“The  strategy  game  that  brings   sustainability   to  life  in  a  fun,  interac6ve  way”   -­‐Sustainable  Industries  Magazine

GBO Hawai’i

T h i s   b r a n d   n e w   b o a r d   g a m e   i s   educa9onal,   inspira9onal,   and   most   importantly,   fun.   Players   are   investors   looking  to  achieve  the  best  triple  boBom   line   return   on   their   investments.   By   inves9ng   in   businesses  that   help   Hawai’i   create  clean  energy,  local  and  sustainable   food,  and  reduc9on  of  waste,  players  earn   dividends   and  create   good,   green  jobs  in   the   process.   Win  the   game  by   having  the   best   overall  rank   on   green   job   crea9on,   eco-­‐credits,  and  profits.   Picture  of  the  game.  

“So  much  fun,  when  can  we   play  again?”  -­‐Shanah   Trevenna,  President  of  the   Sustainability  Associa;on  of   Hawai’i “This  game  will  change  the   world.”  -­‐Kevin  Danaher,  co-­‐ founder  of  Global  Exchange   and  the  Green  Fes;vals “This  is  amazing.”-­‐James   McCay,  Sales,  Revolusun

Below:  Picture  of  the  board.  


Players   can   invest   in     sustainable   businesses   s u c h   a s   s u s t a i n a b l e   forestry   opera9ons,   wind   farms,   green   builders,   algae   biofuels   processors,   a n d   s e a   w a t e r   a i r   c o n d i 9 o n i n g   ( S W A C )   technologies.  

Random events keep players on their toes with both positive and negative developments. In this case, the state supports a clean tech incubator, generating interest in clean energy businesses.

Players navigate public policy changes that affect their investments. In this case, a statewide policy helps drive interest in locally produced food.

Players must line up the skill sets of their human resource cards with the needs of the businesses they’re looking to start. Clean tech engineers are required for most renewable energy ventures, for example.

Game developer: Scott Cooney, M.S., M.B.A.
Sco$  is  a  green  business  author,  serial  eco-­‐entrepreneur   and  Adjunct   Professor  of   Sustainability   at   the   University   of   Hawai’i.   McGraw-­‐Hill   published   Sco$’s   first   book,   Build  a  Green  Small  Business:   Profitable  Ways   to  Become  an   Ecopreneur.   Sco$   works  with   large  and   small  organizaKons   to  help  them   incorporate   green   principles  into  their  corporate  DNA.   Sco$   is  a  Phi  Beta  Kappa  who  holds  an  MBA   and  an  MS  in  ConservaKon  Biology  (both  from  Colorado  State  University).   To  schedule  an  interview  or  for  more  informaKon,  please  email   Sco$@GreenBusinessOwner.com  

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