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(Global Mail Order Business)





What Is A Mail Order Business Or MOB In Brief, Mail Order Means Receiving Order From Buyer Anywhere In The World , By Postal Mail/Courier/Phone/Sms/E-Mail,Personal Vist,Etc. & Delivering The Product To The Buyer By Postal Mail/Courier, Etc. The Product Should Preferably Be Light In Weight , Preferably Within 1-5 Kgs For Smooth Delivery By Courier. Like Mail Order Business (Mob) Their Is Probably No Other Business In This World Today, Which Can Be Started With Practically No Investment And Without Experience . What are the Advantages of MOB Well, Many . You Can Work From Home . No Investment . No Direct Face To Face Contact With Customer At A Later Stage (Initially for a few days you may have to talk to Customers directly ) . No Expensive Office Furniture . No Machinery . You Can Sell Your Product Anywhere In Your Specified Area As There Will Be No Second Agent In That Area . We Will Provide You With The List Of Areas In Your City . What are the Dis-advantages of MOB ? Not Many . The Only Major Disadvantage Is That You Cannot Sell Aeroplane, Ship Or Truck In A Mail Order Business. The Product Has To Be Relatively Small & Light In Weight So That It Can Be Sent By Postal Mail/Courier. The Second Disadvantage Is , Mail Order Business Initially Will Be Slow As Compared To A Showroom Or A Shop Where Business Starts From Day One. What Are The Requirements To Start A MOB All That You Need Is HARD WORK And PATIENCE . Results Will Be Slow & Steady For The First Month. Once You Start Getting Repeat Orders From Customers , You Will Not Think Of Any Other Business According To Those Who Have Been Doing It .
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How To Choose The Right Product In A Mail Order Business It Is Advisable To Choose The Most Time Tested Popular Products . Remember, The Utility Of The Product Has To Be Such That Everyone Or Majority Needs The Product In Their Daily Lives Or In Other Words The Product Has To Be Very Very Fast Moving & Must Be Light In Weight So That It Can Be Sent By Post Parcel/Courier. TEA & SWEETS Are The Recommended MOB Products Because Darjeeling Leaf & Assam CTC TEA & Sweets Have A Worldwide Demand. To Whom To Sell The Product To Any Consumer Residing Anywhere In The World . You Dont Have To Search For Customers Or Customer Addresses . Just Follow All The Guidelines Mentioned Below On How To Start Selling The MOB Product TEA & Sweets & Provide Services. Is This MOB Product Quality Available In The Indian Market The Answer Is NO. It Is Because , All The Packet Tea Manufacturers You See In The Market Have A Very High Overhead Maintainence Cost Like Paying Office Rent, Maintaining A Office, Paying Salary To Their Staff,Transportation,Etc. Hence,They Simply Cant Afford To Maintain Tea QUALITY . But In MOB You Get The Product Directly From The Tea Gardens And You Do Not Have Any Overhead Cost And Hence You Will Be Able To Supply A Very High Quality Of Tea I.E. Export Quality Compared To Those Available In The Market . Similarly The Sweets Mihidana/Sitabhog & Rosogolla Are Procurred From Our Workshop At Burdwan (95Kms. From Kolkata) . The Workers Here, Have A Very High Track Record For Quality Of Sweets. Who Can Start Mail Order Business Well , Anybody, Young Or Old, Employed Or Unemployed,Part Time Or Full Time, Can Start Mail Order Business. Mail Order Business Is Nothing But Conducting Business By Postal Mail/Courier . It Is One Of Indias Fastest Growing And Most Exciting Businesses. Millions Of People Are Making Big Profits From MOB & Now You Can Join Them. Some Are Even Earning Over Rs.1-5 Lacs Per Month. You Must Be 18+ Years Of Age And Must Be Able To Interact With Anyone Through An E-Mail Or Over The Telephone . Thats All. We Will Inform You Everything You Need To Know In Order To Run The Mail Order Business From Zero . Success Is 100%.

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Monthly Income Out Of This Business ?

We Are No Astrologers . But Yet We Would Say That The Income Part In This Business Will Depend Totally Upon You . However, As Per Our Knowledge, Minimum Earning After 3 Months Of Starting MOB , Should Be Atleast Rs. 15,000/- P.M.

