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2April are clear. been success. people have itout interest. many ofBritish and I hope like thousands of you find others. and We taken ofthe romments about handbook.he editionthis first of handbook abest-seller itcame towardsend became when out the 0f2004. And more have many will obtained astudy itas guide the tests knowledge life the for new of about in United Kingdom we which brought in during for who to 2005 people want become citizens. that benefits rases their ofour We think the ofthis approach increating and strong cohesive communities Thatwhy. i h e H o m e5 e ( r e t a r y I h e R t H o n J o h n R e i dM P . ceremonies celebrate which the achievement of people new Britons inbecoming have areal citizens. have account manv made the you reading handbook totake settlementorsimply Whetherare this inorder the test. people apply permanent we also asking who for will be inthe settlement United Kingdompass which be must obtained someone for before can apply citizenship-to same the test.wish know about Some will bought of ora to more the United Kingdom's and history instituiions. that. British Those together the citizenship with new te$s. is from 2007. to your increaseknowledge life institutions.will itboth interesting and helpful. like thank heartily the members Advisory on BoardNaturalisation ofthe Integrationhave this who led task. have the We taken opportunity this torevise handbook Iwould to thoroughly. tomake lives to more our and and inmany t0improve knowledge language.have They encouraged who have decided their inBritainlearn about culture institutions.

inthe test. 5peaken Languages) which teaching ofOther course. ofthese None isofficially approved. good ofinformation on colleges offering questionsmay asked Life rontains answers allthe t0the that be inthe these inyour courses area. 24 willbe for penon bookshopsthe oron internet. can the meaning 0rthey take new We also you think would advise tc carefully purchasing rhe before of any in UK which Life the test. and one for . ES0L 3level) the requires Entry that law ofpeople becoming British citizens. you find and which may helpful. who for residenre contact for where test be background (often settlement'or'indefinite United Kingdom called leaveremain') information the and fees to about tests the involved. not t0study other You have do the chapters inorder The Government new welcomesmigrants toBritain. even taking test. handbook willeventually tobecome citizens.How use handbook to this This handbook isintended readers are for those who intending provide help readers are native speaken.gov.also a and offers will needquali! by also to either taking speclal course the ES0L orby you idea sample togive an ofwhat expect. make you each 5o carefully. want test to lfyou information passingLife the test.person qualifies the in UK A who for settlement about alternative obtaining in permane.3. companymanages 0n that them (www. isno iotakeseparate knowledge 5o there need a test of ofthe lfyou tofind more want out information the inthe test.5and all on 2. 6ofthe handbook.Ihe are deliberately inaway questionsaren't written that genuine are differcnt ones will and very tothe you that requires an understanding ofthe English language level atthe (called be inyour asked test. website From 2007. though suggest are. you be about that not Kingdom oftwo They takespecial (English inone ways. consists questions important of24 about aspects study guide(t0 Life the test can the in UK which sometimes in be found in oflife Britain Thosequestions differenteach today. fascinating worthwhile you.uk) behalfthe of Home This Office. ju$these reading sections 5ince everyoneapplies 2005. 2April everyoneappliespermanent inthe gives details centres the can taken. have highlighted We also some United Kingdom all whichapplicants topass. can a t50L for please sure read chapter highlighted. will be taken some they and not 0f help although arrangementsmade special can be ifanyone totakein Some even wishes it you suggesting you might mislead by memorise to answers WelshSconish questions or Gaelic.are provided end handbook and studying have atthe ofthe aglossary key ofsome words itinordertake tests knowledge and life the t0 the of ofEnglish of in phrases. please the visit website the ofUFl.lifeintheuktest. are Theseheaded'Make you sure understand'but are intended as only guidance.very We much tobe topass test. we and able the but hope believe they be that will of qualifications to hope those meet residence that who our and decide interest practical t0many and will and tlalue readersthey certainly help spend livesthis permanent their in country seek will settlement. who tobecome citizen had aBritish has to willnot enough the You not questions be topass test. This handbook and local are sources your library. now need areas are that particularly important. iswhy call go British That we our on has writtenensure anyone can English E50L handbookA to[itizenshipi that been t0 that who read Athe Journey We hope thisjourneybe will a Entry orabove have difficulty the 3level should no with language. and your you understanding ofthe chapterswillbe tested The on. about Life UK English language.Ihe inthe the Life UKTestnormally inEnglish. tobecome To extra for who not English we permanent 0rcitizens United residents 0fthe Kingdom. may be much toyou. uses materials basedthe on practical ofcitizenship. questions be UK The will basedchapters 4. UFI on 0154245.nt by the way 0f residence a taking eitherthese willnot tog0 of ways need through same again special with the proces ESOL citizenship the helpline0800 rourse. ifhe she decides for or later toapply British citizenship. may get 0n these show knowledge English their ofthe languageoflife the and in United highlighted and may asked topics have been areas.

and people family young (hapter3:T0DAY:PROFILE A UK Population The nations regions UK and ofthe Religion Customstraditions and (hapter4: THE HOW UNITED KINGD0M G0VERNED 15 The British Constitution The inEurope the UK and World (hapter NEEDS 5:EVERYDAY Housing Services forthehome inand Money credit and Health Education 7 8 10 13 17 21 73 (haoter 5:EVERYDAY continued NEEDS Leisure Travel transport and (hapter6: EMPL0YMENT Looking for work Equal and rights discrimination Atwork Workingyourself for Childcare childrenwork and at 75 77 79 82 B4 69 71 27 THE 29 chapterT: KN0WING LAW 30 The and rights duties citizen ofa (riminalcourts Civil courts 35 Legal and advice aid l7 Human rights 38 Children protection 40 Consumer ftaptera:50URCES AND 0FHELP INF0RMATION 43 lntroduction libraries 52 Public (CAB) Citizens Bureau Advice police The service Other sources ofinformation 55 BETTER 5B (haptere: BUILDING C0MMUNITIES 60 ot 87 90 90 91 92 96 97 101 102 'r03 103 104 107 66 GLOSSARY t'15 .CONTENTS 1: THE ftapter MAKING THE 0F UNITED KINGD0M What's name? ina Early Britain The Middle Ages period The modern early growthempire Stability the and of The century 20th Politics inBritain 1945 since A CHANGING chaoter2: S0ClETY Migration toBritain The changingofwomen role (hildren.

Scotland Wales. inthe including people they both. they British. national identity citizenship and donot always thesame The mean thing. But are there many several which closely important islands are differences between ofthe terms'United Kingdomi linked theUnited with Kingdom England. thereavery tradition is long of ethnic religious in and diversity goes the United Kingdom. say are This . and 'British lslesl'Britain' and'Brltishi but not part it the do form of Northern lreland. in newsoaoers TV. Wales Scotland. Wales [hannel and lsle lslands the of and Northern now lreland have parliaments orassemblies oftheir with rant own. people some 'British. Man. have their These kept own institutions Scotland. lnaddition tonational divenity.[hapter 1: 0understand it isimportant something itshistory. and Wales Northern ofgovernmentare and (the of lreland rest lreland isan called'Irown Tenitoriesi independent These country). born People in England more say will often that their nationality as well their as citizenship isBritish.sport are ln there four different teams football which play separately ininternational competiiions. Scotland. Wales Northern and lreland. but there only is one team Olympic forthewhole the of United Kingdom. section mentions who not this also necessarily important the most historically. their but that or'Great Britain'refers only to England. Great and Britain Northern lreland. account Any however. Many important institutions are common to[ngland. will as in chapter. Scotland. see this The Kingdom United consists today offour countries: England. such the and as laws customs ofthe [onstitution. but whose often names appearbooks. Historians disagree what include what exclude about to inhistorical As as and to accounts. howevet refers say are and usually they lrish some toeveryone UK.name'Britain' UK) The citizenship. well people are the historical and main events people. and on depends political on their and cultural allegiances. and not nationality isScottish orWelsh. InNorthern some lreland people toNorthern iheadjective say are Ireland. parliamentary and representative Iheresome is confusion about the rorrect meanings and use Northern There also lreland. are government. one isonly interpretation. acountry toknow about This isa chronological ofhow United section brief account the Kingdom tobe came what it istoday. four countries together came at different toform union times a called United the Kingdom of IntheUnited Kingdom. the Irown as symbolof and a unity. often ofhistory. Iimited signif but powen. This you back early to history. ScottishWelsh usually and will whichthe is official of name say they Briiish that have (or the country.

lnvery history land early the was populated who by tribes came totheBritish from lsles different parts Europe. years they ahundred later came queen was Boudicca. tribal economy. of the great prehistoric which temple still In55Btthe Romans. public in built and orEnglandkeep thePirts to out Ihelanguage Romans ofthe was (ancestors Scottish people. admini$ration laW built and and Hadrian.ofthe one emperon. they in Before left 4'10 they AD.had who an empire covering ofthe most Mediterranean first lands. and atribe to read write who over lreland). established medical practire. when tribes Latet the in the south island been ofthe had conquered. The Romans abigimpact had on lifeinBritain. and traders. was There strong Europe. astructure rreated of t i . with [aesar. Stonehenge. Latin local ofthe Those people who theScots oriqlnally were learnedspeak. ofthe the lceni what now in is eastern standswhat now English back began in is the and aconquest ofall county Wiltshire. centuries lnIater Britain opposition thenative from tribes was invaded by [eltic who tribes who foughttrytokeep to the had sophisticated and a culture RomansAfamous out. Latin became came from often admini$raton Parts wall stillbeseen ofthis can today. England. came to Britain Julius Nearl. Scotland and lreland. ofthe isone of ofBritain the except highlands greai monuments ofprehisto'ic ofScotland. awall thenorth great buildingsroads. people [eltic leader fought Romans The spoke who the dialects la{er which became the languages are which spoken loday parts insome ofWales.

Their inthe ofBriuin. conquered They many were the Angles calledJutes.people England united the basis The were under fought these ofBritain against kings ofWessex and became new invaderswere for and led a strong tofight enough against while the centurythe in 6th by the Mkings. the of atthe battle Hastings. first inthe Jewish settlemen6 U|( were established time. Alfred Great King the legendaryArthur. rommunities in up several and towns cities. Viking languages. Normans common The and kings followed the who them began conquest and the ofWales parts some oflreland. with local the mixed the populations St Augustine toBritain came and ronverted to and spread new the religion For in of {hristianity. lreland. people Ihese spoke ofEngland and Scotland. while the a (hristianity the across south. did They yet not invade srotland the but Scottish and kings nobilitythe in south strongly were influenced . ofthe kingdoms east small ofthe and Saxons. also atthis William [onqueror the encouraged from tosettle France in Jews grew Jewish Britain. defearcd inEngland theVikings at however. the invaden over the ofthe century. north languages an influence also had on early oftnglish the forms and. After Canute. isalso Wlliam He called the Conqueror defeated Wlliam Harold. dialects laier which became in 6radually the kingdoms the ofEnglish. 1lthcentury again they ruled Monks lreland the from did same England King under (anute. farmed They missionaties led from Rome by land. west tothe and north. were defeated inScotland also settingthek kingdoms and up own lreland. of The Norman Conquest last was the successful foreign ofEngland. took end fth They allofsoutherneastern and Britain.As Roman gradually In 8th 9th the Empire the and renturiet became n€w weaker.Saxons King the again [ngland an ruled until invasionbyWilliam. French Norman became language the official and abig had influenre the on Anglo-Saxon ofthe language people.manythe Yet of Viking pushingBritons and the tofte invaders especially in stayed. inScotland. tribes Vikings Denmark fom and invaded northern from Europe Norway Britain invaded and lookingbetter These for land. of led Duke (part Normandy oftoday's France) in1066. .King England. King Eventually. east where names ofplaces from come the During6th the tentury.French The by Norman culture. on 6aelic.. the ofEngland man. invasion The Normanscomplete took ownershipland ofthe and introdu{ed and new laws administration.

the English were kings unable to(onquer scots the the during Middle Ages. withtheir agreement.l period the The after Norman language became compulsory for purposes. House The House of[ommons represented landowners country wealthy and people market and inthe towns cities. The English Parliament was not unique: were there parliaments inScotlandmuch rest and ofthe ofEurope Middle The inthe Ages. orthe medieval lt lasted until 1485. English Parliament however.Later French the fought much reign spent ofhis taking back reclaimed country. English tried the kings to dominate Welsh. as the such The origins Parliament the of liein early Middle Before 15. the Welsh by They huge tomaintain built castles power bythemiddle their and of the the century lastWelsh 15th rebellionsbeen down. begandevelop Judges to English commonby process law a ofprecedent tradition. of of The powerful most landowners.. the barons.there also but was a separate ofCommons. Athome. becomemost the developed in Europe. Ages. Scots the the and thelrish. king ofthe The could noIonger taxes collect with0ut the consent barons. and their part the in Crusades. imposed its laws Wales the on and English ofLords. aristocratsgreat The and Iandownen the in House sat . Scots. the wilh At end '13th ofthe century. the wrth called Hundred Wan English Yean The won some important battles against French. wanted make that to sure their were and voices heard that new could be taxes only made '12'15. Richard I Shakespeare inhis describes play (known Richard Lionheart) Henry as the V. which of Holy King the Land. They and were independentCrowr. did. ofrights thecommon for butit didtake theabsolute away power king. the the Lords. kniqhts 13th many from British took in the lsles part inwhich the [rusades. the English managed the of todestroy power princes 1300. Parliament gradually the becameplace where king the consulted his with subjects. defeated English the at thebattle ofBannockburn in1314. ofthe InScotland were there similar developments. Jerusalem other in and of cities the banle Aqincour{.make ofthe To or change hehad consult laws to and negotiale them. [ommons the and clergy. 12th and centuries. 12 there nolaws limit were to the power theking England. the ln barons King tosign forced John a charter rights theMagna of called (which the [arta means Great Charted. byRobert The led theBruce. had put From England 1536. kings foughtlong English also a war theFrench.the were acodified one laws written down.was acharter This not people. there except that were Houses three ofParliament (called'estatej). and the system legal developed as . European (hristians for fought control of During Middle the the Ages. lnWales. [onquestcalled Middle is the Ages legal official and period. atime about ltwas of almost constant lnthe war. however.

owned landlords the land thepeople worked who and ontheir were serfs. social New clases appeared. The feudal gradually system changedsystem toa based onwages. . inNorman times.lnEngland. same food The system developed insouthern Scotland. they have did asmall ofthe area lord's onwhich grew land they enouqh tosurvive. the but in north of Scotlandinlreland was and land owned rommon members in by of the tlansl populairon In1348. large including landownen gentry called and smaller called farmers yeomen. under system the called feudalism. land called They not any did earn money for their ontheland were work and not allowed tomove but away. third a ofthe of[ngland inthe died plague called Black This the Death was one worst ofthe disasten ever tostrike and Britain Europe but because itcreated ashortaqe oflabour lt helpedimprove to conditions poor the for the in lonq run.

Merchantsfrom came Germanyltaly. isstill The power popular InScotland. 190 approximately of middle by end the population. end 14th dynasty House ofthe ofTudor. DuringMiddle an the Ages France. ofLancaster red and was rose a inEngland tothink began of the rose the white was symbol themselves nation. the ofthe berausesymbol the Norman Conquest. Middle saw drvelopment Ages the which ofthe language Scots was significantly from different English south the spoken ofthe Scottish border period also of This was atime trade. Itdescribes different themany Vll weakened kindspeople met Henrydeliberately of who and independent power went pilqilmsacity the military as to called poem ofthe aristocracy to and began Canterbury. poem in along the ofBosworth. from great independent glass ofthe landlordsthere a30-year in was civilwar [nglish language and culture manufacturers and from ltaly than ancestors ln their had between aristocratk gradually into This been. were and There also people cameEngland who to with special such weavers from skills.1485 civilwar In the first ofliterature the works tobe when Tudor ended Henry won writtenEnglish.Henry King Geoffrey was Chaucerwriilen HenryVll.Ihey much became more Atthe ofthe end Middle Ages. as .0ne as one of ofYork. cathedrals inEngland. This was war knownthe yean as Wars today. engineers6ermany. clas the of and ofthe those House ofYork. hundred after Three people Roses.000 (or tothe development ofastrong Housefamily)Lancasler Norman Great of French. the the state. ln growing led groupt 5upporten the towns.established the and atthe ofthe century. battle killing called'The [anterbury by Tales' Richard became lll. strengthen the central of today. England two from came being. wealth the ofthe wasmixture a ofAnglo-Saxon 1440 were foreigners and there 16. canal builders Holland. were manythem use the buill in of medievalperiod.

Elizabeth The king. her which despite many lreland. crcated lrish This asense flizabeth same the managed peace tokeep -agreat movementof opinion ofnational consciousness inEngland. other and mafly remained tatholic.Ihey the called Prote*ants. Caholics that Under Protestants Queen was persecuted. was in own Edward strongly fleet) conquer to England and (alholicism instead Latin. Mary. ofplotting accused believe. By keeping people required for what were to rebelled the captivity 20years. kept ln appoint bishops toderree the inlreland. Proteslantscalled between the Englishthe and Atthe time Reformation rebels. Elizabeth baby. mother French. led. her the ofthe who inlreland. The Protestantsage 1 and half-sister of 5 his queen. died Scotsi acousinilizabeth queen Vlll I and crowned of was Henry wanted adivorce authority (hurch. expected dangerous. Henry His son Vlll policy. there much fighting (atholics the extreme was and more (later Puritans). who had inlreland Scatland. aProtestant.too. was The surviving lnorderget heir. became These stronger European The countries.however. the the attempted inEngland known became as refused. re-established inScotland to 5he control When husband Mary. ofthe as after ashort and only reign the his while was a because [atherine wife.Scotland she only gradually strength gained in Her Aragon. not the etleryone church toanend but Mary wanted trytotake Pope. fled England.read Henry only and was attemptof Spanish Vlll's son heir the Armada' (or Bibletheir languages Edward.'Mary. away the of . who opposed were Pope when English the the the defeated HenryVll alteady had begun tostrengthen the central administration and ofEngland power reducemilitary ofthe the aristocracy. itfor themselves. interpreted ofin Protestant.united Manythe the ofthe enemies.against Elizabeth l. was of essentialt0 t0the submit were Mary. of The believed it Pope. approval Popg successful the of [hurch Englandthe and murdered lover practired was had over in byher and authority allChristians [hristian as religion siluation more western When Pcpe Inlreland. Church English governing laws believed ofEngland. not him had given a was Elizabeth. had power inheritance The to over the now the to ofland. established the Protestantism Mary to Henry toimpose and Anglicanism. with strong oftnglish feelings pople patriotism. Elizabeih l. ideas next the Protestant monarchher was half-sister. rival EnglandScotland and more than groups fought and he needed 16th but much divorce remarry ieniury. leaden did ask of not questions about theEnglish and her throne. to a during the Iwas moderate Mar/ soMary a(atholic.chieftains. of against power Pope. [nglish her became Europe. of by Pope.died the and but he at re$ore in1588. was lnScotlandProtestant the believed individual's Mary that earh became Mary personal was more relationship with God adevout and [alholic brought reformation extreme led was supreme changes of importance. Norman-English settled ElizabethS rose. Mary Later against English and toa'middle way'between the was brutal executed. real the and tribes the lheir beliefs. popularity along was happening in[ngland. were less Inher religion. continued this HenryVlll was famousbreaking most for from [hurch Rome. England toobedience back tothe and toconstant of g0vernment. howevet Gradually.

