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An ideal roomate.

When you move out of your parents house, you try to be independent and face the challenges ahead of you. The first step in the process is finding yourself a new place to stay, one that is away from your parents. Some people may think being away from their parents is a start of an exciting life for them. When it comes to living and sharing the room with someone new, you may be having some issues in building a good relationship since there will be differences between the roommate and you. Sometimes, you hope to have a roommate who resembles your own family. Actually, what you need is an ideal roommate who can cope with the differences between you and him. There are few qualities that a person must have to be an ideal roommate. The first quality is trustworthy. It is important to have trust among roommates. You have to be sure that when you are not around; your belongings in the house are safe. The feeling of insecure always comes up, thus we need a roommate that we could trust and depend on. Trust is not only needed when it comes to belongings but also for him or her to follow the rules and obligations towards the room. It is also the main aspect in building a good relationship among roommates. The second quality is respectful. As we live with our family, we respect each others when it comes to making a decision. So, we surely expect to have the same respect from our roommate. We also need a roommate who can respect our personal space. You would not want to live with a person who mingles in each and every thing you do or object every decision you made. If respect did not exist among roommates, tension will arises and leads to arguments. The third quality is cooperative. We need a cooperative roommate since we are sharing the same space and daily chores. We would not want to do all the chores our self. We should stress out the obligations that each roommate has to do. Everyone needs to follow the duty to keep the room tidy and provide harmony among roommates. To keep things on track, you should always remind each other. Things will turn better if each of you able to offer a helping hand without being asked to do so. The fourth quality is friendly. A friendly roommate helps to create a good bonding as it is necessary since you will live with him or her for a long period of time. If your roommate is a self centred person who does his own stuff

without bothering about your existence, you surely will fell discomfort living with her or him. In some case, someone should start the conversation to bring out the friendly side of a roommate. You will be surprised to where the first conversation leads the growth of the relationship. The fifth quality is patient. Sometimes when you have a bad day at work or having problems that trouble you, you may end up acting unpleasantly at home. For moments like this, a patient roommate is very helpful. He should be able to be patient towards your temporary attitude until you are able to come back to your senses. In other case, a roommate has to be patient adapting with your sleeping habits. As how much you want your roommate to be patient with you, you yourself should also be as tolerate towards him or her. The sixth quality is compatible. It means you and your roommate should be able to live together in harmony. The only way to achieve this is for you to understand each others needs and share the space without causing discomfort to yourself and your roommate. A good roommate should be able to compromise with the differences exist between them. It is a good thing to not being selfish and tolerate with your roommate. Sometimes, you just have to be flexible so you could handle the differences and understand him or her. The last quality is communicative. A good form of communication is important to maintain a well-long term or even a short time relationship. Whenever an issue arises along the way, a good roommate should be able to talk about the problems so it could be solve before it ruins the relationship. This will help to avoid stress from building up. A communicative roommate is also important to provide us with the chance to know him or her better. This promotes a healthy relationship among us and also makes the room becoming more conducive. As a conclusion, an ideal roommate is someone who we can be along and make friends with. We should choose the person who could get along with us and reliable in every aspect regarding the room that we shared. Although, we should also have to remind our self that if we want to have an ideal roommate with the characteristics mentioned, we our self should also have the equal quality in us. Only then, we can have a total satisfaction and comfort in term of sharing the room.

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