Do you mean the small scale?

Anton : Please take the (weighing) scale for me. Amir : What for? Anton : I want to weigh the red rice. Amir : Will you sell it? Anton : No. Just to know the weight. Amir : Where did you get the rice from? Anton : My grandmother brought it for me Amir : Here is the scale. How will you weigh it? Anton : I’ll put it in a plastic bag, and hung it here. Please help me to hold the scale Amir : How if we do it in the kitchen? Anton : Why? Amir : I thought we have a better scale there Anton : Oh ya? I don’t know if we have a better scale there Amir : Last time I used it to weigh some sugar when we made some cakes Anton : Do you mean the small scale? Amir : Yes, the one near the stove Anton : It’s too small for this red rice

Can you teach / train me? : Yes. and we’ll jump together : How deep is the river do you think? : Will not be more than two meters : Are you sure you will keep holding my hand when we are crossing? : Of course. haven’t you been able to swim yet? or Couldn’t you swim yet? : Not yet. I can’t do that. just call me : Thanks. Will probably tell you next week . Let’s jump now. I would try : How about now. I will start to teach / train you swimming : No. I don’t want you to get drown : Is there another way to train me swimming? : If you cannot do it here. When you’re ready. we can go to the swimming pool one day : That’s a better idea : Please set a time.Can you cross the river? Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan Michael Johan : Can you cross the river? : If I could swim. I will be drown soon : Just hold my hand.

thank you. Can I help you? / (Is there) Anything I can help? Mr. Gunawan. let me check it first Mr. Sir. Gunawan : Can I have a seat / Can I sit? Receptionist : Please. How are you? Mr. How about you? Receptionist : I’m fine too Mr. Gunawan : Thank you Receptionist : Mr. Gunawan : I want to ask about the proposal (that) I sent last week Receptionist : Just a moment Mr. your proposal is being checked by the director. Gunawan : Thank you Receptionist : You’re welcome . we have it here Mr. Gunawan. We’ll tell you the result by next week Mr. Gunawan : Do you have my phone number? Receptionist : Yes. we will inform you by phone as soon as we have the result Mr. Gunawan : Fine.Your proposal is being checked by the director Receptionist : Good morning. Gunawan : Should I come here again next week? Receptionist : No.

Do you know a good vet in this town? Gopal : Why doesn’t your cat want to eat fish? Isn’t fish (a) favorite food for cat? Jarot : I don’t know. Since this one week he doesn’t eat like usual. The days before / The previous days I was very busy Gopal : I will join then. but last time. I will take my dog to get vaccination Jarot : Oh ya. It used to be 3 times a day. do you know a good vet in this town? Gopal : Not exactly. my father took my dog to the Goliath vet Jarot : Where is it located? Gopal : Around hundred meters from the bus station Jarot : Is it expensive there? Gopal : I think the price is similar to other vet Jarot : How if we go there this afternoon Gopal : Yes. we may go this afternoon . but now once or at the most twice. Even sometimes doesn’t eat at all Gopal : Have you taken him to a vet / veterinarian? Jarot : Maybe today.

he also loves me. I understand your feeling. I just can tell you. I hope you will be better now. Susan : You are welcome. Tini : You are right Susan. Your face is different. Tini : So what should I do? Can you give an advice? Susan : Of course. Tini : You don’t know how it feels. I don’t want to eat. Tini : I am not feeling well. you do. He wants to break up our relationship. Susan : What happens to you. You can get the better one than him so you should keep smiling. Tin ? Tini : I have problems with my boyfriend. Thanks for your advice. I am also a girl who has a love but I am never like you hanging your life to a boy. you are stupid. . Susan : Just because of that? You become like this? Why are you so stupid? Tini : What do you mean? Why do you call me stupid? Susan : Yes. He will not hurt you like this. I still love him but he has changed.Why do you look so pale? Susan : Why do you look so pale. I should keep smiling. Susan : Of course. so that you don’t understand my feeling. Tin? Tini : Really? Do I look so pale? Susan : Yes. I know you really love him but does he have the same feeling like you? Tini : Of course. He is not the only boy in this world. You never love a boy. I still love him but he has changed. Susan : If he loves you. You hurt yourself just because of a boy.

Sita : Okay then. I just resigned from the team and I have told the reason. I am sorry. Sita : Really? Did you do something wrong? Andi : I think I never did something wrong or break the school’s rules. Sita : Why is it so strange? Is it related to the problem in your basket ball team? Andi : I don’t think so. Sita : So. I will tidy up my books myself. they seem could accept my decision. Just now. I am in hurry. so the headmaster needs to meet you? Andi : I am not really sure. Miss Anita called me and said that the headmaster wanted to meet me. It’s okay. what is actually the problem. Andi : Thank you Sita. I should meet the headmaster but I will help you first. Sita : It’s okay. Why should you meet the headmaster? Andi : I don’t know.Did you do something wrong? Sita : Hei. Andi : I am sorry. just go. . Sita : Ohhh. so I should meet him soon. you dropped all my books down.