We Serve In 2 Ways : 1) SELL : Products 2) PROVIDE : Services


: Darjeeling Leaf & Assam CTC

(Export Quality Procured Directly From The Tea Gardens)

: Mihidana/Sitabhog/Rossogolla/Lancha

(Famous Sweets Of Bengal Prepared At Our Burdwan Workshop)

We Render Our Services To Deliver , A


Product/s Or


Of Customers Choice That He/She May Need

Specifically From Kolkata,West Bengal,India . Right From Homeopathy Medicines, To Spices, Etc. You Name It & We have It. We Keep A Margin Of 10% Only On Invoice Value For Providing This Service. All Branded Product/s Will be Billed On M.R.P.(Maximum Retail Price) Value Only & The Product/s Will Have The Rapper & Price Tag Of The Original Manufacturer For Customers Evaluation & Trust And There Will Be No Tampering Whatsoever As It Is Against Our Business Ethics. But Remember, Services Will Be Provided Only If The Customer Purchases Our Product . There Is No Provision For Only Services .

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DETAILS :- How To Make A Start

3 P's ( Promotion, Perseverance & Patience ) Successful Start in any Business . is the key to a

a) MAKE A SYMBOLIC START : Start From Your Known Circle First. Your Relatives,Friends & Whoever Else Known To You , Because It Will Not Only Save Your Time , But Also Give You The Necessary Confidence In Your Ability & Faith/Trust In Our Product Quality. Start Collecting 1 Kg Token Order With An Assurance That If The Product Is Unacceptable, (Chances Are Low Since All Products Are Of Export Quality), It Will Be Replaced Immediately At Companys Expense . b) MOB PRODUCT PROMOTION : First Month Is For Canvassing The Product/s & Getting The Trial Orders . Print Out 1 Copy Of The Slogan (We Will Provide You The Details By An E-mail Attachment) In A PC (Black Print Out Only)And Get 250 Copies Xerox. Distribute The Xerox Copies Either Yourself Or Hire A Helper, Pay Him Rs.200/- And He Will Do The Job Religiously In 250 Houses Nearest To Your Residence . You Will Be Compensated For Both The Jobs , With Rs.500/- (Nett) Towards Xerox Expenses Cum Distribution & This Amount Will Be Paid To You Once We Start Receiving Orders From You . c) WEBSITE AD POSTING : We Will Send You A Copy Writing Or Slogan (We Will Give You The Slogan As Well As The List Of Websites) For Helping You To Post Our Product Ads . This Will Be Your Second Important Job In The Evening,When You Sit Before The Computer For Attending To Daily Mails. You Have To Religiously Post 20-30 Ads Daily As Each Ad Should Take About Less Than A Minute. Just Copy Paste The Matter Which We Will Provide You By A Separate Email Alongwith A List Of Websites . d) ENQUIRIES & SAMPLES : We Assure You ,Within 7 Days Of Distribution Of The Slogan Copies ,You Will Start Getting Enquiries. Attend To Them With Sincerity & Conviction , Irrespective Of ,Whether It Is Over The
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Phone Or Face To Face Meeting. Try & Learn To Finish The Deal .If Any Buyer Insist On Samples ,Convince Them To Buy 1 Kg And

Try Out. Usually,Consumers Do Not Insist For Samples. But However, If They Still Insist For Sample , Then In That Case You Will Have To Place An Order For 1 Kg Tea At Your Own Expense Initially, As Sample. For Sweets No Sample Is Required . For Every 50 Kgs Sale, You will automatically Be Compensated with 1 Kg Free sample . We Will Also Send You 10 Nos. Small Empty Sample Tea Pouches Free For Your Use Alongwith Your Sample Order For Tea . You Will Have To Fill Up Those Pouches (15gms Each) And Send Them To Your Prospective Buyers As Samples, But Remember, CUSTOMER IS YOUR PRIZED POSESSION . NEVER LOOSE HIM/HER. If Any Customer Is Unreasonable Or Demands A Sample Please Do Not Hesitate To Fulfill His/Her Request By Sending Him/Her The Sample , Because In Future The Customer Will Be Your Asset As An Advertiser. He/She Will Get You More Customers For You Even Without Your Knowledge . e) PAYMENT : Regading Payment Mode, Be Very Carefull & Cautious, Because You Will Have To First Deposit Payment In Our A/C Before We Courier Your Order . This Is Very Important . How You Collect Payment From Your Customer Will Depend Entirely Upon You , Because You Will Be Our Agent Judging The Customer . We Are Located Hundreds Of Miles Away From Your Location & Will Not Have Any Clue About Your Customer. So, Please Ensure That The Customer Pays You For The Products Or Services He/She Avails. Our Advice Will Be To NEVER SELL ON CREDIT Unless & Untill You Are Known To The Customer. f) DELIVERY : You Dont Have To Deliver Initially, As We Will Courier The Order Directly To The Customer Address To Be Provided By You ,To Save Your Effort Of Re-Delivering To The Customer . g) COMMISSION & OTHER COMPENSATION : If You Are Found To Be Honest & Hardworking, You Can Easily Earn Rs.15,000/- To Start With . You Will Be Paid A Flat 20% Per Kg Commission On The List Price For Products & 5% On The List Price For Services . For Your Sincere Effort , You Will Be Permitted To Deduct Your Commission In Advance & Deposit
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The Balance Payment In Our A/C For Each Order You Place With Us, So,The Summary Is : You Get To Earn 20% On Products & 5%

