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Version: 3 1.

Date of issue: 21.10.2004 Page: 1/(9)

EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid
Latest revision: 20.07.2007

Identification of the substance / preparation and of the company Product name: EVOX DOT 4+ Product type / recommended uses: Preparation / brake fluid Manufacturer / Supplier identification: MOL-LUB Lubricant Production Trade and Service Limited Liability Company H-2931 Almásfüzitő, Fő u. 21., Hungary Phone / Fax: (+36-34) 526-330 / (+36-34) 526-391 Request SDS of: MOL-LUB Lubricant Production Trade and Service Limited Liability Company Customer Service Center H-2931 Almásfüzitő, Fő u. 21., Hungary Phone / Fax: +36 80 201 296 / +36 34 348 010 Responsible for SDS: MOL-LUB Ltd. Csaba Horváth, head of HSE and QOP Phone: +36 34 526 343; Mobile: +36 20 474 2644 e-mail: Technical information: MOL-LUB Ltd. Product Development and Technical Service H-1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika u. 18., Hungary Phone/Fax: +36 80 201 296 or +36 1 464 0236 / +36 1 464 0304 Emergency telephone (07-1520 h): +36 34 526 210 Health Toxicological Information Service (ETTSZ 1096 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 2.) Tel.: +36 1 476 6464, or +36 80 201 199


Hazards identification Human health hazards: Xi R 41 Note: (irritant) Risk of serious damage to eyes Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause irritation and/or skin sensibilization, depending on individual sensitivity (see also Protective equipment).

Safety hazards: Environmental hazards:

Danger symbol not required. Danger symbol not required.

Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007.07.27. de. 9:06

Obtain medical attention. get medical attention. If rapid recovery does not occur.27. give to drink plenty of water. R 62 Conc. First aid measures General information: Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. R 41. glycols. 9:06 . Inhalation: Skin contact: Eye contact: Ingestion: Remove the affected person to fresh air. Treatment: Treat according to symptoms (decontamination. no known specific antidote. If swallowed rinse mouth. Ingredients / Hazardous components: Name Triethylene glycol monobutyl ether 2-(2-Methoxyethoxy) etanol Diethylene glycol Aliphatic amine 4.10. %(m/m) > 10 – < 20 >1–<5 >3–<5 <3 > 0.2004 Page: 2/(9) 3. inhibitors. Note to physician: 5. Fire-fighting measures Fire hazards: Moderately hazardous (see also Section 9 . Composition / information on ingredients Chemical description: Mixture of glycol ethers.1 – < 0. vital functions). obtain medical attention.flash point). Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007.5 The full text of each relevant R phrase see in Section 16. use soap. Remove contaminated clothing. If irritation persists.07. Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with plenty of water.07.2007 Date of issue: 21. obtain medical attention.4’-isopropylidenediphenol EINECS number 205-592-6 203-906-6 203-872-2 confidential 201-245-8 CAS number 143-22-6 111-77-3 111-46-6 80-05-7 Hazard symbol Xi Xn Xn Xi Xi Risk phrase R 41 R 63 R 22 R 36 R 37. de. or never induce vomiting.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20. R 43. 4. do not induce vomiting. Flush eyes with plenty of water for 10-15 minutes.

Handling and storage Handling: Keep away from radiant heat and open flame. Notify relevant authority. Store in cool.07.07. Storage temperature: max. Ensure thorough ventilation of stores and work areas. All kind of ignition sources should be remove. foam. 7. Accidental release measures Personal precautions: See Section 8.2004 Page: 3/(9) Suitable extinguishing media: Water. Keep away from strong oxidizing agents. Special protective equipment: Wear a self-contained breathing apparatus. On water: Confine the spillage. Prevent contact with air/oxygen (formation of peroxide). 6. well-ventilated area. Unsuitable extinguishing media: Hazardous decomposition products: On burning.27.10. Further information: Contaminated extinguishing water must be disposed of in accordance with official regulations. de. fume and other toxic gases can be formed.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20. Take precautionary measures against static discharges. Clean-up procedures / recovery On soil: Contain spilled liquid with sand. soil and drains by containing the liquid. Environmental precautions: Prevent spills from entering into natural water. 45°C Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. dry. earth or other suitable absorbents.2007 Date of issue: 21. dry chemical powder. carbon dioxide. 9:06 . Recover free liquid by pumping. Notify local authorities according to regulations. in original. Dispose of according to local regulations. Handling temperature: Storage: Keep general measures applied for normal operations with lubricants. closed containers.

