. The bag of holding contains 5. and other items that the bandits brought with them. provided the elf rolls positive encounter reactions. well-thumbed (worth 35 gp). or copper. The reason for their agitation is that a Giant Ferret (AC 5. Mv 90' (30'). They are bound and gagged. 21. it will help the party to hunt giant rats.. both of which are made and do not appear to have recently been slept in.) Inside the mattress of the other bed is a bag of holding. 22. Page 7 . ML 9) will be found here. but it is unclear whether the (rather large) sums of money involved are reckoned in gold. and Dragonsfoot. unfortunately. 6. ML 7. the searcher will disturb a Pit Viper that is sleeping underneath the bed in the corner (AC 6. STIRGE BEDROOM: 4 stirges (AC 7. 3. (This may be mistaken for a second Pit Viper. If this is done. are now a sodden lump and totally unreadable. having spent the time of their captivity largely under the influence of strong drugs that keep them docile. unless the PCs attack the stirges first. Now there's just the hardtack. Sv F1.." The pages.

HD 2+1. HD 1-1. 8. AL Chaotic) has decided to make this room his lair. 5. 6. Mv 90' (30'). ML 7. HP 1 (x10). ML 10. #At 1. and 1 gem of 100 gp value. the looting of its treasure and nest (hint). MV 90' (30') Sv F1. Moving amongst the corpses tearing away pieces and eating them are two ghouls (AC 6. Standing about the rack in the center of the room are three hobgoblins (AC 6. 7. #At 1. Mv 90' (30'). HD 1/8. ML 8. but it was looted long ago and has remained empty ever since. Dam 1-8 or by weapon. filth. The floor is slightly pitched from all four sides towards the center. THE ENTRANCE TO THE BURIAL CHAMBERS: The walls of this room are decorated in mosaics showing the Romedus family in a variety of activities: the slaying of a black dragon. are labeled with what body part they are to hold. 26. Mv 60' (20'). a wielder may only attack every other round due to the time needed to pull the Page 8 . Dam 1-3 + disease. and the battle against his rat. Sv F3. AL Neutral) and 2 packs of normal rats (AC 9. All three are assisting a rat-like humanoid that is torturing a dwarf stretched on the rack. HP 17. The four Hobgoblin bodyguards (AC 6. 1 halfling). This room contains a variety of tools and containers used to prepare a body for entombment. Note that anyone attacked by the rat packs must save vs. THE RODEMUS FAMILY CHAPEL: This room bears icons portraying the god of law and holds religious furniture for that deity. Sv NM. Also scurrying around the chamber are four Giant Rats (AC 7. AL Chaotic). 3. Dam 1-4 + lycanthropy or by weapon. hidden amongst the cabinets along the walls are 2. The humanoid rat is Kalakia Romedus. #AT 1. When the party enters. HD 3. The leader of the Hobgoblins (AC 5. 3. fungus. THE TORTURE CHAMBER: This room has been kept in remarkably good shape. THE MORTICIAN'S WORKSHOP: Here is where the actual preparation of the bodies for entombment took place. The goblins are armed with spears and clubs. ML 8. 4. Sv F2. 460 gp. 3. HP 8. THE MORTICIAN’S CLOSET: The door to this room is locked. ML 8. Four iron-grated work tables dominate the center of this room. 5. #At 1. one of the bodyguards will blow a signal horn to summon the other Hobgoblins from room 30 to their assistance.org Forums SECOND LEVEL WEST KEY 25. #At 1. Dam 1-6 + disease & special. Dam 1-6 or by weapon. as are all the pieces of torture equipment about the room. AL Chaotic) are armed with swords also. Anyone so affected is unable to fight until back on their feet due to all of the rats swarming all over them. HP 7. HD 2. HD 1+1. Lying on the work tables are the corpses of four recently killed persons (3 humans. 1. Death Magic or be knocked to the ground. #At 1. Mv 120' (40').DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. HD ½. Many of the jars. HD 1+1.000 ep. HP 4. Sv F2. and graffiti. Amongst the gear and junk stripped from these four corpses is a quiver with 10 arrows +1. etc. bowls. Dam 1-3/1-3/1-3 + Paralysis. 3. Kalakia is armed with a serrated dagger (someone hit with it suffers 1d4 damage upon removal. 29. 30. AL Chaotic) that are armed with swords. HP 6. In the center of the floor is a small drain hole. 27. HP 15. #At 3. Dam 1-8 or by weapon[+1]. Sv F1. 10 pieces of silver dinnerware valued at 20 gp each. #At 1. Mv 120' (40'). He is armed with a sword +1. Mv 90' (30'). daughter of the Romedus patriarch (AC 5 (9). Standing guard in here at the door are four goblins (AC 6. 28. ML 10. the destruction of the disease god’s temple. EMPTY ROOM: This was a secret store room. Sv NM. 5. Dam 1-8 or by weapon. HP 21. Mv 60' (20'). AL Chaotic). ML 9. The Hobgoblin leader has a treasure of 630 sp. and he lives here with his three bodyguards. Sv NM. and undead minions (hint). One of the hobgoblins is rather worse for the wear (thus only 3 hp). AL C). AL Neutral). ML 5. They are now in ruins and desecrated by claw marks.

a potion of gaseous form (3 doses). 32. Those of the Neutral or Lawful alignment will not be affected. HP 21. then she will attempt to drink a dose of the potion of gaseous form to escape. Sv F3. Most of the scrolls are various notes of little meaning or use to the party. 18. Mv 120' (40'). Inside this room are the desiccated corpses of Wilhemina and Rodolfus Rodemus. hp: 1 (8 hp when healed). CH: 12. the key is the one in Kalakia’s haversack. These corpses will rise up and attack anyone of Chaotic alignment who enters the room. HD 2. but a small locked chest by the rack contains 300 gp. It reads as follows: August 3. HP 12. When the party enters the room. She also has a wand of Paralyzation. D: 9. This chamber is empty and bare except for the 6 Zombie guardians (AC 8. NOTE: Kalakia is very interested in staying alive. One is armed with a mace +1. The Dwarf is Derrigan (S: 15. Dam 1-6 or by weapon. 10. I: 11. 11. No treasure or valuables are in this room. 9. Kalakia will order the goblins and the rats to attack first. Sv F1. and what looks like a laboratory. and a scroll with two M-U spells: Web and Phantasmal Force. 9. If they don’t succeed. #At 1. The second is a chronicle of sorts. and an empty wineskin. ML 12. Each one of these warriors is armed with sword and shield. a hammer with 12 spikes. If they seem to have the upper hand. will readily agree to assist the party in their quest (he also has a score to settle). a desk. it will take two Cure Light Wounds spells or healing potion doses or 8 hours of sleep to bring him about.org Forums Kalakia has no money on her. they will find two useful scrolls here. Page 9 . she will bargain. and cheat to do so. In this room are several scrolls. Each goblin has 1d6 sp on them. battle axe. C: 13. If the party spends 1d6 turns reading these scrolls. MORE UNDEAD: Anyone of chaotic alignment opening this door will suffer the effects of a Sleep spell cast on them. If her life is in true danger. Kalakia wears a Ring of Protection +2 (thus her better than normal AC). #At 1. 31. Dam 1-8 or by weapon. HD 3. 2 hand axes. +2 vs. The Dwarf has 1 hp left and is severely drugged. AL Chaotic). and the hobgoblins have 1d8 gp.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. lycanthropes and wears chainmail +1 (thus the better AC listed for one of the corpses). once recovered. and in her haversack is a key. she will enter into physical combat with her dagger and scourge. and a backpack with 1 week of iron rations. W: 12. 7. AL Chaotic). Animated Corpses: (AC 5/4. AL Lawful). weapon out) and a scourge (causes 1d4+2 damage). ZOMBIES: Anyone of Chaotic alignment attempting to open the door to this room will suffer 1d10 hps of damage. the other is armed with a sword +1. ML 12. a potion of healing (6 doses). 6 torches. lie. The walls of this room are decorated with various murals telling stories of the Sun god and his minions. In the corner of the room is the Dwarf’s equipment: chainmail. If the Hobgoblins are having a rough time of it. 1291: Another attack on a local farmstead has occurred. she will order the Hobgoblins into the fray. the survivors claim to have seen a band of goblinoids lead by a lanky humanoid with an extremely long nose. she will hang back and attempt to use her wand when possible. The first is a Map to Level 2 West. Mv 90' (30'). Derrigan.

DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. The beasts when slain revert to their human form. Sv NM. and myself laid an ambush for these bandits… The ambush is successful . sadly no survivors…I have traveled there and examined the seen of the attack. We pray that others will follow in our footsteps and bring this evil chapter of history to a close. 7. the character falls the remaining distance for 1d6 points of damage per 10' fallen. we have sent them to live with my family. 1291: Yet again another farm attacked. and I will soon join him and together we will pass on to the great beyond. If they are losing. If that also fails. the ladder rungs are wet and slick. aromatic spices. 7. #At 1. STORAGE ROOM: In here are several barrels of embalming fluid and various sacks of supplies (lye powder.8 goblins. #At 1. etc. I weep for my children’s loss but take solace in their safety. my beloved and I have agreed to stay and try to bring this evil to a close before his entire family is destroyed. Page 10 . 2. HD ½. The man we saw laying at our feet was none other than my brother-in-law. Dam 1-6 or by weapon. Mv 60' (20'). If attacked. 3 hobgoblins. This shaft is very moist and humid. such savagery! Some of the animal corpses look as if they were dissolved. Also located here are four vials of holy water and a tome entitled Religious Discipline. my beloved’s older brother Cedric Rodemus the III. They also each have 1d8 sp on them. thus requiring a DEX check for every 20' descended. October 7. were slain as was their leader that was a horrifying visage of rat and man blended together. and 12 men at arms.org Forums covered in fur. Hiding under the sacks are 5 Giant Centipedes (AC 9.) My beloved has already slipped into unconsciousness. LADDER SHAFT: Empty. ML 7). I had only read of such beasts. 35. They are each armed with a spear and a hand axe. 1. I have laid the last enchantments upon the chambers to seal our bodies beyond their grasp (including the blasphemy of animating the corpses of the deceased to stand guard at our door. ML 7) that will rush out if anyone disturbs the sacks. Any cleric spending the 1d3 days needed to read it will gain a bonus of 500 xp. What horrible evil that resides here must be destroyed but alas it is a deed not for my beloved and I to perform. 1291: This will be my last entry I fear. and toting a two-handed sword… August 22. 1291: My beloved. all ruined and of no value. the character failing is allowed another check at 1/2 his or her DEX score to catch the ladder. 1291: Yule approaches and yet this is a time of horror. the godfather to our children… October 10. We have retreated here to my private sanctuary here among the dead. 5. 34. They had found us out! Then at the end of yuletide dinner they revealed their knowledge of our plans and that they had poisoned our food with a slow acting poison so we could spend our last Yule together. The evil we have uncovered is greater than we ever imagined. 1291: We have returned to the castle the children have been checked and all appear safe and healthy. My beloved is distraught at the terrible deed we must perform. they will attempt to raise an alarm to alert the occupants of room 29 of the presence of intruders. HP 3. they will try to make a fighting retreat into room 29. Sv NM. 2. Mv 60' (20'). 33. The whole family is infected! We do not believe that they are aware of our plans but we must act sooner than we hoped to keep the element of surprise December 21. If the check fails. HP 7. not joy. 2. What happened next though was even more horrifying. I have given him his last rites and said my last prayers. HD 1-1. GUARD ROOM: Four Goblins stand guard here (AC 6. very strange indeed. the wererat. Dam poison. As such. December 19.).

a ring of human control. 4. HP 2. in addition to containing his feeble attempts at great literary mastery. the floor is covered with the pelts of many animals (some indistinguishable. AL Chaotic). Ml 8. Eldwin will nod for the adventurers to take a seat amongst the pillows. he will change to half rat form and attack the most obvious cleric or. #At 1. Eldwin will not be surprised. Scattered throughout are braziers emitting the smoky scent of incense. if an attacker rolls a natural 1. and large numbers of braziers in the room. HD 1-1. When disturbed. He is lightly playing a lute and singing in a whisper. Mv 60' (20'). Ml 12. he will attempt to flee through the door to room 38. the primary liaison between the goblins and the Rodemus family. Eldwin will first attempt to control the most obvious magic user and command him to attack the party. Should the characters move to attack. using the short sword lying in front of her. Another roll should be made (against AC 9) to see if it has been knocked over. characters' attacks (including Miranda's and Jurakka's but not the wererat or giant rats) are -1 to hit. Instead. HD 1. She appears to be in some form of trance. a goblin female of whom Eldwin has become fond. This is Eldwin Rodemus (AC 8 [in human form. Eldwin’s treasure is not in coin. HP 5. Torches are ensconced on the walls but cast a dim light. 37. HD 3. smoke. The steps down to room 39 smell strongly of troglodyte. #At 1. urine. Should he be reduced to 5 hp or less. Dam 1-6. 6 [in rat or rat man form]. #At 1. MV 120' (40'). Ml 8. EMPTY CHAMBER: This chamber is empty. Likewise entranced with Eldwin’s singing are his two pet giant rats (AC 7. to charm them. Miranda will drop to the floor. Of little gold piece value but of great interest to local authorities are two books. Dam 1-4 + lycanthropy. He appears to have no armor but has a large gold ring on his left hand.org Forums SECOND LEVEL EAST KEY 36. Eldwin will order the two rats and Miranda to attack. #At 1. as well as lists of items seized. HP 4. Dam 1-3 + disease. Sv F3. Sv F1. unconscious but released from the charm.. MV 120' (40'). he or she has struck a brazier. If they do so. Sv NM. and incense is also faintly detectable from outside the door. very soft music can be heard if the characters pass a listen check. Miranda will pick up one of the torches on the walls (delaying her first attack until the second round). If he is killed or if the ring is removed. a pencil-thin mustache. HD ½. Furthermore. The smell of smoke. AL Neutral) and Jurakka (AC 6. AL Chaotic). Anyone able to take the furs and clean them may sell them as a lot for 500 gp. some expensive . Next. The first is Eldwin’s journal that. The second book is one of maps and includes both past and future targets of the criminal group. AL Neutral). describes the Rodemus family’s relationship with the goblins and the bandits. This is his lair. the little sister of Morgan Ironwolf. Dam 1-4 + fire. A knocked-over brazier explodes. There is also a large jar of incense worth 25 gp.. It includes a listing of times and dates of attacks. if there is not one. there are twelve bottles of very expensive wine (worth 20 gp each) and 20 less expensive wines (worth 10 gp each). Lazing in the pillows and rugs on the floor is Miranda Ironwolf (AC 9. Dragon Breath for ½ damage) to everyone within five feet. her body swaying in time to the music. There is also (at the DM's discretion) the potential that such an explosion will set the rugs and pelts on fire. however.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. Additionally. None of the room’s occupants will act in a threatening manner.see below). and dressed all in black clothing. he will continue to sing and attempt to use the power of his ring. ELDWIN'S LAIR: From outside this room. due to good dexterity]. Jurakka will fight to protect Eldwin at all costs (having the listed morale of 12 while he is alive). A successful hit means that it has been. Mv 120' (40'). Because of the uneven floors. Page 11 . Also here is a man roughly forty years old with jet-black hair. doing 1d6 points of fire damage (save vs. Ml 12 (7). dim light. the largest fighter with his bite. Sv NM. Inside. HP 17.

