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The Official Publication of the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild

March 2012 I

Issue 45

George Dansie Honored with the 11th Annual Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Cleaning Industry
The Simon Institute and (OS1) Users Group is pleased to announce that George Dansie has been selected to be awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Award for 2012. The Pinnacle Award is recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Cleaning Industry. It is the only cleaning industry award that is presented by representative benchmarking organizations managing cleaning operations on a peer review basis. (Continued on page 2)

George Dansie documents the data collection for the UNC Technical Advisors Report Traditional Housekeeping vs. (OS1) Cleaning Process, in 2006.


The Official Publication of the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild

Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild Leadership Group

George Dansie Honored With the 11th Annual Pinnacle Award

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OFFICERS President Joseph Garcia Mt. San Antonio College Vice President Jewel Golson-Roberts University of North Carolina Vice President Mary Clark Michigan State University Communication Director Russ Goldin Eat My Dust ADVISORY COMMITTEE Jan Allen The University of Michigan Marcela Bernal GMI Building Services Jeff Hawkins Provo City School District Charles Hollis ManageMen Guido Piccarolo Los Angeles Habilitation House Chris Romero Sandia National Labs div Lockheed Martin Corey Wright University of Texas

The nearly 200 organizations and several hundred leaders who have attended Janitor University have been polled and selected George Dansie to honor his industry-wide contributions. George Dansie has been the visionary artist responsible for high-quality art and media in the cleaning industry for over 20 years. Dansies artistic genius can be seen in ISSAs Cleaning Times books, ISSAs 14 Basic Cleaning Procedures, ISSAs EZ Trainer series, countless industry train-

ing videos, ManageMen (OS1) Site Based Action Kits, MSDS Beyond Compliance program materials and kit, (OS1) Field Guides, and Educational Odyssey Map as well as several print ads and video material for various distributors, chemical and tool manufacturers. Dansies creative work has won several awards over the past two decades including 9 Telly awards for video production, an ADDY from the Utah Advertising Foundation for his identity package for the shine Company, a new media award from NISH and several other recognitions. Dansie will be presented the Pinnacle Award at the Cleaning Industry Awards Banquet at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, LA, on Monday, August 6, 2012. Presentation of the award will be by Ben Walker of ManageMen.


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March 2012 I

Issue 45

2012 (OS1) Certified Green and Green Program of Excellence Awards

The organizations listed at right have qualified for the prestigious (OS1) Green Certified program designation for 2012. They qualified by reaching the benchmarking standard on an annual 3rd party audit. The (OS1) Green Certified program is the premiere recognition of outstanding custodial organizations dedicated to cleaning for health and reducing environmental harm. To achieve the recognition a professional cleaning operation must submit to a rigorous 3rd party audit conducted by ManageMen, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. Organizations who have received Program of Excellence which is a 90% or above on their audit.

Wake Forest University ZSR Library

Organizations who have received Green Certification which is a 80% or above on their audit. KBM Facility Solutions Bay Area Building The Boeing Company, Houston, TX KBM Facility Solutions Tower II The Boeing Company, Houston, TX KBM Facility Solutions HPSC The Boeing Company, Houston, TX KBM Facility Solutions Takeda Mt. San Antonio College Building 6 Mt San Antonio College Building 7 & 11 GMI Building Services, Inc. California Western School of Law Wake Forest University Tribble

Award Based on Audit

The (OS1) audit contains over 330 factors that have been benchmarked as best practices in cleaning organizations. The certification criteria demonstrates that a cleaning organization is using practices that cause facilities to be clean, with a minimal impact on the environment. Successful candidates must document to the outside auditor that they are actively reducing hazardous chemicals and waste, reusing cleaning materials rather than sending them to the landfill, cleaning safely and effectively recycling. By attaining the (OS1) Green Certified Program designation, these (OS1) organizations demonstrated their commitment to excellence. The award recognizes organizations work apply practical projects to minimize environmental harm. Successful candidates

must document they have adopted a green process of cleaning management. These organizations joins an elite group of organizations committed to cleaning, green practices, and protecting the built environment. The Boeing Company was the first organization to receive the certification award in April 2005. The (OS1) EnvironMentor Program Recognizes that the Janitors in any facility are the chief environmental practitioners. (OS1) users take a proactive

approach to environmentally sound cleaning practices. (OS1) is a system for managing cleaning operation developed by ManageMen, Inc. First installed in 1991 at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, home of the Utah Jazz. Based on principles of scientific management including standardization, simplification, treating cleaning workers as first class citizens, cleaning for health first (appearance second), tracking, continuous measuring and improving and low environmental impact cleaning activities.