Iwas province This oflreland.he times Normanil had and but Queen but was the ofthe [ommons supposed were aProtestant.however. north-easternappointed (harles in the by God. he not ideas when could with Englishespecially get and Parliament with toagree his policies. colonies Ingland. was son lreland centuries many influential. laws tobreak the and down power whom wanted strongly amore ofthe leaden. Scottish Protestant Many religiousforeign he farmers. and Scotlandlreland. more Parliaments. who stillwidely is recognisedgreatest as the period writer English. Francis Sir Drake. the broke balance intere$s. events serious tosettleAmerica. English first settlers began to colonise the ea$ern of coast America. Englandbegun was king had invasions Parliament more into became powerful (in and JamesJames the of Vl. ldied At time. its and especially for plays poems the and of Shakespeare. Lords Mary. which amovement greatly increased next inthe cenrury.period Today Elizabethan is the remembered richness for the of poetry drama. of middle many oflaw. there ofeach but 'Palei Tudor Henry countries become did not united The kings Vll were merchant strong and atthis Scotland its time. He King became only succeeded inoccupying tobe land mutually dependent and JamesEnglandthe Iof but two around an called Dublin.one After ofthese Europe time atthat believed inthe rebellions. government were skilled ofthe English les to inmanaging abolish power (atholic these the ofthe conflicts. 1ttime. political and to of rebellions many skills tried againstEnglish out. and trade al when atime European cOuntries t0exert began power influence parts inother of and the world.the James English relative the ofScotland. I these James (harles strengthenedattempts and son by the his l.Ihe is in also important for England's discoveries overseas. ofNew .The before king. Ibegan James apolicy theory divine of of'the right 'plantation'or of colonisation kings'+hat was by the king directly forceUlster. When Elizabeth in1603. thinken Many in Church. kept own and HenryVlll managed had to commercial inthe interests House parliament for hundred gain another control whole ofthe country ofCommons. the local policy. one the founders ofEngland's naval InElizabeth tradition. mainly tried rule to without any calling from south-west the of5cotland. involved particufa{ly influenced by these (atholic replacing the landholders and.nearest completely country. this lreland an was almost During reignsElizabeth the of I (atholic had children. she no Her and l. commander defeat inthe ofthe Spanish was of Armada. representing a yean still its system and and has own startedintroduce to English growing class. During Protestant Elizabeth I had rule Elizabeth.area the respectful other. and 'planten'went toUlster. of Anumber (atholic policies Land from taken the refugees the from religious rebels givencompanies ofJames Charles was to in Iand Idecided London. lhey These had in where long consequences established Puritan term for the new England. ofScots.

groups enough Parliament Some toget to questioned For years ofpeople refused togive tovote money to were expelled. religious they no took title the had flourished had England briefly who ruled and inParliament's but the Scotland the reason him tohelp suppress the from 1653. The Puritans policies. When Gtholics the oflreland.Ihe was credible no king.who ofCharles for to (harles no who afraid Parliament was king well. Church like Scots. as officers. for the tofight war. so begun using tothe obedience Pope. to refused rights the ofScotland. (atholic. king this Many England arepublic became foundation society the he secretly was he ofthe and a power inParliamentPuritans were who. there toEnglandcrowned and (harles power the invadednorth was in1649. demanded ofthe became Ihe they the fearedking atDunbar Worcestet and and Protestant inEngland majority because itagainst Charlesbrought completely rapidly wonied he would use them. under ideasproperty social of and class. eleven the whole supportpolicies though his and. of death out and Many had Scots bitterly opposed people tired were ofchange and harshly. chairman put the rebellion who The down lrish ofEnglandforce and England back (the had in1641. llwanted but Scots the of and executed successor tohis (harles money Parliamenthad submit power no system itself to England. called [harles. was In1660 he Presbylerians. it in Parliament wanted with king extremism.also He finally might toabolish (hurch wish Itried anest parliamentary his to the which leaders. armies by were during Republic time Cromwell's most kept ofpower veated 5cots.When in1685 hedied rebelled Parliament son King ll. ofthe All ofthe of[ommons House refused the much violence even the that today James's during short actions his Speaker) totell king isstill reign-his appointment of[atholics where had and that memory they gone said of[romwell hated his some Catholics. war out England broke in . 19th the decidedthe general. compromise with Parliament Cromwell howevet recalled died. as (harles his brother. When Netherlands. English tosee Parliament's thurch defeated by was ceremonies ofthe of came Cromwell best solution tobring back Puritan Cromwell. ll. afterwards they crowned children. Parliament that [harles toimpose the Later.saw who the ofLord Protector Levellers. fled. Inresponse. re-established ofthe the party. soon were that their as and had legitimate his might their anack religion.ltried After years Iwas four [harles inthe century.who James was control army defeated intwo Charles. the time its only in history.Ihe he not his be by Parliament. battles openly [atholic. needed and clear of he understood rule also that to government civil rule own and inpeacecould repeat tofight Scots this the and could tothe ofits army inplace. as defender England Protestants the on the 0liver the ofParliament's Charles his inthe llfrom exile who were however. Members ofParliament who war created and had religious fathers mistakes. Scotland became that five under control. quarrels the with bishops his ot in1642. against (rown. wishedareturnstability. popular He was only granted but peace the political whenmel 1640. the execution l.The English fint the opposedking's the the of0liver democratic ofEngland.(romwell in1641. king. army defiance o{ he loyal tothe was only commandby lrish the made Parliament laws by and [ivil ofthe House ofCommons. leadership Cromwell.

When Mary. Prote$ant ofthe lreland the ruler remained adeeply Netherlands. he invaded.he Mary and and This took the over throne. and who called were Jacobites.(hurchEngland-made In1688. in Boyne and fled James toFrance Wlliamt while armies re-conquered this lreland. victory isstill celebrated by Prcteitant loyalists To today. royal threat James had supporterl ll still many apecially inScotlandlreland. was resistance there no ' inEngland. Louis Wlliam defeated llat battle Jamesthe of the '1690. the lrish further were fiom Gtholics prohibitd . himself and William married was ll! toiames daughter. chanqe was called later the'6lorious Revolution' because inEngland itwas accomplished without bloodshed and because itended the ofarbitrary power.prevent any rebellions. proclaim king. great who public and the of the lords holding office there these suspi(ions stronger. 0range. James was determined the toreclaim crown got English and military supportan for invasion ofkeland from powerful ofFnncg the king XlV. were opposed ll toJames were other many restrictions placedthe conspired toaskWlliam of on [atholic fturch. [ngland troubled toinvade country.

lreland ln1922 split important inParliament minister Parliament not would support: into two-the became South a became as Prime knownthe this called' is con$itutional dominionthe and North remainedMinister:the tohold fintman this monarchyl AfterWlliam lll. union England while had Some constituencies a only keeping own system their legal few traditional and laws.the inthe Union. When Anne in1714. Anne. monarchto had the Scotland the becameKingdom House called ofLords themselves have ministers(abinet ina who ofGreat lthad flag Bftain.) and time not was dem0cratic because While Scotlandno was longer an men only ifthey could vote owned independent the country.English Ihe monarchParliament. dependent ministers on and monarchtoask had Padiament called theTreaty in ofUnion theirfollowers control who could place1707. the electors were and completely and controlledsingle by a aristocrat Presbyterian remained [hurch who force voters law could the to established by .new choose heir (later years this power least three every the throne the than English. one eitherWhigs {aname orTories could regularly amajority deliver the flag called Union often the still todayrefer the used to to (lhe ofvotes two inthe Houses Union Ja*.lhe most could insist policies not on that ActofUnion.TheseWlliam Mary's and successor. figure two centuries for more but lreland aftersecond the 19th in a late century.ordergovern the ln to The kingdoms ofEngland the House of(ommonsthe and and effectively. Queen died Parl permanently iament were changed called'pocket boroughsi Queen had surviving ParliamentaGerman.to the of children. obtained advantages trading no women allowed were fiom with tovote.Scots property certain and ofa value. torenew fundingthe for army The Scotland. year itisfive Every the tojoin inan of his England Act Union. government monarch. and Anew voters be were could bribed called became that Scots because Annet worried the he was nearest 'rotten Parliament be had elected to at borouohsl would adifferent to Protestant The king relative.The Government office Sir was RobertWalpolq who monarch's gradually ministen for years oflreland of1922 Act created was Minister20 Pffine important the became more than the United Kingdom ofGreat unril 1742. The ofthe Britain Northern lreland.l801. the balance between while boroughs the where ofpower small l.tt * s After many of 1688.ith parties mass The ofParliament monarch Great becameUnited true Britain the political remained important an Kingdom Britain ofGreat and membenhip emerge did not until . no chose governmentGeorge be king Britain. political h. The still some had political and put became years now seven and Englishpresurethe on Scots influencewas more but much years). Parliament.This in took members of and navy.t * * . Acts elect whoever he wished. Kingdom of modern Conservativebut Party).

The centuryatime lBth was however. and back tobacco goods. principles clans defeating atthe most after them important population ofthe colonies. was part for North America ofthe as increase overeas in intrade and clearances. in British for family. infarming. the lBth Britain the rountry was fi6t and spices withlndia began and peace Britain. orin flocks ofsheep were inwhat inweaving safts. Although people inIndia thecoune 18th many in ofthe power influence the and ofthe from Scotland. India interested greatest thinkers inhis regain attemptto the people British ofthe many migrated the gradually from atfi6t only irading. fintJewscome The to to clans collective lost ownership should theright their have to own Britain the since Middle had Ages '1656 ofthe (hieftains land. for their Many individual farms destroyed small were educated and and skilled make for ortrofts'to spacelarge worked as scientistsbanking. there in1745 was peace ofgreater domestic and scale. tea . Indonesia. century ofrelative within inBritain atime was toindu$rialise on large a inthe which iscalled area today (hanges However. led James was ll. refugees from came France. and bringing sugar. the of greater and science brought efficiency and 0ften. techniques Dutch Spanish mining the and traden Iharles (Bonnie Stuart Prince atime many ideas of new in power and use the ofsteam foramonopoly oftrade the in (aribbean. Ihese became who topay tenants had were Huguenots. the Perhaps left Britain lrelandthe and for new century. inthem. trade tothe grandson politics. expanded Britain powerorler world. than ltwas metalworking. the expanded battleCulloden lhe of in1 745. ofthe Many large factoriesbuilt were and East Company.He supported mainly which production. colonisation. landlords many penecuted religion. togetheroften are called increased Ihe fint annexation tenitories: ofnew Ihe inthe by clansmenHighlands theEnlightenment. they In the the were Protestants been and had I9th century. became political religious and settledLondon and and beliefs in in landlordsthrough favour that state only the the should attempt between and many not 1680 1720 English and king clansmen todictatethese ofthe in matters. Enlightenmentthat were everyone rapidly. philosophy Charlie). its all the Merchants with traded North America theWest Indies. or other called the'Highland clearancesl people deported Many were orleft At same there an the time. called Ihey for land used.David such as countryside rities work qained ofvast tothe to control tenitories king's ruthlessly army repressed Hume Adam came and Smith. in oiher Irade textiles.British The fought with inScotland arebellion led by tolerance previously. throne his The Enlightenment. Generally.

in1833. on to abolish Public Ihe trade started slave had in slavery. notionliberty flee6. the very inthe strong colonies. all Australia and of Independence universal large ofAftica. were numbers Afiicans offree and as escaped often slavet working Some servants orcraftsmen. toescapedominance Britaint atthat was navy time the the ofthe inEurope. towork appalling Several inthe such cities U[ as gained LiverpoolSristol. asserted Historians ffrts principles govemment. the freed They and [aribbean. a Inl8th-century there London. the from Scotland ofpeace.There an side this was evil to Wl Wilberforce. trade in1807became and Itwas slaves dominated and totrade inBdtish or by Britain ships the colonies inAmerica. many people the Kingdom to left United find opportunities new overseas. When Spanilh winning battle governmenl in1805. great and prosperity ofthis as result trade. said should taxation In18'15. inSouth mines Africa. bad conditionsanddied inEast and the 0nce the way. with wan France England. 400 million As empire the developed. callthis expansion empire ofthe offree people after American independence the Many inBritain and 'Second Empire political who British ltbecame Europe wanted laryest world. were invery workedsugar inthe slaves transported on plantations many on Caribbean. The slave from ports. the the British tiedto ofTrafalgar ln1815 pay their French ended the tax colonies for the to Wars with defeat wars North America the ofthe Napoleon the in against Emperor by French the American DukeWellington of atWaterloo. ruled there be'no Britain tenitories parts inthe in(anada. 833.million After'l 2 ships them work the plantations lndian (hinese in and workers sugar tobacco and Americathe ]he replaced slaves. rolonies They the rebelled. after especiallythe 'l Revolution lmking abetter and for life also French of 789. in the became slaves the plantation and ownen had ofthe in conditions. and Native tribes. ofover people. an inthe with reform wdcomedideasthe the the of population estimated Dmlaration.5ome inBritain. in Americat railways Aftica inthe prop€rty armyKenya.This inAustraliasouthern yean the led Ameican to the Ahundred later. . such the as evangelkal ftristian American defeated InNorth America the The colonies British were the coloniesprospered had and British with help army the of lmmigrants French. Brithh l"ater. fought Britain landlordsofthe and established str0ngest The of was against rombined and French church. wrote books their about experiences. the without representation' Parliament. afew and settlements Bdtish and Afiica refused tocompromise. The conditions slaves ofthe inthe were bad many colonies so that revolted their slaves against people owners. Parliament ofIndia. British colonis had further dedare independence from [mpire expanded to Briain 1776.Ihe in Dedaration coverofIndia. and lreland gone North had to Americacontinued. commercial and expansion put pressure prosperity-the slave Parliament Atlantic trade. Emancipation Act abolished traders men women the bought and I from Afrio. opinion the Elizabethan was era and fully gradually against slave turned the it illEal established I8th by the century. abrief After period mainly self-governing. liam were opposed slave They tothe trade. Caribbean. British West and slavery throughout the Britbh took to on Empire.

Althoughthartists a the failed. powerthis middle George Robert and Stephenson of new class pioneeredrailway the engine and led the to Reform of1812. oflrish incities as and other wjthout their Liverpool. notuntil that t0 lt was 1928 allmen women theright and had tovote.many and as as thebuilding ofcanals. vote.Many inSouth settled Africa.the 19th In early century. Although 1867 the Reform ports. numbers These were enough. there been rn 1853 1913. and as ofthe workers labouren. and By 1861 were populatrons After the there large 1832. working classes resortcivil to disobedience to people such people property achieve goals. longer. was The aristocracy still dominated Parliament was but there a challenge the from growing property qualifications ofthe to vote. universal (the suffrage right with voten gave few and more ofeveryone took tovote) much parliamentary the seats cities. Manchester begandemand right London. right women vote The of to was after long won a campaign by the Women sSuffrage Movement (the Suffragettes) to who had byimmigrant labourfrom lreland. industrythe British led world in [anada. to the to and Glasgow. Kingdom Much Brunel. generati0n theintense later rivalry between[onservative the Party (led Benjamin by Disraeli)and the Liberal (led Party byWilliam Gladstone) inthecreation resulted more seats ofmany urban in Parliamentafurther lowering and . This apermanent began shift Many people lrish migrated to ofpower from landed away the England toescape and famine interests aristocracy ofthe tothe poverty settled agricultural interests cities. between and around thebuilding therailways of began. late New 19th Inthe l8th and United Between century had aboom the States. linked These (itizens the 1l million British left factories rities the the inthe to country.000 and RussianPolish There also advances onpropertythe were great in but number of Jews toBritainescape other such thebuildinq people came to areas as of entitled vote greatly t0 was persecution Many athome. howevet the toforce parties leaders political ofthe tocreate organisations torearh out ordinary This to voten. leadersthis The of movement were the called Ihartists. indunrial and The towns cities. bridges engineers lsambard increased. Ao 1870 1914. of For Act again expandednumber the commercial and entrepreneurial voters. example. The tovote still riqht was based 120. like democratic Even many anrient ronstituencies so. also like by The Act abolished settled London's End in in East and Manchester and Leeds.Zealand the century. Australia. only third men of still a of middle inthenewly class wealthy (and women) allowed no were tovote. ofthe heavy ofcreating work Britain's indu$rial infrastructuredone was the beglnning ofsomething politics. were many There also migranb Britain various from to parts theworld.

ould collapse ot because soon They the rhrs. complete favoured was FirstWorld -18). as belween European several Ihis the War Fenians.. such were or killedwounded. Around were Men threatened Home toresist Rule 40. over introduced 1million fought behalf settlen Indians on inthe plantations. Australia. Boen manpower resources took massive from empire defeat To At beginning century them. British was inthe Empire involved fighting: who descendants were ofthe for example.new politi(al the party.'. the provided lreland afamine. unity theempire toothers of but :rpansion British ofthe promoted empire the by it was warning theempire a that )rsraeli raking Victoria Empress would of eventually The collapse. by ofarms. ofthe . ofthe whole ProtestantsNorth inthe oflreland. also colonies from the benefited the nfluence Eritish.uch lndia's as northwe$ Africa. Rule'(devolution). . in the British the Somme resulted 400. as Others. nationalist grew mot'ement stronger whenterrible broke war out during a period. Retirement for Inthe middlethe century. Labour Party. thought (ontinuous parls . of 19th potato had and poor financial for the and help aop failed. reformed more on a democratic very difficult inlrish pensions basis. British expanded rnto South tocontrol Africa the gold which mines theTransvaal. futile.rdwere of and of roverty themistreatment :lepopulations colonies. Indies.I the 19th late century. the the to ofthe imperialistsshowed this the there amoodoptimism was of some lreland been with had unified in Great by Act Union Britainthe of '1B01. ofthe 'lB99to iheBoerWarof 1902 nade viewpoints more both The entrenched. suchthe nations.The government inBritain. 1 7th-century ofthe all the UK over world.000 casualties promised Rule lreland British Home for about probablysame Rule started to and the number and Home Bill the go The through Padiament. from diseasestartlation and and people to ireland. local There was failedhelp lrish to the people that ageneral inmodernity adequately.vars many oftheempire in frontier .cnservativefavoured Empire. l9thcentury been had a Local was period history. oelieved uade commerce that and reeded military security law and and They believed that order. . of had colonised bysettlen been from Netherlandsthe called the The resistedit and Boen. suffered This the unemployed were huge the and a caused numbers ofdeaths by government.The were come in Liberals British Empire finally to did roreuncertain theempire anend aresult eventsthe in about as of influenced bystories twentieth century.berals believed the that empire rad become over-large and . New lealand and Because outbreak ofthe ofthe Canadafought behalf also on of Wal British FintWorldthe the British. but the ofGermans. (1914 Millions ofpeople independence.l6. Iharles Parnell. the Party the . force from theWest Africa.belief shatteredstill The lrish That was continues. lr southern were rhe bycontrast [onservatives. aroserepresent the interests many had leave 0f t0 government inLondon the working inParliamentThe classes and gorlernment. battle the attack alone. British on government finally in19.000 killed.this Some. bitterness belief and causing progress. Oueen rdia 18/6. Stuart advocated 0ne 'Home In19'13.