Mv 120' (40'). twenty-one sacks of silver coins totaling 12. HD 3*. This creature will attack anyone descending the shaft. It houses 7 Troglodytes (AC 5. HD 3**. HD 2*. Searching this room takes twice the normal time and is likely to cause a disease like that afflicted by giant rats (save vs. 9. UNGUARDED TREASURE: This room contains a great deal of treasure. AL Chaotic). a jeweled crown worth 4. 10. he will plead for his life and offer anything the adventurers want. Sv F3. A faint smell of animal sweat and fetid cheese can be detected. If they listen. If forced to fight. if the PCs are within 2 feet of the door. 9. a broken silver dagger (worth 15 gp). and cheering.DF23 The Haunted Keep The building plans for several key homes in the nearby town are included along with schedules for their owners. they will hear squeaky voices. One of the Troglodytes is wearing a brass thumb-ring set with a yellow stone. 39. Dam 1-4/1-4/1-4. 11. Ml 12. containing small piles of rat droppings. If the Troglodytes are attacked in room 39. including his ring. #At 1. The treasure is as follows: A staff of healing with 22 charges. On a "1" the item is made unusable and removed from play. #At 3.431 sp. In the shaft down into room 52 is a Gray Ooze (AC 8. moldy fetid cheese. Sv F2. If a character triggers the trap. They are mercenaries in the employ of the Rodemus family. TROGLODYTE ROOM: This room has a strong damp. will take 5 rounds to arrive. This inflicts 2d6 damage (save vs. musty odor that can be detected up to 75' away. including magic items. The search will reveal 53 cp. Dragon Breath for half damage) and also has a good chance of destroying some of the character's equipment. ripped clothing and just plain trash. HP 13. As the search is performed. 8. A DAY AT THE RACES: Even with the main doors closed. These creatures are greatly feared by the Troglodytes from room 39. Like most cursed rings. a magic-user spell scroll (fireball). Another Thoul has the key to the locked secret door leading to room 41. 7. Ml 10. Poison to avoid). However. HP 13. it can only be removed by a remove curse spell. a scroll of protection from lycanthropes. fleeing the ruins and leaving his family behind. He has a chance to hide as if he was a third level thief (20%).org Forums 40. 42. he will take the first opportunity to escape his captors. You see a long rough-hewn chamber with a dirt floor. he will be attempting to hide himself under the trash. a full six inches deep throughout with many other large piles of remains. Dam 2-16. The secret door to room 41 is locked and trapped! The trap will spray a creature interfering with the door with acid (which has been generously donated by the Black Dragon Ssarvack). This is a ring of stupidity which subtracts one from the wearer's INT. and piles of miscellaneous junk in the westernmost end of Page 12 . owing to its slow movement rate. a wand of magic detection with 9 charges. shouting. AL Neutral). Dam 1-3/1-3. 38. but no details can be discerned. 10. Aside from this they have no treasure. 41. AL Chaotic). If Eldwin has retreated here. roll 1d6 for each of his or her items. and one of them still has a contract (written in the Hobgoblin tongue) on his person that makes this clear. and a small vial of blue.212 cp. WIS and CHA scores. rats. THOUL ROOM: This room contains three Thouls (AC 6. HP 11. He can give a complete description of the complex as well as its occupants. Sv F2. Mv 120' (40'). minty liquid (a potion of healing). Mv 10' (3'). 9. Dragonsfoot.000 gp. clinging to the side. the sound of people can be heard inside this room. it will begin to creep up the side of the shaft to investigate but. The doors open easily if the PCs decide to enter. #At 2. Ml 9. spiders and insects will scatter (none will attack). and seventy-six sacks of copper coins totaling 45. piled more or less randomly around the room. RUBBISH: This room is littered with the bones and other remains of various of Eldwin’s victims.

Mv 120' (40'). AL Chaotic). Second is the 2 sets of manacles on either end of the room. 66 sp. HP 3 (x4). AL Neutral. floor. The noise of combat in this room won't alert the others. The 1st round. Third is the 3 letters “ROD” written in blood on the wall over the cot. Ml 8. If that way is blocked. etc. the odor of which is nearly unbearable (see room 49). The leader has a tiny blue star sapphire worth 250 gp and an extra 14 pp hidden in his clothing. The largest (24 hp) man is sitting on a pile of debris at the far south west end of the room. Treasure: Besides the coins in the pile. Mv 300' (100'). Dam 1-3 or by short sword. AL Chaotic). shouting their rats on. HD ½.) Parius was a former thief turned fighter turned bodyguard who ended up working for the Rodemus family. they will try to reach their boss (Eldwin) in room 37. 18 hp) are five feet east of him. They are racing ordinary giant rats (AC 7. #At special. 16. Dam special. If hard pressed. this appears to be a sleeping chamber with a table and a cot. Down the center of the room are two "lanes" of packed dirt which are free from the nauseating debris. #At 1. There are some clues that this is not a poor monk's chambers though. almost polished. First is the skeleton on the cot. (AC N/A. he was poisoned and left to die in this cell.) round that the PCs are in this room. each Wererat has 30 gp. Two others (18 hp. The other two will attempt to gather as much coin and cheese as possible.org Forums Since the ratmen are so engrossed in their race. On the 2nd (and 7th and 12th. Dam 1-3 + disease. 30 sp. Ml 8. THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: A small rough hewn room containing a clean. Ml 12. Two other rats wait in the corner for their turn. the haunt (least) of Parius Halfore will attack. the leader (24 hp) and the race judge (16 hp) will attack. Initially. and 45 cp) and a large pile of fetid cheese chunks. As a gesture towards his the room. The two waiting rats attack immediately. they can be surprised fairly easily (1-4 on 1d6). HD 3*. HP N/A. Page 13 . and two sets of manacles are against both the northern and southern walls. 18. #At 1. The fourth (16 hp) is at the far east end of the room. as fights aren't that unusual when the races are on. attacking next round. 18 hp) join in the combat. In this room you see four humans in peasant garb racing two giant rats. Between the two shouting men is a pile of coins (6 gp.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. A small cot is against the far (west) wall. 18. near the door. HP 24. and 30 cp on them (as well as a quarter pound of fetid cheese). Sv F1. one of the men will bolt through the southern door for reinforcements. After making a less than funny quip about a dead rat. if not already attacked. The men have a distinctly ratlike appearance (if anyone asks). Mv 120' (40'). Sv F1. HD N/A. 43. Next to the door is a wobbly old table with a tarnished ewer and goblet. Sv F3. The four men are wererats (AC 7 (9). The two racing rats will continue to race until their “owners” (18 hp.

Save vs. HP 18. Dam 1-4 or by short sword. every round after the 1st there is a 50% chance (1-3 on a d6) that one of the rats will awaken and sound the alarm. but the western door seems to be barred in a makeshift manner. the inhabitants of this room have burrowed down into the garbage to sleep: Six Wererats (AC 7 (9). indicating that the supply of good stuff is running out. Ten piles of refuse. Page 14 . 4 to 3. Afflicted characters suffer a -2 penalty to their “to hit” rolls and will remain ill for as long as they are in this room. Within most of these piles faint rustling and squeaking sounds can be heard. The eastern door is slightly open. The eastern door is slightly ajar. 9. Poison or suffer a -6 penalty “to hit” for the next 1d4 rounds. a shield +1. 44. Piles of rancid meat. YOU DIRTY RATS: Rough-hewn stone walls frame a room filled with debris. 19 gold trinkets worth 4 gp each (2 cn each). Only the arc the door makes when opening seems to be reasonable clear of trash. HD ½. Ml 12. BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE: Beyond the door is a small rough-hewn room with a dirt and loose stone floor. Mv 120' (40'). #At 1. 12. Of course. The piles are composed of food. Noise and voices in this room won't alert those in room 45. 150 sp. they will find a bag of holding with Parius' belongings: leather armor +1. In fact. a ring of protection +1. If the PCs look under the cot. For every round the PCs are in this room they must save vs. unless they take steps to find out.org Forums (1) The PC has hit a pocket of something quite foul. If the PCs have already done this. an elven cloak. 50 ep. a pair of boots of running. Dam 1-3 + disease. Mv 120' (40'). if anyone listens. Dragonsfoot. (2 . giant rat droppings. Sv F3. Sv F1. If the PCs don't attack. fetid cheese. fill large sections of this room. 10. but the western door is barred with scavenged wood and chunks of stone.DF23 The Haunted Keep service to the family. and thus surprised. waste. a dagger +1. 100 gp. 45. 8. Four large piles of debris fill a large part of this room. 18. scavenged items. the haunt has already left this world. each well over six feet tall. AL Chaotic). and personal trophies captured from others. the PCs won't immediately know that there are monsters present. 11 platinum trinkets worth 4 pp each (3 cn each). #At 1. AL Chaotic) plus 2d8 Giant Rats (AC 7. etc. a short sword +1. old clothing and things best left to the imagination are piled up in each corner of the room. HP 2 (x2d8). Treasure: A finely engraved silver ewer worth 5 gp (10 cn) and a very nice silver goblet worth 2 gp (1 cn) are on the table. roll a d6 for each PC and use the results indicated below. Poison or become nauseated. subtract 1 from the score (5 to 4. He now haunts this room until both Eldwin and Lucretia are dead.3) Nothing (4) Small silver trinket worth 5 sp (1 cn encumbrance) (5) Small gold trinket worth 4 gp (2 cn encumbrance) (6) Vial of minty green liquid (potion of healing) For every 4 full rounds the PCs spend searching. All the occupants of this room are initially asleep. 12 pp. he was given his belongings and enough water to survive until the poison had done its work. Every round the PCs spend searching the debris.). and may become ill. HD 3*. Ml 12. and 23 silver trinkets worth 5 sp each (1 cn each).

