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Planning Assessment Heritage School


We initiated a meeting between HELP representatives Mrs. Femi Sunday, Dr. Tom Conner, Coach Emmanuel Solako and Scott Beebe, and the Headmaster of Heritage School Chief Adedoyin Bolaji. The purpose of the meeting was to assess current progress of Heritage School, future plans of progress, and to identify opportunities for partnership in the future based on the vision of Heritage School and the Educational Domain for HELP. The meeting was held in the office of Chief Bolaji at the Heritage School. We began the meeting explaining our purpose as stated above, with an open mind from our host. Our first question was centered around the issue of where Heritage School stands today in light of its focus. The following were some of the finds to our inquiries Actively pursuing Sr. Secondary Certification (already certified in primary, and Jr. Secondary Certification) o They exact funds for development, registration, seminars, curriculum o Chief believes it can be more effective (see below under opportunities) Today: many times the national syllabus is intended to disseminate to the local level but is caught in bureaucracy and fund mismanagement Involved in ANCorps: 18 secondary schools in the Yagba West LGA that meets monthly between private and secondary school Good relationship with the local Education Ministry office in Odo-Ere Currently, Heritage has a boys futbol team that was resurrected by Coach Emma Solako (HELP appointment), although sports field is usable during the dry season, rainy season proves to be difficult due to drainage issues Heritage is land-locked and will have a limited student enrollment

Opportunities ANCorps Partnership o Develop practical seminars o Training teachers on national syllabus (provided by federal govt) o Identify excellent teachers and mobilize them to teach o Realize on the weak involvement

o Collaboration with Area Inspector Educator (AIE) for training, accreditation Teachers Of Excellence Initiative o Raise up and mobilize model classroom teachers Model teachers then teach colleagues on Curriculum delivery Lesson plan (scheme) development and accountability Incentives o Model teachers o All teachers for exceeding expectations Sports o Boys (currently only in futbol) o Girls (currently none) Skills Futbol Volleyball Basketball Table tennis

Follow Up: Dr. Tom Conner will be following up by email and phone with Chief Bolaji to discuss ongoing implementation and accountability to begin a joint pursuit of these goals. HELP is a non-governmental organization who partners with local entities on the ground around a variety of domains; health, education, business, agriculture, and social/civil.