there (the was uprising Easter an Rising) the againstBritish by lrish nationalists Ihe inDublin. role the the was UK exhausted economically. theupper winning hand. under only strengthened the support for nationalism and inlreland led aguenilla against to war the British and police. complacent Hitler his ofGermany. . allies and became arepublic in1949. was which (hurchill party.apolicy known as resistance United inthe Kingdom. first intheNorth. the invaded France the qained Belgium. therest while of UK blamed (onservative the Prime were inSingapore defeated by lreland became lrish State Ministers time being the Free ofthe for too the who were Japanese. ln1916. however. leaders uprising ofthe were executed military This law. USA ofwar. in lreland separated theNazi Adolf The and 1922 was nearly destroyed. victories (hurchill Prime inNorth and while Winston became Africa ltaly. the won crucial brought thetotal and about defeat of economic depression and crisis. compromisestillwished and for realised togotowar it had against independence for whole the of lreland. their fighter 5pitfires and and 1930s atime the were of Hunicanes.has This caused many years in ofconflicttheNorth This conflict. six two The counties British tomake tried concessions encouraged spirit anational of in toHitler. tothe British is sometimes the'Troublesi called recently peace has returned 0nly lreland. battle the inthe of called the'Battle ofBritainl Even British Ministen Prime inthe 1930s toundentand failed the so. the Minister Britain's leader and war Germans lost millions ofsoldiers as result their a of attack Russia on in1942. national Inthis crisis.gOvernment tne p0stp0ned changes promtsed ithad to lreland. the were Finally. Protestant. France into With Russian they their allies mass planes. created unemployment. between wishing those for lrish full independence and those wishing toremain loyal government. Liberation orselfgOvemmenl grew movements stronger more and successful in India other and colonies. British East. Although played ithad an The against was war Japan ended when United exploded the States seriousnessthreat ofthe ofthe ofLondonofother and British German and dictator leader of cities as su(h Coventry. toNorthern When Japanese the the bombed United naval atPearl States base Hitler's succesfully Harbor. British tothis The ia. were which mainl. towards and IheJapanese then people parts Some inboth of expansionist ambitions racist occupied and and Burma threaiened government lnd lreland opposed were ideology. armies the entered war. Hitler. totally into parts. army the ln 1 1apeace was 92 treaty signed prepared Inthe 1920s were there The Germans toinvade improvements housing the inpublic United Kingdombefore but and generalinliving a rise they do they could this needed standards worldwide but the tocontrol airThe the Brrtish 'Great fron Depression' 1929 resisted Germanforce the air with 6ermans inWestern in Europe landings1 After theD-Day of 944. Germanforce able the was air to(ontinue night-time bombing itsnewly developed bombs atom over cities Hiroshima the of and Nagasaki weeks afew later. bitter fightingthe on bearhes ofNormandy. 'appeasementi people Many inthe lntheFar however. the United Kingdom.pressed they on through and Germany. and Iheallied gradually forces Netherlands. aerial againstGermans Germany summer1945. part remainedofthe important inwinninq war. Allies strong enough toattack the Germany Hitler when invaded Poland1 Inthe year in 939.

The Prime was new Minister recovered war after the After governments the encouraged UK (onservative governments Cement The Attlee. and water electricity supplies afree the market aframework betweengovernment within and put public were under ownenhip ofpublic Many ownership utilities.country by rapidly. was under The run a'mixed was of coal economyi This atime ronflict gas. believed ofkey trade transportcommunications. the had much and that unions too {nationalised). the unions.minfs. goodl inNorthern so the 20 {*mmunities lreland into flared violen€e government provided The The led controversial Labour Labour returned Party to whirh tothe power 1 to1 and for UK's the defence by developing from964 970 ofthe there deployment army its atomic and own bomb joining then from to1979. Labour. (onservative power inself-government for the longer on rely military and Labour Both globaleconomic governments former coloniesso and granted toprotect its fared many independence Pakistan.3. problems inflation.people lil 1 the The it for Ihere 945 British elected In1951 was Labour defeated. Parliament. than paid inexports). much success war and as fiom 1940s austerity restraint the and. 95 arrivalin UKof the immigrant establishedNational afree Health made changes new few tothe workers the from former colonies guaranteed nationalised and Indian Service which a institutions to inthe subcontinent and the {NHS) standard welfare which been (aribbean. railways. government too oflabour aLabour despite had demanded was ashortage also Churchill's as leader. government 1 1. colonies the Ihe Africa. again 1974 lreland new Atlanti(Treaty the now many UK faced economicofthe original Northern the North (NAT0). Afailed invasion in1 ofSuez 956 power that restrained and they government The Party believed showed Britain no Labour also that could and business. the onwards. 1970s did to in which much and aperiodincreasing of 1947. government. 0ther in Minister day confidence British inthe Prime ofthe destroy ftribbean the and Pacific achievedsummedup aphrase this in that eronomy. 1950s toIndia. minimum ofhealthcare the state had reduced introduced Ihe for Unemployment all.so. quoted:'You've il too. ofpayments' more Union its . the in1972. atthis ltwas time. interests. threai the exchangeand rates the'balance were inthe by (importing Soviet and allies. but and suspension.000lives Some of 0rganisation an surh alliance as personnel and ofnationsup resist set to the unstable internaiional cunency civilians security perceived ofinvasion lost decades 1 after 969. the independence next over {he isstill never had that tensions between years. were large-scale strikes the during Even the (eylon Sri (now Lanka) prosperity.

the policies inEastern In1992. ltaly. Belgium. her and way Economic Community The believed the influence that UKt until the 1990. its member AEuropean Minister Heath lhe states. governmentwar her ofdefending returned principles sense UK's ofthe interests inthe EEC the ofharmonisingwould too and its had goal be great. British When the comOetition. . were important more lower ofpublic housing the empire more European have countries stock including countries by 1990s. water. led amuch This to betweenUK the and membership. country still a called Europan the [ommission. could an form economic bloc Europe. de was financial services. the did tohold The Atfrnt UK not next Labour Conservatives nousrng wish join EEC Eritish areferendum inwhich wno InmunKrpal to the Many in1975. and crealng a would undermineaims. those Conservatives the policy. free the Prime services: gas. military led the as had without office 1997. lrveo politicians that links the majority tocontinue {council the tobuy voted its believed the houses}right homes. credentials as nati0nal a relations itsmembers both between and and market (0mm0n privatised main leader many although with voters. planned a agricultural ltalso nationalised and industriespublic for others remained many she fiaure. as internationalfor an centre were twice in1963 vetoed first insurance The tnvestmentt and othel and in1967. Margaret unforeseen. ofthe Union 0thers. and Mn trade closeness United tothe States. also amassive wrongly that assumed the EEC its and relaed the caused decline inindustry. until Under but action Luxembourg Netherlands these developed and involvement aho Thatcher. President. (see foreign wished tied the chapter 4) say was this caused by tobe to UK this there economically.issue and led reslricting tostrike. strict control money ofthe supply Eurooean established Union economic The Thatche/s culturallyeconomically. greatly by legislation was dividedthe on reducd new Strasbourgcivil and service. French again (harlesGaulle. afree economy. the economic controlled poliry Treaty renamed basedsterling. that in lslands was committed aims the tothe of EE( election and in1979 remained Falkland in1982 France. Conservative the electricity. many their the and U5A Since then. Minister Prime from tothe recovery islands. divisive tomake borden between In1972. time At governmenr that in it was agreat did decide also incease wanted i6appli(ations the ofthe ofLondon role (ity tojoin. Edward negotiated telephones railways.this on but ofMaastricht the inflation some but believed thev institutions. and the power trade was Parliament was established the entry the The ofthe unions in UK's into EEC.Thatcher's many Mn and the that (ommonwealth joined. ofjoining. Germany.(onservatives general The invasion West not convinced UK the was The won the by Argentina ofthe Meanwhile. ofthe The had formed European the British De Gaulle '1979 (EE(). howevet countries [ommonwealth European(EU). that tothe ofa political. this the the right government people gave inBrusels.

. political. are . most believe it has {see has The UK been Scottish Parliament substantial diminished. and tenorism.. public private pluralistic :... its such as or Scottish. has a powenlEislate. isstillgreat inequality between -aboul the like (onservativet the rich poor. global identity.e and sectors.anangements past. has more clas consciousitwas the than in goals to --nservatives. United any of agreement the The Kingdom isperhaps ": services which unionist other orindustries and parties. debates identities..vhether utilities be both ethnic religious in and terms.i -abour now public Party. branded over services.'ficient more and accountable. iies publicownenhip inco-operation lrish and asylum. the or culturaland "i.'sofpowerthe innEotiating to in 1970s. more mobile less socially and -:i been proved privaised by the ihit however. toseek ' ::d re-nationalise not am0ng nationalist. had afflicted over taxation. of and with the immigration :. and health.rke public generations existing services devolution. Welsh The multi-national and muhi-cuhural to . law 'l%9 '. led -. such agreed have than previous in and health more :: education and Although there been intenuptedare and cunently tend live to longer.::ur. ofthe Some being its '. policy introducing itis [onservative by althoughactively combated Parliamentand in aScottish aWelsh both opinion inlaw and and people that AssemblychapterThe 4). . were for hs elusive. hasparent a orgrandparent born outsideUK. ordet education. are very and people 'avoured partnerships generally inreal between wealthier terms. government. privately orpublicly but owned. -: ^qeshad (onservatives' it undergoneits able build the since to on violence 0ther inInq. . have heahh and People better . The isalsomore UK a -he were longer argumentsno society itwas years than 100 agq public should . susoended. New success an end domestic as such disagreements pensions.l^ taxationpublic for services. in1998. Labour toemphasise the lreland Blair was Welshlrhh national the government warming. the Racism The governmentwith remains insome Blair broke aproblem areas. English. Post-war immigration that means about right ofpublic the mix nearly ofthe 10% population and private enterprise. InNorthern are international. byTony wished the'Troubles'which Blair.. :'eak the Labour province from old ihe since and.' 19l (onservatives Asembly fewer governmefitseveral societyalong without were the has legislative Todayt faces for timg problems this athreattoBritish powers considerable in general by :i::?n the election but control issues.

They trace roots regions can their to throughout world asEurope. land stayed.:hrs chapter isinformation there about Migration to Britain The history immigration long of tothe United Kingdom reasons people Different why migrated UK tothe = Iheidentity. Asia the lnthe (see invaders toBritain. Migration 1945 since After Second War 939-45). For example. the right inthe 1 and 20th late9th early centuries against women Discrimination workplace in inthe and education Changing towomen attitudes working. Huguenots Protestants) Britarn came to toescape -1840s wastenible penecution lnthe religious inFrance. people toBritain From to1910. was huge of World (1 the there a task people rebuilding Ihere not work. the Britain. from example. and Iextile set sent engineering from north England theMidlands frrms the of and . over last years . and family young people people inBritain have origins other Many living today their in countries.responsibilities and of men women home and inthe socral attitudes Children. mid there a famine lreland many people in lrish migratedBritain. Britainproud itstraditionoffering topeople are is of of safety who 'lBth perse(ution escaping hardship.ChAPtCr2: A CHANGING SOCIETY MigrationBritain to . chapter More 1). was ashortagelabour theUK. centres peopledrive were upinthe Indies recruit West to to buses. tastes patterns lifestyle and of people childrenyoung and =tEducation and work inimmigration Basic changes patlerns the 30 Health hazards: cigarettes. Ukraine and Belarus. the Indies also to and in The During 1950s. people t0 t0 with from West were invitedcome work. distant East. the Middle Africa. were enough t0dothe so government worken lreland other 0f British encouraged from and parts Europe In1948. and [aribbean. and better life. 16th inthe and and (French centuries. interests. tocome theUK help thereconstruction. including tovote. lrish Many and t0 men labourers helped canals railways became and tobuild and acros Britain.large 1880 numberJewish a of came (called'pogrom()was called t0escape attacks racit inwhat then the Rusian Empire from countries called and the now Poland. came seized and jobs a people to recently. UK the there still of immigration 1950s economic and inthe for reasons many encouraged For industries advertised forworkers overseas. come Britainfind to safety.=' alcohol illegal and drugs Ihechanging ofwomen role n Young people's political and thanges tofamily structures women's since rights the and 1 century 9th Women! campaigns for rights. the such past.

New South and Zealand. immigrants bld'[ommonwealth from althouqh (ountries as such Australia. t0 and tofind For 25 from theWest India. early990s. to travelled work settleBritain. Inthe 1 of people the from former Union toBritain Soviet came looking anew for and way life.972 UK In1 the aaepted thousands ofpeople Indian of origin programme who been toleave had forced Another Uganda. immrgration t0Britain. people Vietnam introduced late from was inthe Since more 19/9.000 refugees South Asia been from East have allowed settle to in the UK. than 25. strict groups Australia. 1994 has aglobal inmass safer of Since there been rise migration politicaland reasons. this howevet UK able help large the was to a number of refugees. lealand [anada nothave face Inthe1980s largest New and groups from did to immigrant were theUnited the States. Indies.people aqents India Pakistan workers. such controls. about yean. for both economic . Africa. later and Banqladesh. and in The numberpeople of migrating these fellinthelate from areas 1960s pased laws and 70s early because the Government new torestrict During time. tohelp '1970s. Pakistan.

awoman had right her Until when qot property m0ney manied. Inmost households. campaigned and demonstrated rights inparticular. despite that to still jobs. to Ioday. days leave These girls school. and secretarial retail there strong work.earnings.The changing ofwomen role WomenBritain in today poorer r lgth-century families usually and many Britain. is evidence attitudes changing. quite womenleave jobs they manied. In late and 20th the 19th early centuries. an increasing ofwomen number greater and. Parliament new giving the to prohibiting from employersdiscriminating women against because of and (see chapter their sex also 6). female such teaching. 1882. inthe Despite improvements. 1857. not always thesame t0promotion better-paid have and access The is les average pay forwomen2070 than men. men greater Employment f0rwomen n0w opportunities are much than they inthepast. For itwas common for employers toask example. and her automatically to belonged her husband. continue the women tohave main responsibility for There childcarehousework. against workplace. average. this many Despite pr0gress. over age of30 finally the tovote tostand election were given right and for to Parliament. Although made important they an economic contribution. . WomenBritain make 5170 thepopulation 4570 in today up of and workforce. jobs closed Many were to their when got for t0enter During t0women itwas and difficult women univeruities..'omen had rights men. were large in romes women children men.isevidence and is greater in that there now equalityhomes that and more men are taking responsibility the some for raisingfamily doing and housework. stillfaced these women discrimination workplace. and towardsfamily allcontributed the rcome. ofthe on with qualifications boys there now women better than and are more than atunive6ity. and leaving after univerity women earn than . thelaws exist preventWomen do it. are to to for There particularly stillexamples inthe ofdiscrimination women. for protests the htt0vote. hourly rate for most still less men. the World ended191 women the When First War in 8. in wider of than Research that fewpeople believe women shows very today in that Britain should athome notg0out work. not 1928 w0men the tovote 21. the pressure womenequal 1960s 1970s was for and there increasing from passed laws women right equal pay rights. became as'Suffragettesi rig Ihey known lhese during FirstWorldbecause joinedthe War women in war decreased the greater of than had effort therefore much varietywork they and did a before. were Although women continuebeemployed to in traditional areas ashealthcare. people believe more that greater needs bedone achieve equality women. that are and wOmen now are active amuch range work before.. ltwas until that won riqht at at same as trle age men. stay and almost three-quarters ofwomen schoo children inpaid with l-age are WOTK.voman no todivorcehusband. inBritain fewer than Until amanied .

tests important The give information children's progress about and achievement. is one-quarter UK ofthe population.Children. and interestsfashions toolder people. towards and Today. 25% inlonealmost live parent families. people different Young have identities.isalso There increased for concern children and are stories ssafety there many innewspapers about child molestation bystrangers.11and yean (ln they 7 14 old. are there almost million 15 people tothe children young and up age 1 Thisalmost of 9. Wales. assess teachers children's progress they 7and 1and take national atthe when are 1 they a test age of14). Education The states children law that between ages 5and 6 must the of 1 attend school. inEngland The that take very and and Scotland children national inEnglish. ofthe the Part reason this increased entertainment for is home such as television.there noevidence this ofdanger but is that kind isincreasing. young people away their Many move from family when home they become but varies one adults this from community t0another. thesubjects are they dolng inand areas they well the where need help. and videos computers. 1070 within stepfamily. Over last years. patternsBritain been the 20 family in have transformed because ofchanging attitudes divorce separation. childrenBritain and live a Most in receive pocket from parents many extra weekly money their get and jobs moneydoing around house. extra . 65% childrenwith birth of live both parents. and family young people IntheUK. tests pupils are important. for the [hildren theUK notplay in do outside home much they in the as as did past. take tests mathematicsscience and when are.

and school girls than tostudy of People 16 ofage also over years may choose atColleges products under range From 10ctober it isillegalsell 2007 to tobacco toanyone orAdult Centres. Many referto bythe nameAlevels. are courses. Many believe part+ime (AGGs). leisure and (ontact local develop interestsskills.Scottish Authority Standard still school. thought are million in ltis children atany atwork or. voluntary often and a'gap lhis out take yeal year ofeducation includes pmple to and young work eam save Smoking: work travel and overseas.lhree are A5 units considered part course. your collegedetails. unirorHigher/Advanced in Higher helps tobecome independent as more as wdl providing them level A5 level Grada children good orSQA will sometimes theirfamilies) inc0me. take qualifications.lhe common are most delivery work Grade examinations are At17 18. (ertificates parents that work vocational General ofEducationAdvancedsupermarkets atan and newsagents. isgenerally not allowed buildings and well courss which and vocational available as courses as academic places for the UK.org. 5cotland. more Subsidiary they work wwwworksmart. and Schoolscollegesexpect GCSE Standard (and resuls allowing astudent on AGCE toenrol an orScottish Grade before Higher course.more age smoke boys.uk A5 are levels Advanced AS as one-halfofan AGCE. work throughout . and many one time. cigarette isslowly in adult young are people smoking. There laws the when are about age children take paid can up work Higher/Advanced (usuallybefore the 0fwork can and number not 14). with extra Scotland. more units be for to Itisvery important that are t0note there concerns Hfety the of Inthe second ofthe three A5 can studied qualification. is Further Education Education lhere awide of years Smoking inpublic 18 old. many route entry education but higher traditional for tohigher qualifications. at there 2 Qualifications (SQA) jobs newspaper and in when they 16. @ more Although smoking fallingthe population. Some ' money for university living t0pay their fees and expenses. Health hazards students with kinds education enter different of parents that children misuse and Many wony their may drugs addictive eduotion atcollEe or Onethree people go tohigher in young now on entrance a 50me people their univerity. who illegally are properly work who not supervised AQCE children or and the complete the law also 84 employment isstrictly ofchildren controlled (see pages by people AGffs old of AGCEs the and 85).Wo* job they people apart-timewhile are young take General young tohave Education Itiscommon for Most people the Certificate ofSecondary (G(5E). young defer univenity for year substances. three units. type they do the of qualifications by gainedcompleting houn can (see for information).

