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CRM PROJECT of Automobile industry in India

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The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. India's passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is the seventh largest in the world, with an annual production of more than 3.7 million units in 2010.According to recent reports, India is set to overtake Brazil to become the sixth largest passenger vehicle producer in the world, growing 16-18 per cent to sell around three million units in the course of 2011-12. In 2009, India emerged as Asia's fourth largest exporter of passenger cars, behind Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.. In 2010, India reached as Asia's third largest exporter of passenger cars, behind Japan and South Korea beating Thailand. As of 2010, India is home to 40 million passenger vehicles. More than 3.7 million automotive vehicles were produced in India in 2010 (an increase of 33.9%), making the country the second fastest growing automobile market in the world. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, annual vehicle sales are projected to increase to 5 million by 2015 and more than 9 million by 2020. By 2050, the country is expected to top the world in car volumes with approximately 611 million vehicles on the nation's roads. The majority of India's car manufacturing industry is based around three clusters in the south, west and north. The southern

cluster near Chennai is the biggest with 35% of the revenue share. The western hub near Maharashtra is 33% of the market. The northern cluster is primarily Haryana with 32%.Chennai, is also referred to as the "Detroit of India" with the India operations of Ford, Hyundai, Renault and Nissan headquartered in the city and BMW having an assembly plant on the outskirts. Chennai accounts for 60% of the country's automotive exports.

Gurgaon and Manesar in Haryana form the northern cluster where the country's largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, is based. The Chakan corridor near Pune, Maharashtra is the western cluster with companies like General Motors, Volkswagen, Skoda, Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Motors, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Fiat and Force Motors having assembly plants in the area. Aurangabad with Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen also forms part of the western cluster.

Another emerging cluster is in the state of Gujarat with manufacturing facility of General Motors in Halol and further planned for Tata Nano at Sanand. Ford, Maruti Suzuki and Peugeot-Citroen plants are also set to come up in Gujarat. Kolkata with Hindustan Motors, Noida with Honda and Bangalore with Toyota are some of the other automotive manufacturing regions around the country.


Maruti Suzuki India Limited Hyundai Motor India Limited Tata Motors

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Hero Moto Corp Bajaj Auto General Motors India Private Limited Honda Siel Cars India Limited

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited Hindustan Motors

Maruti Suzuki India Limited: Maruti Suzuki India Limited is leading the automobile industry in India for quite a longer number of years. The company began its journey in the year 1981 with its name as Maruti Udyog Limited, and the company began to attract the market when it introduced its popular four-wheeler model Maruti 800. It got its present name in the year 2007.

Hyundai Motor India Limited: This company was founded in the year 1998 and it is second largest car manufacturing company in India, which was established as a subsidiary of auto giant of Korea, Hyundai Motor Company. The company captured the hearts of Indian car lovers with the introduction of its Santro car model.

Tata Motors: Even though, Tata Motors holds the third position in the automobile industry, the company has occupied the first position in the commercial car manufacturing section. In the luxury car segment, the company has a market share of 6.4%, while in the case of multi-utility vehicles, its market share is 31.2%.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited: Mahindra & Mahindra ltd, which is a part of the Mahindra Group holds the pride of being the largest company in the segment of sport utility vehicle. During the year 2008, the company has sold 10,641 units of utility vehicles, which this number has raised to 15,296 vehicles in the year 2009. Hero Honda Motors Limited: Hero Moto Corp limited, is one among the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world and company holds the pride of introducing the most lovable motor cycle model called Hero Honda Splendor. According to a report, this is the largest selling motorbike in the world and the company is maintaining the record of producing 1 million units of splendor bike each year. Bajaj Auto: After Hero Moto corp. , Bajaj Auto is the second largest motor vehicle manufacturing company in India and fourth largest in the world. Bajaj auto is a subsidiary of the world famous Bajaj Group, which has an illustrious history. General Motors India Private Limited: General Motors India Private Limited is a subsidiary of the giant in automobile industry known as giant General Motors. The company recorded a sales growth of 49% in the year 2009 as compared to the year 2008.