The Official Publication of the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild

Achieving Green Cleaning

There is a conf lict in the professionalcleaning industry. The greencleaning movement has pushed for cleaning products and practices that are freeof toxins, poisons, endocrine disruptersand known carcinogens. Yet, recentoutbreaks of infectious diseasesand drug-resistant bacteria demandthat pathogens be eliminated fromthe indoor built environment utilizingkill agents (read poisons). In (OS1),we meet both requirements by utilizing an engineered cleaning process and a scientifically validated processfor reducing pathogenic microorganisms.(OS1) strikes the right balancebetween being environmentally sustainableand controlling pathogenicmicroorganisms.

John Walker addresses the custodial managers and supervisors at the University of Texas at Austin during their March (OS1) Tune-up session.

Reminder: Bakers Dozen Inservice Lessons for 2012

Benchmarking Best Practices For twenty years, ManageMen has educated organizations about processes and productsthat ensure their cleaning workershealth and safety. Aerosols and volatileorganic compounds (VOCs) werefirst reduced, then eliminated fromthe (OS1) program. They werereplaced by Green Seal Certifiedchemicals that also provided a sourcereduction of landfill waste.Mixing chemic als was eliminated.All daily-use (OS1) cleaning chemicalscome in pre measured packs so theworker just adds

water. This eliminatesthe danger of chemical overexposure. Although to (OS1) users itis just common sense and education,this is an uncommon practice in thejan/san industry. In addition to saferchemical formulations and packaging, our (OS1) trained Coachesteach their employees chemistry basicsincluding the pH scale, the 4 Ss of cleaningand cleaning physics.They also train their employees on the correctapplication of cleaning tools andtime. New, neutral pH disinfectantswere introduced
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March 2012 I

Issue 45

by PortionPac that effectively kill pathogens, but are saferon surfaces. Its all about knowing the surfaceand using the right chemical solventon the soil that is present at the righttime. Do it rightthe first time and you wont damagesurfaces and you wont have to do itover, says John Walker, President of ManageMen. Disinfection requires not only theright solution, but friction as well, accordingthe the Centers for DiseaseControl (CDC).The tool of

Its all about knowing the surface and using the right chemical solvent on the soil that is present at the right time. Do it right the first time and your wont damage the surfaces . . .
choice to providethat friction is the (OS1) specified Unger microfiber cloths. Microfiber razor-scrapes the surface.It actually cuts the bacteria awayfrom the surface.The use of color-coded microfibercloths helps prevent cross-contaminationand communicates to thecleaning team who is following instructions. Microfiber is also easierto launder because the weave is sotight, pathogens are washed off thesurface quite simply.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality Even with the presence of toxic cleaning chemicals reduced, indoorair quality cansuffer without proper cleaningtechniquesand subsequently affectthe health of cleaning workers and buildingoccupants. Its vital that contaminants in the air are captured at their source, before they enter our breathing zones. High efficiency vacuum filters and HEPA filters remove those invisible particulates that carry bacteria and mold spores. Filters on vacuums clog frequently. When filters are dirty, clogged, and not changed often enough, they lose efficiency.Air quality is almost entirely a function of a custodians cleaning or polluting functions indoors, according to Dr. Berrys UNC study. It is fundamental that the practices of indoor environmental management include tracking vacuum filter changes and cleaning. Catch Dirt at the Door Something as simple as floor mats can also make a huge differ-

ence, according to Dr. Michael Berry in the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill, publicly funded study comparing Traditional Housekeeping with the (OS1) cleaning process in 2006. In (OS1), we specify that the building must have at least a 15-20 foot walk-off mat. Thats at least five steps on a mat to clean your shoes. If you dont use mats, dirt tracks into the building. Mats are designed to scrape soil from shoes, and carpets have a tendency to hide the dirt. The goal is to scrape and remove, not conceal dirt. Cleaning Professionalism The establishment of professionalism among (OS1) cleaning workers follows their standardized training and certification. They are true environmentalists of the indoor environment. (OS1) Users must establish themselves as the EnvironMentors to the building occupants in the indoor environments that we all share.

