Drop Circles

Floating sounds that flow and evaporate Like drops covering a sweating body, carried away by the movement, that fall on the asphalt, the dancer becomes as suspended, floating on air.

The Concept !
Initiated by Loan, a stubborn eclectic electronic music producer, Drop Circles is an original and percussive artistic creation, which mixes music and break dance, arising from the landscape of urban culture. This artist has therefore imagined and shaped a real sensory trip for the exceptional dancer and choreographer, Yaman Okur, whose personal style is also called « water style ». Rhythmic gears with amazing sounds,either powerful, sizzling, soft or sometimes even troubling that wriggle through this liquid material like a guiding thread: the pages of a diary blow away and come undone in the body of the dancer. Break dance adapts itself to heavy rhythms and throws into electronic atmospheres, appropriate for dubstep, touched by dub comas and breakbeat phrases. The choreography, made of jerky gestures, like hung and flowing on our perception, evolves in a dark and cold world, where rules a great freedom, full of energy and light The images, recorded and enhanced by the young director Jeremy Frey, come back to us like a thunderclap, in a mesmerizing video clip. The outcome is up to the project ambition: to show again all the talent and ingenuity that can be found in urban culture, giving us the chance to see and listen to whats best in those very close worlds that are break dance and electronic music. OUT ON APRIL 2012 !

"When I began composing music, one of the first things that comes to my mind are simple images of gestures, body movements. Then I try to define what emotion it gives me, then comes the dream... Historically, dance and music are deeply and intimately interrelated in me, they inspire each other, feed off each other irresistibly. This is after discovering the work of the choreographer and dancer Yaman Okur that the project idea is born. When first I saw his performance of "water style," I was amazed : its movements, its relation to the ground, this fluidity and weightlessness almost perfect … It touched me deeply, I watched his performance loop for days and weeks. I'd just take me a huge slap! Heappeared so obvious to propose a collaboration. A few months later ...a video clip and dubinfluenced 6 tracks and experimental dubstep that reflect the artistic encounter, DropCircles. " Loan
Tracklisting : All tracks composed by Loan 1 WATERWAYS 2 BUBBLE DUB 3 MOSQUITO 4 ICE CAPS 5 POINT TRIPLE 6 DROP CIRCLES Mixed and Mastered by Dume aka Otisto23 (DTC Records) www.dropcircles.org Link to the trailer of the clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBgX2k_Fhzc&feature=youtu.be Link (private) to the video clip : http://youtu.be/3UVZGMRoX1M Label : I.O.T. Records (Full Rhizome) Out on 27/03/12 in exclusive at Addictech Out on 20/04/2012 on others on line shop: Beatport, I Tune, Juno, Believe....

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