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C A R D I O - P U L M O N A RY

Creating the Best Conditions for Optimal Medical Care. Perfusion systems from JOSTRA enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide thanks to high quality, functionality, innovative design and operational safety. JOSTRA perfusion systems are now part of the renowned brand name MAQUET and form a complete system of highest quality medical technology. Thanks to the merger with MAQUET the high quality of the perfusion systems from JOSTRA is both assured and can be optimally combined with all other products in the OR and ICU sectors. The combination of perfectly coordinated system elements creates completely new possibilities for cardiovascular surgery therapy. JOSTRA HL 30 Maximum Flexibility. MAQUET introduces the future in design and functionality in heart-lung machine technology: JOSTRA HL 30. The system offers the optimal perfusion workstation a perfect blend of complete overview, maximum exibility, advanced technology and reliability. Complete Medical System. JOSTRA HL 30 now forms part of a unique medical system in which all products come from one source. That means more planning certainty and greater economy for decision makers, optimization of work processes for surgeons/perfusionists and better care for patients.


JOSTRA HL 30 has been designed using JOSTRAs long experience from perfusion systems combined with input from perfusionists all over the world. The result is the excellent JOSTRA HL 30 system that performs where it really matters in the operating theatre.

Outstanding Flexibility. The exible pump mounting allows set up very close to the patient. It is great to be able to cut a substantial amount of tubing and thus minimize the priming volume. This is especially important when operating on children. I can really adapt the versatile JOSTRA HL 30 to my needs whether I use it for adults or children, or as a mini CPB system. Optimal Workstation. The overview is excellent as both pumps and the tubing pack can be placed very close to me and all perfusion data is displayed on one single user congurable monitor Fantastic ergonomics means no more painkillers for my aching back. I can easily reach the disposable set and the pumps. Intuitive alarm handling and remote controlled ows are further improvements Extensive Data Communication. We like the possibility of hooking up most brands of patient monitors and blood gas analyzers directly to the JOSTRA HL 30 communication interface. Parameters like pO2, hematocrit, saturation, ECG & pressure curves are both displayed and recorded on the touch screen monitor. I really like the powerful JOCAP XL data management system that allows me to focus on my job and let the computer take care of data recording and reports. Modern Expandable Concept. We will be able to upgrade the JOSTRA HL 30 both with new hardware and software over the years. The JOSTRA HL 30 will stay modern in the future and grow with our needs.

JOSTRA HL 30 is a highly sophisticated system that is quick to learn and safe to use.


JOSTRA HL 30 represents the latest generation of heart-lung machines, confirming JOSTRA as the Innovator in perfusion technology. Perfusionists have always required a flexible, ergonomic and technically advanced machine without compromising on reliability and user friendliness.

The JOSTRA HL 30 can be congured to suit all users: Male or female, short or tall, left or right-handed, sitting or standing It doesnt matter. The key factor is individual adaptation for excellent exibility and ergonomics. The base of the system is the stable and compact console with a mast system where monitors, pumps and all other equipment can be mounted on height-adjustable swivel arms of various lengths, adjusted according to your individual requirements. It permits all items to be placed wherever you want them. JOSTRA HL 30 system allows the perfusionist to place pumps, oxygenator and tubing set at the ideal position close to the patient. This results in considerably reduced tubing lengths and minimum priming volumes. Recongurations and upgrades of the existing system can be made quickly at any time.

The Optimal Workstation. JOSTRA HL 30 is designed as a centralized workstation with control, monitoring and operating devices close to the perfusionist. Vital parts are highly visible and easy to reach. All attached system components (Pumps, Pump Control Panel, Control Unit and Sensor Bridge) can be positioned less than an arms length away and be swivelled to any position. This gives an outstanding overview, ergonomics and safety. In other words, the optimal workstation. Unmatched exibility in both the mechanical set-up and the software functions enables perfusionists to achieve a level of professionalism not previously possible.

Mast System Two stable masts with telescopic infusion poles. An optional third movable mast can be added.

JOCAP MultiMedia Card System A dedicated, simple, reusable and safe MultiMedia Card System is integrated in the Control Unit for data recording. Pump Control Panel The ergonomic system independent Pump Control Panel integrates the controls of all pumps and the Electric Venous Clamp. The Pump Control Panel accommodates up to nine control modules.

Control Unit User friendly touch screen Control Unit accommodates the complete set of monitoring, control and measuring functions.

Curved Bar An optional curved bar attached to the two stationary masts where pumps and other items can be mounted.

Sensor Bridge Collects relevant perfusion data and works as a tube organizer.

Drawer To store accessories like tube inserts and hand cranks.

Roller Pump Compact Roller Pumps with DSP control and maintenance-free direct driven motors. The pumps are available in two sizes: Large (150 mm i.d. head) and small (100 mm i.d. head).

Switch Panel Panel with mains and pump switches. Electronics Box An easy-to-clean device that contains all necessary electronics to run and control the JOSTRA HL 30. There is also space reserved for optional modules including RotaFlow centrifugal pump and Extended Communication Module (ECM).

Aluminium arms Light-weight aluminium arms with various lengths for adaptation to individual requirements.

