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Salt Lake County Detail

This guide includes a list of the 20 most signi cant UDOT projects. For the most up-to-date details regarding these and other UDOT projects in your area, visit Please note the information is subject to change.
Washington Blvd. (U.S. 89), Ogden Where: Washington Blvd. (U.S. 89), 26th St. to 40th St. When: April through September 2012 Impact: Nighttime work including lane shifts and multiple lane closures Result: Rehabilitates the existing roadway, provides a smoother ride and extends road’s life for up to ve years I-84, Mountain Green to Morgan Where: I-84, Mountain Green (S.R. 167) to Morgan (S.R. 66) When: May through September 2012 Impact: Tra c will be limited to one lane in each direction; wide truck loads over 13 feet will be restricted between U.S. 89 in Uintah and the I-80 junction at Echo; local wide loads will be permitted as far west on I-84 as Morgan with permission from the Ports of Entry Result: Improves tra c safety and tra c ow and provides a smoother ride I-15, Clear eld to Riverdale Where: I-15, 650 S. (S.R. 103) in Clear eld to I-84 in Riverdale When: Through September 2012 Impact: Nighttime work in NB lanes through Roy and temporary ramp closures on the on-ramp at S.R. 103 and the o -ramp at S.R. 97; nighttime lane closures in both directions and moderate congestion throughout the construction zone Result: Adds a new auxiliary lane to improve acceleration of vehicles entering NB I-15 at 650 S. in Clear eld and deceleration of vehicles leaving I-15 at 5600 S. in Roy; improves pavement conditions and provides a smoother ride I-15, Centerville to Bountiful Where: I-15, Pages Ln. in Centerville to 2600 S. in Bountiful When: June through August 2012 Impact: Nighttime lane closures and lane shifts Result: Rehabilitates the pavement, resulting in a smoother ride Renovate I-80, Salt Lake City to Wyoming Where: Multiple projects on or near I-80 from Salt Lake City to Wyoming, including Lambs to Summit Park, Silver Creek Junction and Wanship When: Spring through fall 2012 Impact: Lane restrictions throughout the project Result: Replaces bridges, improves road surfaces, nalizes new climbing lane and extends the life of the interstate 5400 S., Kearns/Taylorsville Where: 5400 S., Bangerter Hwy. to 4800 W. in Kearns and Bangerter Hwy. to Redwood Rd. in Taylorsville When: Spring through fall 2012 Impact: Kearns — Lane restrictions with at least one lane open in each direction at all times; Taylorsville — lane closures during non-peak tra c hours Result: Kearns — widens 5400 S. with new lanes and redesigned intersections to reduce delays; installs new signalized crosswalk and new sidewalks to increase safety; Taylorsville — Utah’s rst Flex Lanes will be installed to accommodate heavy directional tra c State St., Murray to Midvale Where: State St., 6400 S. to 8000 S. When: Through fall 2012 Impact: Lane shifts and detours Result: Adds a lane in each direction, new lighting and new drainage system Bangerter 2.0, West Jordan and Riverton Where: Bangerter Hwy, 7800 S. and 13400 S. When: Through fall 2012 Impact: Lane closures in both areas Result: Adds a grade-separated interchange and new pedestrian bridge at 7800 S. and a new Continuous Flow Intersection at 13400 S.; improves roadway surface I-15, Salt Lake Co. Where: I-15, 10600 S. to 600 N. When: Summer 2012 Impact: Nighttime work, lane restrictions, reduced speeds and ramp closures Result: Repairs concrete, improves driving surface and extends the life of the interstate Mountain View Corridor, Salt Lake Co. Where: Redwood Rd. at approx. 16000 S. to 5400 S. west of 5600 W. When: Through December 2012 Impact: Temporary road closures, lane and turn restrictions on cross streets Result: Adds two lanes in each direction with signalized intersections; future construction will add interchanges and more lanes to achieve a fully functional freeway U.S. 189, Wallsburg to Heber Where: U.S. 189, Wallsburg to Heber When: Through December 2012 Impact: Medium impact to tra c Result: New lane in each direction and new passing lanes U.S. 40, Vernal Where: Vernal Main St. When: May through October 2012 Impact: Lane closures Result: New pavement along Vernal Main St. and intersections State St., American Fork to Lehi Where: State St., 500 E. in American Fork to Lehi When: May through September 2012 Impact: Tra c will be reduced to two lanes at night Result: New pavement for a smoother ride and safer road surface I-15 CORE, Utah Co. Where: I-15, Lehi to Spanish Fork When: Through December 2012 Impact: Interchange closures, lane restrictions and cross street closures Result: Expands I-15 by two lanes in each direction; rebuilds and recon gures 10 interchanges; replaces or restores 63 bridges University Pkwy., Orem Where: University Pkwy., Orem When: Through October 2012 Impact: Lane restrictions Result: New signal on east side of University Mall and an additional lane in each direction U.S. 6, Spanish Fork Canyon Where: U.S. 6, Tucker to Soldier Summit When: May through October 2012 Impact: Single lane closures with delays up to 15 minutes Result: Provides a smoother ride and preserves pavement U.S. 191, North of Moab Where: U.S. 191, north of the Colorado River Bridge When: Through summer 2012 Impact: Single lane closures Result: Adds a new lane north of the Colorado River Bridge; ties in the local bike trail and improves pavement I-15, Iron Co. Where: I-15, Summit to Paragonah When: May through October 2012 Impact: Single lane closures Result: Provides a smoother ride and preserves pavement Restore S.R. 14, West of Cedar Breaks Where: S.R. 14, Cedar City to Cedar Breaks National Monument When: Through June 2012 Impact: Full road closure west of Cedar Breaks Result: New road segments through landslide areas I-15, Washington Co. Where: I-15, Washington Co., north of the Toquerville interchange When: May through November 2012 Impact: Single lane closures on weeknights Result: Adds an additional three miles of climbing lanes

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