ACCEPTANCE LETTER Dear USU Board, It is with great pleasure that I write this letter congratulating Lincoln Steffens

, William Taft, Mother Jones, Samuel Gompers, Alice Paul, Woodrow Wilson, Jane Addams, Upton Sinclair, Gifford Pinchot, Thomas Edison, John Kehoe, William McKinley, Jacob Coxey, and Benjamin Norris to confirm their acceptance to the Unites States University. Through great work and hard work, these students will prove to do further more in the university. These students showed dedication and succeeded in their particular chosen fields. The Unites States University seeks to admit individuals who have the capacity and determination to achieve something beyond their lives that would have an influence in the lives of every American in the future. They are people who are capable of thinking beyond the society in which they live in and unselfishly accomplish achieving more than any could hope from them. Those who were not accepted achieved not as much as these fourteen did. Each and every one of these students has something special to bring to the university. Lincoln Steffens, for example was a New York reporter, who published articles titled the Shame of the Cities that investigated corruption in municipal government through muckraking. Another into muckraking was Upton Sinclair Jr., who in The Jungle, exposed conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry, which influenced in creating the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act. Another by the name Benjamin Norris, Jr. used writing to express the need for environmental awareness. Along with Norris, Gifford Pinchot as the first Chief of the United States Forest Service and the 28th Governor of Pennsylvania worked toward nature awareness.

creating the light bulb and forming his own company. the Pope. Lastly. Thomas Edison. Sr. women’s suffrage. . and nature awareness. Jacob Coxey. And not forgetting. William Howard Taft. Sincerely. Maxine Amadi. I look forward to the greater things they will accomplish as students in USU and feel their contributions will further the growth and continued success for the school. other accepted students took it upon themselves to use labor unions like the AFL—Samuel Gompers. Thomas Woodrow Wilson. the 25th President. petitioned for government’s involvement in protecting the unemployed. Alice Paul and Jane Addams were the key figures responsible for the passage of the 19th Amendment. to speak about the issues for the working class. raised protective tariffs to promote American industry. I would like to once again express my deepest congrats for the acceptance of all fourteen students to the university. President of Princeton University and Governor of New Jersey allowed the passing of many progressive reforms. Edison & Company all deserve to be acknowledging for their parts in defining United States History. one of the greatest inventors of all time. the 27th President and tenth Chief Justice of the United States believed in using laws to assist fixing the many problems in the society. the 28th President. William McKinley. political involvement. Apart from writing. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones and John Kehoe.Some other students took the political approach to better the American society.

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