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Business Intelligence & IBM Cognos Overview

IBM Software Mar 2011

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The Information On Demand vision is achieved with comprehensive end-to-end capabilities.

Business Optimization

IBM Cognos 10

Other Information & Application Sources

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The Architecture




Business Intelligence Tool

Data Mart

General Ledger

Extract Transform Load Enterprise Data Warehouse


Data Mart Finance



Data Mart Sales/Marketing

Inventory Mgnt

Data Mart

C-Level Exec

(ETL) Data Integration Tool IBM Information Server

(ETL) Data Integration Tool

Inventory Management

IBM InfoSphere DW

IBM Cognos BI

IBM Software Group

Gartner Magic Quadrant

IBM Software Group

Forrester Wave 4Q2010

IBM Software Group

Customers Reference

IBM Software Group


Single Platform for Decision Making

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How Are We Doing?

Deliver at-a-glance information Show how the organization performs against targets - immediately Communicate strategy and targets Increase accountability Connect departments

Translate complex information into high-impact presentations Allow you to spot changes Are highly intuitive Align decision makers

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Relationship of data objects & hierachy

Impact Diagram for better operational understanding

ANALYSIS Enables the guided exploration of information that pertains to all dimensions of your business Performs complex analysis and scenario modeling easily and quickly Moves from summary level to detail levels of information effortlessly

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What should we do?

Cognos TM1 provides diversified what-if scenario
Provides self-service dragand-drop exploration Intuitive integrated UI Multidimensional Provides access to a single, trusted source of secure BI data Refresh on demand Leverages Excel to analyze, calculate & format Formula-based Linked calculations

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IBM Cognos Go! Office

Extend the reach to business users who live in Microsoft Office through a live and smart client application

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IBM Cognos Go! Mobile

Provides users with the ability to make decisions in context, anytime, anywhere

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Complete Report Coverage

Ad-hoc query Personalized Dashboard Production Managed All reporting needs with a single product

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Performance Blueprints
What they are: Pre-defined data, process and policy model Developed by Cognos Innovation Center In conjunction with leading customers Enables best practices Driver-based High Participation High Frequency Enables rapid time-to-value Reduced project implementation time and risk

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IBM Cognos BI

One platform Single version of truth Complete Web authoring Analysis everywhere, easy-use, visible Diversified reports Expertise

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