crocks. Dragonsfoot. that anyone within this hallway must save vs. WERERAT ROOM: In this room. and large earthen bowls. Sv F1. who will organize a systematic hunt for the party. HD 3*. Also note that the wererats are in rat form initially. The hallway that connects rooms 49. 50. 5 green stones of unknown type worth 50 gp each. It takes a total of 60 character turns (10 turns for a party of 6) to do a sufficient search. 52 silver trinkets worth 5 sp each (1 cn each). Essentially it smells like rotten meat only much. so the PCs may not realize what they are actually up against right away. Sv F3. 6 goblins dwell herein (AC 6. It contains 2. So much so. releasing its fetid fumes. Sitting atop the pedestal is a copper pan-flute. 2. HP 7. 19 large gold trinkets worth 25 gp each (5 cn each) and 11 platinum trinkets worth 4 pp each (3 cn each). AC 7. A small wooden pedestal is near the door. of fetid cheese (see room 49 for effects). and has a false bottom that contains two golden bracelets worth 600 gp each in a jewel case of carved ivory worth 100 gp. 3535 cp. AL Chaotic).org Forums Poison or die). Ml 7. #At 1. THE CROCKERY CHAMBER: Piled in this room are numerous pots. Characters becoming ill suffer a -4 penalty to their “to hit” rolls and will remain ill as long as they remain in the hallway and rooms 50 and 51. On the floor at the foot of the vat are many bones. the rest will have to be searched for. Lucretia's belt pouch contains a potion of healing (which she will drink herself if given a chance). A pile of rags and rubbish in one corner includes a pair of elven boots. If the PCs have gotten this far. Hanging from a peg Page 15 . 50. The cheese can be easily found. 1800 sp. and a silver earring set with a peridot worth 140 gp. 3. AL Chaotic) is practicing her swordsmanship. and 51 is filled with an awful stench. 46. 982 gp. pulsating mound of fungusencrusted cheese. Mv 60' (20'). HD 1-1.000 sp.DF23 The Haunted Keep Once combat ends. Lucretia will immediately attempt to flee deeper into the dungeon and alert her family. 38 pp. She is armed with a sword +1. the PCs can search through the piles. 8 light green minty potions of healing. 50 lbs. NOTE: The rats (were and giant) have a morale of 12 since this is their home and treasure stash. cheesy residue within them. green mist. HP 14. 49. The mass of cheese quivers and belches. The pan-flute is non-magical and worth 10 gp. much stronger. 5. If attacked with a weapon that can injure her. In the vat is a huge. Ml 8. Dam 1-4 or 2-9 (long sword +1). 32 gold trinkets worth 4 gp each (2 cn each). a dagger +1. given the volume of stuff. The room also contains a box that is not locked but is trapped with a poisoned needle in the latch (save vs. These veils of mist are so dense they prohibit characters in the hallway from seeing into rooms 50 and 51. THE CHAMBER OF THE CHEESE: The adventurers pass through the veil of mist. 47: GOBLIN CHAMBER. The contents of the vat are what is causing the horrible stench. Mv 120' (40'). 1. Lucretia Rodemus (wererat. Fixed to the far wall are three sconces in which torches blaze and sputter. It is obvious to anyone with a nose that this is the source of the stench. rather they are veils of flowing. Most of the crockery have bits of moldy. some appear to be humanoid. Dam 1-6 or by weapon. NOTE: The doorways to rooms 50 and 51 are not doors. 48: EMPTY CHAMBER: Nothing of interest or value is here. Treasure: 14 pp. In the center of the room is a large iron vat (5 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter). 87 copper trinkets worth 1 sp each (1 cn each). 5. #At 1. the rats have no back-up help. Poison or become violently ill.

A character must save vs. 4. The character must save vs. NOTE: If a character becomes violently ill due to the stench. so this process also takes several hours. 5. It is an amorphous blob approximately 10 feet in diameter. The spores feed on the decaying corpse and multiply. In the vat is a type of Yellow Mold. Once the pan-flute stops playing for longer than a round. All of his or her belongings are teleported safely to room 55. The character is completely nude. The character must save vs. Only a pan-flute or other flute-like instrument may be used to lull the Fetid Cheese Mold into passivity. Anyone within this room is susceptible to the effects of the stench as above. Death Ray or choke to death within 1d6 rounds. and encrusted with fuzzy green spores. only instead of being disintegrated. This room is a malfunctioning Disintegrator Trap. The room has no effect. Bits of moldy. Once the body has been consumed down to its bones (a process taking 12 hours). the spores are consumed by the cheese. Anyone caught within the cloud of spores must take 1d6 hp per round and must save (each round) vs. which seems to mesmerize the creature. they will be unable to play a Page 16 . other instruments have no effect. Roll again next round. Spores attach themselves to corpses and accelerate the process of decay. THE CHAMBER OF DISINTEGRATING: The swirling green mists from the doorway also fill the room. As 4 above. Death Ray or be disintegrated. As 2 above. or holding is disintegrated. Death Ray or be teleported to room 55.org Forums pan-flute or any other wind instrument. 3. Similarly to a Yellow Mold. the spores crawl back into the vat. yellowishwhite in color. A Fetid Cheese Mold is much more sensitive to vibrations than a Yellow Mold and will automatically release its spores when anyone passes the veil of mists and enters the room. causing it to grow larger and larger. the character’s belongings remain in room 51. Adventurers are unable to see anything beyond 3 feet. Results: 1. 51. also while it is in its passive state they may gather bowls of the cheese for consumption. Roll again next round. This melody must begin in the hallway before one enters room. After they have returned to the vat. this Fetid Cheese Mold attacks by releasing its spores in a 10' x 10' x 10' cloud. on the wall is a large wooden paddle. the were-rats are able to feed the cheese corpses. nude (as all of his or her belongings have disintegrated). the Mold releases its spores. The character is transported nude to room 55. Death Ray or everything he or she is wearing. The only way to keep the Fetid Cheese Mold from attacking is by playing a singsong melody on the pan-flute. 6. The spores are tiny and bloated with rotten flesh. The cloud of spores will dissipate after 3 rounds. The Disintegrator Trap functions normally. cheesy residue cling to it. 2. They are both skilled at playing the pan-flute. carrying. Roll again next round. as they will be too busy retching. Each character must roll a d6 for each round they remain in this room. This type is known as a Fetid Cheese Mold.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. leaving the character completely nude and with no belongings. NOTE: Both Eldwin and Lucretia Rodemus visit rooms 49 and 50 quite often. only instead of being disintegrated. the character’s belongings are teleported to room 55. By use of the pan-flute.

53. ABANDONED LARDER: Four long boards have been nailed across the outside of the double doors leading into this room. Yenas is expecting another group of bandits and may mistake the PCs for this group. and a ring of animal control. and. The bugbear is saying in common. ceiling. Ml N/A. a thick. A human and a bugbear are talking. floors. and inform them that they will have an equal share in the attack as previously Page 17 . and will burn for 12 turns and smoke for an additional 3 turns unless the fire is quenched. The bugbear appears to be unhappy with the human. a colony of yellow mold that has sprouted across the inner surface of the doors will release a 10' x 10' x 10' cloud of spores centered on the area where the doors meet. strange and bizarre molds and fungi cover the walls. This particular yellow mold (AC special. dispersing and becoming harmless once it hits the larger east-west gallery. he will take their names. but they have sprouted fungal growths that completely cover the room and its contents. and a number of unidentifiable lumps scattered about. except it will cover a much larger area. laid here by a forgetful hobgoblin long ago. If the doors are burned. Old stores of grain and salted meat still remain in this room. The doors are very damp. Sv F2. iron spike. HD 2. well lit cavern. THE TRIBE AND THE ARMY: Looking into this large. who has his arms crossed and a look of displeasure on his face. The human then sighs and sits down on a chair near a small table. A very dim glow can be seen spilling out from underneath the doors. if taken. The growths will illuminate a 10' radius in dim light (not well enough to read by). Poison once for every 10' x 10' area searched (which takes 2 turns). as he was expecting another 10 men to arrive today. The man at the table. Dam 1-6 + special. This cloud will have the same effect as the spores released by the mold. As soon as the doors are opened. Anyone caught in the cloud takes 1d6 damage and must save vs. This room was once used by the wererats and hobgoblins as a conveniently located larder. Yenas Trew. acrid cloud of spore-filled smoke will fill the passage leading south. a ruby worth 250 gp. In this chamber are 5 bugbears and 10 human bandits. The boards are easily removed with a dagger. but only if the party has no light sources or they are covered while the door is examined. can be used as a light source for up to 6 hours. Within the room itself. as if it has been abandoned and sealed off. If the PCs answer in a satisfactory manner. Mv 0'. you see a sight that you find hard to believe. picks up a quill pen. violently retching for 6 turns (-4 to all attacks and unable to achieve surprise). Anyone attempting to thoroughly search through this flora and the sacks of rotten grain and barrels of spoiled meat that it covers must save vs. AL Neutral) will only release a single cloud of spores.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. etc. he will ask what happened to the rest of the party's group. Death Ray or die from asphyxiation in 6 rounds.org Forums THIRD LEVEL CAVERN KEY 52. First. #At special. The pouch contains 3 gp. Some of the fungi actually glow. is the leader of the bandits and has been recruited with his men to join the Bugbear army. and starts writing on a piece of parchment. “You keep your humans in the back of the cave away from the People! We don't like the smell of you!” He then turns and walks into the cavern. relevant skills. They are going to attack a nearby human town. HP 6. Failure to save indicates the character has fallen ill. In the northwest corner of the room is a small pouch. Anyone examining the doors will notice the wood is damp and rotten with mildew. but it was too damp to be suitable for long.

