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30SCC160-610 Air-to-Water Chillers 50Hz Energy-saving chillers with screw compressor using environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a

Cooling : 160-610kW (46-173USRT)



n High Efficiency and Wide Operating Range
The 30SCC air-cooled chiller has high performance twin screw compressor and flooded cooler with high efficiency in heat transfer. The unit can run in a leaving water temperature range from 5 to 20 . Outdoor air coil constructed of aluminum fins and copper tubes with increased heat transfer area allows the unit to operate in a wide range of outdoor air temperature, -5 to 43 .

Easy Installation and Start-up

The 30SCC has a compact design, which allows smaller installation space than some competitive chillers and requires less installation materials such as structural steel or concrete. The 30SCC unit will be ready for start-up by just connecting power wire and water piping. Rigging holes are provided on the unit for easy and quick lifting.

Low Noise
The 30SCC features low levels of vibration and sound as well as high reliability due to screw compression and aeroacoustic fan design. The screw compressor is covered by panels to hold their noise level inside.

0-ODP( ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential) Refrigerant, R134a

HFC-134a is non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant, and it has no harm on the ozone layer and less greenhouse effect, 25% lower than that of R22. R134a is single-refrigerant and has no temperature gradient. Then, in the case of refrigerant leak, it does not cause unbalanced composition in refrigerant. That means it is not necessary to pull out all refrigerant and refill it again.

Best suited for Environmental Protection

Electrically power-driven 30SCC chillers are developed for HFC-134a refrigerant. They are best suited for environmental protection and keeping air clean.

Wider Size Range

Available in 9 different sizes with a cooling capacity from 160 to 610kW(46-173USRT). 30SCC can be used with central air handling units, fan coils, or room terminals for office buildings, factories, shops, hospitals or hotels. This helps you select a unit which could be even closer to the desired capacity.

Microprocessor Control
Capacity control is fully automatic. Leaving water temperature is precisely controlled by the microprocessor for optimum operation based on the leaving water temperature differential between a cut-in or cut-out temperature and a set point. Cooling operation is kept stable during an intermediate season due to microprocessor-controlled fan cycling to maintain head pressure.

Remote Control
The unit can be controlled in remote by just connecting 24-volt wiring to a wall-mount type indoor switch package which is available as an optional accessory. In addition, unit operating condition can be monitored by connecting to P/C.

Accessories (Option)
- Pipe heater cable Pipe heater cable (2 x 242W, 220V-1ph-50Hz) is available to prevent freezing of the water in externally connected piping. - The 24-volt indoor switch package The 24-volt indoor switch package is available for remote ON/OFF operation.


Indoor Switch Package (Optional Accessory)