a used drugs time another. illegal at one 0r Ihereastrong betweenuse hard (e. amphetamines and cannabis. toposess such heroin. itisillegal drugs as cocaine. also drugs mental and and hard and illness. about ofthe have as whole.9. more tohelp including this onthe-spot fines. cocaine link is the 0f drugs crack and heroin) crime.Ihe misuse has ofdrugs ahuge and social financial for country. the . statistics that show half young and athird population ofall adults. lt is as'binge drinkingi illegalbe to drunkpublic there now in and are penalties control problem. isa This cost the serious and society tofind effective ofdealing isue British needs an way with problem. lllegal drugs: As most in countries. (urrent ecstasy. thereconcern the some people but is about age young start drinking and amount alcohol the ofalcohol drink one known they at time.Alcohol: people the of'18 not Younq under age are allowed alcohol tobuy in Britain.

amphetamines. labourer Although young show interest politics. is t recruit most people little inparty there strong evidencemany interested political such I restrict that are inspecific issues as r political the and cruelty environment toanimals. i compulsory * informal * methodsofassessment I defer t gapyear t independent a income I misuse ] addictive substances i abuse I bingedrinking f on-the-spotfines r controlled drugs I criminaloffence I possess I heroin. for Similar have found inScotland and charity. isues political I specific I concern t environment I tenorism. inthe famine. isthat immigrant I persecution. mugginq r debate t politicians. and people: I eligible I concern o molestation I anitudes I hazards . ict tlabour. confl political proces. t workforce part National where study atschool they (itizenship ofthe as .political social peopleS and aftitudes Young Ched pu undershndkey and that the terms vocabulary chapter for this a birth stepfamily parent. ecstasy. crack cocaine. rheir earnings people taken in %ofyoung had part some ofcommunity over r rights. has agreat over reasons Some Ihere been debate the for this. vote. same asked people The survey young about renorism. 4emonstrate I discriminate.1in5firsttime used 2001 election. results been insurveys discrimination f'lorthern Many o prohibit get lreland. immigrate. process. cocaine. found 86 t income. 9nd participation and inpolitical community They that events. children involved activities first inthese while (uniculum. Migration can in toBritain: general however. 50% taken infund-raising orcollecting money I campaign. cannabis r burglary. voters their only I migrate. racism a participation | fund-raising people Young inBritain vote elections the of1 Inthe from age 8. household a promotion family young Children.equal form event righr past and had part rhe year. political paqpolitics. people not researchers one think that reason young are interested immigration. war/ ftanging ofwomen: the most issues were drugt role racism health. asylum I the effoft war people In2003survey a ofyoung inEnglandWales that and showed they believefive important inBritain crime.

health. occupation. ethnicity.7 million million 59./% The has since and 1971. growth been has by population UK years. of and maritalstatus.9 million 1.1 million 2. collects isa lt also statistics 0n Acensus count whole ofthe place birth. The census population.some such theNorth-East inthe 20 in areas as and North-West ofEngland has adecline.l 5. fa$er more recent Although general inthe has in the increased last years. lreland (3% population) ofthe € Customstraditions and IoUIUK source: Statistics National population grown 7. housing. are people now anageing has For there more over under 6. is a numberpeople of aged 60than children 1 Therealso record 85and over.instance. topics as such age.ftAPtCr3: UKTODAY: A PROFILE Population Inthis chapter isinformation 2005 population United there In the ofthe Kingdom justunder million was 60 ADOUT: oeoole. there been Both birth and death are the rate the rate falling as result UK and a the population. = Ihe population UK ofthe € lhecensus + Ethnicdive6ity € The regions ofBritain population UK 2005 England (8470 population) ofthe population) Scotland (8% ofthe million 50.8 Wales (5%ofthepopulation) * Religion religious and freedom N. .

5 1.4 0. aform toevery inthe This ask detailed form for information each about member ofthe household must completed and be information bylaw. inlarge such London. people Australian. Australian.gov.population UK 2001 Acensus been every years 1 except the has taken ten since 801.Todayhalf membenthese about the of communities were born the in United Kingdom.Ihe remains confidential and anonymous. Black African Black other 1. second War next Million White (including of European. be itcan only released public tothe after 0. lulian. [aribbean. Pakistani.2 Ihere also are considerable ofoeoole inthe who numbers resident UK are Chinese (anadian.3 0. Greek Turkish Polish.'l 0. Black Bangladeshi ethnic and mixed descent up make 8. oflrish.6 i'. during World The censustake in20'l will olace 1. Black of Chinese. isdelivered household country. New ZealandAmerican Larqe and descent.4 0. and Black Black or British lreland) different Northern has customs. groups notidentified Ihese are separately census inthe statistics in the followinq table.7 1.1 'l.2 years.2 0.5 0. census trends Asian Asian or British More and help to planning. information the about census. and attitudes histories Black [aribbean PeopleIndian.2 population UK 7o 92 During acensus.2 0. descent) American Mixed 54. Scotland Wales. Source: srarhticsrhe census Narional from 2001 . African.0 0.8 0. numbers also have arrived 0ther since from new European states European 2004 the East member ofthe Union.3 0.370 UK ofthe population.statistics.B 1. Each four ofthe countries UK 0fthe (England. and Cypriot.4 0. many 100 when people researching family their history it very find population General information toidentifl isused useful.2 0. the census form and statistics previous from censuses found can be at Ind n ia www. uk/census Pakistani Ethnic diversity Bangladeshi The population UK isethnically and changing especially diverse is rapidly. isnot cities as it always t0get exait s0 easy an 0ther Asian picture ethnic ofallthepopulation census ofthe origin from $atistics.0.7 0.

This indifferences isseen United inarchitecture.400 kilometres). Yorkshire Ea$ North and and --mberside.One dialects inNorthern iscalled lreland ofthe spoken Ulster Scots. In Wales.Scouse and (Liverpool) (London). Geordie Cockney Many languages inaddition other toEnglishspoken UK. they nearly ofthe populations -"1fr). longest on the fiom 0'Groats north of5cotland End the John on the coast t0Land's in (approximately south-west ofEngland. insome local intypes customt offood. 870 corner isabout miles 1. the Most population towns cities. speak varieties and dialects ofEnglish. are inthe especially in iiotland 2oh Northem lreland lesthan rnuhicuhural 1% cities. . live in and of parts There many are variations and inculture language different inthe ofthe Kingdom. especially and inlanguage. toqan In Wales. increasing ofpeople number speakWelsh. The isamedium+ized UK country.The nations regionstheUK and of groups lVhere the do largest minodg ethnic live? -re figures the census that members large from 2001 show most ofthe groups U|( in i:tnicminority inthe live England. ofthe Some dialem ofEnglish inScotland the spoken show influence old ofthe Scottish languagg Scots. they up where make population. the South the West. areasEngland large minority Other of with ethnic West :'ethe Midlands.45% minofity live people in ?r ofthe total ofall ethnic :'e London where form one-third population area. The English i:portion groups countries UK ofethnic minority inthe ofthe language accentsdialects. are clear has many and Thesea indication ofregional inthe Well*nown inEngland differencs UK. dialects are l'oland 9% Wales (Iyneside). ScotlandNorthern people different and lreland.The distance mainland. which in InScotland and lslands in Gaelic isspoken partsthe insome of Highlands and and Northem afew lreland people lrish speak Gaelic.istaughtschools unirlersities.

Religions UK inthe (10% Catholic) ftristian ofwhom Roman are Muslim 71.6 2.3 .6 0.0 sikh Jewish Buddhist 0ther ToulAll No religion Not stated Source: Statistics the census National ftom 2001 b 0. number who other also Although people UK they religious cunently many inthe said held belieft. only around ofthe 10% population religious More anend services.3 0.3 t7 15. people inScotlandNorthern than England and lreland in and attend services InLondonnumber ofpeople attend who religious is services Wales. 2001 to the oftheir Inthe census.over There 75% they areligion: of10 had 7out ofthese Christians.7 1.5 7. just right practisereligion choice. the increasino.Religion has the AlthoughUK historically the is aChristian everyone legal society. were said were aconsiderable ofpeople followed religions.

not holidays exceptfor .rh Wales Northern in lreland. Bank r ce made thePrime call these .rter4).rotland intheUSA. and -. Ihurch Scotland The of isPresbyterian. rcralchurch state the[hurch ofthe is ofEngland.isno There established ofits General .a edthe isa lreland l7 March -. Chnstian inthe are .. )atron saints : and. nobishopsisgoverned purposes lthas for spiritual and .Supreme 5t. Wales Northern each anational lreland have saint Scotland. Presbyterians.spiritual ofthe who The leader thurch of 5t.(hurches (hristian The Patron saints'days link ingland isa(0nstituti0nal there between and The church state.1 patron Each hasfeast Inthe these pa$ were a saint saint a day holy when people aday had offwork.Ihe ofEngland St.:rodists Quaken. and from nati0nal free '. thurch David's Wales day. lnNorthern lreland).:: are public l/ MarchNorthern in lreland. ofthe of The monarch allowed isnot to ''ryanyone isnotProtestant. [hurch England Protestant and The of church 5t. and other church but usually the There four'Bank Holidayland other four ayear are peopleall is by Minister arommittee and appornted bythe holidays Holidays). (see . : has inthe 1530s chapter 1for existed the since Reformation ': anatron)king queen monarch) head. orin ' :r Protestant gr0ups UK Baptists.t the public holidays (most Archbishop senior officials. i. . most representative s0 its senior isthe Moderator ' :rrperson)annual Assembly.ernoI [hurchEngland. : series ofcourts.Georges England (the isthe The or 23April or day. monarch theright ofCa to .:t control. Today i:rfated days many as ' . ofChristians [atholic 1070 Roman and are : . lMarch Anglican inother [hurch countries theEprscopal and [hurch .Andrew's Scotland day.rrchSeveral ofEngland (see [hurch sit of bishopsintheHouseLords .Patrick Northern sday. i0 November The has I andistheArchbishop nterbury.

0fart.apublic is holiday. other and cards decorate houses. usually People celebrate night 0nrhe 0f 31 December. people their Many decorate atree. Day [hristmas usually isalso celebrated bypeople who are Christian.as ul-Fitr such Eid (Muslim).Therecelebrations and are also ofnon-religious public hollday traditionsas such NewYear Other festivals traditions and NewYear 1lanuary. isalways Diwali and widely in the He shown pictures along in with white beard. people lokes each unril 1April. thildren about atschool. [hristmas special forchildren young isa time Very children that believe (or an man. usually theday home eat special The not People spend at and a Sunday weeks Easter day three before isa when children cards send meal. main learn these The Christian festivals dressed Boxing 26December. 3l December Hogmanay iscalled and 2January apublic isalso holiday. theUK. April Day Fool's The Christian main festivals Ihristmas Day 25December.(ustoms traditions and Festivals Throughoutyear are the there festirlals music culture. isthe after lt rs are IhristmasEaster. give other send gifts orbuy fortheir mothers. holidaysome than for Valentine's Day 14February. lovers iswhen exchange and Sometimes people cards gifts send anonymoustosomeonesecretly cards they admire. holiday. each turkey.a inred.Scotland In Hogmanaybrgger isa people Christmas. isalso important Easter an Christran festival. Mother's Day . Many go [hristians tochurch Christmas(24 on Eve December) oron Christmas itself. InScotland. often which includes They each gifts. and such as Notting [arnival west the Hill in London theEdinburgh and Festival. day Christmas. them Customs and traditions various from reliqions. celebratesbirth the oflesus Irtsapublic Christ. is when 0ften TV newspapen stories and carry intendeddeceive to credulous viewers and readers. [hristmas old Father Santa brings presents Caus). aday play on other midday. (Hindu) Hanukkah (Jewish)are recognised during night. Day.

r0mmemorates who fighting World l. ll am. War those died in (a flower) people poppiesred \ror War and wan. teams and England. agroup [atholics byGuy plan when of led Fawkes intheir failed . Scotland. tennis. 0pen and the golf championshrp and Wimbledon tournament the tennis lemembrance Day I November. . are sports There no United Kingdom forfootball rugby. who At there two-minute isa silence. d 2 other Many wear in nemory ofthose died. and ruqby cricket very are popular intheUK. Grand the National race.Sport -. ancient Younq will dress isavery 'frrqhtening toplay'trick Giving sweets costumes 0rtreati them 0r rocolates stop playing 0n Sometimes you people might them atri(k lanterns out pumpkinsacandle made of :rry with inside. Scotland Wales).llowe en festival. occasion peopie isan when inGreat set Britain offfrreworks it h0me inspecial 0r displays oriqin this The of celebration anevent was ^ 1605.ryFawkes Night 'lovember. . Waies and Northern have Own lreland their teams lmportant sporting events (FA) include. people often up 0ctober. kiI the Pr0testant abombthe king with in Houses ofParliament. ' plays part peoples Football. Football horse the Associationcup (and final equivalents inNorthern lreland. 5port kinds aimportant inrnany ofall lives.

Parliament. ofwhich of many checks other's Government Ihesystem ofgovernment Ihe monarchy Iheelectoral system parties Political The British [Onstitution written inany isnot down single document. and laws and would that conventions theBritish form [0nstitution. people argue Some theroles less formal institutions. Denmark. others but believe anunwritten that publrc forinstitutions tomeet changing circumstances and scope toadapt powen. Cabinet. ismainly like theUnited Kingdom never alasting has had revolution. most important institutions been existence have rn for so 0ur hundreds Some believe there be srngle ofyean.ChAPICI4: UNITED THE HOW KINGDOM I5GOVERNED The British Constitution about: governeda Inthis chapter isrnformation As constitutional there theUnited Kingdom rs by a democracy. America or France. and by Prime . has The like the Norway. as media pressure such the and ofother groups. and the or can elections. policies MinisteI decisi0ns the 0ngOvernment are enc0uragePrime the made the MinisterCabinet. formal lreland. also seen part (onstitution.civrl the the service. Spain Sweden. judlciary. Wales Northern Toqethe. people that shoulda constitution more allows document. isalso She ElizabeththeHead State theUnited of Queen inthe themonarchHead State many or of for countries [ommonwealth. these institutions. means theking Ihis that or does constitutional which have the the country. devolved have set administrationsbeen upforScotland.the and institutions government. and ofthe of HouseLords). provide oneach wide range institutions. a queen notrule monarchy. Being acitizen Voting (ontactingMP your This because as theconstitutions other are ofmany countries. oflocal More recently. should be as ofthe The inEurope the UK and world expecIaIr0ns. and UK. Netherlands. the the police. appoints government thepeople chosen but warn indemocratic Although queen king advise. The European Union The [ommonwealth The United Nations The monarchy ll is of Kingdom. offce Prime of the of Minister. ofthese the Most institutionsoflong are standing: include they (c0nsisting House[ommons the monarchy.

0n occasion Queen a intheir this the makes constituency.The ChlefWhip attends or often [abinet (abinet judgments European butit was Union the and ofthe Court. lfan (MP) ofParliament inageneral election. Ihesystem ofgovernment United inthe Kingdom parliamentary isa democracy. c0mment the 0n what q0vernment and debate isdoing. MP MPs for Each reDresents a parliamentary constituency. with the The House ofCommons The House[ommonsthemore of is importantthetwochambers of in parliamentary European elections Elections European for the Parliament held five Ihere are also every years. there 646 The has ceremonial as opening roles such the ofthe MPs anumber have ofdifferent responsibilities. House Ihememben House ofthe of(ommons are called'Memben ofParliament'or short.oldest isthe tothe her son. atleast five voters each every years in constituency their elect Member though may held they be sooner Prime ifthe Minister so decides. willbe dies there another called election. lheQueen reigned her has since father's in1 Prince deah 952.Ihe party wins isthen by Ihelaw requires elections that new toParliament held least tobe at every majority ofconstituencies. Parliament. they important national issues. the candidategerthe votes who most government formedthe which the iselected. MPs of Most belong apolitical and party to past his her or constituency. They represent Queen important everyone parliamentary each new session year. ABill change theonly towhich HouseLords give to it is one the of must its consent. the are seats representatives UK the 78 for from the in European Parliament Prime Minister almost themembentheGbinet members and and all of are elected members Members Eurooean are called of the .Ihe divided 646 is UK into parliamentary constituencies and The Whips group appointed party The are small ofMPs Whips a by their leaden. which these House the ofCommons Soeaker. Ihey people that power Parliament Some argue the of islessened of because are responsible for discipline party making MPs intheir and sure attend theobligationtheUnited 0n Kingdom toaccept rules European the the ofthe House of(ommons t0vote. in party the House[ommons. oftheelected form All MPs the MP orresigns. scrutinise help they new they and policies year government's for speech summarises that the the ahead. the Prince ofWales. [harles. heir throne. aby-election. fveyearsso is fundamental nogovernmentsought change that has t0 it. elected asystem MPs are through called'first government. ofthe orarea country: are ofthese.itsmembers democratically Nowadays and are elected. Parliament 5hadow meetingsarranges and the schedule ofproceedings in itself created obligations. tocreate laws. Government Elections There be general toelect atleast five must a election MPs every years.ofthe of[ommons. with larqest the number forms posti ofMPs the the Ineach constituency.