#At 1. AL Chaotic). Afterward he will send them to room 54 to meet King Grinank. #At 1. Ml 9. a shocking sight appears. King Grinank wishes to ally with the dragon but has not yet found a good way to approach the dragon. Each human and bugbear has 1d4 gp and 1d10 sp. 9. #At 1. the guard will run to investigate. Inside is 1305 cp. FLYING BUGBEAR SKELETON: When you enter this room. it does not move north into rooms 52-54. Mv 90' (30').DF23 The Haunted Keep agreed. AL Chaotic). #At 1. and three dark red rubies (150 gp value each). Seated upon the throne is a huge bugbear who is flanked by two large members of his own kind. This Gelatinous Cube has been “cleaning” this level for several years. 20. AL Chaotic). 12. HP 20. and King Grinank will arrive with all three of his guards in two rounds. He assumes that the party is coming to join the army that he is raising to attack a nearby human town. HD 3+1. 5 Bugbears (AC 5. 20. A bugbear guard (stats as the king's bodyguards below) stands outside the chamber. Dam 1-8 (morningstar). Dam 1-8 (sword) or 1-6 (short bow). HD 1. 13. 54. A skeleton of a bugbear. If combat erupts in room 53. is not allied with the bugbears and is not aware of Grinank's plan to raise an army. If combat erupts in the King's chamber. Sv F3. The Bugbears learned of the Rust Monsters before they smelled the bugbears' treasure and have built a rock barrier in the Page 18 . This barrier keeps the Rust Monsters from room 56 out of the area. HP 25. Dragonsfoot. He will stand up from his throne and ask what their names are in the Common language. The black dragon. Sv F1. Ssarvack sometimes attacks the bugbears as they exit through room 57 but is generally neutral to their presence in his domain. 10 Bandits (AC 7. In the back of this cavern is a large. Ml 9. Ml 9. 3 Large Bugbear Guards (AC 4. If the king is satisfied with the PCs. The DM should run this encounter until either the PCs attack or the king learns that they are not who he thinks they are. crude stone throne. 489 sp. he will send them over the barrier to attack the Rust Monsters. which the Gelatinous Cube later collected. Dam 1-8 (morningstar). Dam 1-8 (morningstar). Ml 9. Each has 1d4 gp and 1d10 sp. Ssarvack. 55. BUGBEAR KING: This is the lair of the king of the bugbear tribe that is living in room 53. but it isn't tall enough that the “army” can't cross it and exit through the dragon's tunnel in room 57. AL Chaotic). Mv 90' (30'). 159 gp. To the south of the entrance of the cavern is a wall of debris that blocks the tunnel nearly to the ceiling. 3 small rocks. The floor is covered with animal skins. He wears a ring of protection +2.org Forums King Grinank (Huge Bugbear) (AC 3. 10. HP 15. HD 3+1. watching over a large pile of debris that is blocking the tunnel to the south. Sv F3. Recently. the guard will run to the King with the information. If the party did not attack the bugbears and humans in room 53. the bugbears and bandits will defend themselves. If the PCs attack. Sv F3. Currently. MV 90' (30'). the king does not immediately order his guards to attack. Mv 90' (30'). Both guards are wearing bugbear-sized chain mail and carry large shields. it avoids Ssarvack in room 57 and the Carrion Crawler in room 60. it picked up the body of a dead bugbear that was killed by Ssarvack in room 57. The tribe's treasure horde is in a chest under the bed. HP 6 (x10). HD 3+1. Although it is an unintelligent creature. and a large bed is against the west wall. It killed his emissary that he sent yesterday. and several coins are slowly flying toward you.

you can hear something moving ahead. They came into the dungeon from the dragon's tunnel in room 57 and immediately smelled the iron deposit in room 56. Sv F3. THEY REALLY LIKE HEAVY METAL: As you walk down the slope toward the chamber. Two rust monsters (AC 2. Mv 60' (20'). HD 4. If they hear combat in room 55. The ledge of the precipice continues to the north out of the torchlight. In the northern section of the room is a statue. #At 1. 19. Sv F2. Mv 120' (40'). Gelatinous Cube (AC 8. HP 22. Ml 12. They have been slowly eating the north-east wall.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. Ml 7. There are 16 cp inside the cube. two large armadillo-like creatures run out of the darkness. Suddenly. there is a 50% chance they will investigate. 57. #At 1. Dam special. AL Neutral) 56. HD 5. AL Neutral) are in this room. STATUE OF RODEMUS: Upon entering this chamber your torch lights the edge of a precipice and a few columns created from the calcification of stalagmites and stalactites. Dam 2-8 + special. HP 28.org Forums tunnel near the entrance to room 54. Page 19 .

If broken off intact. Dam 1-4/1-4/2-12 + special. they will continue to shed light. HD 2. This formation and the formations just above seem to create what looks like a reptilian face. If overwhelmed or badly injured Ssarvack will retreat to room 64 to wait for the party to leave. Players familiar with the Rodemus family may make an intelligence check to realize that this statue is a likeness of a long dead Rodemus family member who was a cleric of the sun god. Fly 240' (80'). The water is 20' below the ledge and is 20' deep at its deepest point.org Forums 58. Each glows brightly. and stalagmites of room 58 in the northwest part of the room above the water. Mv 90' (30'). Dam N/A. The rocky growths are large and weigh 20 lbs. lantern. #At 2 claws / 1 bite + breath weapon. Ssarvack will be aware of the party and will either wait until the party enters the water and attack by launching himself through the mouth of the rock formation or lay a trap for the party at the ledge in room 61. The southern alcove holds some fodder that the bovines have been eating. below. despite his youth. is no fool. The hand is held in such a way that an item can be slid down through it. or other light device into the hand. Sv F1. Detect Magic. THE ROOST OF SSARVACK. The hand is in a strange position. If the players place a torch. 59. the statue will enhance the light until it is blinding to look upon and brightly lights the whole area. If shattered. THE YOUNG BLACK DRAGON: In this cavernous chamber lays the young Black Dragon Ssarvack (AC 2. The party will be able to see the columns. It appears to have stayed at a relatively consistent depth over the years and is very clear and cold! The Electric Cave Eels from room 64 will be attracted to the light in room 57 after 10 rounds. Ssarvack also knows the spells: Read Magic. as if it were holding some item at one time. Ml 8. HP 10. Standing in the middle of this room are two milk cows! One raises its head and softly moos at your party. HP 29. This may complicate any battles in the water. Ssarvack captured three cows (AC 8. He will use every trick he can think of to defeat and or drive off his opponents. Ssarvack is awake when the party enters and capable of speech. and Light. they see a soft light glowing in the room ahead. Standing between the columns in the northern part of the chamber is a statue of a man who is holding one arm out in front of him. 8. shedding more light than a lit torch. you see that the ceiling of the cavern has several large rocky growths that protrude downwards. Mv 120' (40'). He has eaten one in his lair but has decided to keep the other two here until he becomes hungry again. Ssarvack is not above bargaining for his life. they cease to emit light. each. The statue is a magical lighting device. The hand is currently empty. Magic Missile. Ml 4) in his last raid of the area. stalactites. If by chance they pursue. Note that the dragon's treasure may be found in area 63. Page 20 . If the statue lights the area. THE DRAGON'S LARDER: As the party approaches from the tunnel junction outside rooms 58 and 61. Ventriloquism. Ssarvack will follow the underground stream to a surface entrance 3 miles east of the keep. Looking for the source of the light. AL Chaotic). #At N/A. HD 5.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. Ssarvack. Sv F5.

