FUNDAMENTALS OF DATA/INFORMATION PROCESSING REPORT ASSIGNMENT Write a 7 - 10 page paper, double spaced, based on research you do on a topic

of your choice that either is NOT covered as part of this course, or that extends well beyond the scope of discussion in this course. Your topic must be approved by the professor to ensure it is acceptable. (e.g. Please email instructor with proposed subject in subject line – Subject Line Format [ Last Name – CISS 100 Paper – Subject] The papers will be graded based on five categories: research, demonstration of knowledge acquisition, organization, grammar/spelling and the in class presentation as they pertain to the overall paper. Emphasis will NOT be placed on grammar/spelling as a major factor in grading, but proper English is an important part of the IT world, and as such, grammar/spelling will be taken into consideration. It is expected you use at LEAST five credible reference sources (these may be reputable internet websites), noted in an attached bibliogrpahy. More sources are acceptable provided they are properly noted in the bibliography. People are NOT a valid source of information: this research must be done using written mediums. For a valid bibliography format, search the internet and choose any one of several. Quotations from sources are permissible as long as they are properly denoted in the paper and relevant to the topic. PLEASE NOTE that plagiarism will NOT be tolerated and will result in an automatic failure of this assignment, in addition to whatever penalties Hudson Valley Community College institutes for all parties involved. Papers will be due in Week 12. Late papers will be adjusted as follows: Week 13: 5 points off Week 14: 10 points off Week 15: 20 points off After Week 15: 0 for the assignment. Exceptions will NOT be made to this schedule except in extreme circumstances. A copy of this assignment will be on file with the Marvin Library in order to provide assistance to students who seek it. Some suggestions for topics: - New developments in technology and computer hardware - New developments in computer software - New developments in the Internet - New developments in the Web - Security/Privacy/Protection - Open Source and the impact on the IT world - In-depth company profile (Microsoft, Sun, Dell, Apple, IBM, etc)

- IT, Business and Society

Format: Cover Page Please include a cover page with: Name CISS 100 – Fall 04 Title Date Format: If you would like to adhere to a standard style, please use the Modern Languages Associations (MLA) prescribed format. All guidelines for MLA style are in the MLA Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (2nd edition). If you are asked to use MLA format for a research paper, the book to consult is MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition). Purdue has a good quick summary of MLA format located here: Bibliography: Example MLA Bibliographies located here:

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