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Everest Conquest 50 Years On
1. Match the words to their meanings. a) asc_nt b) b_se c_mp c) e_p_d_t_on d) fr_stb_te e) r_ _ch s_mm_t f) ( ) r_dge
( )

a path
( )

an organized journey with a purpose are kept, especially for people climbing a mountain injury to someone caused by severe cold, usually to their toes, fingers, ears or nose

( ) a place where food and general supplies

g) r_ _te

( ) to arrive at the top of the mountain ( ) the act of rising or mounting upward ( ) a high edge along a mountain

2. Watch the video snippet and answer: a) What are the commercial climbs? b) Why does he criticize those climbs? c) What is mountaineering in his opinion? d) What was the effect of tourism on the local community?  Check your answers with the text on the following page. 3. Circle the best words to fill the gaps in the text.
1) (a) dominate 2) (a) before 4) (a) living 6) (a) in 7) (a) climb (b) conquer (c) set foot (c) since (c) highest (c) live (c) nowadays (c) at (c) mountaineer (c) ascent (c) ascent (c) have led (c) experiencing (c) farthest (c) alleged (c) rather than (c) support (d) ago (d) height (d) lively (d) visiting (d) of (d) mountaineering (d) expedition (d) route (d) be led (d) experiential (d) very (d) spoke (d) in spite of (d) improve (d) reach

(b) before now (b) life (b) on

3) (a) largest (b) tallest 5) (a) actually (b) currently

(b) to mountaineer

8) (a) summit (b) base camp 9) (a) summit (b) base camp 10) (a) lead 11) (a) experience 12) (a) far 13) (a) said 14) (a) but 15) (a) overcome (b) led (b) experienced (b) by far (b) told (b) instead of (b) become

Hillary laments Everest changes
The first man to 1._________ Everest 50 years 2._________ has said many modern climbers do not subscribe to the true philosophy of mountaineering. Speaking to the BBC, Sir Edmund Hillary criticised many commercial climbers today who pay large sums of money to be helped to the top of the world's 3._________ peak. But he said 4._________ standards of local Sherpas had improved considerably as more people visited the Everest region.

Sir Edmund says mountaineering has changed a lot

Record numbers of people are 5._________ on the mountain to mark the golden anniversary of the first-ever ascent 6._________ 29 May 1953. Changes Sir Edmund said 7._________ was a challenge between the mountain and the mountaineer and accused some people of paying their way to the 8._________. He said this was one of the most significant changes since his Norgay in 1953.

_________ with Sherpa Tenzing

"Having people pay $65,000 and then 10._________ up the mountain by a couple of 11._________ guides, I personally think, is 12._________ less attractive. It isn't really mountaineering at all," he said. But he was quick to concede that the vast numbers of people attracted by Everest had had spin-offs for local people. He 13._________ schools and hospitals had been built and fresh water could now be piped to the villages. These benefits came much more from tourism as a whole, Sir Edmund said.

_________ from mountaineering alone,

"I think these are things that give the young people the opportunity to step forward and to 15._________ the harshness of their environment."
Story from BBC NEWS: Published: 2003/05/26 15:31:50 GMT

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