Strangely. HD 3+1. 5. #At 1. Dragonsfoot. #AT 8. A human-sized creature has just enough space to walk through the tunnel with just their head above water.000 sp. and their numbers are lower than they could be because of this fact. 14. #At 1. MV 120’ (40’). Demi-humans will have to swim or be carried through. 13. lanterns. 1-4 (bump) or special (spit). The locust will only spit if cornered. and 2 valued at 1. Save F:2. Dam 1-2 (bite). In the light from your torch. Mv 9' (3'). BLIND ELECTRIC CAVE EELS: This area has about 12” of space between the water level and the ceiling. #At 1. 9. Mv 60' (20'). Floating Disk.org Forums 63. 2. roll to hit if bumped. HD 3. Protection From Evil. and 48 gems (10 valued at 10 gp each. 9. 7. Demi-humans will have to swim or be carried. The Carrion Crawler will move to attack anyone entering the chamber and will pursue them if they run.10. hp 19. Ml. DRIPPING CAVERN: In this area. etc. 10.DF23 The Haunted Keep Ssarvack is unaware of the secret door in the room and brought the cows through the water tunnels (rooms 64 and 60) to this location. Page 21 . Swim 60' (20'). Sv F2.000 gp each). Invisibility. They feed on small blind perch that live in the cave pools. torches. Dam special. There are five Blind Electric Cave Eels (AC 4.000 sp. but they are very willing to attack larger prey. CAVERN: Residing here is a Carrion Crawler (AC 7. and Levitation. 7. Dam 1-8 + electric shock. 62. ML 9).D Paralysis. The locust will attempt to flee if attacked with a 50% chance per party member per locust of being bumped. 5. The fleeing locust will retreat to room 35. Scattered about the floor are the remains of the Carrion Crawler’s victims and their possessions armor. 7 valued at 500 gp each. 15 valued at 100 gp. 8. 61. 14 valued at 50 gp each. Ml 5. Also living in here are five Shriekers (AC 7. The shriekers will shriek 1-3 rounds of shrieking with a 50% chance per round of attracting a wandering monster. and supplies (rope. Ml 12). 9. and one magic-user’s spell book with the following spells: Magic Missile. AL Neutral). Fly 180' (60'). A human-sized creature has just enough space to walk through the tunnel with just their head above water. A 50% chance exists that any item found is still usable. 60. HD 2. Sv F1. each.000 ep. These eels are attracted to the bright light from the statue in room 57. you can hear the sound of dripping and splashing water from the underground stream 10' below. unless they retreat up the ladder in room 35. AL Neutral) living in this area. 2. Ssarvack’s Treasure: 25. These animals have learned that it is unwise to attack the dragon. 12. HP 10 (X5). HP 21. SMALL CAVERN: This chamber is empty. the animals do not appear to have been harmed by the experience. CAVERN: In this cavern live ten cave locust (AC 4. HD 2.). HP 13. weapons. Sv F2. Also scattered about are 1. which will arrive in 2d6 rounds if indicated.000 gp. 64. you can see to the south the top of a tunnel opening that the stream has carved out of the rock through the millennia.

a torch does 1d4 hp per round. the spores are consumed by the cheese. Only a pan flute or other flute-like instrument (perhaps even the lilting voice of a female singer) may be used to lull the Fetid Cheese Mold into passivity. seaweed. It appears as an 8-foot long eel with mottled brown leathery skin and having lighter brown or yellow spots on its dorsal area. It will attack almost anything that passes near it. Appearing: 1d8 (1d8) Save As: F2 Morale: 12 Treasure Type: Nil Intelligence: 2 Alignment: Neutral XP Value: 100 A blind electric cave eel is a feared predator. regardless of the size of the prey. Page 22 . When prey passes by. so this process also takes several hours. other instruments have no effect. Anyone caught within the cloud of spores must take 1d6 hp per round and must save (each round) vs. Once they have returned. A Fetid Cheese Mold is much more sensitive to vibrations than a Yellow Mold and will automatically release its spores when anyone comes within 10'. Paralyzation or be stunned for 1-10 rounds. the Mold releases its spores. a Fetid Cheese Mold attacks by releasing its spores in a 10'x10'x10' cloud. even if mesmerized. Touching a Fetid Cheese Mold with a torch will cause it to release its spores. It has pronounced incisor teeth. known for its fearsome shocking bite. They conceal themselves in reefs. primarily were-rats and other rodents. the spores crawl back to the blob of cheese. Fetid Cheese Molds can only be destroyed by fire. Smaller or larger Fetid Cheese Molds can exist.org Forums NEW MONSTERS Fetid Cheese Mold AC: Can always be hit HD: 2* Move: 0 Attacks: Spores Damage: 1d6 per round + special No. Once the body has been consumed down to its bones (a process taking 12 hours). they will have more or less HD depending on its size. Spores attach themselves to corpses and accelerate the process of decay. Appearing: 1d8 (1d4) Save As: F2 Morale: Not applicable Treasure Type: Nil Intelligence: 0 Alignment: Neutral XP Value: 100 A Fetid Cheese Mold is an amorphous blob approximately 10' in diameter. The cloud of spores will dissipate after 3 rounds. The yellow spots start to glow just before it attacks. Some creatures find a Fetid Cheese Mold delicious. Death Ray or choke to death within 1d6 rounds. Blind Electric Cave Eel AC: 4 HD: 2 Move: Swim 90' (30') Attacks: 1 Bite Damage: Bite 1d8 + Electric shock No. and encrusted with fuzzy green spores. A small Fetid Cheese Mold may be kept in a wooden keg or a leather pouch without fear of it eating through its container. Once the music stops playing for longer than a round. the blind electric cave eel lunges out. the size of the cloud of spore it will release will be larger or smaller depending on its size. additionally. The spores feed off the decaying corpse and multiply. Similarly to a Yellow Mold. the prey must save vs. striking with blinding speed. The spores are tiny and bloated with rotten flesh. The spores of a Fetid Cheese Mold ignore all other materials besides flesh. yellowish-white in color.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. The only way to keep the Fetid Cheese Mold from attacking is by mesmerizing it by playing a singsong melody on a pan-flute or other flute-like instrument. If the bite hits. or underneath stones.

Dragonsfoot.DF23 The Haunted Keep Although these eels are technically blind. the least spirit attacks through a limited form of telekinesis or a spell-like fear. There can be a large number of Haunts (Least) tied to an area. Spells to even notice the spirit. It may choose to cause fear (save vs. They have no physical form and can only make their presence known through extreme effort. A normal-looking pair of finely made leather boots that adjust themselves perfectly to any normal or small-sized creature's feet. When encountered. Since they have no physical form. since they cannot leave their confinement. they can "see" light as a situation of not being dark any longer. Unfortunately. for all within 100' of the haunt) hoping the intruders will leave. but nothing short of a wish will get them to leave. kill a person. given it's limited connection to this world. A speak with the dead spell will allow for communication. Spells or -4 “to hit” for 1d4 rounds [cumulative] for all within 100' of the haunt). the spirit will know and leave the world of the living. On every 5th round the spirit has enough strength to make its presence known.). Haunt (Least) AC: N/A HD: N/A Move: 300' (100') Attacks: Special Damage: Special # Appearing: 1d12 Save as: F1* Morale: 12 Treasure Type: Nil Alignment: Any (Usually Lawful) XP: 9 Turned (Destroyed) as: Zombie Haunt (Least) is one of the weakest type of undead. They have excellent hearing and can sense prey through the vibrations made in the water. The only easy way to get rid of the spirit is to accomplish whatever task that binds it to this world (deliver an item. Once the task has been completed. the cumulative effect of multiple attacks can be devastating on low level parties. PCs must roll vs. but turning only NEW MAGIC ITEMS Boots of Running. etc. It may attack with its telekinesis by moving small items within 100' of itself causing 1d3-1 damage on any one character. they are immune to all physical and most magical attacks. it may try to communicate with the intruders. the result is an ethereal scream/howl that can cause panic (save vs. Finally. Clerics can turn or destroy the spirits. save the princess. Those wearing these boots will automatically have their movement rate doubled. Page 23 . usually a desire for revenge.org Forums makes them quiet. Bound to a particular place for some reason. While they cannot combine their power. Spells or -1 to hit [cumulative] for 1d12 rounds.