Mast and Pump Holders Solid adjustable aluminium holders. Pump holders with quick coupling allow rapid repositioning or exchange of pumps.

Trolley with mast system A stable, compact aluminium trolley on ve easy-running castors. The trolley includes an emergency battery backup.

The JOSTRA HL 30 system consists of logical parts as Pump Control Panel and touch screen Control Unit on which perfusion data is displayed. This gives the perfusionist full control of the ECC.

Congurable User Interface. One main feature of the new JOSTRA HL 30 concept is the interface between the heart-lung machine and the perfusionist. The easy-to-use touch screen Control Unit accommodates the complete set of monitoring, control and measuring functions. During surgery, overview menus show all vital parameters which make monitoring easy and the operation of the machine safe. The perfusionist can focus his or her attention on the most important tasks. Menus can be congured to give maximum exibility, overview and control in many different applications. This makes it possible to have one conguration for paediatric surgery, a second for adult cases and a third for MI surgery. The JOSTRA HL 30 is a fully integrated system: The Electronic Venous Clamp, the JOCAP XL Data Recording System and the two-circuit Heater-Cooler Unit JOSTRA HCU 30 are all part of the JOSTRA HL 30 system and can be remotely managed from the Control Unit. Rapid and Logical Alarm Management. Each pump can be supervised by sensors for temperature, pressure, air bubbles and venous reservoir level. Optical and acoustic alarms will notify if pre-set limits are exceeded. Alarms are muted by pressing one single button and a sensor giving an alarm is easily overridden by pressing the ashing symbol directly on the Control Unit.

Remote Controlled Pumps. The compact ergonomic Pump Control Panel integrates the controls and central information elds of pumps (roller and centrifugal), and the Electronic Venous Clamp. All pumps are remote-controlled from here. The exible attachment gives a desktop feel. The ow adjustment knobs provide rapid and precise control even in low-ow conditions. Should the entire supervisory system stop working, pumps can still be operated from the Pump Control Panel which is system independent. The Pump Control Panel is designed so that individual pump modules are quickly and conveniently recongured.

The ECC graph gives an overview of the chosen conguration.

Pump stops are congured from a dedicated menu.

In the main menu most important parameters are displayed.

We have a complete range of roller pumps and centrifugal pumps, all uniformly integrated and remotely controlled for maximum exibility.

Direct Driven Roller Pumps. Using new technology, the roller pumps of JOSTRA HL 30 offer smooth, reliable, precise and quiet operation. This is achieved through a direct drive motor with Digital Signal Processor-control. By using the direct drive technology pump, maintenance is kept to a minimum since parts that require maintenance like drive belts are no longer needed. The mechanical design allows easy cleaning and quick occlusion setting together with a simple way of changing the tubing sets. The large pump (150 mm i.d.head) is well suited as an arterial master pump or for high ow demands. The JOSTRA HL 30 system naturally permits continuous ow, internally controlled pulsatile ow as well as counter pulsation. For lower ow applications like suction, vent or cardioplegia delivery, the small pump (100 mm i.d. head) is recommended. For blood cardioplegia delivery, two pumps can be congured as master-slave with the possibility of setting a ow ratio (up to 1:20). Pump holders allow rapid repositioning or exchange of pumps. Pumps can be rotated by 360 degrees to optimize tubing set-up thus reducing priming volume.

Integrated Centrifugal Pump. JOSTRA RotaFlow, the innovative centrifugal pump system, completes the broad pump range. The compact JOSTRA RotaFlow system, fully integrated into the JOSTRA HL 30 system, offers features such as low priming volume and integrated ow measurement. Setting and control is done in the same way as for a roller pump. Safety. Despite all the above innovations, we have further enhanced the JOSTRA state-of-the-art safety system with features such as system independent running of pumps (offline) in case of system failure, rapid exchange of pumps, and an instantaneous emergency battery backup as standard.
RotaFlow is fully integrated in the JOSTRA HL 30 system

Roller pumps can be rotated to nd the most suitable position.

The trend is clear: More and more hospitals centralize their data processing and demand more powerful data collection and analysis. JOSTRA HL 30 provides state-of-the-art hardware and software for safe and exible data communication and recording.

Data Communications with External Equipment. The JOSTRA HL 30 base machine accommodates four analog ports which can be used to receive and show physiological traces, including ECG and pressures. Central overview and monitoring of perfusion data from external devices like blood gas analyzers, patient monitors and external ow monitors can be obtained by connecting the devices to the JOSTRA HL 30 data interface. For this purpose JOSTRA offers a communication package containing a dedicated PC used for data processing (integrated in the JOSTRA HL 30 system console) and different interface boards. The communication module further accommodates two Ethernet ports for high speed communication with other computers, either direct or via a LAN. For connection to various external devices the system offers up to eight digital ports (RS-232) and up to four additional analog ports. The Ethernet interface is used when exchanging data with the hospital network. Data Recording System JOCAP XL. Jostra Computer Aided Perfusion System, JOCAP XL offers a unique, powerful and convenient perfusion data collection before, during and

