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Federal Register / Vol. 66, No.

141 / Monday, July 23, 2001 / Notices 38319

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR (504) 736–0557 for information about NG15–05 Keathley Canyon (revised
the possible extension of the bid November 1, 2000)
Minerals Management Service submission deadline due to such an NG15–08 Sigsbee Escarpment (revised
event. November 1, 2000)
Outer Continental Shelf, Western Gulf Areas Offered for Leasing: The MMS
of Mexico, Oil and Gas Lease Sale 180 is offering for leasing all the blocks and Note: A CD–ROM (in ARC/INFO and
AGENCY: Minerals Management Service, partial blocks listed in the document Acrobat (.pdf) formats) containing all of the
Interior. ‘‘List of Blocks Available for Leasing, Gulf of Mexico Leasing Maps and Official
Sale 180’’ included in the Sale Notice Protraction Diagrams, except for those not yet
ACTION: Final notice of sale 180.
Package. All of these blocks are shown revised to digital format, is available from the
SUMMARY: On August 22, 2001, the on the following Leasing Maps and MMS Gulf of Mexico Regional Office Public
Minerals Management Service will open Official Protraction Diagrams (which Information Unit for a price of $15.00. The
and publicly announce bids received for may be purchased from the MMS Gulf Leasing Maps and Official Protraction
blocks offered in Sale 180, Western Gulf of Mexico Regional Office Public Diagrams are also available on our Internet
of Mexico, pursuant to the Outer Information Unit). site. See also 66 FR 28002, published on May
Continental Shelf Lands Act (43 U.S.C. Outer Continental Shelf Leasing 21, 2001, for the current status of Central and
1331–1356, as amended) and the Maps—Texas, Nos. 1 through 8. These Western Gulf of Mexico Leasing Maps and
regulations issued thereunder (30 CFR 16 maps sell for $2.00 each: Official Protraction Diagrams.
Part 256). Bidders can obtain a ‘‘Final TX1 South Padre Island Area (revised
Notice of Sale 180 Package’’ containing Acreage of all blocks is shown on these
November 1, 2000)
this Notice of Sale and several Leasing Maps and Official Protraction
TX1A South Padre Island Area, East
supporting and essential documents Diagrams. The available Federal acreage
Addition (revised November 1,
referenced herein, from the MMS Gulf of all whole and partial blocks in this
of Mexico Region’s Public Information sale is shown in the document ‘‘List of
TX2 North Padre Island Area (revised
Unit, 1201 Elmwood Park Boulevard, Blocks Available for Leasing, Sale 180’’
November 1, 2000)
New Orleans, Louisiana 70123–2394, included in the Sale Notice Package.
TX2A North Padre Island Area, East
(504) 736–2519 or (800) 200–GULF, or Some of these blocks may be partially
Addition (revised November 1,
via the MMS Gulf of Mexico Region’s leased, or transected by administrative
Internet site at http:// lines such as the Federal/State
TX3 Mustang Island Area (revised The MMS also jurisdictional line, or partially included
November 1, 2000)
maintains a 24-hour Fax-on-Demand TX3A Mustang Island Area, East in the Flower Garden Banks National
Service at (202) 219–1703. The ‘‘Final Addition (revised November 1, Marine Sanctuary (in accordance with
Notice of Sale 180 Package’’ contains 2000) the President’s June 1998 withdrawal
information essential to bidders, and TX4 Matagorda Island Area (revised directive, portions of blocks lying
bidders are charged with the knowledge November 1, 2000) within National Marine Sanctuaries are
of the documents contained in the TX5 Brazos Area (revised November 1, no longer available for leasing).
