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Ander Bowden

New Testament 211 Section 14 11:30 am

Faith-Why is having faith important? What can I do if I have faith? How can I
increase my faith? What goes along with having faith? How can faith affect my

Understanding and getting more out of the scriptures-How can I understand them?
What do I have to do to understand them? What will understanding them do for
me? How can I really get the most out of the scriptures? How can I build my
testimony of the scriptures?

Atonement-How do I apply it in my life? What does the atonement really mean to

me? What all does the atonement entail? What and who does it apply to?

It is very important to have faith. Without it I could not do God’s will, understand the
gospel or be able to live with Him again. Also, without it I would not believe in God or
have confidence in Him to save me or to do anything.

Faith allows me to gain a stronger and deeper testimony for the gospel and the scriptures,
heal the sick, gain a remission of my sins, and perform acts of God. If I have enough
faith, I can command the elements and know the mysteries of God.

I can increase my faith by reading, studying the scriptures, prayer and by obedience to all
the ordinances, principles and covenants of the gospel. Service is also a great way to
increase my testimony.

Faith help your testimony to grow strong and when we obey the commandment and the
things that we need to become better than our faith will grow stronger and stronger until
we die and return to heaven again.

How I can understand the scriptures is to really read, and study what I read and mark
what I read.

To get the most out of them feast upon the words, liken them to me, search, cross-
reference the scriptures and read the bible dictionary.
If I understand the scriptures, I will be able to teach with great power and have the spirit
to be with me always.

I love the Atonement because it helps me to repent of my sins, to feel joy in my life and
to return to our Heavenly Father again. When I have burdens, He will help me to ease
them and give me rest. The Atonement is available to everyone that will repent of his or
her sins. To apply the Atonement in my life, I will have to repent of all my sins, promise
never to do them again, and be born again of the spirit of God. The Atonement applies to
all the sins, pains and sicknesses of the world.

Alma 32, Moroni 7:33, Hebrews 11, D&C 90:24

1 Ne. 19:23-24, 2 Ne. 32:3

Alma 7:11-13, D&C 19:15-19, Alma 42, Matt. 11:28

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