The Official Publication of the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild

Donations Needed

Help Send a Cleaning Worker To Symposium Awards Banquet

At the end of the 2011 Symposium in Salt Lake City, Simon Institute passed a vote to begin accepting donations to help sponsor cleaning workers to attend the Cleaning Industry Awards Banquet. Since 2009, this has been an excellent program and a source of pride for all organizations who have participated. Simon Institute would like to be able to have as many Outstanding Cleaning Workers as possible be able to attend. Since travel budgets seem to be tightening up, the Simon Institute will use these donations to offset the travel and lodging expenses for individual Outstanding Cleaning Workers to attend the ceremony and receive recognition in front of their peers. We thought that beginning with a small goal of raising $5,000 would be a humble, achievable goal. $5,000 would essentially cover plane tickets and lodging for 5 workers. Initially Simon Institute hoped to reach $5,000 by March 25, 2012. That date has passed and we havent reached our goal yet. Were relying heavily on grassroots involvement from all facets of the industry. So far, ISSA has agreed to donate ad space on their homepage to help the effort, several manufacturers have agreed to help promote this event, and a few of our generous (OS1) users have happily donated to the cause. We love to receive the donations with as many zeros behind them as possible, but OCW Medal Award honoree Dwight Popovic. its the $5 and $10 donations that were building this fundraiser upon. The more recognition the Outstanding Cleaning Worker Award recipients receive, the more valuable the program becomes. Anyone who has experienced the event in the past Skip and Judy Spurgeon present the 2009 OCW knows how hard it Award winners in Savannah, GA. pulls at the heartstrings. The Simon Institute founded widget at the bottom of the page and the program on the basic tenet of treat- use that to make a donation. You will ing cleaning workers as first class citi- be taken to a Pay pal portal to zens. This is our chance to really make complete your transaction. It is not necan effort to give back. essary to have a Paypal account to To donate, visit the Simon Institutes donate. new website: http://www.simon Thanks for your continued efforts Find the ChipIn and support.


March 2012 I

Issue 45

CITG Article:

Putting Unwanted Matter In Its Proper Place

By Tim Poskin
Dr. Michael A. Berry, Ph.D. wrote in Science as it relates to (OS1) that the definition of cleaning is You put unwanted matter in the proper place. I recently had the opportunity to visually witness this definition in action first hand. On March 20th and 21st, Wake Forest University held an (OS1) Boot Camp in its (OS1) Authorized Training Center. While teaching the Restroom Specialist portion of (OS1) Boot Camp, one of the Boot Camp attendees asked Which side of the Unger Bucket is the clean side and which side is the dirty side? The answer was soon revealed. After properly mixing a bucket of PortionPac 201, the students began the mopping exercise. As the students were mopping they noticed that the clean side water was staying clean and the dirty side was getting more soiled. We mopped until the clean solution had less than an inch of solution left and the solution on the clean side was still an environment free of unwanted matter. The dirty side continued to get more full and more polluted. The effect this had on new employees who are just entering the world of janitorial services was amazing. It truly helped to demonstrate and understand what Cleaning for Health really means.

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The Official Publication of the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild

March 2012 I

Issue 45

Introducing the New (OS1) Career Map

During Class 65 of Janitor University in Salt Lake City, the new (OS1) Career Map was introduced. The map details the Educational Odyssey for a cleaning worker. Specifically, this new visual aid details the road of becoming a cleaning professional. It highlights career learning milestones such as: Boot Camp, Certification, Floor/Carpet Certification, Janitor University, Workloading, Benchmarking, Awards and Recognition. The Career Map will be available soon at the online ManageMen store.

May 17-18, 2012 (OS1) Expert Trainer Course Disneys Contemporary Hotel Orlando, FL May 19, 2012 Simon Institute Meeting Contemporary Hotel Orlando, FL June 18-22, 2012 Janitor University Class 66 Little America Hotel Salt Lake City, UT August 5-7, 2012 (OS1) Users Symposium Hotel Monteleone French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

September 6-7, 2012 (OS1) Coach Class Disneys Grand Californian Anaheim, CA October 1-5, 2012 Janitor University Class 67 Little America Hotel Salt Lake City, UT October 6, 2012 Simon Institute Meeting Little America Hotel Salt Lake City, UT

October 16, 2012 ISSA/INTERCLEAN ISSAs Official 540 Cleaning Times Educational Workshop by John Walker McCormick Place Chicago, IL

November 6-9, 2012 Workloading Workshop Little America Hotel Salt Lake City, UT