Stop Online Censorship Specific Purpose: I want/need my audience to realize the threat of online censorship being proposed

in Washington. Thesis: The bills SOPA(Senate) and E-PARASITE(House) need to be stopped before they become law. Introduction Attention/Listener motivation: I am going to ask a series of questions and I would like you to raise your hands to answer them. Who here uses the internet? Who uses these sites? Reddit, Facebook, Ebay, Twitter, Yahoo, 4chan, Google. If you do then the you need to listen to what I am about to say. Credibility: I use the internet an astounding amount. It is more than just a random web of connected information to me. It is a partial form of income for me and a great artistic outlet. Thesis: The bills SOPA(Senate) and E-PARASITE(House) need to be stopped before they become law. Preview: Today I am going to convince you to join in the campaign to stop Online Censorship, and I will accomplish this by I. Explain what these proposed bills would do. II. Show how they are badly designed and would be ineffective at there intended purpose while hurting American citizens. III. Encourage action against such Bills. Transition to point I: One week ago the United States senate started hearing on the latest IP Legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). I. These new bills propose we give the power to censor the internet to the entertainment industry. A. Private corporations want to be able to shut down unauthorized sites that offer to download movies, tv shows, and music. 1. It should be noted that most of pirating websites are outside US borders. B. These bills would “accomplish” this by: 1. Block access to infringing domain names a. Sue US based search engines, blogs and forums to have links to these sites removed. 2. Cut off funds to infringing websites, by having US based advertisers and payment services cancel these accounts. C. Protect IP won't actually stop piracy(its intended purpose(Compare to gun control)) 1. It will stop new businesses, because it allows companies to sue any site they feel isn't doing there filtering properly. 2. It will hurt the security and stability of the Global DNS. II. Protect IP will cause more harm than good and should be filibustered out of the Senate. A. Both sides of politics believe that the bill isn't right. 1. Quote: “I'm not sure if the drafters of this legislation have used the internet before”James Allworth is a Fellow at Harvard Business School B. The entertainment industry already has many legal ways to fight piracy. C. The internet does more for the economy than the entertainment industry.

If this bill passes it will forever change our culture as other countries will follow in our footsteps. 1. Signal: In closing. Go to the website provided and tell congress why you want this bill stopped. III. Why we should protect our Internet as we know it.N. 2. Memorable remark: In the words of Steven Spielberg There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility. Conclusion Summary of main points: I have shared with you what these bills would do Why they are a titanic disaster waiting to happen. . The Entertainment industry made 40 billion dollars in 2008 where in 2009 advertising is responsible for 300 billion dollars in the US alone. Internet directly employs 1.S. Why they must be stopped. A. U. gross domestic product.1% of the total U. (according to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)). The entertainment industry already has many ways to fight piracy already.1. Ordinary users could go to jail for 5years for posting any copyrighted work. D. Call for Action I would like you to take these cards I am handing out.2 Million Americans while. advertising-supported Internet represents 2. Declared Internet Access a Human Right B.

com/2010/12/13/hollywood-at-heart-of-la-california-us-economicbackbone/ .net/about_the_iab/recent_press_releases/press_release_archive/press_release/pr-061009value http://filmworksla.html http://americancensorship.wordpress.nasdaq. http://cyberlaw.

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