Program (Relative to "Acéphale") Author(s): Georges Bataille and Annette Michelson Source: October, Vol.

36, Georges Bataille: Writings on Laughter, Sacrifice, Nietzsche, UnKnowing (Spring, 1986), p. 79 Published by: The MIT Press Stable URL: Accessed: 29/06/2010 20:24
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7. April 4. but as accomplishment and not as negation of being. sending them to wars they do not want. 5. and acknowledge the organic character of society. the resulting inequality of men. socialist. Affirm the reality of values. not of state or duty. Realize the personal accomplishment of being and of its tension through concentration. and through positive individual discipline. or churchly--other than universal community. Form a community creative of values. and not in the sense of a permanent happiness which is not only inaccessible. 2. 3. Realize the universal accomplishment of personal being in the irony of the animal world and through the revelation of an acephalic universe. through a positive asceticism. Affirm the value of violence and the will to aggression insofar as they are the foundation of all power. 9. forcing them to a labor whose fruits escape them. 10. not as exclusive values. Lift the curse. communist. but hateful. 4. Consider the world to come in the sense of reality contained as of now. values creative of cohesion. 6. the feeling of guilt which strikes men. with eyes open to the world to come. 1936 . Take upon oneself perversion and crime. Take part in the destruction of the existing world. Fight for the decomposition and exclusion of all communities-national. Assume the function of destruction and decomposition. 11. one of play. but as integrated within the human totality.Program (Relative to Aciphale) 1. 8.

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