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From: R.Ravikumar, 2/556 Ganabathynagar, Dasanur (post), Mettupalayam-641305.

To: The HR Manager, STPL.

Respected Sir, Sub : Application for the Suitable post Regarding

I would like to offer myself as a candidate for suitable job in your prestigious institution that your goodness kinds me deserving. For your esteemed consideration and favourable orders i enclose here with my resume. I assure you sir that if appointed i will discharge all my responsibility to the best of my ability and to the entire satisfaction of my superiors. With Regrads,

Place : Date :

Yours Faithfully


R.Ravikumar 2/556 Ganabathynagar Dasanur (post) Mettupalayam-641305 Coimbatore Dist Tamilnadu 641301 MOBILE NO: 9789521267 E OBJECTIVE: To work in a dynamic and challenging environment this would fetch satisfaction with scope for professional advancement. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: 1. B.Sc (Chemistry) 2003 - 2006 2. M.Sc (Enviro.Science) 2010 -2011(Awaiting for Final Sem Result) WORKING EXPERIENCE: 1.Presently working as a SHIFT ENGINEER in Tamilnadu water investment company ltd, Chennai. Site-Murugampalayam common effluent treatment plant 11000m3/day Tirupur 21/01/2009 to till date PLANT AND PROCESS DETAILS PLANT 11000 m3/DAY 1. Receving sump 2. Storage and homogenization tank 11000 m3. 3.Neutralization tank 4. Biological oxidation tank 7690 m3 Three numbers. 5.Secondary Clarifiers 2650 m3 two numbers 6.Filtration Quartz filters Six Numbers ,Resin filters Six Numbers, Softener filters Eleven numbers. 7. Reverse osmosis system -11000m3 / day .8.MVR evaporator1500 m3 /day.9.Crystalizer.10.solor bond.11Recoverd water lines. PRIMARYTREATMENT 1. Coarse suspended solids removal by fixing the bar screens at regular intervals of influent water channel. 2. Equalization and volatile suspended solids remove of the wastewater by using Flow Jets and flow makers 3. To neutral pH from neutralization tank.

SECONDARY BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT ACTIVATED SLUDGE SUSPENDED GROWTH PROCESS. To achieve the required level of COD and BOD reduction, primary water is aerated by means of both surface and diffused aerated systems and flow makers along with the active mass of micro organism responsible for the stabilization of organic load. . We are achieving overall 90% BOD reduction in the aeration system. We are achieving overall 80-85% COD reduction in the aeration system.

LABORATORY SYSTEM: Developed for testing of water samples to Asses the performance and running of the systems. The important parameters tested in our laboratory are pH, conductivity, TSS, TDS, TS, Colour,Slica,Alkalinity, Hardness, Chlorides Turbidity, DO, MLSS, SVI and COD.

REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT 11000 M3/DAY RO SECTION We are having three steams of RO system with 20:12:7:4. Array @ 80% recovery and 1 array @ 50% recovery. Each Steam 150 m3 /hour. Each pressure tube having 6 membrane elements with 8 dia and 40 length supplied by Flimtech Membrane system. MVR EVAPORATER -1650M3/DAY: We are Having a two numbers of MVRE Vessels. JOB INVOLVED: Operation and Maintenance of Process and Equipments in the plant. Preparation of daily, monthly reports of the plant. Log sheet preparation for operators, chemists, etc. Preventive maintains for Electrical Mechanical and process equipments. Operation and Maintenance of, Filter Press. Operation and monitoring of Blowers, Pumps, etc. Organizing Quality And monthly Production meetings. Safety activities Following Planning day-to-day operation. Preparation of Plant performance report for daily monitoring various critical process parameters. Preparation of Plant operation Manual. Raw and recovered water line.

TROUBLE SHOOTINGS: Handling quartz filters, Resin filters, Softener Filters. (Manual and automation mode). Regenerating resin and softener filters. Achieving the required level of SDI value in the outlet of Cartridge Filter ie.,less than 3.0 Cleaning the RO system by alkaline and acidic cleaners. Control the feed pressure of the Ro system. Control the pretreatment system to keep the media filter for long run and increase the life of cartridge filter elements OTHER AREAS KNOWN: Water treatment plant. Maintaining water report, PCB report, Production report ERP updating. OTHER EXPERIENCE: 1. WORKING AS A PVA Recovery SUPERVISER IN NEW TECH GLUES & ADHESHIVES, METTUPALAYAM.( 03-01-2007 TO 05-12-2007). 2. WORKING AS A SITE INCHRGE IN ALPHA WATER TECHNOLOGIES ERODE (10-12-2007 TO 2-02-2009)

PERSONAL PROFILE: NAME FATHERS NAME MARITAL STATUS D.O.B AGE LANGUAGES KNOWN DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the given above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: yours truly : Ravikumar.R : Ramasamy.K : Unmarried : 16-03-1986 : 25 : Tamil, English, Kannada&Telugu (Speak Only)