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This is a list of some of the most common legal citations and abbreviations, together with their library call numbers. A more complete list can be found in:
Index to legal citations and abbreviations / Raistrick, Donald. 2nd d. 1993 Index to legal citations and abbreviations / Donald Raistrick. 3rd ed. 2008 Bidber's dictionary of abbreviations / / Bieber, Doris. Prince's 4th ed. 1993 Bieber's dictionary of legal legal abbreviationsMary Miles Prince. 5th ed. 2001 World dictionary of legal abbreviations / Kavass, Igor I. 1991 World dictionary of legal abbreviations / Igor I. Kavass. 2006 Cardiff index to legal abbreviations

[R] K112 R15 [R] K112 B586 [R] K112 K21 w


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Full title & dates

Call no.* (Print format) KF55 A73 KF55 A74 KH42 C73 C KH42 C73 KT8.2 A83 I KT1541 A4 KH47 A23

Electronic equivalent (in whole or in part) / Westlaw Westlaw / Westlaw AIR Supreme Court on CD-ROM Westlaw

A.C. A.C.L.C. A.C.L.R. A.I.P.R. A.I.R. A.L.D.

Law Reports, Appeal Cases. 1875-90; 1891Australian Company Law Cases. 1971/76Australian Company Law Reports. 1974/76Asia Intellectual Property Reports. 1993-96 All India Reporter. 1914Administrative law decisions. Main vol. 1976/78Bulletin. 1994-2007 Australian Law Journal Reports. 1972American Law Reports. 1919-48 2nd series. 1948-65 3rd series. 1965-80 4th series. 1980-91 5th series. 1992Australian Argus Law Reports. 1960-72/73 Australian Law Reports. 1973Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong. 1995Asia-Pacific Construction Law Reports. 1992 Atlantic Reporter. 2nd series. 1938-88 Australian Tax Cases. 1969Law Reports. Admiralty & Ecclesiastical Cases. 1865-75 All England Law Reports. 1936All England Law Reports Reprint. 1558-1935 Australian Digest. 2nd ed. 1963-88 3rd ed. 1988British Company Law Cases. 1983Butterworths Company Law Cases. 1983Constitutional Law Reports. 1994Butterworths Human Rights Cases. 1996Brunei Law Reports. 1965/86 Building Law Reports. 1976- [in Main Library] Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports. 1992Application for Review. 覆核申請 1984-2002 Criminal Appeal. 刑事上訴 1997-2002 Civil Appeals. 民事上訴 1997-2002 Canadian Bankruptcy Reports. 3rd series. 1991-98 4th series. 1998-2004 5th series. 2004-07 Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts. 1976/77-90 2nd series. 1990-2000 3rd series. 2000Law Reports. Crown Cases Reserved. 1865-75 CCH Commercial Law Cases. 1994-2003

A.L.J.R. A.L.R. A.L.R. (2d) A.L.R. (3d) A.L.R. (4th) A.L.R. (5th) A.L.R. A.L.R. A.O.H.K. A.P.C.L.R. A.R. A.T.C. Adm. & Eccl. All E.R. All E.R. Rep. Aust. Digest B.C.C. B.C.L.C. B.C.L.R. B.H.R.C. B.L.R. B.M.L.R. C.A.A.R. C.A.C.C. C.A.C.V. C.B.R. (3d) C.B.R. (4th) C.B.R. (5th) C.C.L.T. C.C.L.T.(2d) C.C.L.T.(3d) C.C.R. C.L.C. / Westlaw # KT4358.2 H72 A C9 # KT4358.2 H72 A C # KG42 B2 KG42 B21 S4 KG42 B21 S5 KG42 T71 Westlaw KG42 T71 S2 Westlaw KG42 T71 S3 Westlaw / Westlaw KF55 C84 KF65 C3 Westlaw

KH41 A93 L4 J8 KG357 A5 L01 KG357 A5 L02 KG357 A5 L03 KG357 A5 L04 KG357 A5 L05 KH41 A93 L3 KH41 A93 L4 KT4353.1 A61 KT8.2 A83 KG352 A8 S2 KH42 T23 KF55 C9 KF60 A5 KF60 A4 KH51 A93 D5 E2 KH51 A93 D5 E3 KF65 B86 C KF65 B98 C KR4242 C75 KC20 B98 KT3766.2 B8 S692.942 B93 KF65 B98 M KT4358.25 H7 A A

Westlaw / Westlaw / Westlaw / Westlaw Westlaw / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw / Westlaw / Westlaw

