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ULANGAN AKHIR SEMESTER I SD Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Hari/Tanggal : Kelas : VI (Enam) Waktu : ================================================================ I.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d! 1. John : Excuse me, where is the post office? Driver : Go ahead to (timur) a. West c. North b. East d. South 2. I go to river for .. a. Playing c. fishing b. gardening d. cooking 3. Tono : Where is the supermarket? Tini : It is in the . (selatan) of the hospital. a. North c. East b. South d. West 4. Rendi : How do you spend your holiday, Fita? Fita : I usually stay at home learn (memasak) a. cooking c. fishing b. gardening d. playing 5. The price of the . Is ten thousand rupiahs a. book c. shoes b. bag d. skirt 6. This is . (kelasku) a. my class c. her class b. your class d. his class 7. Berapa harga seragam ini? Jika ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah . a. How much does this trouser cost? c. How much does this book cost? b. How much does this jacket cost? d. How much does this uniform cost? 8. The sun sets in the . a. South c. East b. North d. West 9. The opposite of West is .. a. Center c. East b. South d. North 10. Mr. Budi teaches in SDN Singosari. He is .. a. student c. teacher b. doctor d. farmer 11. If you are thirsty, you need ..

a. Egg b. coca-cola

c. rice d. fish

12. Father : What is the price of that bag? Shopkeeper : It is .. (Rp 7.500;) a. Eight thousand six hundred rupiahs c. Ten thousand four hundred rupiahs b. Seven thousand five hundred rupiahs d. Six thousand five hundred rupiahs 13. Between south and west is .. a. North east c. north south b. South east d. south west 14. The dictionary costs seventy thousand rupiahs. Bagian yang digaris bawahi kalau ditulis dengan angka menjadi .. a. Rp 70.000,c. Rp 80.000,b. Rp 75.000,d. Rp 17.000,15. Northwest is between .. a. North and south c. west and east b. South and west d. north and west 16. Rudi is going to school by .. a. bicycle b. plane c. car d. bus 17. The bank is in the of the police station. a. north c. south b. east d. west 18. The post office is in the .. of the hospital. a. east c. north b. west d. south 19. The ice cream is .. a. hot c. weak b. Cold d. thick

20. He is not so .. (tinggi)

a. Old b. tall

c. long d. short

II. Fill in the blanks below! (Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini!) 1. The buyer sells .. (sayuran) 2. We also buy mangoes in the .. (pasar) 3. I want to buy .. (kemeja) 4. My mother goes .. (berbelanja) 5. I go to the .. (pantai) during holidays. III. Answer these question! (Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut!) 1. Mention (sebutkan) 4 fruits in the market! Answer: .. 2. Write down in English! (Tulislah dalam Bahasa Inggris!) a. Rp 5.000,- b. Rp 70.000,- c. Rp 10.000,- d. Rp 15.000,3. Write down in English! (Tulislah dalam Bahasa Inggris!) Saya bermain sepakbola. Answer: .. 4. Write down in English! (Tulislah dalam Bahasa Inggris!) Arif lebih gemuk daripada Joko. Answer: .. 5. Write down in Indonesia (Tulislah dalam Bahasa Indonesia!) A beautiful bag. Answer: ..