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Federal Register / Vol. 66, No.

142 / Tuesday, July 24, 2001 / Notices 38449

except Federal holidays. Forest Rawls (202) 267–8033, Sandy
Federal Aviation Administration Issued in Washington, DC on July 17, 2001. Buchanan-Sumter (202) 267–7271, or
Nicholas A. Sabatini, Vanessas Wilkins (202) 267–8029,
Proposed Advisory Circular (AC) 120– Office of Rulemaking (ARM–1), Federal
EFB, Guidelines for the Certification, Director, Flight Standards Service.
Aviation Administration, 800
Airworthiness, and Operational [FR Doc. 01–18400 Filed 7–23–01; 8:45 am]
Independence Avenue, SW.,
Approval of Electronic Flight Bag BILLING CODE 4910–13–M
Washington, DC 20591.
Computing Devices This notice is published pursuant to
AGENCY: Federal Aviation 14 CFR §§ 11.85 and 11.91.
Administration, DOT. Issued in Washington, DC on July 19, 2001.
ACTION: Notice of availability of Federal Aviation Administration Donald P. Byrne,
proposed AC and request for comments. Assistant Chief Counsel for Regulations.
[Summary Notice No. PE–2001–52]
SUMMARY: This notice announces the Petitions for Exemption
availability of and requests comments Petitions for Exemption; Summary of
Petitions Received Docket No.: FAA–2001–9140.
on a proposed AC that provides Petitioner: Ameriflight, Inc.
guidance for the certification, AGENCY: Federal Aviation Section of 14 CFR Affected: 14 CFR
airworthiness, and operational approval Administration (FAA), DOT. 119.3.
of portable and installed Electronic ACTION: Notice of petitions for Description of Relief Sought: To
Flight Bag (EFB) aircraft computing exemption received. permit Ameriflight to operate certain
devices. EFBs are electronic computing EMBRAER Brasilia EMB–120ER
and/or communications equipment or SUMMARY: Pursuant to FAA’s rulemaking airplanes in cargo-only service under 14
systems used to display a variety of provisions governing the application, CFR part 135 with a maximum payload
aviation data or perform a variety of processing, and disposition of petitions of 8,500 pounds.
aviation functions. In the past some of for exemption part 11 of Title 14, Code Docket No.: FAA–2001–8807.
these functions were traditionally of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), this Petitioner: Alaska Airlines, Inc.
accomplished using paper references. notice contains a summary of certain Section of 14 CFR Affected: 14 CFR
The scope of EFB functionally may petitions seeking relief from specified 119.49.
include data like connectivity. EFBs requirements of 14 CFR. The purpose of Description of Relief Sought: To allow
may be portable electronic devices or this notice is to improve the public’s ASA to (1) add aircraft to or delete
installed systems. The physical EFB awareness of, and participation in, this aircraft from its operations
display may use various technologies, aspect of FAA’s regulatory activities. specifications during nonbusiness
formats, and forms of communication. Neither publication of this notice nor hours, weekends, or holidays, and (2)
This notice is necessary to give all the inclusion or omission of information have its certificate management office
interested persons the opportunity to in the summary is intended to affect the revise its operations specifications on
present their views on the proposed AC. legal status of any petition or its final the next business day.
DATES: Comments must be received on disposition. [FR Doc. 01–18401 Filed 7–23–01; 8:45 am]
or before September 24, 2001. DATES: Comments on petitions received BILLING CODE 4910–13–M
ADDRESSES: Send all comments on the must identify the petition docket
proposed AC to: Federal Aviation number involved and must be received
Administration, Flight Technologies on or before August 13, 2001. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
and Procedures Division (Attention: ADDRESSES: Send comments on any
AFS–400), 800 Independence Avenue National Highway Traffic Safety
petition to the Docket Management
SW., Washington, DC 20591, or Administration
System, U.S. Department of
electronically to Transportation, Room Plaza 401, 400 [U.S. DOT Docket Number NHTSA–2001–
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gary Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 1113]
Livack, AFS–400, at the address above, 20590–0001. You must identify the
by email at, or docket number FAA–2000–XXXXX at Reports, Forms, and Record keeping
telephone at (202) 267–7954. the beginning of your comments. If you Requirements
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: wish to receive confirmation that FAA AGENCY: National Highway Traffic
received your comments, include a self- Safety Administration (NHTSA),
Comments Invited addressed, stamped postcard. Department of Transportation.
The proposed AC is available on the You may also submit comments ACTION: Request for public comment on
FAA Web site at through the Internet to http:// proposed collection of information.
avr/afs/acs/ac-idx.htm, under AC No. You may review the public
120–EFB. Interested persons are invited docket containing the petition, any SUMMARY: Before a Federal agency can
to comment on the proposed AC by comments received, and any final collect certain information from the
submitting such written data, view, or disposition in person in this Dockets public, it must receive approval from
arguments, as they may desire. Please Office between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the Office of Management and Budget
identify AC 120–EFB, Guidelines for the Monday through Friday, except Federal (OMB). Under procedures established
Certification, Airworthiness, and holidays. The Dockets Office (telephone by the Paperwork Reduction Act of
operational Approval of Electronic 1–800–647–5527) is on the plaza level 1995, before seeking OMB approval,
Flight Bag Computing Devices, and of the NASSIF Building at the Federal agencies must solicit public
submit comments, either hard copy or Department of Transportation at the comment on proposed collections of
electronic, to the appropriate address above address. Also, you may review information, including extensions and
listed above. Comments may be public dockets on the Internet at http:/ reinstatement of previously approved
inspected at the above address between / collections.

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