07. Physical and chemical properties Appearance: Physical state: Colour: Odour: Change in physical state: Solidification point (DIN 51583): Boiling point (ASTM D1120): liquid colourless . wash with warm water and soap. corresponding > 480 minutes of permeation time according to EN 374): fluoroelastomer (FKM) – 0. corresponding > 30 minutes of permeation time according to EN 374): nitrile rubber (NBR) – 0.2004 Page: 4/(9) 8. Ensure washing facilities after working hours and before breaks. Chemical resistant protective gloves (EN 374) Suitable materials also with prolonged.1.7 mm coating thickness Polyethylene-Laminate (PE laminate) – ca.4 mm coating thickness Manufacturer’s directions for use should be observed because of great diversity of types. Environmental exposure controls: 9. Exposure limits: Personal protection: Respiratory protection: Hand protection: Breathing apparatus not required. aerosols or mists. Avoid prolonged breathing of oil vapours.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20.10. de. direct contact (Recommended: Protective index 6. mm coating thickness Suitable materials short-term contact and/or splashes (recommended: At least protective index 2. Eye protection: Skin protection: Other special: General protective measures / hygiene: Avoid contact with eyes. Take off contaminated or oil-soaked clothing. Females of childbearing age should not come into contact with the product. Exposure controls / personal protection Engineering control measures: Adequate ventilation. 9:06 .07.2007 Date of issue: 21.yellow typical < -50°C > 260°C Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. Safety glasses with side-shields (frame goggles) (EN 166) Protective clothing. 0.27.

07.10.2004 Page: 5/(9) Others: Flash point (COC) (DIN 51758): Ignition temperature (DIN 51794): Autoignition temperature: Explosive properties: Oxidizing properties: Vapour pressure at 20°C: Density at 20°C: Specific density at 20°C: Solubility in water at 15°C: Solubility in polar solvents: n-Octanol/water partition coefficient: Kinematic viscosity at 20°C (DIN 51562): pH: 10. Stability and reactivity Stability: Conditions to avoid: Materials to avoid: Hazardous decomposition products: Notes: 11.2007 Date of issue: 21. On burning. but may produce an allergic reaction not known Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. de. Toxicological information Acute toxicity: Oral: Acute toxicity: irritation: Skin: Eye: Mocous membrane: Note: Sensitization: Chronic toxicity: LD50 (rat) > 130°C > 200°C not explosive kb.07.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20. 1. Direct heat or ignition sources. 9:06 .27. depending on individual sensitivity not sensitising (based on components).060 g/cm3 soluble soluble not available 14 mm2/s 7.5 – 9 No decomposition if stored and handled properly. > 2000 mg/kg (based on components) not irritant (based on components) risk of serious damage to eyes (based on components) not irritant (based on components) Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause irritation and/or skin sensibilization. fume and other toxic gases can be formed. Under normal conditions no dangerous decomposition products are formed.

