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 . Their priority is to give a quick and reliable service with cost-effective and precise products. using state of the art equipment.Description  SteelWorks is a rebar fabricating company managed by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the steel industry.

.Our Mission  To analyze the Production Department through a study of their complete process and be able to offer them recommendations that will ultimately make the process more efficient and reduce their costs.

Shearline .

. the old tasks done and the new tasks get mixed up. Operator has to spend time measuring each bar length and then sorting out to see which bar belongs to which task.• Unequal workloads. • When item tags are loaded into the storage of the machine.

Alligator .

• Operator has to carry 70-80 lbs loads manually. . • Machine is operated at full capacity only by one operator. • The equipment designed is unsuitable for the operator.

Coil 16 .

• Operator has to stop the machine constantly to use the forklift himself to move the finished pallets to their storage position.• Storage process for the bended bars is time consuming because the operator has to organize them in a pallet. . which has to be surround wrapped in order to maintain the bars standing.

create fabrication and delivery schedule reports.• SteelWorks uses the aSa Software to assign fabrication dates. delivery dates. . • Currently we are improving the communication between the Sales and Production Departments by assigning scheduling statuses for the placed orders.

upper back .Feet .Elbows. shoulders.Lower back  .Neck.Knees and hips .  Questionnaire has 17 items which examine issues related to the following body regions: . forearms. hands .Ergonomics PLIBEL Method is a questionnaire developed by Kristina Kemmlert for identification of workplace injury hazards on workmen or operators.


.  Floors should be hazard free and provide limitless movement space. Material Handling:  Storage capacity should be increased.Safety:  Overhead Traveling Cranes carrying chains should be prohibited.  Wear earplugs for high noise levels.  Implement the Master Bundling system. Standardization:  Train workers to operate every machine for rotation.

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