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HEDGE FUND WORKOUT and Behavioral Specialist Greg Herzog Uses COLOR CODING DNA Technique to Help Better

Understand Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalios Principles

Westport, CT, April 06, 2012 --( HEDGE FUND WORKOUT Creator and Behavioral Specialist Greg Herzog uses COLOR CODING DNA technique to help better understand Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio's Principles for success. So what is it that gives Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio his unique competitive edge? Greg Herzog is the creator The AXIS CORE HEDGE FUND WORKOUT; a Comprehensive Conditioning system to find your own process for performance, with the highest rate of return for health and well being. It is a Maximum Workout in Minimum Time. The AXIS CORE HEDGE FUND WORKOUT is designed with the perfect intensity to meet the achiever's personality. Mr. Herzog is a former sub four minute miler and conditioning specialist in New York City and Fairfield County, CT. Greg has worked with competitive athletes, as well as individuals from the ages 5-94, and has made studying human performance his life's work. This extensive experience led to the development of AXIS CORE, a mathematical equation to predict and change behavior, as well as a Quantum Reaction Theory: COLOR CODING DNA, to help better understand an appreciate the foundation of the makeup of an individual in regard to performance. Herzog believes he has broken the code of Bridgewater, Ray Dalio's principles for performance. Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates. As of January 2012, the company is the largest hedge fund in the world with nearly $120 billion under management. Greg Herzog's COLOR CODING DNA painting of Ray Dalio's fundamental life principles are meant to paint a picture through the art of COLOR CODING DNA of Mr. Dalio's process for his systematic pursuit of truth and excellence. The principles in this painting convey his unique ways of doing things, which are the reasons for his unique results. Mr. Dalio's Principles are his way of successfully dealing with the laws of nature or the laws of life. What differentiates him most is how he approaches these principles. COLOR CODING DNA is a Quantum Reaction Theory using a geometric mathematical equation, where X# of points represents the makeup of a subject. Each principle applies to different aspects of life and each degree of expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted accordingly. The COLOR CODING DNA painting process is strikingly similar to the way patterns in Nature evolve. Since its discovery in the 1960's, chaos theory has experienced spectacular success in explaining many of
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Nature's processes. A mathematical system can be designed to generate COLOR CODING DNA trajectories, where the degree of chaos can be tuned. Many natural chaotic systems form fractals in the patterns that record the process. For more information email, or go to

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