that often on specialist knowledgeis than . seats ailocated party whereby are toeach in portion total itwon. The home Minister is official ofthePrime 10Downing incentral Street. . to . 'louse of[ommons. ::pendent for Appointments [ommission non-party -e ast years hereditary have peers lostthe right few the automatic of although are lowed elect few they al to a of . the who minister is ofLords the memberof the Cabinet nthe butsat House ratherthan passed itis legislation in2005. tothe votes The HouseLords of 'rbers House ofLords.The Prime Minister (MEPs). (called ministers order immrgration. :' ament Electionst0the Eur0pean Parliamentasystem use 0f p0rti0naJ representati0n. peers. : thepower appoint just their lifetime. 0rsome profession.llouseLords draw more of Lrfe are .ethe less important ofthetwo House isusuallythe ofLords . it is independent government. ofthe of lJest 0rpropose laws. responsible for aw.rbers Parliament.not are elected do and ofthe represent The roie membership|-|ouse of aconstituency.The --emalorityitsmembers not the will agree passlaw which to a for of has to . Until all ' er'hereditaryi that meaningtheirtitles inherited. were senior :rshopsthe[hurch England. and ofthe 1958 peers were rshave recently undergone big chanqes. a for legal isalso Ihancellor.'rule House the ofLords. of He orshe appoints members [abinet has the ofthe and control many over public important appointments. 5ecretary. Prime to the Minister resigns his her isdefeated when or party inageneral election. :ne Minister. the ' rLnDerrepresent to tnem. judges. now |-|ouse ofCommons. House has The of[ommonspowers of . cal The also a party Prime ifthe in Minister bechanged MPs theqoverning decide can More todoso. usually. as knownpeers. and responsible affairs. abetomembers House[ommons. London. These the of ofthe responsible e(onomy. . Home forthe the Secretary. had career in n Life have in law other Ihrs means debates . new which then are discussed by amendments very House can ofLords become important . ness. Ihe Lord ofState') for education. usually adistinguished politics.se [ommonsvoted. Peers appointed ofthe of .. and the Foreign and 'Secretaries health defence. nearthe Houses he ofParliament. if he she or or wishes resign. Following (PM) party The Prime lt/inister istheeader thepolitical inpower.these very used. but are rarely (abinet The The Prime Minister about MPs ministers appoints 20senror tobecome inchargedepartments include Chancellor Exchequer.m0re lt can .:end HouseLords. include but they 0n advice Prime ofthe Queenthe parties by and an r enominated leaden other by the ofthe main peers.'i as Peen. 1958 Prime of Since the Minister has of peen for own These . orshe has country not from house far London edChequers.

or He politi(al she anMB is MPs eleaed fellow tokeep during by order debates and make therules followed. party The system parties orone ofthe representing Welsh.chief are by the ofhcer theHouse[ommons. can anyone stand for forelectionanMP they unlikelywinanelection they contribute costs.Ihis to sure includes making the are sure 0pposition aguaranteed oftime debate it chooses. 0ne rmportant 0pp0rtunity to place week dothis atPrime is Ministers which Questions takes every while Parliament issitting. seek among Under British the systemparliamentary of democracy. or lrish interests.(hancellorsitintheCommons. The Speaker Debates House inthe of(ommons chaired theSpeaker. has to issues amount Parliament The Speakerrepresents atceremonial also occasions.have political parties. are afew who notrepresent ofthemain There just MPs do any political parties are political parties and called'independentslThe main voters their actively members ordinary tojoin debates. The Leader 0ppositi0n person hopes isthe who ofthe to party thenext general Prime if his wins become Minister orher election. help electionsParliament local t0their and at orfor as but are to unless gO\/ernment. Northern Scottish. Party. ministers possibletheLord for t0 Jhese form [abinet. The Leader 0pposition his her leads or party pointing the ofthe in out government's and failures weaknesses.small the which meets a committee usually weekly and policy makes important decisions government which then about often have be to debated orapproved byParliament. Speaker of of The ispoliticlly neutral. The 0pposition The largest in House second party the ofCommons the iscalled 0pposition. the of and together form Shadow they the [abinet. conferences every These theLabour the(onservative theLiberal Party. inmOst have nominated represent major they branches constituencies hold and they been t0 one ofthe year. policy-making . Leaderthe0pposltion appoints The of also senior 0pposrtion tolead criti(ism government MPs ministers. are Democrats.

services. 199/ government aprogramme sits Edinburgh. by periodically. form representation isused or unions) onparticular (e.enaWelsh '. Before . The public likely pressure than for groups general ismore tosupport elections European tothe Parliament.-.1999there has Since central (MSPs). aform proportional of Asembly. The Parliament ofScotland Devolved administration . Parliament elected a There 129 are Memben Scottish ofthe Asembly. administrations and -ontrolthe of devolved for on that Parliamentpass can legislationScotlandallmatten Scottish Parliament. health transport and as is 0rnot interest.political isinpower. l'rssuf€ inthe Ihey represent (ma the ist groups UK. representationinNorthern ln isused lreland role There They a important inpolitics.matters which The on are specifically totheUK not reserved include and law. Although servants tofollow civil have . '.topass forWalesthese place.'.: 0ntakes topcivil government. in the capital ofScotland. Assembly Government orWelsh .. other services come the lovernment many public inWales Scotland.yincase need be : -:'ent and aims policies. Although and governing ':. .. of regardless . . rhe (mainly minority to Protestant)the aligned lrish the Consumers'Asociation.rrder give in more of to peopleWales Scotland control matters and independence Along inScotlandmore for and democratic campaign which control tothe led formation1999 theParliament in of ofScotland.:'vants managenadministraton out is lt has Members in the city who carry governmentsituatedCardiff. :'ade parties. capital ofWales. can theScottish planningthe ofadditional uxes. ageneral such education theenvironment.t(hernlreland policy laws This has to sharing of representation. party's laws on matters a wrthin and servants the0pp0siti0n policies local study government Parliament statutory framework by UK set out the atWestminster. with they to readyserve t0 anew .. :. and groups organisations toinfluence lobby are thattry . The Welsh Assembly Government -'e rivil service (WAG). city r. n0w under control. . Parliamentlegislate civil criminal health. Assembly been upusing education.icies the government. apolicy impractical inthepublic policy.9. are . aScottish Parliament and.:.t. 60Assembly are and (AMs) elections every years. They tobe ' :. they a ofseats proportion number -'. may to sharing' : economic interests order ensure'power between Union majority inly -. can ministers The has decisionsimportant on matters ifthey Asembly thepower make to they warn of elected ' .led the defence..:: directly them. and raising have set ParliamentWelsh and 3oth Sconish the 'orms proportional that party representation which ensures each of . and substantial Catholic) [onfederation Industry.ent pr0porti0nal policy.':rlitical party. orviews subjectsGreenpeace nationalist Adifferent ofproportional -". : -. power Scotland and Democrat The UK in between Labour Liberal the all under and security remain central affairs. .:-rsure lobby groups and gets number in t0the 0fvotes re(etve. play very Similarly.r'eign taxation social parties. The National Asembly forWales. party are both in eitherWelsh and its orEnglishall publications lanquages. ofBritish '-. began affect in the 'jevolving powerfrom government. Memben speak in and are held four can have politically and neutral professional.

.lesimportant amagistrate For crimes. houses. properties. Judges however. guilt on penalty. doing leader council insome amayor ofthe but towns isappointed the tobe leader administration. services decidethe on penalty. health and The government powersuspendNorthern UK kept the t0 the lreland Asembly political no ifthe leaders longer towork agreed together orif Asembly not the was working interests people inthe ofthe ofNorthern lreland. But questionsabout the are be often important arise how laws to interpreted (who together inparticular ltisthe 0fthe cases. and areas UK governed cities rural inthe are by democratically bodynot is respecting human they order body aperson's rights. find a Towns. lfthe and district county councils have which different functions. the their 0ften actions government ofthe are claimed ' tobe judges then governmenteither illegal ifthe and. standcouncil as election members ofapolitical powers devolved t0Northern include lreland education. agriculture. judges have task inrecent as the now the of applyingHuman Act chapterlfthey that public the Rights (see 7). environmental libraries. fire planning. will thejudge provide'mandatory their These include to services'inarea. The Inthe the made Parliament highest UK laws by are the authority. has This happened times the several and Asembly iscunently (2006). the must change itspolicies Parliament the This become orask tochange law. about isfunded through broke thr0ugh 0nly 2070 locally in1 6ee 969 chapter 1 touncil local set councils pay local tax'a tax by tohelp for services. Assembly elected among main The has 108 memben Local elections for councillon inMay year. ownedrented. itwas but abolished shortly the in1972 after lroubles out government taxes. services. applies domestic toall including bungalows. homes mobile orhouseboats. Decision-making for party. on and any education. he is orguilty ifguilty. means the suspended This that elected assembly do members not power bills have topas ormake decisions. someone isaccusedserious ajury ofa crime. social housing. task judges are called 'thejudiciary') t0interprettheand government interfere law. the judiciary environment. most judges that Act Parlianunt although believe an of isincompatible Human with the larger and willhave towns cities local asingle authority. the Northern Asembly lreland was maisonettes. agree. the may not with role. whether are orinnocent people guilty cannot. flats. councils Rights they Many Ac1 cannot itthemselves can Parliament change but they ask representingand appoint who the towns cities amayor is ceremonial toconsider so. called authorities. Soon the ofthe after end Troubles. rubbish collection. whether or established power-sharing which with a agreement distributes ministerial offices the parties. t0 ifappropriate. candidates are held every Many knownMLAs as (Members Legislative ofthe Assembly).IheNorthern Assembly lreland ANorthern Parliament lreland was established when was Most the in1922 lreland of moneythe authority comes the for local services from divided. social inNorthern . may that elected councils. will policies the co-ordinating acros capital. authorities Local are required decide whetherorshe innocent and. decide of with 6reater Authority the the London and MayorLondon of serious When crimes. health and services lreland. areas both often local Some have practices pay tochange its and compensation. willdecide passenger the service. has allthe government Local more important years. transport. lt ). has local effective ofthe London33 authorities.

are hundreds bodies. policy public As itis and opinion. rovernment police and by authorities up made ofcouncillon and and way.Police the 0mbudsman) intlestigatescomplaints can serious police. however. and . Most regi*ration lfyou know your authority is. Commonwealth lrish ofthese carrying of the and the Republic . 0ne service each service opinions run and campaigns and totry influence -:yorgroup counties.-re police ". present women allowed at21. 0n intheUK) vote allpublic elections.ih it would inappropriate under political be toplace the control ofa (ifresident r: net minister. allUK-born naturalised have civic and jury public rights.'.reedings inParliament and are broadcast television 0n diqital you Inorder vote aparliamentary. you registercontacting local your council in reports asHansard. Appointments bodies usually t0these are je byministers. lreland Ihe partieselection independencei means thegovernmentBy radio television which that law. largest istheMetropolitan . :olice political government isorganised with police for locally. lreland distinguish opinion fact from innewspaper coverage. lively (or.devariety public of duties. them to case. . :raries 0ntheinternet:www. line . of Ihe force Police. (withfew and a exceptionsas such age was in ' ^ public also prisoners) as are convicted citizens full departmentalbodies..electoralcommision. the postcode fulladdres your your Friday. and 0nthe internet: www..broadcasters tointerview But are free ina '-. Complaints Commision ':rern Who vote? lreland. owners editors strong get registration inEnqlish. led pres). election and office. organisations 0ut that 0nbehalfofthe includingright vote do service. willhave tellthem or and You to -^e local You also meaning what written newspapers is in is they beable give thename will to you ofyour authority.aresult sometimes to difficult . as electoral known the register.hol€ isserved Police for by the Service Northern (PSNI).Ihe votlnq of1B set 1969.orEuopean local election. can UK afree has pres.parliament. out Ihere many [itizens theUK.orq.-r serves London isbased New and at Scotland Northern Yard. must to in your have name theregister ofelectors. The Independent Police in . . don't what local (LGA) (often you findoutbytelephoningLocal from the Government Association ::i information political and about issues events newspapers can information on020 3131 7664 between and Monday 9am 5pm.otinstruct onwhat doinany particular But powers periods be . : . Iherole themedia of : '. must s0 an but they d0 in open fair : and way. knownquangos. that "te from government Newspaper and hold voter forms Welsh some languages other control. r strates.. can are t0 by : -rlished official people.uk. same as were t0vote the age men.uk . isavailable such which inlarge lfyou eligible vote. -: rstthe (quangos) public \on-departmentalbodies The has a democratic since when United Kingdom had fully system 1928. ofEU [itizens states are who can in parliamentary resident UK vote allelections national except inthe can in (general) elections. the must balancedso and equal has be time t0 given rival to ---epolice limited thelaw their politicians tough are by and finances controlled are by viewpoints. . ::pendent cany functions the t0 and . to television and radio.ehavebperational coverage political ofthe at .

MPs MEPs MSPs. Republic the lrish orthe may to one hours.writetothem. t0look although now tobe this has supervised. members. have t0 and their You get can contact for your detailsall representatives parties and their your library.can MPs also inthe book Yellow You contact by of letter phonetheir or at constituencyortheir inthe office office House (ommons:Theof(ommons.Northern Northern Asembly lreland atStormont. such as local in or You either toyour MP advance for can write toask tickets yOu queuethe atthe for Standingoffice can on day public entrance. Asembly Many Members.more your For information the paper constituents and about inperson. members. find the ofyour MP get touch them fax out name local and in Electoral for 0ffice Northern on 9044 isfiee. kept each electoral registration (or offce council inEngland office at local public listendebates Palace inthe from Wales). 5W1A or London 0AA.uk) or contact an renting land 0r owning or An The electoral isupdated year September register every in or0ctober.oarliament.gov.com. InNorthern adifferent operates. stay the can 0n register are advertised local go talk issues penonal do change. are t0get the into House You find ofLords. tovote I the and . Service on the lreland with area the through being the work.also ltis posiblesee register public t0 the atsome buildings * Ihe can to ofWestminster and public galleries the libraries. it registrationissent every form to household has be and to electoral in returned.are ways You either the must alocal arrange t05t0rm0nt. inboth House ofCommons House and the ofLords. on electoral orthrough property. easier Most citizens United ofthe (ommonwealth orover stand public Ihere information on the 18 can for office. as the House may stand election House ofLords not for tothe public inBelfast.niassembly.Once registered.uk website: s0me excepti0ns include and these members armed civil ofthe E found 0f criminal offences. MLA www. isfree. UK Parliament www. (details Northern Asembly website: register. called lreland system vote complete own must their 3000.Ihis service for has its regi$er By each authoritytomakeelectoral available law local Administrations Iheregister How visit is to Parliamentthe and Devolved anyone at.can telephone can You detailsnot and with by lreland 028 6688. and are from local Asembly listed phone and Pages. The for other officel but eligible are all There two t0 lreland Asembly ispresently suspended. of Members servantspeople guilty certain and r InNorthern elected knownMLAs. can further aged forces.can contact Education To alocal acandidate have connection avisit become councillor. and registration those and all entitled t0 telephone: 0207729 provided MEPs regular you hold local'surgeriesi often These inthe registration form. inthe meet of(ommons lreland. MPs MSPs. This is individual House Westminster.Contacting members elected All elected members aduty serve representconstituents. Entrance for the and Sometimesare queues House there long ofCommons you havewait atleast ortwo for ltisusually Kingdom. throughwebsite: the www. the with names ofeveryone isresident who completed and household eligible on 50ctober.

. EH99 or 1 .uk members.'rtland.:mblythe in Senedd in[ardiff (for information see: Bay more '. srottish uk). MSPs.va gov You boo[ es Lk).parliament.ssembly lrne 029 B4l7 email: bookrng on 2089 or gov .rb ybookinq@wales.. . You get b00k ti(kets ''. . sp. a telephone ' . car guided 0rsears t0u6 i1rl"e for We : i galeries the shAssembly To makebookrng. t0 at Parliament.rcottish Edinburgh.elected the members. in .'.in0e rhr0tr0h visir0r (anwrite them I0Llrs the Y0u services.bookings@siottish.gsi uk ' . as meet theWelsh : es. inthe cal ed meet Scottish (for :rment atHolyrood inEdinburgh information more see parliament ran lnf0rmati0n.5? telephone ' 148 oremail 5200. elected the knownAMs.

Union t0join group only this and became ofthe joined EU.legislative ofthe The (ommission and pases law the European ofthe EU on recommendations about decisions and takes most Parliament the important European the .right grounds health. ofwhich isan asociation The that not part British though countrieswere in Empire. members Commonwealth and Antigua Barbuda Australia The Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belize Botswana Brunei Darussalam (ameroon Canada Cyprus Dominica Fiji lslands Gambia Ihe Ghana Grenada Guyana India Jamaica Kenya Kiribati Lesotho Malawi Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Nauru* Zealand New Nigeria Pakistan New Papua Guinea and 5tKitts Nevis 5tLucia and Grenadines 5tVincentthe Samoa 5eychelles Leone Siena 5ingapore lslands 5olomon Africa 5outh Sri Lanka 5waziland Tonga Trinidadlobago and Tuvalu Uganda Kingdom United ofTanzania Republic United Vanuatu Zambia *NauruSpecial Member. has and Commonwealth isvoluntarythe member Membership states. ofthe asingle unless its cunency the retainown to the but UK decided euro.and world UK The inEurope the The Commonwealth (ommonwealth were most ofcountries. eradicate Union European (EU) The Economic called European Union originally the European (EU). the iseffectively with European inthe and. atotal member 2006 making of27 as states of main of EU is member tofunction One the aims the todayfor currency. the part European in1973. the has (itizens people t0accept euro areferendum. The membership. power itsmembers itcan although suspend over no good government to and democracy. order ofpublic the that joined citizens 0fc0untrieshave restricted is sometimes f0r work also EU the recently. ofthe have Most countries EU ashared market. afew once ofthe have joined the Empire also it. The (EEt). of main signed Treaty on March One the reasons the ofRome25 between would co-operation states reduce this the doing was beliefthat not the decided 0riginallyUK war likelihood ofanother inEurope. from country EU together the ministers each (ouncilMinisters of body EU. right be or they avalid have pasportiderfty This can restricted public Ihe to public and security. is a has cunently53 which The isthe ofthe Queen head Commonwealth. ofan the in British choose if to work EU state the to member have right traveland inany country EU 0n card. of called (ouncilMinisten) Union ofthe The Council European (usually the up governing ofthe lt ismade ofgovernment body EU. isthe Parliament. to aims Commonwealthpromote poverty. afurther in two countries the with ten member In2004 new countries. set by European who Community was up sixWestern countries for 1957.