2004 Page: 6/(9) Other information. Packaging disposal: Containers with product residue should also be treated as hazardous waste according to national and local disposal regulations. not mutagen (based on components) not known.27.2007 Date of issue: 21. no reproduction-damaging effect (based on components) 12. resp.07. de. Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. resp.07. Disposal considerations Product disposal: Wastes of the product or used oil should be treated as hazardous waste. not carcinogen (based on components) not known. 9:06 . EWC cod: 15 01 10* packaging containing residues of or contaminated by dangerous substances Wastewater: Quality of wastewater emitted to natural water must comply with national and local regulations. 88/302/EEC. ISO 9888. Ecological information Mobility: Degradability / persistence: Biodegradability: OECD 302B. Part C (DOC-reduction) > 70 % Bioaccumulative potential: Ecotoxicity: Aquatic organisms: Fish test: Leuciscus idus: LC50 96 h > 100 mg/l Soil organisms: Plants: Effects on activated sludge: Inhibiton of degradation activity in activated sludge is not to be anticipated during correct introduction of low concentrations. specific effects: Carcinogen effect: Mutagen effect: Reproduction-damaging effect: not known.10. resp. EWC cod: 16 01 13* brake fluids Disposal must be in compliance with national and local regulations.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20. Biological oxygen demand: Chemical oxygen demand: Heavy metal content: None. AOX: None. Environmental effects: Water hazard classification (German): 13.

It is the responsibility of the user to know all relevant national and local regulations. Waterways: Inland waterways/ Sea transport ADN/IMDG: Air transport: 15.2007 Date of issue: 21. rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice Wear eye/face protection This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste Avoid release to the environment.) EüM rendelet (existing version)] for hazardous substances and hazardous preparations: Danger symbol(s) and indication(s): Xi irritant Hazardous component(s): Triethylene glycol monobutyl ether 2-(2-Methoxyethoxy) etanol Diethylene glycol < 20 % <5% <5% May The packaging must bear the inscription: R-phrases: S-phrases: R 41 S 24 S 26 S 39 S 60 S 61 Contains 4.07. Transport information Land transport: Road/ Railway ADR/RID: Not classified.07. 9:06 . national and local regulations.4’-isopropylidenediphenol. de. Refer to special instructions/Safety data sheets Tactile warning of danger: not required Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. Avoid contact with skin In case of contact with eyes. 27. Not classified.27. 14. Not classified. Risk of serious damage to eyes.10.2004 Page: 7/(9) Care should be taken in any case to ensure compliance with EC.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20. (XII. ICAO / IATA: Regulatory information Classification and labelling according to EU directives [67/548/EEC and 88/379/EEC. produce an allergic reaction. 1999/45/EC (existing versions)] and to Hungarian regulation [44/2000.

2007 Date of issue: 21. The manufacturer or supplier shall not take responsibility for any damages from the use other than recommended or other misuse of the product. This safety data sheet has been prepared according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.2004 Page: 8/(9) 16. The information given in this data sheet is based on our best knowledge at the time of publication.10. The information is related only to this product and is intended to assist its safe transport. de. The given physical and chemical parameters describe the product only for the purpose of safety requirements and therefore should not be construed as guaranteeing any specific property of the product or as being part of a product specification or any contract. Other information Recommended application / restrictions: See product sheets. Source of data presented in this material safety data sheet: Test results of this product Material safety data sheets of product’s components Hungarian and EU lists of dangerous substances Relevant Hungarian regulation and EU directives The full text of each relevant R phrase in Section 3. 9:06 .: R 22 R 36 R 37 R 41 R 43 R 62 R 63 Harmful if swallowed Irritating to eyes Irritating to respiratory system Risk of serious damage to eyes May cause sensitisation by skin contact Possible risk of impaired fertility Possible risk of harm to unborn child Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. handling and use. Directives 88/379/EEC and 1999/45/EC. It is the responsibility of the user to keep regulatory precautions and observe recommendations for safe use of the product.07.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20.07.27.

05.07. de.10.2006 Version 1 20.2004 Page: 9/(9) Revision Indicators: Section 1 9 15.07. 9:06 .27.2007 Date of issue: 21.Trade name: Version: 3 EVOX DOT 4+ brake fluid Latest revision: 20.2007 3 Utolsó nyomtatás: 2007. 16 2 3 8 9 11 15 16 Subject of change Identification of the substance / preparation and company Physical and chemical properties Regulatory information and other corrections Composition / information on ingredients Hazards identification Exposure controls / personal protection Physical and chemical properties Toxicological information Regulatory information Other information Regulatory informations.07. other corrections Date 18.03.2007 2 20.

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