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38650 Federal Register / Vol. 66, No.

143 / Wednesday, July 25, 2001 / Notices

consultations and notifications; and SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of ACTION: Notice of proposed information
DOE Orders on waste management, Energy (DOE), Albuquerque Operations collection and request for comments.
waste minimization, and environmental Office (AL), is seeking applications for
protection. research and development to increase SUMMARY: In compliance with the
10. Impacts to air quality, visual engine efficiency, reduce emissions, and requirements of Section 3506(c)(2)(a) of
resources, NTS and surrounding land improvement in systems efficiency for the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
uses, NTS missions and infrastructure off-highway vehicles, including (Pub. L. 104–13), the Federal Energy
and impacts to transportation during the construction, agriculture, and mining Regulatory Commission (Commission) is
construction phase. equipment. Through this solicitation, soliciting public comment on the
EIS Schedule: The sensitivity to DOE seeks to improve the energy specific aspects of the information
respond to the current energy needs has efficiency and emissions performance of collection described below.
placed this project on an accelerated Class 1–8 trucks and off-highway DATES: Consideration will be given to
schedule. To support a Record of vehicles. A DOE technical panel will comments submitted on or before
Decision for this EIS by April 2002, the perform a scientific and engineering September 24, 2001.
major milestones that must be met for evaluation of each responsive ADDRESSES: Copies of the proposed
the EIS are shown below. application to determine the merit of the collection of information can be
Public Scoping Meetings—August 2001 approach. DOE anticipates issuing one obtained from and written comments
or more financial assistance instruments may be submitted to the Federal Energy
Issue Draft EIS October—2001
from this solicitation. Funding in the Regulatory Commission, Attn: Michael
Draft EIS Public Hearings—December
amount of $2,500,000 and $5,000,000 is Miller, Office of the Chief Information
anticipated to be available. Cost sharing Officer, CI–1, 888 First Street NE.,
Issue Final EIS—March 2002
of 50% by the applicant is required. Washington, DC 20426.
Record of Decision—April 2002
DATES: Applications are to be received FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Public Scoping Process: To assist in no later than 3 p.m. local prevailing Michael Miller may be reached by
defining the appropriate scope of the time on August 15, 2001. Any telephone at (202) 208–1415, by fax at
EIS and to identify significant application received after the due date (202) 208–1415, and by e-mail at
environmental issues to be addressed, will not be evaluated.
NNSA representatives will conduct
public scoping meetings at the
locations, dates, and times described Erwin E. Fragua, Contract Specialist, information collected under the
above under DATES. Each scoping DOE/AL, at (505) 845–6442 or by e-mail requirements of FERC–576 ‘‘Report by
meeting will begin with an overview of at Certain Natural Gas Companies on
the proposed project, the current EIS SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Service Interruptions’’ (OMB No. 1902–
alternatives, and the proposed EIS solicitation will be available on the 0004 is used by the Commission to
scope. Following the initial internet on or about July 20, 2001 at the implement the statutory provisions of
presentation, NNSA representatives will following web site: http:// Sections 4, 7, 10 and 16, of the Natural
answer questions and accept comments. Gas Act (NGA)(PL 75–688, 52 Stat. 821–
Copies of handouts from the meetings Applications must be prepared and 833, 15 U.S.C. 717–717w). The
will be available to those unable to submitted in accordance with the Commission is empowered to oversee
attend, by contacting the NNSA as instructions and forms contained in the continuity of service in the
described above under ADDRESSES. DOE solicitation. For profit and not-for-profit transportation of natural gas in
invites the public to comment on the organizations, state and local interstate commerce. The information
proposed project. To ensure governments, Indian tribes, and collected by FERC–576 notifies the
consideration in the preparation of the institutions of higher learning are Commission in a timely manner of any
EIS, written comments must be eligible for awards under this interruption of service or possible
postmarked by August 24, 2001. solicitation. Collaboration between hazard to public health or safety.
industry, industry organizations, and The Commission in response to
Issued in Washington, DC, this 17th day of universities are encouraged. timely notification of a serious
July 2001. interruption, may contact other
Francis S. Blake, Issued in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July
16, 2001. pipelines to determine available supply,
Deputy Secretary of Energy, Department of and if required, authorize transportation
Energy. Martha L. Youngblood,
Contracting Officer, Complex Support
or construction of facilities to alleviate
[FR Doc. 01–18430 Filed 7–24–01; 8:45 am] the problem. The data collected pertains
Branch, Contracts and Procurement Division.
[FR Doc. 01–18428 Filed 7–24–01; 8:45 am]
to serious interruptions of service to any
wholesale customer involving facilities
operated under certificate authorization
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY from the Commission. Specifically, the
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY data collected may include: (1) Date of
Notice of Availability of Solicitation
service interruption, (2) date of
AGENCY: Albuquerque Operations Federal Energy Regulatory reporting the interruption to the
Office, Department of Energy. Commission Commission, (3) the location, (4) brief
ACTION: Notice of availability of
description of facility involved and
[Docket No. IC01–576–000, FERC–576]
solicitation-research and development cause of interruption, (5) customers
to increase engine efficiency, reduce Proposed Information Collection and affected, (6) duration of interruption,
emissions, and improvement in systems Request for Comments and (7) volumes of gas interrupted.
These data are required by the
efficiency for off-highway vehicles,
July 19, 2001. Commission to provide timely
including construction, agriculture, and
AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory information concerning interruptions to
mining equipment.
Commission, DOE. wholesale service. The reporting of

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