Saturday, March 31, 2007 Ander Bowden New Testament 211 11:30 General Conference#1 Richard G.

Scott Prayer is a source of comfort, peace, and compassion Supernal gift Pray vocally as also in heart Prayer is most effective when we are clean and do His will Ask right questions. Seek not what we want, but what he wants. Pray when we have no desire or have a big problem Never feel unworthy to pray Be humble, and trust in the Lord in prayer Sincere prayer has power Studying the prayer from the October 2001 conference Pray for gratitude Exercise faith Answers come a piece at a time Prayer answers will come in quiet moments Greater faith, stronger character Life will be easier if we accept what the lord does is best D&C 8 study out in your mind Peace is most calming, confirming way prayers are answered Feel peace, comfort and assurance, sense stupor of thought, feel no response Gratitude is most important He will answer in the way and time for my eternal good Jay E. Jensen Converting power of hymns Play an important role. They invite the spirit, then leads to conversion Get closer to the Lord through music besides prayer Hymns crate a feeling of reverence Arrive early to church and listen to prelude music to be in tune with the spirit Best ones are the atonement and sacrament hymns Atonement doctrine are connected to hymns Fill home with worthy music Can bring love, unity and peace in home Sing everywhere and all time Use hymns to introduce talks D&C hymns of righteous John B. Dickson

Plan of salvation Commit myself to the Lord now Read for the strength of youth often and carry it Keep word of wisdom Keep commandments, if I mess up I can repent Give heed to words of eternal life Be careful what I read, watch, listen to Pay tithing Be like Nephi of old 1 Nephi 3:7 Speak clean language, never cheat Keep all of Lord’s standards Moral cleanliness and purity Follow prophet, eternal happiness Jeffery R. Holland Faith works by words Words above are sacred Watch your tongue and speak good words to others Say kind words No physical abuse in church Sin of verbal abuse A woman’s words are more piercing and anything Be careful to speak to children Don’t compare children and praise each one individually Negative speech comes from negative thinking The pessimistic spirit is bad Speak hopefully and cheerfully Eph. 4:29-32 Follow God with full purpose of heart Be no offending in word and speak with the tongue of angels Words be filled with charity, hope, and peace When we say edifying things we say it unto God 2 Nephi 32:3 David A. Bednar Preparing and cleansing process Be totally immersed in the gospel Remove all impurities Be spiritually changed and transformed Mosiah 27:25-26 D&C 84:26-27, Moses 6:57, serve with all might mind and strength Mosiah 5:7 Salt is a covenant or covenant people Offer whole souls unto God Omni 1:26 Helaman 3:35, D&C 76:50-53 Repent and be born again

Thomas S. Monson Live together in love Purpose of life Death is like going into the next room to see loved ones The dead shall live again General Conference#2 Boyd K. Packer Recognize the voice of the Lord and the spirit The spirit is feeling not really hearing Listen to worthy music 1880 pearl of great price added to standard works 1979 LDS King James Version came about Do not aspire to honors of men, but of God D&C 121:45 Earl C. Tingey Brigham young and president Hinckley are joined in vision H. David Burton Tabernacle- new and old Family Home Evening- love increase, faith gained Families are central to the plan, love and serve on another, obey commandments Bonnie D. Parkin Gratitude is spirit filled principle and through it heightens our spirit and inspires happiness Live in gratitude Being grateful brings happiness Do not murmur Luke 17 the lepers’ expression of gratitude Gratitude is expression of faith Turn everything over to the Lord even when we don’t understand Thank the Lord for trials Marlin K. Jensen Mosiah 4:30 Remember church history

Always remember Christ Remember covenants Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him James E. Faust History of the tabernacle in Nauvoo Thomas S. Monson Spoke 102 messages in general conferences since he was sustained Follow in His footsteps everyday Gordon B. Hinckley History of tabernacle and what it had been used for and will be used for The tabernacle has been the home of the Mormon tabernacle choir since 1929 General Conference#3 Joseph B. Wirthlin Don’t ever take your eye of the Lord Prioritize your life and remember the Gospel Do what is right no matter what Avoid temptation, act when it comes and say no and do something else Serve and love around us Have the gift of an obedient spirit Walk in obedience Robert D. Hales The 20’s are the decade of decision Remember the atonement Study scriptures Always live the standards Prepare for eternal marriage Do your best in school Develop your gifts and talents Obey God and others Use your time wisely Alma 37:35 Keep the commandments Keep your faith in the Gospel Prepare to meet God Be there