package. 2000) Information on the unleased portions of
Location and Time: Public bid reading TX5B Brazos Area, South Addition such blocks, including the exact
will begin at 9 a.m., Wednesday, August (November 1, 2000) acreage, is found in the document titled
22, 2001, in the Hyatt Regency TX6 Galveston Area (revised ‘‘Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale
Conference Center (Cabildo Rooms), 500 November 1, 2000) 180—Unleased Split Blocks and
Poydras Plaza, New Orleans, Louisiana. TX6A Galveston Area, South Addition Available Unleased Acreage of Blocks
All times referred to in this document (revised November 1, 2000) with Aliquots and Irregular Portions
are local New Orleans time. TX7 High Island Area (revised Under Lease or Deferred,’’ included in
Filing of Bids: Bidders must submit November 1, 2000) the Sale Notice Package.
sealed bids to the Regional Director, TX7A High Island Area, East Addition Areas not Available for Leasing: The
MMS Gulf of Mexico Region, 1201 (revised November 1, 2000) following blocks in the Western Gulf of
Elmwood Park Boulevard, New Orleans, TX7B High Island Area, South Mexico Planning Area are not available
Louisiana 70123–2394, between 8 a.m. Addition (revised November 1, for leasing:
and 4 p.m., prior to the Bid Submission 2000) Blocks currently under lease; and the
Deadline at 10 a.m., Tuesday, August TX7C High Island Area, East Addition, following unleased block:
21, 2001. If the bids are mailed, mark on South Extension (revised
the envelope containing all the sealed November 1, 2000) High Island Area Block 170 (which is
bids the following: TX8 Sabine Pass Area (revised currently under appeal); and
Attention: Mr. John Rodi November 1, 2000) High Island Area, East Addition,
Contains Sealed Bids for Sale 180 Outer Continental Shelf Official South Extension, Blocks A–375 and A–
If the RD receives bids later than the Protraction Diagrams. These diagrams 398 (at the Flower Garden Banks), and
time and date specified above, he will sell for $2.00 each: the portions of other blocks within the
return the bids unopened to bidders. NG14–03 Corpus Christi (revised boundary of the Flower Garden Banks
Bidders may not modify or withdraw November 1, 2000) National Marine Sanctuary; portions of
their bids unless the RD receives a NG14–06 Port Isabel (revised High Island Area, East Addition, South
written modification or written November 1, 2000) Extension, Blocks A–367 and A–401;
withdrawal request prior to 10 a.m., NG15–01 East Breaks (revised High Island Area, South Addition, Block
Tuesday, August 21, 2001. In the event November 1, 2000) A–513; and Garden Banks Area Block
of widespread flooding or other natural NG15–02 Garden Banks (revised 135; and
disaster, the MMS Gulf of Mexico November 1, 2000) Mustang Island Area Blocks 793, 799,
Regional Office may extend the bid NG15–04 Alaminos Canyon (revised and 816 (blocks located off Corpus
submission deadline. Bidders may call November 1, 2000) Christi which have been identified by

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38320 Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 141 / Monday, July 23, 2001 / Notices

the Navy as needed for testing diagrams can also be found on the MMS 180)’’ for the specific details regarding
equipment and training mine warfare Homepage Address on the Internet: royalty suspension eligibility and
personnel). For additional implementation. For blocks beyond the
Blocks or portions of blocks beyond information, please call Mr. Charles Hill U.S. EEZ, see Stipulation 4 in the
the United States Exclusive Economic (504) 736–2795. document ‘‘Lease Stipulations for Oil
Zone (in the area formerly known as the Leasing Terms and Conditions: and Gas Lease Sale 180’’ contained in
Western Gap) which are in the 1.4 Primary lease terms, minimum bids, the Sale Notice Package.