after open-heart surgery. All data displayed or generated by the JOSTRA HL 30 system or external devices is automatically recorded. JOCAP XL Statistics, a software program for statistical analysis of perfusion data, is included in the JOCAP XL package. JOCAP XL Online Version. Data can be displayed and analyzed in real-time by connecting a PC running JOCAP XL directly to the JOSTRA HL 30 via an Ethernet interface. With this set-up you can both monitor data and display trend curves. The ideal workstation for this application is the JOSTRA OR Online Computer which is a rugged PC specially designed for the requirements of the OR. Flexible mast mounting and a touch screen provides optimal ergonomics. Screen and keyboard are protected against uid spillage and can be cleaned with normal disinfectants. The JOSTRA OR Online Computer has an integrated automatic battery back-up system which protects data even during power failure. JOCAP XL Ofine Version. Data can also be evaluated ofine using a reusable memory card as an information carrier between the HL 30 and one stationary computer outside the OR. Thus, the JOCAP XL Ofine does not require computers in each OR. In this case the MultiMedia Card (MMC) system, which is integrated into the Control Unit, will be used for data recording. After operation the data from the MMC can be transferred to a JOCAP XL computer equipped with the MMC Reader for analysis and printing of individual perfusion reports.

MMC Reader

JOSTRA OR Online Computer

We have a broad selection of accessories for the JOSTRA HL 30, including a heater-cooler unit, venous clamps, gas blenders, movable mast system and much more.

JOSTRA Electronic Venous Clamp. The compact JOSTRA Electronic Venous Clamp provides precise clamping of the tubing and is remotely controlled from the JOSTRA HL 30 Pump Control Panel. The easy-to-read display shows the opening area of the clamp head in percentage (proportional to the ow), opening heights and selected tubing diameter. Mechanical Venous Clamps. Two mechanical venous occluders are available. The Venous Clamp Standard is designed to allow precise regulation of the venous return ow and there is no need for any inserts. The Venous Clamp Quick provides both precise and quick venous return adjustment by means of

two separate knobs. An extension arm and a ball-and-socketjoint facilitate optimal positioning of the clamp. JOSTRA VAVD Controller. JOSTRA Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage Controller is an intelligent vacuum controller which automatically maintains the chosen vacuum independent of reservoir level, and blood inow and outow conditions. It also incorporates both positive and negative pressure relief valves.
JOSTRA VAVD Controller

The uid and inner water path can be heated up to 90 C, which is more than sufcient to disinfect the water. The JOSTRA HCU 30 is fully integrated in the HL 30 system as temperatures and other functions are remotely controlled from the touch screen Control Unit. Gas control equipment. The JOSTRA Electronic Gas Blender combines the convenience of a built-in mechanical gas blender with the accuracy of electronic gas ow measurement. This compact unit can be connected to the JOSTRA HL 30 system and actual gas ows can be displayed on the Control Unit and recorded by the JOCAP XL data management system. The JOSTRA Electronic Gas Blender provides high measurement
JOSTRA Electronic Gas Blender

accuracy, easy gas connection and built-in pressure reducing valves. We also offer the mechanical gas blenders from Sechrist and gas ow meters. Mast attachments. The Control Unit, Pump Control Panel, JOSTRA HCU 30 Dual Heater-Cooler Unit. The JOSTRA HCU 30 facilitates quick and independent regulation of both patient and cardioplegia temperatures. This heater-cooler system offers exceptional cooling capacity through its fast ice building technique and powerful compressor. The ice accumulates an initial cooling effect that is almost three times as high as classic heater-cooler systems, resulting in reduced patient cooling times. The large capacity heater incorporates smooth and precise electronic control. This technique optimizes the efciency and minimizes patient re-warming time. The automatically controlled mixing valve enables very fast switching from cooling to heating and back to cooling again, which is vital in emergency situations. The machine also features a unique pressure and ow control. The maximum outlet pressure can be set to avoid damaging external devices. The perfusionist has the possibility to adjust the ow directly from the display. JOSTRA HCU 30 key features include effective fast priming and automatic de-airing. A smart interior design allows air to be dispelled very effectively from the external and internal circulation, resulting in extremely short set-up times and smoothly running pumps. JOSTRA HCU 30 also offers unique and effective emptying of external circuits. The device regains water by sucking it back from heat exchangers and water supply tubing, saving time and effort. Frequent lling of the tank is not required. JOSTRA HCU 30 has the most effective integrated cleaning technique available. Roller Pumps, RotaFlow centrifugal pump and accessories can be attached to the mast system of the JOSTRA HL 30 in various ways according to what is most suited for individual needs. To be able to do so there is a variety of holders and different arm lengths. The angled twin pump holder takes two small pumps and can be positioned horizontally facilitating a perfect overview of the pump heads. The mast
Small roller pumps mounted with angled twin holder

attachments also include a height adjustable mast top shelf, a curved horizontal bar for mounting pumps and other equipment, and a useful halogen lamp. For an even higher degree of exibility when placing pumps the moveable mast system can be used, i.e. a third mast system that can be moved freely along a rounded sliding rail. Now you can place pumps in an optimal position closer to the patient in order to reduce tubing length and still within reach of the user for optimal ergonomics and overview.
Top Shelf

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