Be worthy for marriage Keith McMullin Hearken to the Lord and His leaders Prepare for the 2nd coming Be faithful Tithe, fast, pay fast offerings, lay up in store If you don’t provide for your family, you deny the faith Have food storage, and prepare for it now Proverbs 3:5 James E. Faust Power of the priesthood The Melchizedek is the highest and holiest The devil can’t make you do anything You are a man of God through righteous works Hold tightly to the rod Don’t be preoccupied with material things Luke 12:31 Go forward with faith Listen to the prophet Thomas S. Monson We are a chosen generation D&C 132:46 Have courage Be worthy of the priesthood Follow Christ D&C 84:88 Be humble in paying tithing Be on the Lord’s errand Sunday, April 01, 2007 General Conference#4 James E. Faust Healing power of forgiveness Language of faith, service, compassion, forgiveness Matt. 5:44 Forgiveness brings peace People who are taught to forgive are less stress, more at peace D&C 64:10 Keep a place in your heart for forgiveness

Acknowledge angry feelings Anger retards spiritual growth Don’t respond with anger Forgive to be forgiven Dallin H. Oaks Divorce Cause is selfishness, repent instead of getting a divorce Do not do anything to get a divorce Think of the kids first Forgive wrongs Pray for the atonement Don’t dwell on the past Avoid divorce Learn everything about her family Marriage means sacrifice, sharing, kids, Love, burdens Become an eternal family Recover better from death than divorce Neal L. Andersen Things that matter Luke 12:31 Vicki F. Matsumori Army of Helaman Persistence is the key Glenn L. Pace Recognize the spirit, and its feelings D&C 11:13-14 M. Russell Ballard Holy Bible Search the scriptures Book of Mormon testifies of the bible O.T, N.T, BOM Help others to understand the bible Gordon B. Hinckley Alma 37:37

Mortality is a stepping stone No purpose if no Easter Temple work General Conference#5 Be doers of the word and not hearers only L. Tom Perry Keys of the priesthood Need a solid understanding of the restoration Seek the Lord in mighty prayer Importance of doctrine of baptism Give heed unto all His words and commandments in all patience and faith Eph. 4:11-15 Seal in heaven and earth Henry B. Eyring Now is the day and time to act and prepare to meet God Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance Serving brings the Holy Ghost He is the light of the world Complacency is bad Danger is resting in service Do anything in service even if simple When your burdens become too heavy, he will help you Gary J. Coleman Godhead Nature of God and Christ BOM tells how to gain eternal life The priesthood holders can trace history back to Christ Mormons are Christians Charles W. Dahlquist 2 This is the best time and are a chosen generation Who’s on the Lord’s side? 1 Nephi 3:7 David and goliath Never forget who we are Keep standards Learn to control thoughts

Keep commandments no matter what Memorize hymns and scriptures Remain of the Lord’s side of the line Let virtue garnish thy thoughts Yoshihiko K Tithing Malachi 3:8-10 Test the Lord D&C 64:34 Faithfully pay tithing Have daily personal and family scripture study and prayer Go to the temple regularly 2 Chronicles 7:14 Not a matter of money but of faith Tithing increases love for the Lord, increases faith, obedience Dieter F. Uchtdorf We can repent and gain forgiveness no matter what John 3:16-17 Sin is not the point of no return if we turn and follow Christ Salvation comes to none but it be through repentance We are saved by grace after all we can do Repentance brings peace Peace I leave with you, not as the world… Wickedness never was happiness Matt. 11:28 Avoid anything that brings back sinful memories If we don’t forgive, we won’t be forgiven of the Lord Forgive ourselves and others There is always hope and a point of return by repentance and forgiveness Russell M. Nelson Hope is linked to repentance Come unto Christ Cry repentance Except ye repent ye must parish Repent and be baptized in my name… Recognition, remorse, confession, restitution, resolve to do better, refrain, repent with full purpose of heart D&C 19:15 Serve with whole souls Alma 37:35

Be spiritually born again Have His image in your countenance Repentance is required for spiritual growth Become as a little child The dead and the living can repent Gordon B. Hinckley Husbands pray for wives and wives pray for husbands

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