nautical mile buffer zone north of the annual rental rates, royalty rates, The map titled ‘‘Stipulations and
continental shelf boundary between the minimum royalty, and royalty Deferred Blocks, Sale 180, Final’’
United States and Mexico. Both the suspension areas are shown on the map depicts the blocks where the
zone, in which leasing is prohibited for ‘‘Lease Terms and Economic Topographic Features, Military Areas,
ten years, and the boundary were Conditions, Sale 180, Final’’ for leases Naval Mine Warfare Area, and Law of
established by the ‘‘Treaty Between The resulting from this sale: the Sea Convention Royalty Payment
Government Of The United States Of Primary lease terms: 5 years for blocks stipulations apply. The texts of the lease
America And The Government Of The in water depths of less than 400 meters; stipulations are contained in the
United Mexican States On The 8 years for blocks in water depths of 400 document ‘‘Lease Stipulations for Oil
Delimitation Of The Continental Shelf to 799 meters; and 10 years for blocks and Gas Lease Sale 180, Final’’ included
In The Western Gulf Of Mexico Beyond in water depths of 800 meters or deeper; in the Sale Notice Package. Also shown
200 Nautical Miles’’ signed by the Minimum bids: $25 per acre or on this map are the deferred blocks
United States and Mexico on June 9, fraction thereof for blocks in water noted above.
2000; the U.S. Senate gave advice and depths of less than 800 meters and Rounding: The following procedure
consent to ratification on October 18, $37.50 per acre or fraction thereof for must be used to calculate minimum bid,
2000, and the Mexican Senate gave its blocks in water depths of 800 meters or rental, and minimum royalty on blocks
approval on November 28, 2000. The deeper; with fractional acreage: Round up to the
Annual rental rates: $5 per acre or next whole acre and multiply by the
provisions of the treaty entered into
fraction thereof for blocks in water applicable dollar amount to determine
force upon exchange of the instruments
depths of less than 200 meters and $7.50 the correct minimum bid, rental, or
of ratification of the treaty on January
per acre or fraction thereof for blocks in minimum royalty.
17, 2001.
water depths of 200 meters or deeper, to
The following blocks lie wholly within Note: For the minimum bid only, if the
be paid on or before the first day of each calculation results in a decimal figure, round
the 1.4 nautical mile buffer zone and are
lease year until a discovery in paying up to the next whole dollar amount (see next
deferred from this sale:
quantities of oil or gas is made, then at paragraph). The minimum bid calculation,
Sigsbee Escarpment (Area NG15–08) the expiration of each lease year until including all rounding, is shown in the
Blocks the start of royalty-bearing production; document ‘‘List of Blocks Available for
11, 57, 103, 148, 149, 194, 239, 284 Royalty rates: 162⁄3 percent royalty Leasing, Sale 180’’ included in the Sale
331 through 341 rate for blocks in water depths of less Notice Package.
The portions of the following blocks than 400 meters and a 121⁄2 percent Method of Bidding: For each block bid
lying within the 1.4 nautical mile buffer royalty rate for blocks in water depths upon, a bidder must submit a separate
zone are deferred from this sale: of 400 meters or deeper, except during signed bid in a sealed envelope labeled
Keathley Canyon (Area NG15–05) periods of royalty suspension, to be paid ‘‘Sealed Bid for Oil and Gas Lease Sale
Blocks monthly on the last day of the month 180, not to be opened until 9 a.m.,
978 through 980 next following the month in which the Wednesday, August 22, 2001.’’ The total
Sigsbee Escarpment (Area NG15–08) production is obtained; amount bid must be in a whole dollar
Blocks Minimum royalty: After the start of amount; any cent amount above the
12 through 14 royalty-bearing production: $5 per acre whole dollar will be ignored by the
58 through 60 or fraction thereof per year for blocks in MMS. Details of the information
104 through 106 water depths of less than 200 meters required on the bid(s) and the bid
150, 151, 195, 196, 240, 241 and $7.50 per acre or fraction thereof envelope(s) are specified in the
285 through 298 per year for blocks in water depths of document ‘‘Bid Form and Envelope’’
342 through 349 200 meters or deeper, to be paid at the contained in the Sale Notice Package.
