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Anderson Composite Squadron MER SC 074

July/August 2010

Commanders Corner
Hard to believe but the summer is nearly over. Hopefully everyone has had a great time. The Squadron has been really busy, and thanks to your great willingness to participate. We completed several fund raising projects, Cadets and Seniors completed lots of flying hours, several Cadets attended Encampment, and we hosted a Wing SAREX. In between all the activities we have continued to have well attended weekly meetings and many of our members have completed additional training. I would summarize by saying we are engaged, a great indicator of a healthy Squadron. As we head into the next season, our priorities are, recruiting new cadets, getting a Web Site developed and launched and staying prepared in case our ES skills are needed. Many thanks to all of you for supporting CAP and being great volunteers and members. Randy Renz Commander

Anderson hosted a SAREX for the South Carolina Wing on Saturday, August 7th. The exercise started as a mission to provide reconnaissance for Hurricane Bubba, with other problems arising during the day. Captain Randy Renz, Squadron Commander of the Anderson Squadron and other members worked on Friday afternoon to clean up and set up the area for the following day. About 80 CAP Cadets and Senior Members participated in the exercise. Captain Chuck Morris of the Greenville Squadron led the exercise. Lieutenant Colonel Bob Gelinas acted as Operations Officer. The Anderson Salvation Army provided a full day of meals and drinks for a fee of $10.00 per person for the operation. They provided fruit, salads, hamburgers Captain Morris and Lt. Col. Gelinas lead a general and hotdogs, desserts as well as briefing. soft drinks, tea, coffee and water.

South Carolina Breakfast Club

The squadron hosted the South Carolina Fly in Breakfast Club on August 3rd. The fund raiser made about $173.00. More than 65 Breakfast Club members flew into Anderson for a breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits, grits, orange juice and coffee. Lieutenant Vicky Smith headed up the project for the squadron.
Cadet Levi Bell serves breakfast to Breakfast Club members.

CAPs Service in the Deepwater Horizon

Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, CAP national commander, is briefed by Capt. William Drelling, overall deputy for the Coast Guards Mobile command center, as (from right) Lt. Col. Marcus Taylor, Florida Wing chaplain, Col. James M. Rushing, Southeast Region commander, and Capt. Phil Norris, Southeast Region Assistant Director of Public Affairs, listen. Steve Cox Public Affairs Manager National Headquarters ALABAMA Civil Air Patrols role in Deepwater Horizon Response has already reached significant milestones, surpassing 10,000 volunteer hours and 1,000 hours of flight time while providing aerial oil spill reconnaissance along the Gulf Coast. The level of CAP members response to the oil spill is significant and an indication of the continued diversification of Civil Air Patrols missions, said Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, CAP national commander. Courters visit to Mobile came on the 60th day of

CAPs sustained operation on the Gulf Coast. The Southeast Regions commander, Col. James M. Rushing, who briefed Courter on CAPs response to the oil spill, described it as CAPs biggest mission since World War II . For now, Courter said, CAP will maintain a presence in Mobile. Kristi Carr, staff writer, also contributed to this report

Website Design Committee Meets

Major James Freeman held the first meeting of the committee that is working to design a new website for the squadron. Members of the committee include Randy Renz, Deborah Wayland, Wayland, Barry Stewart, Bob Gelinas, Vicky Smith, Carl Stone, and The members discussed desired content and placement of that content within the site. It addressed the following questions who are we, where are we, what do we do. These elements are considered to be important for the technical design of the site. The committee will meet again on Tuesday, August 24th, at 1800 hours. Each member will bring an address for a website that best depicts the design that meets their criteria.

Commanders Call
Commanders Call was held at Wing Headquarters on August 21st. A few of the items emphasized were: Flight times in the Wing. South Carolinas average number of flying hours is better than the national average; however, it ranks last in the Middle East Region. There is money for flying, squadrons need increase their official flying hours. Safety issues with tires. CAP vehicles spend most of their time sitting outside, and are George Bailey, Randy Rentz, Debbie not driven very often; their tires are subject Wayland, Robert Wayland, James L. to dry rot. Dry rot is insidious because Freeman begins inside the tire and is usually not noticed. Tires need careful inspection, preferably by a certified tire dealer. Squadrons need to work more closely within their Groups. Groups are now a part of the Chain of Command and should considered and used as such. It will cut down on the response time for receiving information, solving problems and working together within an area. Congratulations to the Walterboro Composite Squadron that received numerous individual and a unit award for its History of Aviation day. Two Tuskegee Airmen were flown to Walterboro for the occasion.

Congratulations to John Ferguson

John has been appointed airport manager for Clarksville/Montgomery Regional Airport in Clarksville, Tennessee. He will be joining the Fort Campbell Squadron of the CAP that meets at his new airport.