1 silver arrow. 2 weeks of standard rations. quiver with 20 arrows. sword. True Mahalia Male Fighter. Spell: Cure Light Wounds Arthur "Blinding Light" Mason Male Cleric. long bow with 40 normal arrows and 5 silver arrows. 2 vials of holy water. I:7. large sack. C:14 (+1). 50' of rope. 50' of rope. silver holy symbol.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. 2 wineskins with one quart (each) of wine. 12 iron spikes. 1 large sack. 6 torches. crossbow with 30 quarrels. small hammer. silver holy symbol. 12 iron spikes. lantern with 4 flasks of oil. 6 torches. battle axe. 50' of rope. and 16 gp. one week of standard rations. tinderbox. backpack. large sack. shield. 6 torches. tinderbox. W:9. 50' of rope. 6 torches. shield. 2nd level (AL:C) S:15 (+1) I:11 W:11 D:12 C:14 (+1) Ch:12 HP: 16 AC: 3 Chainmail. sword. mirror. 1st level (AL:N) S:16 (+2) I:10 W:11 D:14 (+1) C:12 Ch:9 HP: 8 AC: 4 Chainmail. small sack. tinderbox. waterskin. AC:3 Chainmail. 6 torches. waterskin. and a wineskin with one quart of wine. 12 iron spikes. backpack. 2nd level S:16 (+2). 2-handed sword. warhammer. short bow with 20 arrows. short bow with 20 arrows. and 6 gp. backpack. backpack. C:16 (+2) Ch:11 HP:10 AC:1 Platemail. short bow. Page 24 . 2 small sacks. and a waterskin. 1st level S:16 (+2) I:6 (-1) D:13 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch:12 HP: 9 AC: 2 Platemail. sword. and a tinderbox. CLERICS Sister Rebecca Female Cleric. short bow. 2 weeks of iron rations. silver dagger. shield. and 3 gp Angus Freestone Male Fighter. and 8 sp. Hagar the Unclean Male Fighter. tinderbox. backpack. waterskin. waterskin. short bow. 2 sprigs of wolfsbane. 2 weeks of standard rations. and a wineskin with one quart of wine. backpack. quiver with 20 arrows. backpack. warhammer. 35 gp. wineskin with 1 quart of wine. 2nd level S:13 (+1) I:11 W:14 D:9 C:14 CH:12 HP:13. Celiene Female Fighter. shield. sword. sling with 30 stones. 6 torches. 2 waterskins. small hammer. 2 small sacks. 1st level (AL:L) S:18 (+3) I:12 W:12 D:16 (+2) C:13 (+1) Ch:11 HP: 9 AC: 0 Platemail shield. 1st level (AL:N) S:16 (+2) I:8 (-1) W:9 D:14 (+1). Shell van Beck Male Fighter. 1st level (AL:N) S:12 I:6 (-1) W:16 (+2) D:14 (+1) C:16 (+2) Ch:11 HP: 8 AC: 3 Chainmail. mace. 6 torches. Avery Ferris Female Fighter. one week of standard rations. sling with 30 stones. 3 small sacks. quiver with 20 arrows. AC:2 Platemail. large sack.org Forums PREGENERATED CHARACTERS FIGHTERS Morgan Ironwolf Female Fighter. 12 iron spikes. 1st level (AL:L) S:16 (+2) I:7 (-1) W:8 (-1) D:14 (+1) C:15 (+1) Ch: 13 (+1) HP: 9 AC: 3 Chainmail. shield. pack #1. D:13 (+1). 3 small sacks. CH: 8 (-1) HP:14. shield. 50' of rope. 2 weeks of standard rations. 1 vial of holy water. tinderbox. one week of standard rations. and a wineskin with one quart of wine. 50’ of rope. 2 weeks of standard rations. backpack.

sword. mirror. 1st level S:8 (-1) I:7 (-1) W:7 (-1) D:14 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch:13 (+1) HP:4 AC:6 Leather armor. quiver with 20 arrows and 1 silver arrow. Page 25 . silver holy symbol. 50' of rope. thieves' tools. shield. 4 flasks of oil. and 876 gp. 1 week of standard rations. pack #1. one week of iron rations. 2 vials of holy water.org Forums THIEVES Black Dougal Male Thief. mace. 2 flasks of oil. 12 torches. 1 vial of holy water. sword. 12 iron spikes. 2 vials of holy water. short bow with 20 normal arrows and 1 silver arrow. sling with 30 stones. 50’ of rope. tinderbox. backpack. 3 small sacks.DF23 The Haunted Keep Amethist Female Cleric. 1 small sack. 50' of rope. shield. pack #1. sling with 30 stones. dagger. short sword. 1 week of standard rations. backpack. silver holy symbol. and pack #2. and 1 gp. 6 torches. waterskin. large sack. Spell: Cure Light Wounds Sister Payne Female Cleric. 3 sprigs of wolfsbane. shield. 1st level (AL:C) S:13 (+1) I:13 (+1) W:15 (+1) D:11 C:11 Ch:15 (+1) HP:6 AC:4 Chainmail. 2nd level (AL:N) S:17 (+2) I:11 W:17 (+2) D:12 C:15 (+1) Ch:9 HP:12 AC:2 Platemail. thieves' tools. Sirus Trueheart Male Cleric. 1 waterskin. small sack. small hammer. short sword. Thorne Male Cleric. large sack. Spells: Cure Light Wounds Sir Gregor Male Cleric. quiver with 20 arrows and 1 silver arrow. 10’ pole. shield. waterskin. sling with 30 stones. backpack. and a wineskin with one quart of wine. mace. 1st level S:12 I:10 W:13 (+1) D:11 C:9 Ch:12 HP: 6 AC: 4 Chainmail. small hammer. 2nd level S:10 I:7 (-1) W:14 (+1) D:8 (-1) C:11 Ch:12 HP:10 AC:3 Platemail. tinderbox. dagger. short bow. and a tinderbox. 3 weeks of iron rations. 3 small sacks. 1 large sack. silver holy symbol. 3 wine skins with 1 quart (each) of wine. tinderbox. backpack. pack #1. 1st level S:12 I:10 W:15 (+1) D:12 C:12 Ch:12 HP: 6 AC: 4 Chainmail.12 W:13 (+1) D:16 (+2) C:15 (+1) Ch:16 (+2) HP:5 AC:5 Leather armor. silver and iron holy symbol. long bow. lantern. backpack. 2nd level S:10 I:13 (+1) W:6 (-1) D:16 (+2) C:11 CH:14 HP:7 AC:5 Leather armor. and 122 gp. mace. case with 20 quarrels. crossbow. shield. and a set of thieves' tools. 1st level (AL:N) S:15 (+1) I. warhammer. 1 vial of holy water. sling with 30 stones. and 1 gp. warhammer. sling with 30 stones. tinderbox. 10' pole. silver holy symbol. Baroness Female Thief. 1st level (AL:C) S:14 (+1) I:11 W:13 (+1) D:17 (+2) C:13 (+1) Ch:15 (+1) HP: 5 AC: 5 Leather armor. Grey Hand Female Thief. 1 vial of holy water. 2 weeks of standard rations. Dragonsfoot. 2 sprigs of wolfsbane. 6 torches. Singing Sparrow Female Thief. dagger. thieves' tools. lantern. silver dagger. 50' of rope. and 7 gp.

1st level S:14 (+1) I:14 (+1) W:8 (-1) D:9 C:13 (+1) Ch:12 HP: 7 AC: 4 Chainmail. Dragonsfoot. 30 quarrels. sword. small sack. 1st level (AL:N) S:16 (+2) I:17 (+2) W:8 (-1) D:13 (+1) C:11 CH:12 HP:6 AC:5 Leather armor. Spell: Sleep Page 26 . Spells: Sleep and Light Tas Au Apt Vash Female Elf. quiver with 20 arrows. a lantern. shield. backpack. 1 sprig of wolfsbane. short bow with 20 arrows. silver dagger. and wolfsbane (1 bunch). and spell book. dagger. Spell: Charm Person Taren Longleaf Male Elf. short bow. sword. shield. long bow. long bow. 1 flask of oil.10 C:14 (+1) Ch:8 (-1) HP:7 AC:4 Chainmail. 1st level (AL:L) S:13 (+1) I:16 (+2) W:10 D:11 C:12 Ch:13 (+1) HP:6 AC:5 Chainmail. Spell: Magic Missile Aarkon Truebow Male Elf. pack #1. backpack. 2 weeks of standard rations. 1st level (AL:N) S:13 (+1) I:12 W:8 (-1) D:13 (+1) C:10 Ch: 13 (+1) HP:4 AC:6 Leather armor. pack #1. spellbook. 10 silver arrows. spell book. 12 iron spikes. 1st level (AL:N) S:17 (+2) I:17 (+2) W:10 D:16 (+2) C:14 (+1) Ch:8 (-1) HP: 7 AC: 2 Chainmail. Silver Arm Female Thief. 50' of rope. 2nd level S:12 I:10 W:9 D:13 (+1) C:12 Ch:9 HP:7 AC:6 Leather armor. mirror. 2nd level S:13 (+1) I:13 (+1) W:9 D:13 (+1) C:12 CH:9 HP:8 AC:3 Chainmail. and 912 gp. and 941 gp. and 3 gp. and 6 gp. and spell book. thieves' tools. short sword. 10' wooden pole. short bow. 1 week of standard ration. backpack. Spell: Detect Magic ELVES Silverleaf Male Elf. Spell: Charm Person Elsmit Soo Leot Male Elf. crossbow. and pack #1. thieves' tools.15 (+1) I:15 (+1) W:5 (-2) D. quiver with 20 arrows. 3 small sacks. sword. pack #2. 2nd level S:12 I:12 W:9 D:15 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch:12 HP:9 AC:6 Leather armor. mirror. 3 large sacks. Spells: Magic Missile and Shield Vireal the Young Female Elf. quiver with 20 arrows and 1 silver arrow. silver dagger. 4 silver arrows. thieves' tools. and 314 gp. 1 wineskin with 1 quart of wine. shield. short sword. pack #2. sword. long bow with 40 normal arrows and 5 silver arrows. sword. one week of standard rations. shield. 2 flasks of oil. short bow with 20 arrows. spell book. 2 large sacks. Grey Arm Female Thief. pack #1. spell book. and a spellbook. 2nd level (AL:L) S:15 (+1) I:15 (+1) W:8 (-1) D:16 (+2) C:13 (+1) Ch: 10 HP:12 AC:1 Chainmail. quiver with 20 arrows. 1 sprig of wolfsbane. silver dagger.DF23 The Haunted Keep "Blackjack" Baldrey Male Thief. 50' of rope. 2 flasks of oil.org Forums Whisper Female Elf. 1st level S. sword. short sword. dagger. 2 waterskins. quiver with 20 arrows. pack #1. shield. short bow. short bow with 20 arrows. shield +1. sword.