The available acreage in these blocks expiration of each lease year; The MMS published a list of
with deferred portions lying within the Royalty Suspension Areas: Leases are restricted joint bidders, which applies to
1.4 nautical mile buffer are provided in being offered in this sale subject to the this sale, in the Federal Register at 66
the ‘‘Unleased Split Blocks and regulations in 30 CFR Part 260, FR 17731, on April 3, 2001. Bidders
Available Unleased Acreage of Blocks published in the Federal Register at 66 must execute all documents in
with Aliquots and Irregular Portions FR 11512 on February 23, 2001. Royalty conformance with signatory
Under Lease or Deferred’’ document suspension will apply for blocks in authorizations on file in the MMS Gulf
included in the Final Sale Notice water depths less than 200 meters where of Mexico Regional Office. Partnerships
Package. Also, Supplemental Official new deep gas (15,000 feet or greater also must submit or have on file a list
OCS Block Diagrams for these blocks are subsea) is drilled and commences of signatories authorized to bind the
available from the Public Information production within the initial primary 5- partnership. Bidders submitting joint
Unit, Gulf of Mexico Region, Minerals year lease term, and in water depths of bids must state on the bid form the
Management Service, 1201 Elmwood 800 meters or deeper (for oil and gas); proportionate interest of each
Park Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana see the map titled ‘‘Lease Terms and participating bidder, in percent to a
70123–2394. Telephone: (504) 736– Economic Conditions, Sale 180, Final’’ maximum of five decimal places, e.g.,
2519. The SOBDs are also available for for specific areas. See the document 33.33333 percent. The MMS may
blocks which contain the ‘‘U.S. 200 contained within the Sale 180, Final require bidders to submit other
Nautical Mile Limit’’ line and the ‘‘U.S.- Notice Package titled documents in accordance with 30 CFR
Mexico Maritime Boundary’’ line. These ‘‘RoyaltySuspension Provisions (Sale 256.46. The MMS warns bidders against

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 17:36 Jul 20, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00069 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\23JYN1.SGM pfrm07 PsN: 23JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 141 / Monday, July 23, 2001 / Notices 38321

violation of 18 U.S.C. 1860 prohibiting accordance with MMS bid adequacy information on various matters of
unlawful combination or intimidation of procedures. A copy of the current interest to potential bidders.
bidders. Bidders are advised that the procedures, ‘‘Modifications to the Bid Thomas R. Kitsos,
MMS considers the signed bid to be a Adequacy Procedures’’ (64 FR 37560 of
legally binding obligation on the part of Acting Director, Minerals Management
July 12, 1999), is available from the Service.
the bidder(s) to comply with all MMS Gulf of Mexico Regional Office
applicable regulations, including paying Dated: July 13, 2001.
Public Information Unit and is also on Piet deWitt,
the 1⁄5 bonus on all high bids. A our Internet site.
statement to this effect must be included Acting Assistant Secretary, Land and
on each bid (see the document ‘‘Bid Successful Bidders: As required by Minerals Management.
Form and Envelope’’ contained in the MMS, each company that has been [FR Doc. 01–18398 Filed 7–20–01; 8:45 am]
Sale Notice Package). awarded a lease must execute all copies BILLING CODE 4310–MR–P
Bid Deposit: Submitters of high bids of the lease (Form MMS–2005 (March
must deposit the 1⁄5 bonus by using 1986) as amended), pay by EFT the
electronic funds transfer procedures, balance of the cash bonus bid along DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
following the detailed instructions with the first year’s annual rental for
contained in the document each lease issued in accordance with the Drug Enforcement Administration
‘‘Instructions for Making EFT Bonus requirements of 30 CFR 218.155, and
Payments’’ included in the Sale Notice Manufacturer of Controlled
satisfy the bonding requirements of 30
Package. All payments must be Substances; Notice of Application
CFR 256, Subpart I, as amended. Each
electronically deposited into an interest- bidder in a successful high bid must Pursuant to section 1301.33(a) of title
bearing account in the U.S. Treasury have on file, in the MMS Gulf of Mexico 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations
(account specified in the EFT Regional Office Adjudication Unit, a (CFR), This is notice that on January 18,
instructions) during the period the bids 2001, Applied Science Labs, Division of
currently valid certification (Debarment
are being considered. Such a deposit Alltech Associates, Inc., 2701 Carolean
Certification Form) certifying that the
does not constitute and shall not be Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 440, State
construed as acceptance of any bid on bidder is not excluded from
participation in primary covered College, Pennsylvania 16801, made
behalf of the United States. application by letter to the Drug
Note: Certain bid submitters (i.e., those that
transactions under Federal
nonprocurement programs and Enforcement Administration (DEA) for
do not currently own or operate an OCS registration as a bulk manufacturer of 4-
mineral lease OR those that have ever activities. A certification previously
defaulted on a 1⁄5 bonus payment (EFT or provided to that office remains currently Bromo-2, 5-dimethoxyphenethylamine
otherwise)) are required to guarantee (secure) (7392), a basic class of controlled
valid until new or revised information
their 1⁄5 bonus payment. For those who must substance listed in Schedule I.