Part No. 30SCC900102-21

Model Number Nomenclature 30SCC

Air-Cooled Screw Chiller


Toyo Carrier Product

Packaging State of Product Design

UNIT SIZE-NOMINAL TONS 160 - 46USRT 180 - 51 212 - 60 265 - 75 315 - 90 355 - 101 425 - 121 500 - 142 610 - 173



Physical Data
MODEL 30SCC REFRIGERANT No. of Circuits R134a Charge (kg) COMPRESSORS 50Hz 06NA (Qty) Type of Start Oil Charge/Compr. (L) Capacity Control Steps % Capacity OUTDOOR COIL Rows...Fin Spacing (mm) Face Area (m 2) OUTDOOR FANS Qty...Diameter (in) Total Airflow (L/s) Qty...Motor Output (kW) COOLER No. of Refrigerant Circuit Water Volume (L) Max Working Press Water Conn.(Inlet & Outlet) Drain (F.P.T.) DIMENSIONS (mm) Width Depth Height OPERATING WEIGHT (kg) * 315 355 425 500 610 R134a 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 67 60 68 94 97 108 150 170 192 Screw, Semi-hermetic *174NA *209NA *250NA *300NA *300EA *209NA *250NA *300NA *300EA (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) (2) (2) (2) Star Delta 24 24 32 32 32 24 32 32 32 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 100-83-70-54-45-23-0 100-85-73-50-35-23-0 Copper Tubes, Aluminum Plate Fins 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 4...1.69 8.17 8.17 10.21 12.26 12.26 16.34 20.43 20.43 20.43 Shrouded Axial Fan, Direct-drive 4...30 4...30 6...30 6...30 6...30 8...30 12...30 12...30 12...30 19,570 19,570 27,250 29,370 29,370 39,150 54,500 54,500 54,500 4...0.9 4...0.9 6...0.9 6...0.9 6...0.9 8...0.9 12...0.9 12...0.9 12...0.9 Flooded shell and tube 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 60 70 80 90 90 130 150 170 170 Refrigerant Side......2.02Mpa Water Side......1.0Mpa 4"Flange 5"Flange 3/8" 2,300 2,000 2,400 2,200 2,300 2,000 2,400 2,220 2,800 2,000 2,400 2,560 3,300 2,000 2,400 2,800 3,300 2,000 2,400 2,800 4,550 2,000 2,400 3,890 5,550 2,000 2,400 4,630 5,550 2,000 2,400 4,790 5,550 2,000 2,400 4,790 160 180 212 265

Compressor revision number














Operating Limit
Water Flow Range (L/s) 5.0 ~ 15.0 5.8 ~ 17.5 6.7 ~ 20.0 8.3 ~ 24.2 10.0 ~ 24.2 11.7 ~ 31.7 13.3 ~ 31.7 15.0 ~ 35.0 16.7 ~ 35.0 Minimum Water Loop Volume (L) 641 755 840 1,068 1,122 1,513 1,780 2,136 2,172

Model 30SCC160 30SCC180 30SCC212 30SCC265 30SCC315 30SCC355 30SCC425 30SCC500 30SCC610



-5 ~ 43

5 ~ 20

Water management When installing multiple units, minimum water loop volume must be kept for each unit to prevent short cycle operation. Minimum water loop volume must be valued in the minimum water loop in water piping system. 2. If you cut off the power of the unit in winter, it is necessary to pull water out of the piping system completely or fill the piping system with brine for freezing protection. If you operate the unit in winter, do not cut off the power of the unit and the pump. 1.

Cooler Water Pressure Drop


Water pressure drop (kPa)


Selection Procedure - SI (with Example)

1. Given Cooling load ...................................................... Leaving chilled water temperature(LWT) ........ Chilled water temperature rise ........................ Outdoor air temperature(OAT) ........................ 420kW 7 5 35

2. From 30SCC425 cooling capacity table at 35 OAT and 7 LWT, read 425kW which is the closest capacity above the required capacity. Read a power consumption of 132kW at the same conditions. Water flow rate (L/s) Cooling Capacty (kW) = 4.187 x Temperature rise (

425 = = 20.3 (L/s) 4.187 x 5

Pressure drop: From the cooler water pressure drop curve, read a pressure drop of 52kPa at the water flow rate of 20.3L/s.

Performance Data
Cap. Capacity (kW) Input Unit Power Input (kW) LWT Leaving Water Temperature (oC) Notes: 1. All ratings are based on - Refregerant HFC134a - Clean water (no fouling factor allowance) in the cooler - Chilled water temperature rise 5oC 2. Water temperature rise may be calculated using the following formula: Temperature rise ( C) =

Capacity (kW) 4.187 x Water flow rate (L/s)

3. Cooler fouling factor used to calculate tabulated no fouling water. As water side fouling factor is increased, both unit capacity and compressor power decrease. Standard ratings should be corrected using following multipliers.



