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OKIA is certified with different Hong Kong standards such as 'Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter' and 'hong

kong award for environmental excellence' e-friendly club Design for environment OKIA should put endeavor to suppress the pollution of their products, from cradle to cradle. In fact, OKIA held various eyewear competitions, but their judging criteria is based on the trendiness, but not environmental impact. therefore, if OKIA launch this type of competition in the future, it would be better to include design for environment ( DfE) into consideration. DfE is a set of practices that strives to reduce the environmental impacts of a product in its production as well as in its end use. it includes, at the front end, choosing materials with the lowest impact to achieve a retina outcome. this may include considering such factors as recycled content, recyclability, embodied energy, more abundant aerials, toxicity and harvesting practices. A typical example that OKIA can do is to 'demassify' a product in future design. it carries the same benefit of using less material in order to reduce both the pressure on natural resources and costs associated with shipping. life cycle assessment OKIA must adopt this assessment in order to note any room to reduce pollution during the manufacturing process. life cycle assessment(LCA) is a process of examining the impacts of a product over its entire lifetime . for example, OKIA should trace the source of the raw material; the method of transportation; the manufacturing process; the finished product delivery process and, the disposal at the end of its useful life. life cycle costing related to LCA is life cycle costing (LCC) , examining the costs over the life cycle of a product. it quantifies the result of LCA and display information which can be analyzed. therefore, OKIA can determine the best overall return between options in capital projects. rather than alleviating the harm to the environment , it also help a firm to save cost.

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green building is an emerging field , driven largely by the success of the US Green Building Council's LEED ( leadership in energy and environmental design ) scoring system. this system provides a laundry list of things that OKIA can do m each with points assigned. A building or remodeling project an be certified at several levels base on the score. deconstruction and recycling daylighting - letting natural light into the building site selection material selection construction waste

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