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Weather Watch: Volcanoes

Good For:
General Information

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters: Volcanoes. 2007. Scholastic. 15 April 2007.

Description: Learn the basics and specifics of

volcanoes in this great website. Read what experts have to say about volcanoes, explore the Ring of Fire, and read an eyewitness account of the eruption of Krakatoa. Can you figure out the "Words to Know?" See if you can fill in all of the volcano vocabulary words in the paragraph.

Volcano FAQs

Volcano Facts. 12 April 1999. United States Geological Survey. 15 April 2007.

Good For: General & Specific Information Description: This website has a great list of

questions and answers compiled by the USGS that will probably answer many of your questions about volcanoes.

Volcano Field Trip

Good For:

Volcano Field Trip. 2007. Tramline. 15 April 2007. <>

General & Specific Information

Description: Take a virtual field trip to a volcano

through this website. Along the way you will learn about how volcanoes are formed, the destruction that they can cause, their effect on the environment, and where they are located. You will see many great pictures along the way!

Volcanoes Online

Volcanoes Online. 1998. Thinkquest. 15 April 2007. <>

Good For:

General & Specific Information

Description: This is an incredible website all

about volcanoes created by teenagers for the Thinkquest competition. This website includes almost anything you might want to know about volcanoes and does a great job giving examples of real volcanoes. This website includes photographs and hand drawings. Make sure to check out the comic gallery. These students created two sets of volcano cartoons: Galvin the Volcano Guy and The Gnomes Family

Volcanoes: On the Edge of an Eruption


Volcanoes: On the Edge of an Eruption. 2005. Discovery Channel, Canada. 15 April 2007.

Good For:

General & Specific Information

Description: Learn about the causes, types, and

weather effects of volcanoes through this great website. Make sure to see the fabulous pictures of volcanoes in the slideshow, and check out the "Volcano Alert!" section to read about what volcanic ash can do to planes that are flying over an erupting volcano.

Volcanic Activities
Good For:

Volcanic Activities. 1998. Thinkquest. 15 April 2007.


General & Specific Information

Description: This website has good general

information about volcanoes and does an outstanding job exploring various types of volcanic activities and specific aspects of volcanoes under the "Volcanic Activities and Us" section. This section explores the damage that volcanoes pose and the benefits people have from

volcanoes. There is also a great case study on Mt. Pinatubo.

Kaboom! Volcanoes Pose a Threat

Kaboom! Volcanoes Pose a Threat. Time for Kids. Vol 2 (22), March 21, 1997.


Good For: Specific Information Description: Read about the new ways scientists
can tell when volcanoes will erupt. This article also features the volcanoes around the world and the specific dangers of each one of these areas or mountains.

Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction

Good For:

Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction. 2007. Discovery Channel. 15 April 2007.


General & Specific Information Description: Learn about one of the deadliest volcanoes, Krakatoa, through this great website. Watch videos, explore a volcano, go inside of Krakatoa, and read diaries of survivors. Build your own virtual volcano and watch it erupt in the "Virtual Volcano" section. Change the settings of the viscosity and gas and see how many different volcanoes you can make. Put together jigsaw puzzles online in the "Puzzle" section. See how many you can solve!

FEMA for Kids: Volcanoes

Volcanoes. 2007. FEMA. 15 April 2007. <>

Good For: General & Specific Information Description: This is the same website that you

read at the beginning of the webquest. This website has great links to stories about volcanoes, specific volcano facts, and a great disaster intensity scale that explains what damage you can expect from the Volcanic Explosivity Index.

Find an volcano that you are particularly interested in. Based on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, what kind of damage occurred during that volcano? Would you want to live around this volcanic area?