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Our Scorecard 2007/08

OUR PURPOSE: To be Australia’s energy provider of choice

We will be Australia’s Our Values Goals
first choice because: We are committed to: We will strive to be by 2010:
• Our network is safe and reliable • Safety • Australia’s safest network
• Our customers value our service • Integrity • Australia’s most reliable network
• Our staff are proud to work here • Reliability • Australia’s most successful energy
• Our community recognises our values, • Respect for our people, community retailer
our contribution, our citizenship and and environment • Australia’s most respected energy
our achievements • Commercial success provider

Our Targets for 2007/08
Community & Sustainability Customers Operational Excellence People Finance
1. Deliver community expectations 5. Drive reliability 8. Provide a safe network 12. Deliver a safe workplace 15. Deliver shareholder results
Corporate Responsibility Index Rating 90% SAIDI – system average interruption 86-104 Network asset related injuries Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate <4.5 EBIT $510.8m
minutes to the public Nil fatalities
Completion of critical network Average Lost Time <7 days ROA 6.7%
performance projects 100% SAIFI – system average 1.11-1.33 Public Electrical Safety Awareness Achieved
‘People Safe’ Plan Implemented
interruption frequency outages
Regional Stakeholder Plan Implemented 16. Secure regulated income
Compliance with the DWE 9. Invest in the network
(formerly DEUS) reliability standards 100% 13. Develop our leadership capability Prepare and lodge Network pricing
2. Invest in our communities Develop and deliver the Capital Program 100% determination Achieved
Undertake Capability Review and
Operationalise a Community Develop and deliver the Maintenance clarify and align accountabilities
6. Invest in growth
Involvement Program Achieved Program >95% for all Level 3 and key Level 4
Customer satisfaction
17. Drive corporate strategy
Implement items agreed to in the MOU 75% managers Completed
(very or extremely) 60% Emphasise progress against
3. Deliver sustainability Implement Emergency Implement leadership program Achieved
strategic imperatives and
Unprompted brand awareness >70%
Management function Established Maintain succession and development assess quarterly Achieved
Maintain (ESAA) Code of
Sustainable Practice Standard 85% Meet Retail retention and customer plans for Level 1, 2 and 3 managers 100%
growth targets Achieved Ensure alignment and
Meet greenhouse gas 10. Improve productivity and capability communication of goals across
compliance 100% Successfully implement 14. Build a culture of performance all Scorecards and design a
Network product strategies Achieved Reduce unit costs of key process to deliver the outcome Achieved
Develop and deploy the ToU meter customer service processes 5% Develop a new Remuneration and
program 100% ‘Electric Thinking’ network Year 1 targets Improve stakeholder relations Achieved
Achieve productivity gains which Reward System that links
Leadership in Demand Management offset wage increases 100% remuneration and performance Achieved Implement HR strategy 100%
and energy efficiency Achieved Maintain employee satisfaction
Right First Time work ethic in
7. Secure competitive supply levels >70%
Shared Services processes 98%
4. Invest in our environment Implement peaking generation Achieved Implement agreed actions from
Shared Services SLAs in place 100%
Environmental Improvement Plan >95% Build cost-effective gas 2007 Employee Opinion Survey Implemented
Learning Centre in place for 2009 100%
Sustainability positioning >40% portfolios Achieved Organisation Culture Inventory
undertaken and plan developed
11. Compliance to move towards desired culture Achieved

Comply with licences No significant

August 2007