Part Load Performance


Wiring Diagram Legend

BPC C CD COMP CRB CS CT EEV EIO EXV FS FSX GL HPS HPSX IPF IPFX IPP OFM OFR OHC OL Brine Pump Contactor Compressor Contactor Compressor Contactor (Delta Operation) Compressor Motor Control Relay Board Compressor Contactor (Star Operation) Current Transducer
Extended Electric Expansion Valve Board


Over Load Relay, Compressor Oil Level Switch Oil Line Valve Solenoid Start Push Button Stop Push Button Processing (Input Output) Board Pre-Lube Pump Motor Pre-Lube Pump Contactor Resistor Board Reverse Phase Protection Relay Switch Terminal Block Time Delay Relay Transformer Test Switch Unloader Valve Solenoid

Extended Input Output Board Electric Expansion Valve Flow Switch Aux. Relay (Flow Switch) Green Lamp (RUNNING) High Pressure Switch Aux. Relay (High Pressure Switch) Fan Motor Internal Protector Aux. Relay (Fan Motor Internal Protector) Pre-Lube Pump Internal Protector Outdoor Fan Motor Outdoor Fan Relay Oil Heater Cable Orange Lamp (Warning)

Connector Terminal Factory Wiring (In The Control Box) Factory Wiring (Out of Control Box) Field Wiring


DGP ECP OIP Discharge Gas Pressure Economizer Pressure Oil Pressure PIP SGP Pre-Oil Pressure Suction Gas Pressure

CCT DGT ET Compressor Motor Temperature Discharge Gas Temperature Entering Water Temperature LT OAT Leaving Water Temperature Outdoor Air Temperature

- 10 -


Wiring Diagram

- 11 -


Wiring Diagram

- 12 -


Wiring Diagram

- 13 -


Wiring Diagram

- 14 -


Wiring Diagram

- 15 -


Wiring Diagram

- 16 -

30SCC355 Wiring Diagram

- 17 -


Wiring Diagram

- 18 -


Wiring Diagram

- 19 -


Wiring Diagram

- 20 -

Controls and Safeties

Microprocessor based control system
Electrical power to 30SCC160-610 shall be 400V-3PH-50Hz and control power shall be 230 volts, single phase. The low voltage (24V) control power is supplied through a transformer (100VA) installed in the control box. The control circuit is protected by two 10A fuses. Microprocessor-based water temperature control (To maintain constant leaving water temperature) By computing the leaving water temp differential between a set-point and cut-in or cut-out temperature based on unit operating conditions (No. of running compressor, entering and leaving water temperature), the microprocessor determines optimum capacity control steps. Factory pre-set leaving water temperature is 7 . Fan cycling The fan cycling control maintains the head pressure primarily during the intermediate seasons when the outdoor temperature is relatively low for cooling. The microprocessor controls the number of fans to operate by sensing a head pressure which will vary in responding to the change of outdoor air temperature. Low water temperature cutout The thermostat is mounted on the water outlet piping. For water freeze-up protection, it activates to stop compressor operations when chilled water temperature drops to 2 . Push PB2 button for manual reset and subsequently push PB1 button for restart of unit. Lockout circuit Safeties shall include compressor overload relay and compressor discharge thermostat, low water temperature cutout, high pressure switches, low pressure sensors, and fan motor protector. When any fault is indicated, turn off the unit operation by pushing the OFF button, (the warning light goes off) and identify the cause. The compressor will never restart unless this procedure is followed. Water flow switch A water flow switch (field supplied) should be installed in the water piping line to prevent the unit from starting when water is not circulating through the cooler. The flow switch should be connected to the terminals 12 and 13 in the control box with pump interlock in series. These are dry contacts, and make sure there is no voltage to these terminals. Pump interlock Never fail to connect the interlock of the water pump to protect the cooler from water freezing. If the interlock is not used, start the water pump more than 3 minutes earlier before starting the unit and do not stop the pump at least for 3 minutes after the unit stops. The pump interlock should be connected to the terminals 12 and 13 in the control box with flow switch in series. No-voltage relay must be installed for the interlock. If there is voltage, that causes some damages in microprocessor controller board. Minimum operating time for compressor Once compressor starts, it shall keep running for at least 2 minutes regardless of thermostat setting of water temperature unless a safety trips. Compressor start delay timer and Time guard The starting of each compressor is controlled by the microprocessor. The compressors do not start immediately after a start button is pushed. The time guard provides 3-minute delay in restart of each compressor to prevent short cycling.