The small one like this is one thousand Rupiahs. Ana : Please pray for me …. you will be able to buy it. it isn’t. but now I don’t have a house yet Anita : Be patient. Ana : Where do you get the flower from? Anita : I bought it in the nursery near my house Ana : Is it expensive? Anita : No. Anita : Sure. . I want to make a small garden.Where do you get the flower from? Ana : Hi Anita. Ana : How about orchid? Anita : Orchid is a bit expensive. and the bigger one is five thousand Rupiahs. Ana : I also want to have a small garden. But you may buy the seeds and grow them slowly. will pray for you…. One day. A good one can be fifty thousand Rupiahs per piece. what are you doing? Anita : I am planting flowers..

Have a seat please. but we will change your food if you like. How much should I pay? Waiter : It’s for free. Guest : Can I talk to your manager? Please call your manager now! Waiter : I am sorry. Guest : I don’t want my food changed. please come here. How can it be like this? Waiter : I’m sorry. Why do you tell me that this is your special menu? I am really not satisfied with this restaurant. Our chef may have put the wrong ingredient. Waiter : Yes. Guest : Thank you. Waiter : Please wait for a moment and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.. Sir. What would you like to order? Guest : What is the most special menu here? Waiter : Our most special menu is Spaghetti Bolognaise. I order two Spaghetti Bolognaise and two orange juice. Please enjoy the meal. Guest : Okay. Sir. Sir. Sir. Guest : Waiter. If you need anything else. Guest : What kind of Spaghetti is this? It’s sour and tasteless. . please call me. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Waiter : This is your order. Guest : Thank you.What would you like to order? Waiter : Good evening. …………………………………………………. Sir. Our manager is not around at the moment.. Guest : Thank you. ………………………………………………….

( eight hundred thousand Rupiahs )? Ita : We will give you 10% discount so you just need to pay Rp 900. . Yes I am looking for a flat screen TV. : Is there anything else I can help you? : No I think that’s all. Can I get more discounts? : That is the maximum discount.( nine hundred thousand Rupiahs ) with 1 year guarantee. Here we have some kinds of Television from many brands. Ita : This is the most famous branded television. : Okay I will buy it.Can I get more discounts? Ita Suta : Good morning.000.000. Can I help you? : Good morning. This television has many advantages such as the color is clear. Please choose it. the quality of the picture and sound are good so the price is little bit expensive. Suta Ita Suta Ita Suta : But the price is still expensive. Do you sell it? Ita : Please have a look over here. Suta Ita Suta : How much is this? : For this one the price is one million. : It is very expensive. Suta : Really? Can I bargain with Rp 850... Welcome to Kimuni Electronic Shop.

Ryan : Since when has he gone? Grandpa : He has gone after he finished his study in College. I get money from this job. Grandpa. Ryan : Really? Don’t you want to find him in Jakarta? Grandpa : I really want to meet him but I am afraid he will be shame because he has a poor family like me. My son has gone since long time ago from home. Grandpa. : Let’s go. I ever heard that he has got married with the most famous businessman’s daughter but he didn’t tell me. Do you have son or daughter? Grandpa : Yes I do. Ryan : Don’t you want to find out where he is? Grandpa : No. : It’s okay Grandpa. The garbage is dirty and it contains : May I help you Grandpa? : No thanks. This is my job. What are you doing now? : Good morning. Let’s go to my house. I am collecting garbage. I will show you his pictures. Ryan : I am really touched to hear that. Grandpa Ryan : I just want to see him happy. You are not angry although your son didn’t give you any news. and I don’t know where he is now. I am happy to hear that he is happy there.Don’t you want to find out where he is? Ryan Grandpa much germ. . Grandpa. He said he wanted to find a job in Jakarta but he didn’t give any news. Ryan Grandpa Ryan : Good morning.

You can use this envelope. Teller : Sir. Would you like to buy or sell USD? Visitor : I want to sell USD into Rupiah. I will count first. . Visitor : Can I have hundred thousand notes? Teller : I will check first. What is the rate of USD (US Dollar) today? Teller : The buying rate is Rp 9. Please count first.What is the rate of USD (US Dollar) today? Teller : Good morning. Can I have a plastic bag? Teller : Sorry we don’t have plastic bag.500 (nine thousand five hundred). Teller : Thank you. Teller : Please fill in this form first. while the selling price is Rp 9. can I help you? Visitor : Good morning.000 notes.000 (one thousand Dollars).200 (nine thousand two hundred). Visitor : Thank you. and here is the USD. ………………………………………………………. Teller : How much? Visitor : USD 1. I want to change money. Visitor : Thank you. ……………………………………………………… Visitor : Here is the form. Visitor : Thank you. here is the money. Please wait a moment. All are in Rp 100.

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