applicable to that certification becomes The firm plans to manufacture small
secure the EFT 1⁄5 bonus payment, one of the
following options may be used: 1. Provide a available. In the event of new or revised quantities of the listed controlled
third-party guaranty; 2. Amend Development applicable information, the MMS will substance for reference standards.
Bond Coverage; 3. Provide a Letter of Credit; require a subsequent certification before Any other such applicant and any
or 4. Provide a lump sum payment via EFT lease issuance can occur. Persons person who is presently registered with
prior to the submission of bids. The EFT submitting such certifications should
instructions specify the requirements for
DEA to manufacture such substance
each option.
review the requirements of 43 CFR, Part may file comments or objections to the
12, Subpart D. A copy of the Debarment issuance of the proposed registration.
Withdrawal of Blocks: The United
Certification Form is contained in the Any such comments or objections
States reserves the right to withdraw
Sale Notice Package. may be addressed, in quintuplicate, to
any block from this sale prior to
Affirmative Action: The MMS the Deputy Assistant Administrator,
issuance of a written acceptance of a bid
Office of Diversion Control, Drug
for the block. requests that the certification required
Acceptance, Rejection, or Return of Enforcement Administration, United
by 41 CFR 60–1.7(b) and Executive
Bids: The United States reserves the States Department of Justice,
Order No. 11246 of September 24, 1965,
right to reject any and all bids. In any Washington, DC 20537, Attention: DEA
as amended by Executive Order No. Federal Register Representative (CCR),
case, no bid will be accepted, and no 11375 of October 13, 1967, on the
lease for any block will be awarded to and must be filed no later than
Compliance Report Certification Form, September 21, 2001.
any bidder, unless the bidder has Form MMS–2033 (June 1985), and the
complied with all requirements of this Dated: July 13, 2001.
Affirmative Action Representation
Notice, including the documents Form, Form MMS–2032 (June 1985) be Laura M. Nagel,
contained in the associated Sale Notice on file in the MMS Gulf of Mexico Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of
Package and applicable regulations; the Regional Office Adjudication Unit prior
Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement
bid is the highest valid bid; and the Administration.
to bidding. In any event, these forms are
amount of the bid has been determined [FR Doc. 01–18213 Filed 7–20–01; 8:45 am]
required to be on file in the MMS Gulf
to be adequate by the authorized officer. BILLING CODE 4410–09–M
Any bid submitted which does not of Mexico Regional Office Adjudication
conform to the requirements of this Unit prior to execution of any lease
Notice, the OCS Lands Act, as amended, contract. Bidders must also comply with DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
and other applicable regulations may be the requirements of 41 CFR 60.
returned to the person submitting that Information to Lessees: The Sale Drug Enforcement Administration
bid by the RD and not considered for Notice Package contains a document Manufacturer of Controlled
acceptance. To ensure that the titled ‘‘Information to Lessees.’’ These Substances; Notice of Application
Government receives a fair return for the Information to Lessees items provide
conveyance of lease rights for this sale, Pursuant to section 1301.33(a) of title
high bids will be evaluated in 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations

VerDate 11<MAY>2000 17:36 Jul 20, 2001 Jkt 194001 PO 00000 Frm 00070 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\23JYN1.SGM pfrm07 PsN: 23JYN1