- 21 -

Controls and Safeties High-pressure switch Cutout:2.01 MPa, Cut-in:1.72 MPa Low-pressure Cut-out Cutout:0 kPa *1) Cutout:104 Discharge Gas Thermostat Cutout:135 Internal Protector, Fan Motor Cutout:118 Internal Protector, Compressor Motor Cutout:2 Low Water Temp, Cut-out Low Flow Rate Protector Cutout:*2) Cutout:Melts at 72 Fusible Plug *1) The low-pressure cutout shall be bypassed for one minute after compressor starts and for two minutes after no.of operating fans increases. *2) When entering and leaving water temperature difference widens over 15

Sound Data
Sound pressure level (dB) Re 0.0002 Microbar
UNIT 30SCC160 30SCC180 30SCC212 30SCC265 30SCC315 30SCC355 30SCC425 30SCC500 30SCC610

63 59.7 58.9 59.4 58.0 56.5 60.6 60.4 59.9 58.0

125 65.3 64.3 67.9 67.2 66.5 66.0 68.9 69.5 68.4

Mid frequency of octave band (Hz) 250 500 1000 2000 64.9 59.9 59.0 51.9 64.3 59.7 61.2 53.2 67.0 61.3 60.2 56.5 66.1 60.5 61.5 55.4 64.7 60.1 61.6 57.0 66.1 61.4 63.4 55.2 68.0 62.2 61.1 57.8 68.4 62.6 63.4 57.1 66.4 61.8 63.7 59.2

4000 40.8 41.4 43.7 46.0 45.8 42.8 44.5 47.4 47.5

8000 32.0 31.8 37.3 37.7 40.2 32.9 38.2 38.8 41.8

A-Scale 63.0 64.0 65.0 65.0 65.0 66.0 66.0 67.0 67.0
at full load.

1.Microphone position; 1m away from side of the unit and 1.5m high above the floor. 2.Operating condition for sound level measurement; Chilled water leaving temp. 7 , outdoor air temp. 35

Electrical Data

Electrical notes: 1. All units have single-point power connection to simplify field-power wiring. Main power must be supplied from a field-supplied fused disconnect. 2. Power to control circuit must be supplied from separate source, through a field-supplied fused disconnect.

- 22 -

Center of Gravity and Weight Distribution



Installation Space
1. Location for installation should be level and able to support unit operating weight (listed in the table above). Provide sufficient space for taking in fresh air and servicing around the unit as shown in the figure and the table below. Make sure that a space for discharge air above the unit (over head air flow) is also kept open.


Installation Space SW & Control Box Side Service Space Water Inlet/Outlet Side Service Space Minimum Space on Coil Sides *5 3 Minimum Space between Units (Coil Side) * Over Head Air Flow - 23 -

(mm) 1,200 1,200 1,200 2,200 2,000


When installing multiple units in parallel, allow sufficient clearance between the units as shown below to prevent intake and discharge air from re-circulating.


If there are obstacles higher than the unit in the vicinity of the unit, discharge duct must be placed so that the discharge port is higher than the height of the obstacles. The discharge duct must be placed vertically and their maximum height must be less than 2m. In case of a unit with two circuits, it is required to divide the duct for each circuit in order to avoid back-flow of the discharge air to the other circuit. If the both coil sides or any three sides of the unit face walls or any wide obstacles, provide 2.0m or more space on the each coil side as shown in the figure below. In this case it is recommended to make an opening parts at the lower side of the obstacles.


- 24 -

Installation Foundation
1. For installation, fix the unit on the foundation by putting anchor bolts through the unit's mounting holes. Place vibration-proof pad of 10 to 20mm thickness under the entire bottom of the unit frame and fix the unit with anchor bolts. Don't make the foundation and support the unit only at the anchor bolt sections. (Refer to the figure below.) Condensation-water and rainwater falls to the lower side of the unit. Waterproof the surface of the foundation and set drainage channels around the foundation so that the water will not stay on/around the foundation.
UNIT 30SCC160 30SCC180 30SCC212 30SCC265,315 A 2,400 2,400 2,900 3,400 B 1,100 1,100 1,350 1,600 C 2,300 2,300 2,800 3,300