British Company Law Library / Westlaw / Westlaw

/ Westlaw

R. Equity Cases.N. E.R.R.R. 區院傷亡訴訟 2001-02 Stamp Duty Appeal.L.R.A.A.R. R. 1978-2008 European Copyright & Design Reports. Cr.C. Pl.(4th) E.J.1996.C. E. Div.25 H7 D C # KT4358. 1220-1865 European Trade Mark Reports. 1984-2008 Law / Westlaw Lexis.C.R. 1957-75 European Commercial Cases.R.R. 1875-90. 終院民事上訴 1997-2002 KT4358. 1985European Human Rights Reports.L.) D. App.L.25 H7 D M # KT4358. Lexis. Env. European Patent Office Reports. 1996-2008 Environmental Law Reports. 1876-2006 Law Lexis.O. Chancery Appeal Cases. R. 1865-75 Law Reports.S.2 C7 KG42 R57 KG42 S95 KF55 C3 KF55 C32 KF55 C33 KF55 C8 KF55 C81 KF65 C8 KF65 C8 A6 KT4358. 1969-84 4th series.R.(S.* (Print format) KH41 C73 KC1006.C. C. Cr. 1220-1865 Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII BAILII Westlaw Westlaw KT4358. 1891-2005 Law Reports. (Sentencing) 1979-2005 Hong Kong District Court Criminal Jurisdiction. 1993-2005 Law Reports. 1994-2006 Canada Supreme Court Reports.S.R.V. D. D.C. 1956-68 3rd series. E. E.2 H72 F C9 # KT4358. English Reports.Citation Full title & dates Call no.P. 區院刑事案件1977-2001 District Court Civil Action. 2001 Dominion Law Reports. 1962Canadian Rights Reporter. Chancery Division.(3d) / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Lexis. App.(2d) D.C F. E.C. Eq.A.C.T.Pl.2 H72 D Electronic equivalent (in whole or in part) Westlaw Westlaw Lexis. 終院刑事上訴 1998-2002 Final Appeal Civil. Common Pleas Division. Ex. E.& I. App. 1993 2005 1993-2005 European National Patent Reports. Cas. 2nd series. E. E. 1909-2008 Criminal Appeal Reports.H.M. 區院雜項案件1985-2002 District Court Personal Injuries.25 H7 D S KG41 D67 KG41 D67 S2 KG41 D67 S3 KG41 D67 S4 KF55 A7 KR3008.L. D.L. 1979Entertainment & Media Law Reports.R.2 E13 KW52 E89 KF65 E7 L41 KC29 E89 H9 KF65 E6 KW54 E89 KF53 E6 KW52 E89 T7 KF65 E61 KF55 C31 # # Lexis.L.C. 1912-55 2nd series. D.A. D.L. E.M. Exchequer Cases. Com. 1865-75 Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) England & Wales High Court (Administrative Court) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Administrative Court) (revision) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Admiralty Court) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Chancery Division) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Commercial Court) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Family Division) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Patents Court) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Queen's Bench Division) [Neutral Citation] England & Wales High Court (Technology and Construction Court) [Neutral Citation] Patents County Court [Neutral Citation] Law Reports. (2d) Can.C.R.P. / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw # C. English & Irish Appeals.2 H72 F C # KF55 C82 KF55 C83 2 .com / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Lexis. Div.C.C.M.I.P.R. 1875-80 Final Appeal Criminal. 區院民事訴訟 2001-02 District Court Miscellaneous Proceedings. 2000Estates Gazette Law Reports.C.D. 印花稅評稅上訴 1985. 1865-75 Law Reports. L. Commonwealth Law Reports.C. D. Com.R.R. Ch. App. 1865-75 Law Reports.M. 1875-80 Criminal Appeal Reports. C.25 H7 D P KT4358. 1866-75 East Africa Law Reports.R. Exchequer Division. 1903/04Common Market Law Reports. E.P. / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw English Reports.L. EWCA Civ EWCA Crim EWHC EWHC (Admin) EWHC (Admlty) EWHC (Ch) EWHC (Comm) EWHC (Fam) EWHC (Pat) EWHC (QB) EWHC (TCC) EWPCC Ex. Common Pleas Cases.G.