1st level (AL:N) S:8 (-1) I:16 (+2) W:13 (+1) D:10 C:13 (+1) Ch:15 (+1) HP:5 AC:9 Spell book. short sword. 1st level (AL:C) S:10 I:14 (+1) I:11 D:12 C:14 (+1) Ch:8 (-1) HP:5 AC:9 Spell book.org Forums Jade Goodore Female Dwarf. dagger. battle axe. silver dagger. and pack #1. 2nd level S:10 I:15 (+1) W:14 D. sling with 30 stones. Spell: Sleep Sobihan Frost Female Magic User. 3 flasks of oil. 1st level S:17 (+2). battle axe. 1st level (AL:N) S:15 (+1) I:8 (-1) W:8 (-1) D:14 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch: 13 (+1) HP:9 AC:4 Dwarven chainmail. warhammer +1. 2nd level (AL:L) S:17 (+2) I:15 (+1) W:13 (+1) D:11 C:15 (+1) Ch:17 (+2) HP:17 AC:2 Dwarven platemail. and 78 gp. 1 sprig of wolfsbane. silver dagger. short bow. gold holy symbol. battle axe. Ambassador Longtooth Male Dwarf. dagger. Angar Surefoot Male Dwarf. silver dagger. 1 sprig of wolfsbane. and 5 gp. tinderbox. and 1004 gp. and 62 gp. quiver with 20 arrows. Spell: Magic Missile Page 27 .10 C:13 (+1) Ch:11 HP:8 AC:9 Spellbook. pack #2. and 35 gp. shield. silver dagger. 3 hand axes. and 3 gp. and 47 gp. MAGIC USERS Thistle Female Magic User. silver dagger. shield. shield. 4 wineskins with 1 quart (each) of wine. 2 large sacks. 2 flasks of oil. Chrick "Red Beard" Male Dwarf. lantern. 1st level S:16 (+2) I:10 W:9 D:13 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch:12 HP: 9 AC: 2 Platemail. Crystal Goldeyes Female Dwarf. 2 sprigs of wolfsbane. and wineskin with 1 quart of wine.DF23 The Haunted Keep DWARVES Fredrik Male Dwarf. warhammer. 1st level (AL:L) S:15 (+1) I:10 W:13 (+1) D:18 (+3) C:15 (+1) Ch:14 (+1) HP:9 AC:0 Dwarven platemail. 1st level (AL:N) S:17 (+2) I:11 W:12 D:15 (+1) C:16 (+2) Ch:13 (+1) HP:10 AC:1 Dwarven platemail. Dragonsfoot. and a wineskin with one quart of wine. warhammer. shield. one week of standard rations. pack #1. sling with 30 stones. shield. 1st level (AL:C) S:13 (+1) I:8 (-1) W:11 D:13 (+1) C:13 (+1) Ch:11 HP:9 AC:5 Dwarven leather armor. pack #2. pack #1. short bow with 20 normal arrows and 5 silver arrows. pack #2. pack #1. short bow with 20 arrows. Pazhulu Male Magic User. Spells: Sleep and Magic Missile. Quel Longstrider Male Dwarf. and pack #1. 1 sprig of wolfsbane. backpack. pack #1. 1st level S:9 I:16 (+2) W:10 D:10 C:11 Ch:11 HP:4 AC:9 Spell book. pack #2. I:11 W:13 (+1) D:10 C:16 (+2) CH:9 HP:8 AC:2 Platemail. Spell: Ventriloquism Jeff the Red Male Magic User.

12 torches. tinderbox. silver dagger. and 263 gp. 2nd level (AL:N) S:13 (+1) I:14 (+1) W:12 D:13 (+1) C:13 (+1) Ch:13 (+1) HP:9 AC:8 Spell book. pack #2. tinderbox. 1 (additional) week of standard rations. mirror.org Forums Alieen Tenderfoot Female Halfling. STANDARD EQUIPMENT PACKS Pack#1 (52 gp) contains: Backpack. silver dagger. 12 iron spikes. quivers with 40 arrows and 5 silver arrows. sword. 2nd level S:17 (+2) I:12 W:14 (+1) D:18 (+3) C:16 (+2) Ch:16 (+2) HP: 14 AC:-1 Halfling platemail. 1 (additional) week of standard rations. 2 wineskins with 1 quart (each) of wine. 1st level (AL:N) S:14 (+1) I:11 W:9 D:15 (+1) C:14 (+1) Ch:13 (+1) HP:7 AC:6 Halfling leather armor. 2 wineskins with 1 quart (each) of wine. Marcus the Wide Male Halfling. shield. 2nd level S:13 (+1) I:8 (-1) W:13 (+1) D:16 (+2) C:15 (+1) Ch: 13 (+1) HP: 12 AC:2 Halfling chainmail. pack #1. 1 wineskin with 1 quart of wine. 1st level (AL:C) S:12 I:15 (+1) W:14 (+1) D:17 (+2) C:16 (+2) CH:15 (+1) HP:8 AC:2 Halfling chainmail. pack #1. pack #1. shield. 1 week of iron rations. pack #2. a small hammer. and 896 gp. short bow. and 31 gp. Merick the Wise Male Magic User. short bow with 20 arrows. pack #1. and 2 small sacks. short bow with 20 arrows. 50' of rope. 1st level (AL:L) S:15 (+1) I:9 W:10 D:17 (+2) C:13 (+1) Ch:13 (+1) HP:7 AC:4 Halfling leather armor. and 863 gp. 2 wine skins with 1 quart (each) of wine. 1st level (AL:L) S:9 I:18 (+3) W:14 (+1) D:16 (+2) C:17 (+2) Ch:9 HP:6 AC:7 Spell book. 2 weeks of standard rations. Bobbitt Female Halfling. Spell: Sleep Tearissa Female Magic User. and 31 gp. and 3gp. silver dagger.DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot. Pack#2 (55 gp) contains: Backpack. 4 waterskins. shield. mirror. sword. short sword. 1st level (AL:L) S:15 (+1) I:14 (+1) W:9 D:15 (+1) C:8 (-1) CH:9 HP:5 AC:5 Halfling leather armor. and 2 small sacks. sling with 30 stones. shield. short sword. short sword. shield. 1 extra week of standard ration. 50' of rope. 4 waterskins. sword. short bow. pack #2. 12 torches. and 1 gp. silver dagger. Spells: Charm Person and Sleep HALFLINGS Ikee Female Halfling. and 1 week of iron rations. 2 weeks of standard rations. silver dagger. sling with 30 stones. Page 28 . quivers with 40 arrows and 5 silver arrows. pack #2. Pireal Male Halfling. Venden the Wanderer Male Halfling. 1 sprig of wolfsbane.

org Forums Maps First Level Page 29 .DF23 The Haunted Keep Dragonsfoot.

org Forums Page 30 .DF23 The Haunted Keep Second Level Dragonsfoot.

DF23 The Haunted Keep Second Level West Dragonsfoot.org Forums Page 31 .

org Forums Page 32 .DF23 The Haunted Keep Third Level Dragonsfoot.

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