UNIT 30SCC355 30SCC425 30SCC500 30SCC610

A 4,750 5,750 5,750 5,750

B 1,450 1,800 1,800 1,800

C 1,550 1,850 1,850 1,850

D 4,550 5,550 5,550 5,550


- 25 -

1. Electric input at operation starting is much larger than the input in the designed operation. Electric capacity must be more than (MCA Voltage 3 ). The fluctuation of power voltage must be within 10% of rating. Unbalance of voltage between lines should be within 2%. 2. Compressors have oil filter inside. This oil filter needs to be replaced periodically. Following replacement condition coming, contact your local dealer 2.1 The first oil filter replacement is necessary after 1,000 hours unit operation or 6 months after first operation. 2.2 Routine oil filter replacement is necessary at every 4,000 hours of compressor operation or every 2 years after abovementioned replacement. 2.3 L tflashes on LED of control panel. A 3. Chilled water flow rate must be within operating limit to prevent cooler from partial water freezing, decrease of cooling capacity, corrosion on tubes or scale on pipes. 4. Chilled water exit temperature must be under 25 when a unit starts operation. In case of large water loop volume e.g. with thermal storage system, make sure that water exit temperature can go down within operation limit in one hour. If necessary, bypass the water loop with 3-way valve or something. 5. Water pump must be installed in inlet pipe to each chiller. If it is necessary, install shut-off valve to prevent water from falling out of heat exchanger during pump not operating. 6. Minimum water loop volume Too frequent ON-OFF cycles caused by the fluctuation of cooling water temperature affect the longevity of the unit. Minimum water loop volume must be held in tank and water piping. And minimum water loop volume must be calculated in the section of piping that holds minimum water. (like in a case of bypass pipe between headers or 3-way valve for bypassing water and so on) 7. If ambient temperature is expected under -5 , the unit should be modified for year-around operation model. 8. If a unit is exposed in strong seasonal wind and operated, wind baffle must be installed on air coil side. 9. If a unit is installed in snow falling place and operated, anti-snow baffle must be installed on the unit. If it is not installed, the unit may stop operation by failure. 10. Frequent ON-OFF operation, more than 3 times in one day should be avoided. If multiple units are operated as a system for capacity control or rotational control, each unit needs some modification. 11. Use the pump operation signal of the unit for the operation of chilled water pump. The pump interlock works as cooler freezing protection by extending pump operation just after the unit operation stops, and make automatic interval operation of pump by sensing low water temperature when the switch of the unit is OFF. And both pump contactor and flow switch must be connected in series as interlock circuit. 12. Management of chilled water quality Make sure of checking degradation of chilled water in routine because that would cause corrosion or scale, which may result in deterioration of cooling performance or some failure. If necessary, adding anti-corrosive chemical, deaeration or other effective anticorrosive process should be done.

- 26 -

Guide Specifications
1. General
1.1. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Microprocessor controlled, air-cooled liquid chiller utilizing R134a, screw compressors, and electronic expansion devices. 1.2. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Unit shall be rated in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards B 8613, latest revision. B. Unit shall be manufactured in a facility registered to ISO9001. 1.3. DELIVERY, STORAGE and HANDLING A. Unit controls shall be capable of withstanding -20 +45 storage temperatures in the control compartment. B. Unit shall be stored and handled per unit manufacture recommendations. s at 1.0MPa in the fluid side for a leak test in accordance with Japanese high-pressure gas safety code. 2. Shall be mechanically cleanable flooded shell-and-tube type with removable heads. 3. Tubes shall be seamless-copper type and rolled into tube sheets. 4. Shall be equipped with weld-on fluid connections. 5. Shell shall be insulated with 20mm closedcell, vinyl-chloride foam. 6. Each compressor shall incorporate independent refrigerant circuits. 7. Shall have a cooler drain and vent. F. Fin Coil: 1. Coil shall be air-cooled with integral subcooler, and be constructed of aluminum fins mechanically bonded to seamless copper tubes. The tubes are then cleaned, dehydrated, and sealed 2. Fin coils shall be leak tested and shall be pressure tested at 2.1MPa. G. Refrigeration Components: Refrigerant circuit components shall include oil separator, high pressure relief device (except 30SCC160), discharge and liquid line shutoff valves, filter drier, moisture indicating sight glass, electronic expansion device, refrigerant economizer (only for 30SCC315 & 610) and complete operating charge of both refrigerant R134a and compressor oil. H. Controls, Safeties, and Diagnostics: 1. Controls: a. Unit controls shall include as a minimum: Microprocessor (CM-2), LOCAL/REMOTE ON/OFF switch and 4-character diagnostic display. b. Shall be capable of performing the following functions: 1) Automatic compressor lead/lag switching. 2) Capacity control based on leaving chilled fluid temperature with return fluid temperature sensing. c. Temperature reset shall be capable of resetting leaving chilled fluid temperature. 2. Diagnostics: Display module shall be capable of displaying set points, system status and any alarm. 3. Safeties: a. Unit shall be equipped with all necessary components, and in conjunction with the control system shall provide the unit with protection against the following: 1) Reverse rotation. 2) Low chilled fluid temperature. 3) Low oil pressure (each compressor circuit). 4) Thermal overload. 5) High pressure. 6) Low pressure.