On Services . Slowly , As You Progress, You Will Be Able To Cater To Restaurants & Hotels,Clubs Etc. We Will Give You Adequate Support,Like,Providing You With Visiting Cards,Writing Introductory Letters Directly To The Purchase Manager Before Your Visit , Providing Free Samples , Etc. Later On, If Your Performance Is Found To Be Satisfactory, You Will Receive Incentives Like Mobile Re-Imbursement, Conveyence, Etc. From Us Which Will Be Conveyed To You Later On . h) ACTIVITIES AFTER 3 MONTHS : After About 3 Months Of Your MOB Work, If Your Performance Is Found To Be Satisfactory , We Will Re-Direct Customers From Other Neighbouring States To You For Increasing Your Customer Base , And Subsequently You Can Establish Yourself As A Successful Independent Agent For Supplying To International Countries From India , And Then The Sky Is The Limit. We Can Assure You That , If Your Service To Your Customer Is Good, Repeat Orders (A Sign Of Success) Will Follow And You Will Be Successful . i) THE BIGGEST PLUS POINT OF MOB For This Business , Until & Unless You Receive Order , You Do Not Have To Either Place Order Or Stock The Product , As It Will Be Lying In The Gardens Or In The Owners Godown For Which You Do Not Have An Headache . Hence , No Investment On Your Side. j) LEGAL PROCEDURES : Once Your Sales Turnover Crosses Rs.1 Lac/Month , We Will Inform You All About Opening Your Own Firm (i.e. A Firm In Your Name) , Registration Procedure (Sales Tax /Firm Regn.,Etc) . k) BONUS OFFER : We Are Giving You The Website Of Two Of The Genuine Companies Which Pays For Your Effort . One Site Pays For Downloading Their Toolbar And Running It When You Are Online, While The Other Site Pays For Reading E-Mails. For Details You Should Register At These Sites And Read The FAQ

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(Frequently Asked Questions) . You Do Not Need To Pay Anything For Registering On These Websites. Just Copy Paste The Below Links One By One And Visite Their Webpage . Try It, As You Will Be Rewarded By These Companies . But, Do Not Waste Whole Day For

This As You Would Be Missing Out On Your More Important Earning Jobs.

Link No. 1 :

Link No. 2 :

Start At The Comfort Of Your Own Home . But The Seriousness And The Dream Should Not Fade Away..

PS Price List Is given Below .

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(Global Mail Order Business)



All India

W.E.F. : 01.04.2011

Note: Leaf Tea = FLAVOUR : CTC Tea = LIQUOR Both can NEVER be mixed & BALANCED . Darjeeling Leaf Rs The following are the Current Prices / Per Kg - for EXPORT QUALITY

550 Assam Rs 450



Mihidana Rs 400 Sitabhog Rs 400 Rosogolla Rs 350 Lancha Rs 400 Note : All Other Destination Please Request Quotation . Courier Charges = Extra As Applicable
Domestic = Rs.200/- Per Kg. (Approx.) You Can Also Mention Your Personal Choice Overnite Express /Quick / DTDC Included In The Above Price 3 Tier Air Tight Food Grade Containers (Rs.150/-Included In The Above Price)




Delivery = Payment Min.& Max.Pack =

Within 4 Days From Date Of Receipt Of Order = Cash /DD/At Par Cheque / Paypal From Minimum 1 Kg Upto Maximum 5 Kgs Only