2 H72 H C7 W # KH42 F19 KF65 F19 KH41 F29 KF65 F49 KF65 F59 KF55 C94 KT4358. 1972I.A.K. Westlaw 3 .R. 1975-2008 Fam. 1985-1993.L. 1946 1946H. 1966-75 Landlord and Tenant Reports. 高院勞資審裁處上訴1997-2002 H. 1995 H.2 H72 H C75 # KT4358.L. Industrial Relations Law Reports. 1953-96 H.P.25 H7 H L KT4358.C.P.R.A.C.R.K. H. Commercial List.T.C. Family Law Reports. 1972-2006 F. 1864-2004 F.P. K. 高院裁判法院上訴1997-2002 H.2 H7 L4 P Westlaw KT4358. Magistracy Appeal. 高院法援上訴1999-2000 H. Hong Kong Cases Unreported.L.25 A93 KT4360 H7 L4 C KT4358. 1905H.L. 1994I.J.2 H72 H M1 # KT4358.C. Fleet Street Reports.A. Miscellaneous Proceedings.L.C. Hong Kong Tax Cases. 香港法律匯報與摘錄 1997H.L. 高院傷亡訴訟 1997-2002 Hong Kong Cases. Financial Law Reports.L.L.M. Hong Kong District Court Law / Westlaw KT4358. Hong Kong Law Yearbook. 高院刑事案件 1997-2002 H. Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Reports.L.2 H7 L2 KT4360 H7 L4 Y KT4358. Irish Reports.E. 1901-51 Knight's Industrial Reports.I. Immigration Appeals.R.D. Human Rights Law Reports UK Cases.C.C.C. Constitutional Administrative Law List.B.R.R.M.A.M.* (Print format) Electronic equivalent (in whole or in part) Final Appeal Miscellaneous Proceedings Criminal.R. Industrial Court Reports.C.K. L. Australian Family Law Cases.W. 高院商業訴訟 1997-2002 Construction and Arbitration List Electronic Industrial Relations Law Reports Lexis. Federal Law Reports.2 H72 H A2 # KT4358.2 H7 D KT4358. 1999H.C. 1997 H.K.M.C. Intellectual Property Reports.C.A. 高院破產案件1998-2002 H. Hong Kong Current Awareness.R.L.K. Bankruptcy / Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Lexis.K. Family Division. 高院建築及仲裁訴訟 2000-02 Companies (Winding-up) Proceedings. H.L.R.M. Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest H. International Human Rights Reports. 1970/71Law Reports.2 H7 T2 KF65 H91 KF65 I42 KC47 I6 H9 KC28 I6 L7 KC20 I5 KH42 I61 KF241 I68 KF65 I42 R3 KF65 I33 KF55 C87 K65 K5 KF65 L25 Westlaw Lexis. Criminal Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Justis / Westlaw Lexis. 高院憲法及行政訴訟 1998-2002 H. Hong Kong Law Reports.T. 1950I.(P.C. Admiralty Jurisdiction.C.D. Hong Kong Criminal Law Reports. A.K.P.K.&T. Divorce Jurisdiction 高院婚姻訴訟1997-2002 H. 高院雜項案件1997-2002 H.K.L.C.2 H72 H L # KT4358.L.2 H72 H C758 # # KT4358.R. Hong Kong Electronic Cases.L.L.L.D. 1991H.Pr.R.C. International Litigation Procedure. 1990-2008 I.C. Hong Kong Lands Tribunal Law Reports.L.2 H7 C Lexis. 遺囑認證訴訟 1997-2002 H. 1976-2003 F.L.C.V.C.C. 終院刑事雜項案件1997-2002 Final Appeal Miscellaneous Proceedings Civil.R.2 H72 H C9 # KT4358.L.2 H7 C3 Latest Judgments Alert Service / Westlaw Judiciary's Legal Reference System / HKLII KT4358.R.C. Probate Jurisdiction.2 H72 H P # Lexis.U. 高院公司清盤案件 1997-2002 H. 1956/61-2007 F.2 H7 P KT4358.B.R.K.R. H.A.K. Imm.) Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (Practice Directions) 香港法律匯報與摘錄(實務指示) 1999-2004 H. 1982/84-2007 I.A. 2000I.K.A.I.C.J.2 H72 H A23 # KT4358.H. 香港終審法院案例彙報 1997/98Hong Kong Current Law.A. 1985-89 F.R.R.2 H72 H M # KT4358. Legal Aid Appeal.2 H72 F M # Lexis.2 H7 L4 Westlaw Westlaw Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest Westlaw KT4358. 1905-96 H.2 H72 H B # / Westlaw Lexis.2 H72 H P9 KT4358.C. Labour Tribunal Appeal.C. 1977-80 H.S.2 H72 H D # KT4358.K.L. Hong Kong Unreported Judgments. 終院民事雜項案件 1997-2002 F. K.A.R. Personal Injuries Action.C.C.C. 1985-88 H.A. 2000- KT4358.L. F. 1992-96 H.Y.R.2 H72 H C7 L # KT4358.R.C. King's Bench Lexis.T. 1949H. 1926I. Hong Kong Public Law Reports.K.K.C.C. H.2 H72 F M6 # / Westlaw # KT4358. 1972-2005 H.C.2 H7 KT4358.R. Law Reports. 高院海事訴訟1997-2002 Administrative Law Westlaw Westlaw Westlaw Lexis. International Law Reports.Citation Full title & dates Call no.R.