2. Products
2.1. EQUIPMENT A. General : Factory assembled, single-piece, air-cooled liquid chiller. Contained within the unit cabinet shall be all factory wiring, piping, controls, refrigerant charge (R134a), and special features required prior to field start-up. B. Unit Cabinet : Frame and cabinet shall be of galvanized steel with a pre-painted finish. C. Fans : 1. Fans for fin coils shall be direct-driven, 15blade, shrouded-axial type, and shall be statically and dynamically balanced with inherent corrosion resistance. Air shall be discharged vertically upward. 2. Fans shall be protected by coated steel wire safety guards. D. Compressors : 1. Unit shall have semi-hermetic twin-screw, gear-driven compressors with internal muffler and check valve. 2. Each compressor shall be equipped with a discharge shutoff valve. 3. Capacity control shall be provided by pilotoperated solenoid valve, capable of reducing unit capacity to 23% of full load. Compressor shall start in un-loaded condition. 4. Motor cooling shall be provided by direct liquid injection and protected internal overload thermistor. 5. Lube oil system shall include pre-filter and internal filter capable of filtration to 3 microns. E. Cooler : 1. The Cooler shall be pressed at 1.4MPa in the refrigerant-side for maximum pressure test and

- 27 -

7) Electrical overload. 8) Flow sensor b. Fan motors shall have inherent overcurrent protection. I. Operating Characteristics: 1. Unit shall be capable of starting and running at outdoor ambient temperatures from -5 to 43 . 2. Unit shall be capable of starting up with 25 entering fluid temperature to the cooler. J. Motors: Condenser-fan motors shall be totally enclosed 3-phase type with permanently-lubricated bearings and Class F insulation. K. Electrical Requirements: 1. Unit primary electrical power supply shall enter the unit at a single location (some units have multiple poles). 2. Unit shall operate on 3-phase power supply at the voltage shown in the equipment schedule. 3. Control voltage shall be 230V or 24V, singlephase, separate power supply. 4. Unit shall be shipped with factory control and power wiring installed.

L. Special Features: For assistance in amending the specifications, contact your Carrier Sales office. 1. Anti-Corrosion Option: Unit shall be factory modified for the installation near sea or any corrosive environment in accordance with JRA-9002. 2. Remote Control Option: Unit shall be supplied with a field-installed indoor switch package for ON-OFF control. 3. Protection Hood Option: Unit shall be supplied with field-installed protection hoods against snow or wind to keep its optimum operation. 4. Fin Guard Option: Unit shall be supplied with factory-installed fin guards to protect coils. 5. Color Option: Unit shall be factory modified for the requested color. 6. Brine Option: Unit shall be factory modified to start and operate at leaving chilled fluid temperature down to -10 . 7. Operation Monitoring Option: Unit operation shall be monitored by fieldwiring to PC with monitoring program fieldinstalled.

- 28 -

Manufacture reserves the right to discontinue, or change at any time, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.


Form 30SCC160-2PDE Printed in Japan 2004/12