. ofEU . yean. produced Ihree important very agreements by UN the the are Univeral (onvention Elimination Declaration Rights. Members Each elects called ofthe internationaland are crises threats tooeace.. regulations widely inpolitical and cases orframework used debate legal toreinforce and law to the -. European [ommission inBrusels. (onvention member are all states boundthis by and a penistently toobey Convention be . .I t/ the fommission checkthe and to on spending funds.llture. isbased the The isamember United (UN). and has powerrefuse to agreement toEuropean laws '.' .' Belgium. up the and and its funding after Second War aims prevent and World and to war promote peace security.There international and 15 on are memben UN the :.:: red the from ofEurope. to oeoole be 'e CouncilEurope of was .rerstate which refuses the may (ouncil . ln human democracy.'. UK one five The is ofthe (MEPs).€r make but t0 laws draws conventions up and which charten -.The countries UN set was : . (onvention : -. '. noneof hastheforceof law. ' :' yatwork. . environment.The m0$ important0fthese isthe European on -:n Rights. UN on the law . are directives the For there EU about ' --'es making for workers redundant. topeople's inthe assess the behaviour ofcountries. .' ofhoun can madework.Jnion islegally inthe and binding UK allthe member Rightsof other Although these the(hild. ofthe Most countries lt has 0fEur0pemembers.lncrlEurope created and UK one of in1949 the was ofthe .::r members. :ecisions by European and European made the Councilthe rt the .The . regulations limit and that the :. :o icies laws administers programmes. example. country members.(UN) The United Nations The : ) run. have alotofdifference made rights UK. directives. international UK Nations an ofthe ' . civil ltisthe service EU drafts ofthe and proposals organisation over towhich 190 now belong. the rights. Security which Council. r. ofHuman the 0n the ofAll Forms ofDiscriminati0n and the [onvention againstWomen.:n Parliament inStrasbourg. are . health education. recommendsby UN there action the when -::els. meets innorth-eastern France.. ::rliament everyfive European Parliament permanent members.theyare : -'rpean called laws.

exceptScotland.(hAPtCr5: EVERYDAYNEEDS Housing Buying a home Inthis chapter isinformation Two-thirds there in Most people ofpeopletheUK their home. to to your orbuilding as as ran. along over oftime.loan back. orrooms. can 25 You get information mortgages abank building from about or society. you ahome wish buy in when find have make offerto seller usually this You do through estate to an the an price the is agent solicitor people alower than seller asking or Many offer if Your offer besubjert contract's0 you withdraw fint must t0 that can = Education = Leisure = Travel transport and ':' ldentity documents . Scotland proces different you In the is and should first a person their solicitor agents Estate represent the selling house flat.Housing = Services for home inand the . Some (Sharia) banks also information lslamic mortgages. can give about problems your paying mortgage you lfyou having repayments. can finddetails homes the about sale the on internet innationallocal and and newspapen. Making offer an you to you IntheUK.Monel credit and = Health Pregnancycare and ofyoung children rent houses. other own own a00ut: . period withinterest. a aspecial frombank building This ispaid loan a or society. usually years. flats Mortgages pay People buy own who their home usually forit with mortqage.:. are that for There estate anange buye6 visit in have where agentsalltowns cities they and and usually websites they for You also for advertise homes sale. can are (see on gethelp advice Help page lt isimportantspeak and 57). wish is a usually first the place start anestate to go to agent. or Ihey for t0 homes are sale. bank society s00n you Estate agents lfyou tobuy home.

solicitor provide legal you The or society isproviding with that buy property. help surveyor tocheck s0 often a result survey. help to decide much want bid the Rented accommodation (the from the authority Itispossible accommodation local torent property 0wne6 from association private orfrom council). are afford an is the is out thehouse well. solicitor associations the and of checks theproperty. getmore a of needs. buyer notusually the n0t-f0r-profi t organisations are independent Housing associations provide areas have over which housing rent.Ihis the very to must renting property. agreement. some they taken the for In housing. chronic of that areas there It isimportantnote inmany oftheUK isashortage t0 people towait very that have a long council accommodation. they to for made. landlords. isoften 'council isprovidedthe by housingiNorthern social In lreland housing (www. When rent house flatprivately sign tenancy or must while follow explains conditions 0r'rules'you orlease. ahousing landlords. example are illhealth. agents letting Tenancy agreement you a you a agreement. whyyou there reasons cannotcompletethe InScotland are amount.thebuyer askssecond ofthrs Ihere usually waiting for lists all cannot tobuy ofit atonce.uk).purchase. the ofbuying It isimportant asolrcitor you that helps through process you will an on the ahouse flat. you the your check deuils keepsafe and it during tenancy. iscalled inventory. homes byhousing people how owned assocrations.Ioyou putyour apply must entitled apply t0 from registerlist.co. Many private newspapers. seller thelocal Housing on rarry anumberlegal out foryou necessary to The will the agreements area. agreement a avoid Ihis an Before sign in orfittrngs theproperty.sfha.co. called The authority local (or provide This called local Most authoritiescouncils) houslng. are byasurveyor. bank building the wish your or mortgage also outchecks thehouse flatyou will cany on Ihe see These done does tobuy. notice can be in accommodation found local about agen6' estate and boards. Scotland surveycanied before offer as In property. the and 5olicitor surveyor You then according toyour department local atthe authority. isavailable thehousing name thecouncil on or This rented Privately accommodation people housesflats from Information rent or privately. also schemes They run called administration authority oflocal orfla which people part house ifthey buy ofa shared ownership. is find onsocial can rnformation forcouncil accommodation. or When make offer aproperty.The aprice buyers offe6 make overthat the sellersets and in elsewhere becomes binding than agreement legally earlier itdoes UK. the . agreement bechecked carefully the This problems The fu iture lso ins listofany rn conta a later. isdone priority or for ifyou homeles have and children have needs. some and for or time ahouseflat. you InScotland lreland Executive Northern Housing Everyone housing at:www.nihe. are assessed pointsyou if You This throughsystempoints.uk.

ally topay rent the have the for agreedperiod tenancy. against or them without order an 0808 4444.ethey follow conect procedures.acriminal for landlord threats his o Shelterhousing which a24-hour on offencea touse isa charity runs helpline ' . landlord return money atthe must this toyou help advice.lusing (see tohelp pay rent. the unless landlord close ofthe ora relative :' : lrdissharino the accommodation. agree. priority (see and aconnectionthe such need above) have with area. Housing Executive). atthe ofthe The intentionally homeless.uk 800 or visit -: . is by Department and forWork (DWP). according must the These vary tothe ' . six willbe a period often homelessness and Housing as as with on Benefit well deal problems . modation oftheir race. because sex. your Help '/ouhave income unemployed be toclaim alow you orare may able .lnths. rnlawful alandlord for todiscriminate someone for against looking ^'t : . loans available or 0ther are people have an for who had emergency flooding.:. I Help the ofmoving setting home be with cost and up may available from Social Thisrun the the Fund. this the After time tenancy be can endedifboth and or. !r Drrgimination ' .org.willnot you placelive you and but offer a to unless have :nd your 0f tenancy.shelternet. as work family. can help be found the from following: Renewing and ending atenancy r lhehousing department local ofthe authority give on will advice ' . end tenancy the time. :ndlord raise rent cannot the without agreement.usually This the ofany ltis equal Northern the lreland. orethnic ' :ecause are they disabled. . may be housing centre housing There also a advice inyour : : nd cannot atenantleave. o The full ofthe [itizens Bureaugive on types Advice will advice all of problems. group. must show you not y0u6elf or You also that have made 'our isfixed your rent with landlord beginning tenancy. alegal t0offer They have duty i0One month's The rent. are shouldfor tothe authorityin your rf tenancy. you havecouncil-owned tenant property may in . you caused t0the unless have damage property. nationality.:eoftenancy. olence atenanttoforce t0leave .. Jrrenancy agreement for fixed oftime. landlord atenant lord force to lfa wishes t0 neighbourhood ..ist0cover cost damage.(ourt.Deposit rent and Homelessness You probably togive landlord will be asked the adeposit beginninglfyou homeless atthe you go help local (0r."dlord renewed. provides and such the grants loans as Community Pensions lt (are for Grant people up setting home being after homeles orafter they beenprisonother have in institutions. www. lfyou the before fixed you -. such as Information about isavailable Citizens Bureau these a the Advice orJbbcentre Plus. Benefit Help) you your lfyou homeless problems your are orhave with landlord.

get reconnected. Contact authorityarrange lf to separately. rubbish. call public phonecards ordebit Calls cards. (ouncil onpage althoughmay (see rates 59). emergency forpolice. for and telephone Information t0pay water. need Most homes have already atelephone (calledland lfyou Many acable company. calls free.uk. can found your inthe This be a24-hour phone book.inand Services forthehome Water The for is the is to in WatersuppliedallhomestheUK. orambulance These are calls you always if it a emergency. thelocal www. electricity rubbish anywhere. should tosee coven water The property. but some water on the ofyour 0fthe usually depends size water have meter tells exactly much you how homes awater which you (2006) in have InNorthern water cunently includedthe lreland is used. metal plastic theother glas.energywatch. can a the with gas. have budget lfyou scheme allows topay fixed every make ofthe electricity gas and meter should anote you ring donotpay bill.advice put These different and it is into the is into bags. find local the numbers Bills and Electricity gas gas. To find which company country wasteput plastic inothers put bins you a with supplier. becollected on 0845 0708 Energywatch 906 orvisit you make you abusiness. as bed. out before sign contract anew your telephoneTransco 1524 on 08i0 608 supplies gas. your about or changing company services. inthe Refuse collection and suppliers Gas electricity authority the collects Refuse called orrubbish. water may paid one (alump orininstalments. made orcredit using pre-paid cash.can Do use numbers isnot real not these inthe for these services phone book.uk. service becut To aservice off. objects Large from or need you t0thr0w ora away.999 112for and fire service. must special or your have such a of on Energywatch give advicechanging supplier can also you lt is for waste be t0 collected. you you responsible 0f receive telling thename thecompany aletter should your The rates be in payment forsupplying water. separating wheels. parts prices different and Insome ofthe ina Get outside particular t0get have terms conditions. onthesame ofeach Waste be day supplien. must regularly. waste usually differentand Itisposiblechoose to between place collected. on bill. homes isfound theback All you your bystanding ordirect Most debit.local isalso waste.you lf which a readings. with authority your arrangementsthelocal orgas. you in home or water when move t0anew rates. to this. problem your electricity can supply. }le gas electricity week. charge this called (bought rented). or an bills have When move anew also gas. cost check ifthis Benefit. Yellow or helpline.org. Telephone line a line). electricity the 0nhow y0u pay properties UK electricity bill. this change tax domestic infuture. companies a operate order into home leave oldone. offence acriminal todump . 0rwater anurgent you topay Pages have another charge. you you sum month. contact internet telephonebroadband and companiesland mobile offer line.org. such a a want telephone Iofind which out company your supplies electricity.ofcom. as factory ashop. BT 50 0r anew telephoneon1 442. have account can on ofeach lfyou abank inthe have supplied240 Most at volts. wardrobe fridge.many In with which paper. receive Housing lfyou usually sum) you the rates. line. your places must you recycle rubbish. monthly. more Dial or are from hotels hostels usually expensive. can advice prices about You get payphones You can from from al 0fcom www.

arion what do you problems your with housing. Advice 0rthe local insurance :. sAllowance CouncilBenefit. insure building a '-:'r and landlord anange damage.-'.rly Council chapter Government). .rally.. that : Ihere many r*ghbours you agreement..:se flat talk Mediators both to without to t0 their when solve disputes havingg0 court. cannot the local speak landlord. wise insure possesions theft . rr€r]t . can advice on get You get Tax can er ' r the authoritv Citizens Bureau. roads. education. will atenancy accommodation. :cril January). toyour ' ' :yor incase arecord problems Keep ofthe association. 6661 www. are and they have exactly the police.co. instalments.'. lfyou solve problem.can -'st. on to if have lfyou have with neighbours. may problems your there be to by be your they usuallysolvedspeaking :rs with neighboun.. by '-. .-ldings household and you against must the with : Ly home amortgage.'n lreland isasystem rates ofthe there ofdomestic instead Council -^e to which neighbours organisationshelp There several mediation are you depends size value on the and of Tax ofCouncil pay amount ' . as ownerthe '-: tax one Citizens and from the auth0rity. -ine lives fl lreland). topay You register [ouncilTax or (dwelling). organisations local instalments mediation inten intwo in payment.must 0f You get cn details toboth.0r iationuk.do . can sides trytofind solution eitherthe . are companies provide insurance. get 250/o .Local can evicted their be from home (see 4 In Tax : : i.'e rented in . does apply -' [ouncil (This not inNorthern You property disability.' in(ome receive suchIncome or or . : 0n libraries. may Tax.Tax -:uncil you toshow what problems when started.'rlains the include ltwill ofyour all conditions tenancy.The should insurance accidental '-:ed your against ltisalso t0 buildings.uk. .have . Advice. People has a inthe ifsomeone -':areduction Support who benefits as . housing .rge. probably . /einto new a property. for and may taken nuisancebe tocourt government Neighbours avery who cause serious paid partly grantsfrom the by and are . refuse such as : t0vpt'fl s€rvices. acceptable a and You or tenant.med K Mediation 0'l 7904 orvisit: U on 1 to you a reduction person inthe atorhouse.

people at time. open account. on bill.needshow tochoose To an prove identity. Banks building and societies Many society Most inthe have orbuilding aaount. for best checkthe deal. using you lfyou your card debit you inform ban buy. pay salaries into bank directly a or each offers. offrces exchange orbureaux shops The exchangevary you rates and should order cunencies some inadvance. inthe towithdraw from money you Cash allow touse machines cards you cash ldentification (PlN) Number which For this need account. f20and have own notes are Northern and lreland Scotland their bank which f50.Money credit and Cash debit and cards (values) f10. societies. interest the lf lose credit cards must the large way. atenancy agreement insome or the on accounts suoermarkets internet. does the in Ihe euro circulate extent near border lreland. are banks building society There many and you to documents t0 from. people not valid everywhere UK.you your orstore you inform compan foreign atbanks. you aPersonal without you keep Adebit allows topay things must secret. this may wish accept and not t0 The euro the as InJanuary twelve 2002 European (EU) adoptedeuro Union states government not adopt to the decided their common IheUK cunency. employers one Many societies building account. card you for You have must enough inyour money account what tocover cash. large adults UK abank have intowns cities national orbuilding banks societies branches and checking the different ofaccount types throughout ltisworth the UK.might to immediately. inthe though sometimes may realise them. and cards not money your accoun you sent every lfyou not the amou but willbe abill month. lose cash or card must the immediately.also toshow posibleopen h to bank orhousehold isalso bill. . cardlike credit but only aspecific Astore is a the [redit store do draw from bank shop. You get change currency building can or post and You have de change. as passport. are Foreign currency isusually high many fall debt very and people into this useful. do pay total credit store are the you charged Although and cards interest. your immigration ordriving document such a with address like on it You need somethingyour licence. with Northern particularly towns the lreland. notes UK in Bank inthe comedenominations off5. Credit store and cards (redit can used buy inshops.the on telephoneove and cards be to things card used in internet. has it do if British \/ote eur0 that and saidwillonly so the tosome in for euro areferendum.

libraries.abcul. who nothave rights to out on People do legal ofresidence from fitizens Bureau are -eonloans the Advice ifyou uncertain. :erng refused credit . many phones.. as occupation.rers. L)on: www. memberstheir pool savingsthen loans The and make from ratescredit are : rol. lnterest rn unions usually than and lower banks : rq societies. 'turance '. ::rms conditions you and when decidetake aloan. and people donothave :. . tobenefts available Guides from are post Jobcentre offices. salary about such your address. (or'settlement') UK inthe cannot usually receive Arrangements benefits. -':dit unions : : unionsfinancial are co-operativesand owned controlled their by . are There credit in unions many and cities towns.. you usebroker will you the deal.coop. 0r (an a . unemployed than You be sure other for and older the and ..have riqht ask reason you the to the why. must very 0f availablethesick disabled. find To -:arest union credit contactAssociation fredit the ofBritish Unions lncludingJobcentresand social security offices forpayinq receiving and benefits complex are because have cover they t0 peoplemany in different situations. credit for be lf ^rppens. can You usually insurance with insurance arrange directly an who help get ben :any.. people. iscompulsoryhave or Insurance if ' 'rycle.: and organisations information you other use different about to . you lfyou :revious record. offices the Plus local and Citizens Advice rea Bu u. also They buy : : insure credit and their cards mobile ':nce they abroad they their when travel inrase lose lugqaqe or you acar : nedicaltreatment. can You qet those lowincomes. enough tolive Benefits usually are ron intheUK inmany rountries. more like This is who money on.: adecision aloan. for things household cars holidays. apply aloan might refused.-redit loans and Social security : eintheUK bonow often money banks other from and organisations UK asystem Ihe has ofsocial security pays which welfare benefits to goods.:I as (see insuring propertyposessions their and above).

will send amedrcal adoctor Finding you can what you check (GPs) they in Before register should thesurgery offer you Practitionerand work General Family are docton called services. have understand for who help or the bring Engllsh.uk inScotland. should t0 as as move anew You look You should foraGP soon you Health under National Service inthe is HealthcareUK organised the what will 0r centre. and with healthcare lt provides allresidentsfree Europe. inNorthern for health www.surgery. GP surgery more.important you your isexpensive. need see and Treatment for can physicalmental be refer to GP you g0 GP specialist. your Using doctor if treatment ina Your can refer for specialist hospital. isone you havemedical lfyou card.wales. must any inEngland. GP also you specialist check.Health with RegisteringaGP area.cfm practitioners lreland.Ihis issometimes need. donot else 0n be with lfyou difficulties ask s0mething. information the[itizens before go afew s You appointment.show. card.uk/fi local for oftheir doctor and You also neighboursfriends thename can ask without letter in case ahospital aGP's only the ofan You attend can go and you lfyou an emergency. fororganisinghealth Your rs GP responsible lfyou to a illneses. ofthe & Emerqency department nearest in to out is questions as fully posibleorderfind what as all answer and confidential cannot you GP Everythingtellthe iscompletely wrong.often toqetheragroup new to and unable accept ones. that keep it is have for lfyou asked aninterpreter. must t0your fint. to to should you receptionist give aform send the s nothave theGP one. health in orqanisations not until are The (NH5). Ihey then you health local authority. need the Health Advice Bureau. 6Ps many Sometimeshave patients are Health Centre. be when make appointment. health for www. or by the can made tosee Appointments GP be days you see you towait several before can might have Sometimes post the You get Iist local from can a of GPs libraries. tellyou wait you ill.uk/directory. you Gf need For practice. service because appointment this . ask receptionist This must done you the aninterpreter.scot.nhs. Usually must a need treatment.nhs. ndnearest/healthservices www. NH5 largest ofthe ln and The began 1948. have phoneinperson.uk/ practitioners practiti0ne6 inWales. for health www.n-i.tourist ask medical lfyou immediate attention foranurgent Authority adoctor. aPrimary [are called you t0 authorityhelp find you ask local cannot aGB can your health lfyou you the treatment receive.Your willthen you a find one.should totheGPsurgery minutes websites: from following and the need attend lfyou the appointment. example. your lfyou pased t0anyone without permision. have emergencyshould totheAccldent (A E) hospital. cannot ordonOt theappointment patients to The needs you letthe know. do you todotoregister. might awoman ormaterntty ln GPs work surgeries.forclarification.nhs. local office. offices. someonecan you. t0a health with are registeringaGP entitled free Allpatients you special needs.nhs.

or particular conditions. Tax interpreter inyour language. Direct wwwnhsdirect. . must this apharmacy : You take to khemist). .-:. for advice own InSmtland.rilitiesCredit.:er yean (under Wales) 16 ofage 25 in .'.visit GPs can patients but athome they lfyou your feels you the or child unwell have following options prioritypeople are . medicines illnessesconditionsare serious and some and that not ''arges c speak nursephoning Direct0845 47 toa by NHS on M ':'-?ntfrom GP free you topaychargeyour s use NHS website.:. .com 0845424 teleohone 24 24. free...nhs. NHS isa24-hour Direct telephone which information service provides on . ' . for travel ' '-. will to several information oradvice .' :enormal working you haveanswer questions For hours. pharmacy advice . . give '.: t0 who unable lfyou the totravel. contact GP your I g0 your t0 nearest with A(ident Emergency hospital an and 0epartment t call for ambulance. might advised w ask local your pharmacist The give on to can khemist).uk the is but have a for the Direct NHS 0nline: .. Working Families health Telephone: 47.' :lenearestA&Edepartment.::r 19 infull-time and education ::al60 over or '::rdnt with baby '12 0r a undermonths old .istoassess serious caseYou Ihis how -. may for 46 0845 You ask an .*: . :r decides totake you you need medicine be a will given To adoctornurse see or . Support.as such vaccinations abroad.rng aspecified from medicalcondition o visit NHS centre.:etold adoctor comeyour You be if can t0 home. . will situation. -: /0ur your is. res for and certain services. at: NHS24 www.ing Income Jobseekers'Allowance. ' tlions free anyone is are for who .:ptional circumstances. a make appointment your oranurse an tosee GP working surgery inthe r::rriptions '. use servicea 999 an Calls are 0NLY this for real emergency. call GP . .:tion..nhs24. an walk-in For medical urgent treatment .Feeling unwell .