P.25 H7 L P # KT4358.I.L.jsp August 2009 4 .25 H7 L L # KT4358.T. Queen's Bench Cases. Scots Law App.C.T.R.* (Print format) Electronic equivalent (in whole or in part) / Westlaw KF65 L6 KH75 N5 New South Wales Law Reports Westlaw N.Citation Full title & dates Call no. 1946-56. Law Reports. Weekly Law Reports. L.T. Building Management Application.99 Possession Application 條例第IV 部收回管有申請1986-2002 Possession Application 條例第V部收回管有申請 1998-2002 Law Journal Reports.25 H7 L N # KT4358. 1984-2002 New Tenancy Application.L. L.hklii. L. Scotch and Divorce / Westlaw 1891KF55 C87 R.25 H7 L P # KT4358.D. Personal injuries and quantum reports. West Indian Reports.L.R.L. Privy Council Appeals. New Zealand Company Law Cases.I. 1949-85 KF65 P96 Westlaw P. C. 租務上訴 1984-2001 Land Resumption Application.judiciary. 1993KT3658. 1883-2007 KH341 N5 Lexis. 1992-2005 KF65 P46 Westlaw / Westlaw / Westlaw Q. 1980/84Law Times. L. 1865-75 KF55 C85 Lexis.Lawyers' / Westlaw KF60 L4 R4 C7 Westlaw K1 L4 T5 J8 Westlaw KF60 L4 Lexis. Probate and Divorce Cases. L.M. 1973KF65 S59 Lexis.L.25 H7 L L2 # Lexis.L. Western Weekly S.D. KF55 C86 Lexis. Victorian Law Reports.P.A.J. Planning and Compensation / Westlaw P.25 H7 L B # # KT4358.R.A. 1875-1956 KH155 V6 L Westlaw V. 1875-90. Law Reports.R. / / Westlaw P.Z. 1865-75 KF55 A72 Westlaw Q. 1866-75 KF55 A71 Westlaw / Westlaw W. 新租賃申請 2000-01 Possession Application.C.C.R. & Div.R.C.R.2 S6 Lexis. 1911KG41 W52 Westlaw L.D. 1953KF55 W2 Westlaw W.R.E. Victorian Reports.R.bailii.R. 1957KH155 V6 R Lexis.D.W. Palmer's Company Cases.R. 1884/85-1952. 1919New South Wales Law Reports. Probate / Westlaw i-law.S.D. Simon's Tax Cases.N. [free online resources] http://legalref. 1971KT4358. 1865-75 KF55 C91 P. Property.25 H7 L P # KT4358.& C. L. South African Law Reports.C. 1893/94-2006 KF141 S4 Westlaw S.D. App.R. 1986KF65 P96 Westlaw Lexis.W.L. KF60 T4 Westlaw 1990-2000 KF60 T4 F Lexis.條例第I 部收回管有申請1984-2000 Possession Application 條例第II 部收回管有申請1995. Ll.B.B. 1875-90. 1832-1949 Law Reports of the Commonwealth. Rep. 1970 2007 1970-2007 KF65 R6 Westlaw S. N.25 H7 L P # KF60 L2 Lexis. Road Traffic Reports. Property and Compensation / Westlaw Sc.& D.P. 1985-89 KF65 P17 Westlaw Lexis.A L.S. KF55 C92 1891-1971 KF55 C93 P. L. L. Singapore Law Reports.& C. L. 1859/60-1947 Lloyds Law Reports. Ed. 1981-96 KH341 N5 C7 N.) United States Supreme Court Reports.T.P. 1931-47 Law Times Queen's Bench Division. Times Law Reports.Q. 1957-99 KG363 L4 S2 V.98.D.Rep( Judiciary's Legal Reference System.R. Law Reports. [free online resources] http://www.D.B.B. 1969KR4241 S7 Westlaw S.R.T. 1958/59KG1515 W5 Lexis. Law / Westlaw P. Law Reports.1917-56 KG363 L4 Westlaw 2nd series.L.R. New Zealand Law Reports.Z. 建築物管理申請2000-01 Landlord & Tenant Appeal. [free online resources] / Westlaw Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) / Westlaw / Judiciary's Legal Reference System / HKLII British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) .

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