Honda Siel Cars India Limited: This company is joint venture between an Indian company called Siel limited and Japanese company Honda Motor Company ltd., which began its journey in the year 1995. The company showed a growth rate of 86.7% in the year 2009 when compared to its sales record in the year 2008.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited: Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is a joint venture between Kirloskar Group and Toyota Motor Corporation belonging to Japan. The company has introduce some of the popular model cars like Camry, Fortuner, Corolla, Land Cruiser Pradeo and Innova.

Hindustan Motors: Hindustan Motors are the manufacturers of the great car, which can still be found in Indian roads named as Ambassador. This model car is still being used as government limousine and as taxi cabs in some parts of India.


1. Auto Card

2. True value Outlet

3. Maruti Call center

4. Mega Camps

5. Maruti on road services

6. N2N

7. Dil se


Auto card brings the customer all the advantages of an international credit card in addidtion to brining the customer an opportunity of earning valuable auto points for his next Maruti car.

This card has been made in collaboration with Citbank and Indian Oil Corporation ,launched on April 16th 2006 in 36 cities across India for new as well as existing customer It is called loyalty-cum-reward program in order to: Retain old and make new customer Provide special privileges and benefits Sell Maruti accessories, finance, Insurance Create edge over competitors

Value of 1 autopoint earned is Rs 1.00/-

2. Maruti True Value Outlet

Maruti has aided customers by providing them te facility to bring their vehicle to Maruti true value outlet and exchange it for new car, by paying the difference they are offered loyalty discounts in return. This helps them to retain customer

3. Maruti call center

The company was the first car company in India to launch a call center in the year 2000. Maruti has proper customer complain handling cell under the CRM department. The CIC will help MUL rapidly build information pool of over 3 million Maruti owners as well as that of its prospective customers.

4. Mega camps

The company aggressively conducts Mega Camps throughout the company round the year. Activities undertaken during a mega camp include complimentary car wash, AC and Pollution check, oil and fuel top ups, Wheel alignments etc. PUC and general camps, locality camps, premonsoon camps etc are also regularly conducted as a part of customer connect initiatives.

5. Maruti On road services

MOS ensures round the clock services in most cities A computerised call monitoring system dispatches a mobile MOS van to the customer at the earliest All MOS vans are managed by qualified Maruti Authorised Dealers/ MASS technicians who are trained by Maruti in problem diagnosis The customer are charged only rs 100 on labor and spares

6. Maruti N2N

Marutis N2N Fleet Management system solutions for companies takes care of A-Z of automobile problems. Services include end to end backups/solutions across the vehicles life: leasing, Maintenance, convenience services and remarketing.

7. Dil se Dil se, a special program for Indians living abroad or NRIs to facilitate them to gift Maruti cars online to friends and relatives at home. Swift life is a online club for swift owners.

QUESTIONNAIRE (Sample size 30)

What is your family Income pa? I. II. III. IV. 2-3lakh 3-4lakh 4-5 lakh More than 5 lakh

In my survey out of 30 respondents 22 said their income was between 3-4 lakh, 3 said their income fall between 2-3 lakh 3 said their income fall between 4-5lakh and rest of 2 said their income is above 5 lakh

Do you own any car?

I. Yes II. No Out of 30 respondents 28 said yes they have a car Please specify number of car I. II. III. 1 2 More than 2

Out of 30 respondent majority of them i.e 29 said they have only 1 car and 1 other had more than 2 cars

Which company car do you have ? I. Hyundai II. Maruti Suzuki III. Tata motors IV. Any others Out of 30 respondents 22 said they have Maruti Suzuki car 5 said they have Hyundai and 3 others have said they have tata motors How long had you been using their services I. Less than 6 months II. More than 6 but less than a year III. 1-3 years IV. More than 3 years Out of 30 respondents 23 said 1-3 years and 7 said more than 3 years On the scale of 1-5 where 1 represent extremely satisfied and 5 represent extremely dissatisfied how would you rate your level of overall satisfaction with company

22 of those using Maruti car were extremely satisfied 5of Hyundai users were satisfied and 3 of tata motors were dissatisfied