nhs.n-i. onlythe but if mother him be wants to there. go people 60. are tests free. donot an days You need appointment. Citizens Bureau through Direct. GPs not work orhealth Some do provide you wish maternity so may tolook anotherduring services for GP your pregnancy. after caring your The visits be your but that you lfyou pregnantwillreceive ante-natal This are regular care. health orfrom local centre special clinics. people to Advice and NHS Most have pay dental for treatment. or is nune can you your treatment charges the and the beforetreatment begins.uk w people 18 people 25 over under(inWales underand 60) NHS walk-in provide centres treatment injuries illnesses for minor and seven aweek. with such a night gown. department. dentists less private NHS charge than dentists.uk) on'local servicesl * peopleincome Jobseekers'Allowance lreland NH5 and click on support. treatment severa you I lfyour takes I hours. dentists for NHS some Some work the and are private. need about meals you an lfyou advice going (ustomer orthe into hospital.nhs. as an certain In benefits. Adentist explain ahealth She he aqualified and advise about both and should visitor.uk at (for Northern www.some but dentists Ashort after have child. especially their baby. Dentists Pregnancy ofyoung and care children You get name dentistasking local atthe can the ofa by atthe library. for baby. contact Advice Liaison Services Patient and (PALS) hospital you receive Service atthe where will treatment. UK Inthe women have babies usu@ their inhospital. willbegin contact time you your you regular with have sets two ofcharges. first will in home. Scotland. wil Most have pay sight and except go hospital day into you as patient. people a will over people certain conditions with eye receivin and into hospital in-patient. will clothes. for things washing.willprobably the need tests attend 0utpatients people to for tests glases.nhs.providing NHS 0nlineawebsite Direct is information health about servicesFree treatment dental isavailable t0 medical and several conditions and treatments: www. eye You take should penonal belongingsyou. is from local available your hospital.adressing You receive and all your while are in-patient. common fatherattend ifit is fint ltis for the to the birth. ofyour r pregnant and For details women women babies 12 with under months old nearest call Directvisit NH5 centre NH5 or the websitewww. children.NHS private. will antenatal You receive fromGP frommidwife support a and a Midwives inhospitals centres. [redit orPension Guarantee Going hospital into 0pticians you lfyou minor atahospital. needstay lfyou to overnight. as towel. .nhsdirect.

for small jreplacelocal at churches and community You centres. book.uk . their '-' .. are married.'ealth authority.:etthehealth ataclinic.'''yparenthood: www. rrfice) within weeksthebirth. :osend child anursery (see school 6oing school to *''--. child's birth certificate. (FPA) advice .The six of addres your of *:e isinthephone lftheparents manied. are either ':'-?r register (an the birth. mother father both and must :"ey register baby.org.:l l0 0npregnan(y ' ' rmation onmaternity and ante-natal inyour services area . can advice your visitor You ask from your is yean In rntil childfive old.'-ority be the will in phone book. visitororyourGPThe ahealth number of . Maniages and .! -::birth baby the rour with Registrar ofBirths. your to . parents manied want the lfthe not are but --.jbirth gives Trust information and support inpregnancy. m0$ towns cities and groups :'erand toddler orplaygroups children.^ ng Associationgives 0ncontraception and --t FPA's is0845 1334.:ister birth.nctpregnancyandbabycare. . helpline 310 or:wwwfpa. lfthey not only '.com u':.

atstate harte tor school uniforms sports There sometimes charges wear are for and extra music lessons forschool Parentslowincomes get and outings. are Most mixed sex. Wales Northern Scotland. to anives and for school lf they not this. age people choose school iontinue their with education can toleave 0rt0 'll until are or18. with reading writinq. mlght normally theschool be nearest home. Northern many In lreland schools select children atest atthe of11. in although are there single schoolssome Your educatior sex areas. and lreland.l' some children be will given when a are and other children not. addressesphone and of education authoritiesthe are phone in book. they Detailslocal of schools available your education are from local auth0rity or The numberslocal office website. on can help costs.. gettinq areas.willalso on inyour lt you give information why you tell which schools spaces have and about places only few available r. places isa into stages. Primary schools These usually are schools both and learn where boys girls together are and group usually toachild home.Uut in i. ontime attends thewhole year.inScotland 5to12 inNorthern trom from lreland 5 and 4to1l. through taken age places. parents apply several and in often t0 schoolsorder make to sur... . places. orguardian be Some ofthe areas country free offer nursery educationchildren for over parts isdivided theaqe 3. and Secondary schools go Ataqe 1(12 Scotland) 1 in children tosecondary This school.Education Going school to Education UK free compulsory children inthe is and forall between the ages and (4to'16Northern of5 16 in lreland). local will you authority give informationschools area. parent ihechild's 0rguardian isresponsible sure (hild for making their goes school. close s Children tobe thesame tend with parents their and teacherday.Ihe system education varles inEngland. and two Insome there middle+chool InEnglandWales primary lasts system. school Costs parents t0pay Education schoolstheUK fr. and the stage from to I 1. The secondary lasts the of1 Atthat young stage until age 6. with cost school You get with and the of meals. their gets child offered aplace. lftheprefened has school enough thechild beoffered will apla.. of compulsory education primary secondary.Inmost oftheUK. anangementsfrovary area area. parentsEngland their in but and Wales allowedexpress are to apreference different Insome fora school. parent do do the may prosecuted. all Schools encourage t0help children with particularly learning. can advice on from thls thelocal educatron authoritythe[itizens 0r Advice Bureau. willalso you toapply aseconda might lt for tell how place. asecondary placeaprefened can school in school be diffrcult. to Secondary are schools larger primary than schools. places lfthere not will : are enough children beoffered according theschools Admission admission arrangements.

fintphase isdivided two The is .-. serviceyoung telephone anational for -. stayed atschoolAGCEs do G(E often called levels) just Alevels. Grade. After they study Intermediate. to education .school arrange isnot the may for language fiom EAL extra support an (English Additional Language) -ary schools all lessonsaretaught inWales. test children '14 when are From to16. -' : . . children Welsh.. Jewish Sikh In Northern SATs) 7. . AtoF.. art and music.acurricul Northern at umforexcellencescotland. of the cuniculum into stages.: " : owedwithdraw children these RE to their from lesons.qov. are levelsthis Some 5 There six in phase. usually the take General Certificates . (PE) citizenship. .Walesand foundwww.: by provide education all (areers law. inWales have and on pupils'progress their and achievements11. .1l and At they atages 14.This A(uniculumExcellence. 0rAdvanced In 1 6 can at Higher level.:'e your education from local (Advanced authority. learn child's language English. : . ' . 1r rsssdtol cuniculum Scotland willsoon asingle there be cuniculum pupils ageto for all from 3 18.:' r::chnology.These are called'faith schoolsi After stage each childrentesui98989898989999 ted. .IhisEnglish.: ' -. are 2. children parents AtindependentschoolsScotland.Theseschoolsaim to ofSecondary (GCSEs) subjects. are levels Ihere no ':r scholarships someall the of child's tests whole pay or of costs which groups this Teachenindividual for the during time. lfyour main . are run for ' '. . follow schools theWelsh Curriculum abolished National have but national for tests children 7andl.. : r >0rlr€ are Integrated schoolscalled Schools. . :' raryand secondaryschools inEngland. design. take Sta are They Key '16 : areas are there Muslim.. :re cost child's indeoendent fromto14.young who Information faith people have also other At1 8. There also inWales atage 1 are plans to stop testing children Teachen still t0assessreport at14.rch other schools and faith Assessment . age iscalled for More information can be . information and communication (1(T). religious (RE) pupils. nr*rendent schools In Wales. I h r i s t i a n b a s i s b u t c h i l d r e n a l s o l e a r Allchildrencareers r from age 14. Help English technology with . .:e. at7and full oftheir education. some Education inseveral although .--rraphy foreign modern languages..r'the National Cuniculum.' the inWelsh. In the cuniculum into phases. on schools schools offer qualifications.ation and In Wales. -r -. : of got0theseschools.dren different of religionstogether. science.:?nt schoolsprivate They not orpaid are schools. :' mary secondary inthe are tothe and schools UK linked Church InEngland. young do peopleSundard they ready. Key isdivided four called Stages.500 Thereabout independentinthe schools UK. soecialist In teacher. : : -rLls abroad follow cuniculum by informed nationalguidance.'.uk. :' r 0rthe Catholic Roman fhurch. Independent schools sometimes secondary are also called 'tols. n a b o u get e o t advice the of Advice available tth he isalso ) people: from Connexions. : . covers maths. ". and schools.

can ofthe from t0 In and numeracy are called for courses.000per for tuition but up 0rtoget qualifications Most new a with incomesget age 19.dfes. 5cotland information. Schools be 190 ayear. Many are with child's Anumber ofplaces new for skills employment. are varied range and new Classes very and from to absent school. decides the and parents be progres school year year. 080 13219www.gov.org. go their teachers.governing centres training There for The body and centres. students Further educationadult most inEngland.uk. Allowance Information this Education about is available local or atyour college at:www. Wale and education t0 later At and Northern havepay lreland to towardscost the oftheir fees tuition (Higher and pay their expenses. get courses also Skills Life You can the members boards councils.comWales.schools from All to instrument language. grades for Some people but students university pay some cost after finish they back ofthe ofthe inScotland) inpreparation university. younq can school 0n do levels people leave 0rstay to A InScotland are tuition fees to for living there n0 At16. are them child going be iftheir is ask sportslearning amusical oranew Details parents ahome-school Thisalist agreement.Term are by the governing orby local people other education t0learnnew or must body the education Children attend Many join adult authority. students do no for career. information local orlocal or learndirect on ofschool orparent atyour college libraryfrom 1 00 0800 900. also are speakersneed improve literacy numeracy people need learn their and and for who to parentsinvolved their school. oradult from local college education centr tosign good parentguardian todo ensure agree to a both school the the and or Universig for the All receive every 0n education child. also the They have chance tothe togo school to totalk child's young go More peopletouniversity than the Many after now in past. school Schools parents guardians expect and toinform hobby tomeet people.uk 502 or telephone8 502. child's (or grades posible Alevels Higher inScotland) 18 it isalso atage but to g0 university inlife. and Careers provides servicessupp0rt visit: toall and For further information Further education also courses over age collegesoffer toadults the of ages stages. further informationwww. classes a skill the whole year. ES0L. include for These courses their in (English English. local educationcollege their called universitie totheir further year their free t0 fees. .connexions-direct. courses up the are can charget0f3. 0845 18.This the help their iscalled Maintenance (EMA). issometimes list E50L on school's a body reserved awaiting for produces 0n courses demand InEnglandWales.com 0800 900. people families low of Young from can financ with studies they school when leave at16. present. 800 'l Careen offers tochildren the of 1 For Wales advice from age .Scotland. visit: ortelephone 100 InScotland. courses These are ES0L called for Speakers of0ther Parentsschools and There courses for English who to Languages). is ofthings that usually available your library.careers-scotland.In or: inEngland.careerswales. literacy how school and isrun administered and reports because ishigh. people toimprove skills wishing www. Atpresent. young go (FE) toimprove exam grades education inapayment an endowment. dates decided must open days . E50L are available courses incommun also governing are parents. parents areport year their progres.

museums galleries art and are free.Leisure Information : ' anything their beforeduring studies. parents decide. Film.When at astudentfinishes university starts and -: orshe pay the . they not the or All films receive classification. t0 the which only in is available specially cinemas. about cinema.libraries tourist local information Many and offices. tosee the 18: one no under'lB isallowed 0rrent film.' also help.'^rentpays tuition and charges their fees then for when them ' ):arts working university. Their should 12or12a: children 12 not under are allowedsee rent filmuness to or the they with adult. tosee the Rl8:noone under'18 isallowed see film. a follows: as U(Universal): for suitableanyone 4years over aged and (parental guidance): foreveryone some ofthe PG parts film suitable but might unsuitable be for children. families lowincomes after Some on -.should watch filmatacinemaonDVD. towards fees or their . are an 15: children 15 not under are allowed 0rrent film. Ihe ' . must back loan. is the of classification. Information theatre. and video DVD Films theUK asystemshow they suiftble children. r with children's fees. in have if to are for This called classification lfachild below age the is the system.students get of Most 'i'est student from bank. pays their costs loan a Ihis for living '-.the give in form bursaries.. ere university. licensed . their tuition Thiscalled is agrant. and music exhibitions in isfound local newspapers.

are a and fine watch but not many t0buyTV ways a licence including local Point or from Pay outlets possible for licence Betting gambling and at: lt isalso on-line www. against holidays. can t0acharity the (People's National Thisacharity workspreserve Trust. apply a licence. and people UK pets as and ltis thr Many inthe have such cats dogs.Television and radio and clubs Pubs night (TV). inthe Information National buildings for Animals).org. Blind months. information 0870 3763 write For more teleohone 576 or to into clubs People 18 not under are allowed betting orgambling shops IVLicensing.pdsa.Ihe ) up after for keepingdog control for responsible the under and cleaning for and medical treatment animalaoublic Vaccinations in inthe Many the olace.8598 Bristol 1IL.uk 0pen is on: areas t0the . licence allof people rent landlord pub allow of14to into pub ti:. people drink orbeer am:' house each a licence. ofthe may people come the but who different ina rooms the equipment address. There close than a ifyou TV are coveredTV by licence. and clubs societies every You enter buying orascratch People '1 ticket card. about and publicavailable www. is that to your To find nearest visit: branch. under are you be 8 programmes drink People 1 not ina 8 TV alcohol orrecording orany whichused watching device is for either. are important ofsocial inthe To inthe with recorder.org Sick Trust and countryside UK. affc parts countryside ofinterestkept by places from surgeons lfyou animalsavailable veterinary (vets).All in law treatpet to a cruellytoneglect dogs public must owner wearcollar the md ofthe Places ofinterest a showingname address owner.uk. People 75. www. The haslarge UK a network ofpublic footpaths countryside.co. information sports about you Pets libraries orthrough local For centres should inthe leisure Librariesleisure often ask local centre.risk You prosecution open it must for special Night open can a discount on theirlV later pubs. computer Public orpubs. large are week. or part life UK. Sports. topay the ininstalments. prizes. shared must buyseparate inahotelrestaurant. cannot are are open the ofthe and Dispens called PDSA a you g0 important buildings t0payvet. clubs anc $ay later.tvlicensing. an Anyone UK atelevision DVDvideo pub must 1 0rover.made There National for isa Lotterywhich with draws. not todrink.nationaltrust. or (2006) lasts AcolourlV cunently f131. under are allowed alottery orscratch 6 not tobuy can usuallyfound local be at Information local and about clubs societies your authority.50 and for12 licence costs wants Pubs usually during day until1 lfapub tc are open the and 1 pm. atone but with can wine are allowed At16. tobuy ina orinan allowed alcohol supermarket off-licence The must covered valid be by a television One covers licence. children the during school 0rganise for activities places or it. aged orover apply afree licence. can for TV people claim50% licence. can by aticket card. houses.

drivemedium. isfrom driving 18 to a 1 7 a or : : atleast todrivecar motorcycle. under and -. Failureto train test. for families. need licence you 1. day time wish '. nati0nalexpress.Pass a fordetails. this are to With you allowed drive motorcycle putLplates thevehicle.uk visit: get driving inthree licence stages: You afull while are licence. 3.rd21 drivelarge orbus. and disabled studentspeople 26. rhe and you totravel.nationalrail. where you pass There many schools you driving For inNorthern licence must atest.uk 50 50 :. -.Women not unlicensed InNorthern anewly-qualified must :rdare the regi$ered for year pasing test driver) one after :r!'r. can an form three You get application foraprovisional from inthe Travelling rush . may buy ticket result 2. licence years. apost : Discount are expensive.Apply aprovisional You this for upt0 to a learningdrive.your seats.co.ets trains underground such the for systems as L0nd0n and for 21 who had with who train.: 60 over.uk 50.qally.uk with help qualified Translink 90 66 orvisit: on 02B 66 30 . For wwwcitylink. ' ocal station theory awritten test. on B0 National on coaches.r rsr1r0r€ office. . can intheUK as as Liechtenstein or . should use notalwavs safe.:lon about bus ohone 608 For local times 0870 250. a and must licenseddisplay . drive car.co.Pass apradcaldriving the s may their until are Afterthat licence Drivers use licence they 70. ' . telephone Expres08705 8080. www.a:vel transport and drr buses coaches and The driving licence - -:tion roads.link 0870550 orvisit: on ': and. for years valid three atatime.co.com inScotland.taxis minicabs be all and ': Taxis cabs nolicence notinsured forfare-payinq are and with (for an driver display R-Plate lreland.'. -:ne instructor. are trains www. tickets available people. must aspecial eight . in on or You 125cc acar. must driven .'ethan pasenger you have . licence. must or lfyou a you drive Learner (annot 0namotorway.: licences Overseas Union in licence acountrytheEuropean (EU).Io alony.lfyour you drive for long 0rNorway. fare before get --dmust bought you 0nthe The varies be someone isover and has afulllicence over be -.get on must a licencedrive public To adriving to NationalEnquiry Rail Service: You havedriving the ab0ut telephone trains :: -19 orvisit.translink. telephone !v For coaches ' .co. learn the ofa can www. drive minibus lceland.translink. .DplatesWales. to a lony licence isvalid.

is abreathalyseradriver more the test lf has than permitted ofalcohol beingbver (called amount the limit') refuses or to take test. t dont away drive without stopping-this offence isacriminal garage give an certificate your passestest. r give detailsthe drivers under 2 your to other orpassengersthe of and police to age need may aspecial seat booster Motorcyclists pasengers and their must acrash (this does apply Sikh ifthey wear helmet law not to men are I make ofeverythinghappened anote your that and contact insuran wearing aturban). can this post lfyou pay road your vehicle be may clamped away. registration and vehicle numbersinsuran 5afety details oftheother drivers Everyone inavehicle wearseat (hildren 1 years should a belt. orshe be the he will anested. callthe and police ambulance or112if 0n999 someone isinjured your certificate. illegalto while lt is phone. . donot an lfyou have MOT . donot the tax. or towed Speed are for limits lower buses. may it cars motorcycles limits the speed are: for to months.Speed limits lfyou alicence acountry the you use inthe For and have fiom outside EU. poli to when are the limit The can you give atest see much you in stop and you to how alcohol have your Thiscalled body. mph single 60 on caniageways 70 on mph motorways caniageways and dual Insurance Itisacriminal tohave without motor offence acar proper insurance. and pulling lonies can caravans. vehicle have tax which you paid. who and can People drink drive expect disqualified tobe fiom period. The will you MOT when car the hisan offencetohave MOT not an certificate. Drivers insurance without can receive high lt isako very fines. Your must aroad disc shows have You buy atthe office. must itevery for isover years you take year a (M0T) You do at approved Ministry ofTransport test can this an garage. this you get UK UK up 12 During time must a provisional driving and both UK licence pas the theory practical tests. illegalto allow someone your ifthey not touse car are insured it. asign adifferen lim you not able drive 12 will be to after months. 30 per (mph)built-up unless shows and driving or miles hour in areas. hisillegaldrive you over alcohol ordrunk. the addresses. drivingalong for Accidents lfyou involvedroad are ina accident: lfyour vehicle three old. @ o get names. insurance be will not valid. drive holding amobile company as as soonposible. is road tax. todrive Road and tax MOT You also atax drive car the Thiscalled must pay t0 your on roads.

' ' rou admit accidentyour the the was fault, insurance company ' : topay.isbettertowait lt until insurancecompanydecides the ' ^rse the fault accident was. ar':, documents ' -Kcitizens haveto identity (lD) donot cany cards.Ihe '-: s, however, plansintroducethem making to inthe next

-:!'r,: iour identity j ,?t0prove identity your you atdifferent such when times, as . 3r(ount, rentaccommodation, college hire enr0l fora course, '-, benefits as , such housing orapply amaniage benefit, for ferent organisations for may ask different documents as ''-: tyTheseinclude: can your ..lments theHome showing immigration from Office

,::ofidentity ': lr travel dOcument (Nl) : rsurancenumber card -:l orfull driving licence your -,,, electricityphone showing name addres or bill and :.refits book.

Looking work for

lnthis chapter isinformation are there lfyou looking work, you thinking changing job, your for or are of

you find there anumber are ofways can outabout opportunities. work provides guidancewho allowedwork theUK. The Home Office in on is to

* Looking and for work applying Not people work everyone UK allowedwork some inthe is to and need jobs for permits,it isimportantcheck status taking work. your s0 to before up
Also, employers tocheck anyone employlegally have that they is entitled

* Training and volunteering towork theUK. more in For information guidance,theHome and see
Offi website'Working ce inthe UK'-www.workingintheuk.gov.uk

c Equal and rights dixrimination
Jobs usually are advertised and inlocal national newspapen, local atthe

* Rights responsibilities and at in Jobcentre employment You find address and aqencies. can the and work telephone ofyour Jobcentre Jobcentre the number local Plus under in

phone orsee: jobcentreplus.gov.uk advertised jobs book www Sone are . Working foryourself on supermarket and shop notice boardsin windows. lobs ihese are part-ilmethe arc quite lf usually and waqesoften low.there partkular are (hildarethildren * and at work clmpantes like wlrk yluan l00k vacanctes yluwluld to flr, f0( on

Jobcentre run agovernment Plus by is departmenr_the ro, Deparfmenr Work Pensions. staffgive and infinding and Irained advice help and applying as daiming forjobswell benefits. can arrange They also for interpreters. Their website www.jobcentreprus.gov.ukand rists vacancres training opportunities general gives and information on benefits. is There alsolow telephone a cost serviceJobseeker 60 2i4. is Direct, 60 This 0g45 open to 6.p.m.weekdays a.m. 1p.m. Saturdays. 9a.m. on and to 9 on Qualifications Applicants jobs special 0rqualifications. for some need training lfyou qualifications have from another you find how country, can out they compare qualificationsUK the with inthe at National Academic Recogniti0n Centre www.naric.or0.uk Information(NARIC),

For further information UK contactNARlt, Ltd, House, ECflIS 0riel Road, Oriel (heltenham GL50 telephone:0870 Glos, 1XB 990 4088, email: info@naric.org.uk Applications Interviews paid local can be for lower and jobs often ananged by telephonepenon. many you tofillinan orin For jobs need application (CV) acovering or form send ofyour or acopy cuniculum vitae with letter letter ofaoolication. Acovering isusually letter letter ashort attachedcompleted toa gives detailed application whileletter application more form, a of information you applying job why think why are on for the and you you suitable. (Vgives detailsyour Your are specific on education, qualifications, employment, interests. previous skills and lt isimportant (Von computer processor t0type letten your a any and 0rword as this your ofbeing for interview improves chance calledan

you applying job during intervieq importan: When are for and a the it is tobe honest your about qualifications lat. and experience. lfan employer finds that gave you out you inconect information, lose might yourjob. (riminalrecord For jobs, some particularly work ifthe involves with working children people,employerask your orvulnerable the will for permission todo acriminal check. can more record You get information from 0n this the (GB) Home Criminal Bureau information Records 0ffice line, telephone 90 81 InScotland, Disclosure 0870 90 1. contact Scotland: www.disclosurescotland.c0.uk Heloline:609 0870 6006. Training

Takingtraining people their helps improve qualifications up for work. Some training be may offered oryou do atwork can courses home from oratyour college. includes language You local This English training. can get informationyour library college websitt more from local and orfrom Employersask the often for names addresses ortwo and ofone referees. such www.worktrain.gov.uk as and www.learndirect.co.uk. Learndire(l Thesepeople as current are such your orprevious employer orcollege offers ofonline courses arange training atcentres the acrosscountry. you and tutor. Refereestoknow well t0agreewriteshort need t0 a report Ihere charges are for coursesyou do startertaster but can free or sessio'your orreference suitability job. on for the Personal ormembers You get informationtheir information friends of can more frOh free lir. advice and your are normally family not acceptable as referees. 0800 900. 1 00 lnterviews Volunteering experience and work

job In descriptions peoplevoluntary and can agood t0support and interviews, employers give details should full of Some do work this be way what job the involves, the holidaysworking includingpay, your community and conditions. local and organisationsdependvolunteers which : on lfyou more need information any you ask provides experience help future applicatio", about ofthese, can questions also in useful can with job that questions interview you Your library have the interview. asking Infact, some inthe shows local will information volunteering about opportunrtie: your ofgettingjob. interested improvechance are and can the

:.do-it.org. job. Ihelaw says men women dothe also that and who same orwork protecting value. or promotion ortreated favourably oftheir: les because . orethnic colour = disabiliry = religion = sexual orientation € age.law bans on religious orpoliticl belief opini0n. group race. means aperson notberefused training Ihis that should work.Equal and rights discrimination You also information can get advice websites as.uk and Itisagainst law employers the for todiscriminate s0me0ne against at work.org.sex = nationality. You getmore information thelaw racial and discrimination can about The 0pportunities Equal from (ommission Equality. the for Racial issues the help Commission withsex can discrimination and Disability .volunteering. all ofequal should equal Almost thelaws j0bs.uk www. peoplework equally people part{ime full-time at 0r apply to doing Ihere however. discrimination against law the when job involves for workingsomeone own intheir home. numberjobs discrimination do laws are. asmall of where not For isnot the apply. example.net www.justdosomething. from such and www. receive pay. grounds InNorthern the also discrimination ot lreland.

Rights Commission disabiliry Each with isues. of deals these organisations offers and advice information insome and can, cases, support individuals.0ctober their From 2007 functionsbe will brought together new ina Commission and for Equality Human You Rights. can get information the protecting atwork the people from more about laws Advice website: Citizens Bureau www.adviceguide.org.uk (ommission information provides InNorthern the lreland, Equality and inrespect advice of allforms ofunlawful discrimination. The Commission Equality,5t House, for Racial Dunstans -2 1Borough Street, SE1 telephone: 20 1 1 Hh ig 1 London, Gl, 7939 fax:020 0001, 020 000, 7939 www.cre.gov.uk

you that you comments theway look make feel about uncomfortable orhumiliated

'-= questionsyour life comments or about sex = inappropriate or touching demands sexual =.= bullying behaviour treated way isrude, orbeing ina that hostile, degrading orhumiliating ofyour because sex

Men women be and can victimssexual of harassment lfthrs atwork. happens tell friend, toyou, a colleague union ortrade representative a': you ask person the harassing stop.isagood tokeep to lt idea awritte. record happened, and whenhappened ofwhat the ,,, days times it and IheEqual 0pportunities Arndale Arndale Commision, House, (entre, problem else have orheard harassment. may seen the lfthe continues Manchester telephone: 601 fax: 838 2, M4 3EQ 0845 5901, 0'161 831 report person employer union. the t0your ortrade Employers are www.eoc.org.uk responsible behaviour employees they atwor, for the oftheir while are They treat should complaints harasmentseriously ofsexual very and The Disability (ommision, Helpline, Rights DR( FREEPOST M1D02164, take effective todeal the action with problem. are satisfied lfyou not v," (V37 telephone: 622 StratfordAvon 9BR, upon 0845/ 6i3, your employer's you ask advice support the response, can for and from (ommision, trade orthe fax: 77 87 www.drc.org.uk 08457 8, 8 your union [itizens Equal 0pportunities Advir. Bureau. The Equality [ommission Northern Equality for lreland, House, /-9Shaftesbury Belfast 7Df Square, BI2 telephone:028 90 500600, www.equalityni.org Sexual harassment harassment different This Sexual can take forms. includes: indecent remarks


,rployers employees responsibilities and have legal atwork. ,:rshave pay to employees work they treat forthe that do, them ,- Jtake responsiblefortheir care health safety. and Employees rotheir with work reasonable care follow skill and and all ': einstructions. They not should damage employer's their

Employers pay worken than are who their less this breaking law. the You get can more information theCentral ofInformation from 0ffice Directgov website, www.direct.gov.uk awide ofpublic which has range service information. you Alternatively, telephone National can the Minimum Wage Helpline, telephone:0845 600 0678. Your contract 0rstatement the will you show number ofhours are expected towork. employer ask ifyou work Your miqht you can more hours this itrs decision ornot do. than and your whether you Your employer require towork hours thehours you cannot more than aqreed your 0n contract.

. r-1€frcontractstatement 0r

' '.I months ofstarting job, employer give anew your should you ' .0ntract 0rstatementall details conditions with the and for . Ihis pay, should includeyour responsibilities, hours, working pay pension. also , :k and ltshould includeperiod the ofnotice lfyou tobeabsent work, example are oryou need from for ifyou ill have '- , :uand employer give your should for employment the t0end amedical appointment,importanttellyour it is t0 employer as as s00n '.t orwritten statementimportant isan documentisvery you inadvance. employees are 0rover entitled at and can Most who 16 are t0 '-.'eiseverdisagreement a your pay about work, orconditions.least weeks, holiday year includes fornationa paid four every This time : r ',rJr's holidays and (see holidays chapter Your 3). employer give apay ora must you slrp, similar written statement, time are This show , each you paid. must exacr how much money been offfortax national has taken and insurance you your , rreed betweenand employer isaminimum c0ntributi0ns. There person . -:K rs legal for that a right every employed above . ,rhool leaving The age. compulsory leaving is1 school age 6, Tax yearwhen . r theschool 16-year-olds can leaveschool in ; ,r,/ales isdifferent that ScotlandNorthern from in and lreland For people, isautomatirally from earningsthe most tax taken therr by

-:r'ent minlmum rates different groups. wage for age From rates as : :he are follows: .'', agedand - f5.35 hour 22 above an , ,ear - f4.45 hour olds an ,ear - f3.30 hour olds an

employer paid and directly HM to Revenue [ustoms, government and the department responsible forcollectinq lfyou seltemployed, taxes. are you need pay own (see 82). to your tax page Money from raised income tax pays government such roads, for services as police the educatron, and armed 0aasionally Revenue [ustoms out return forces. HM and sends tax forms which forfullfinancial ask details. receive it isimportant lfyou one, tocomplete return form s00n posible. cn gethelp it and the as as You and advice theHM from Revenue [ustoms and self-assessment helpline, on:0845 45 300 55.

National Insurance Almost everybody UK isinpaid including inthe who work, self-employed information registeringNational about for a Insurance you number,car(Nl) people, pay must National Insurance Money contributions. raised telephone the National Registrations Insurance Helpline on from contributions topay Nl isused contributory such the benefits as 0845 57006 91 91 or 0845 55670. State Retirement and fund National 5ervice. Pensionhelps the Health Employees Nl have contributions from pay their their deducted their by Pensions employer week month. who self-employed every or People are need to pay contributions Nl themselves: contributions,by Class 2 either direct inthe who paid Everyone UK has enough Insurance ,National contribur (las4contributions profits debit every months or three and on the willget State a Pension they Ihe Pensionfor when retire. State age me' paid from trade business.4contributions alongside currently ofage for their or Clas yean and women 60, the Pension are 65 it is but State . -' income Anyone does pay their tax. who not enough Nl contributions for will women increase instages will to65 between and You 20'10 2020. c,not able receive benefits, as be t0 certain such Jobseeker's or Allowance find details State full ofthe Pension on State scheme the Pension :. webs pension. Maternityand not Pay, may receive state afull retirement www.thepensionservice.gov.uk the oryou phone Pension can Service Helpline:0845 60 265. 60 Getting aNational Insurance number Inaddition State toa Pension, people receive many also apension -' thropeople UK sent Just their birthday, before 16th pension too. allyoung inthe are a their and also into personal plan ltisver, work some pay a penon it important good about National Insurance number.Ihis isaunique for numbereach and toget advice pensions. The Pensions Advisory tracks National c0ntributi0ns. their Insurance gives and persona Service free confidential on adviceoccupational and pensions.helpline Their telephone is0845 2923 therr number 601 and Refugees asylum whose applications succesful the have been have same website iswww.opas.org.uk. financial ca" address Independent advisen rightswork any UK and receive to as other citizen to Insurance also advice you give but usually topayfee this aNational You have a for service.ca' number. who appliedasylum have received People have for and not a find financial inthe local Pages Thomson guic. advisen Yellow and local positive do usually permission and do decision not have towork so not 0r0n internet the atwww.unbiased.c&uk get National number. a Insurance Health safety and You aNational need Insurance when start lfyou number you work. do not aNational have Insurance you apply one number,can for through Employen alegal tomake the have duty issafe. sure workplace Jobcentre your Social 0ffice.isagood tomake Employees alegal tofollow regulations wo'. Plus local Security lt or idea also have duty safety and to you an appointment by telephone which and ask documents totake safely responsibly. wonied health safetyyou. need and lfyou are about and at you. usually toshow birth pasport your certificate, and with You need workplace, your talk to supervisor, ortrade representati\. manager union procedures employer not Home documents you stay the 0ffice in country. need You tofollow right your allowing t0 lfyou need the and must you treat unfairly for raising dismissor you aconcern.

on are your as as You ask advice information and cases00n posible. '<. at is so that feel to ' .unacceptably Jobseeker's but be toclaim Allowance may able late or who d0 oris (YPBA) The Jobcentre help claims.shappens orlife work madedifficult you you you.ornot your cannot you treat unfairly and employer dismiss or you :.: /0u also (GB) you. may problems kind work. Conciliation and -: i te. for and . . toget lfyou dismissedyour it isimportant advice from job. may able get you be to compensation your ifyou take case in Thisacourt specialises is toan Employmentlribunal. Advice and informationthe from Ctizens Bureau the punctuality can further can the orattendancenot does improve.you amemberrade lf are ofa union. 16 and at immediately misconduct tofind Unemployed l7-year-oldsnot eligible for serious can dismised '1. :: :ntfrom should work.ters useful lrades rights on Union and information atwork the on (TUC) www. ' :.org. your union itis idea . toyour afford someone your orcannot toemploy you be todo job.acas.: first. representative representative.tuc. . Plus can with given Allowance instead. . aLaw or '. will . :.employergive You get '-. you The ofmoney receive depends entitledredundancy amount t0 0rsome0newith trade representative else responsibility Again trade the oftime have employed.nployeebe may be for work. be a by '. . can i : -10n . they to . aLaw orthe asolicitor. -':blemswork at you for longer needs lfyou yourjob lose because the companywork no ' . rqaunion member.local lftheir warningtheir employer. Redundancy )0e a . on helpline.uk Jobcentre Plus toleave ' . . aqainstlaw employers someone work from unfairly.: toleave. can for your rights the action fiom trade on legal and best totake your union Advice representative.1fl posible. website: www. needtake action.-rnotice theirjob. gives your at ACAS Unemployment www. agood toget 0n length you been lfyou to any ds (entrethe (itizens Bureau Advice can your asolicitor.gov.org. which t0make matters.also their join trade problems You choose to a whether atwork.jobcentreplus. rffers anational telephone: 47 47.Anyone cannottheirjob aYoung Bridging Penon's properly.uk :'ess website.normally have months only three employment You acomplaint. people become Allowance claim Most who unemployed Jobseeker's can (JSA).Ihis aged iscunently for aged and available men 18-65 women your and dismissal --'sing job unfair work trying 18-60 are who capable available ofworking. union pay.uk information rightswork. ofany at speak supervisor.nfind details unions UK. . your Citizens Bureau orLaw advise Advice can contact local ':'e The Arbitration (A[AS) Service national Advisory.lnions organisations t0improvepay working that aim are They give members and advice : : ons their of members.have you. 0845747 . :. Centre Citizen3 Bureau. benefits offer oftrade inthe the .'-:de unions the and . todismiss the for -'. ' :-:qer.

tokeep They have detailed ofwhat records they who been have unemployed for months adults have 6 and who been earn spendthe and on businesssend business t0 and their accounts unemployedmonths usually tojoin Dealthey HM for18 are required New if Revenue people and Customs year. 0845 600 Working inEurope British (an inany citizenswork couffiy isamember Europea" that ofthe Economic(EEA). new Help advice and You find more the government and can out about different schemet the Banks give can information and on advicesettingyour business up own schemes area.newdeal. Area Ingeneral.Working yourself for New Deal Tax programme togive New isagovernment Deal that aims unemployed Self-employedare people responsible their tax paying own and for people help support needget work.businesslink. Jobcentrewww.uk 606 or: As as become you soon you self-employed register for should younelf government work-based programmesoffer tax National (ustoms The also runs learning which and Insurance the Revenue by ringing HM and training t0people they atwork. 0845 2626 www.government-funded people 0rrunning a for starting a business-www. receive 0ran while are People awage telephone for helplinepeople are who self-employed.can out about Deal age You find more New on oossible tax allowances. people National the and they to into Young Insurance.qov. with local Advice vour Citizens Bureau. are to receiving There different Deal New schemes an accountant sure pay correctand allthe t0make they the tax claim for different groups. 915 on 0845 45': allowance attend for dayweekget and can college one a to a qualification. have same they the employment righr: as citizen country a ofthat orstate.uk.jobcentreplus.gov. self-employed use every Most wish continue benefit.gov. support be You ca' get details and on 0fthese advicebecoming self-employed from . Busrne project Link. or and offer loans. start-up which tobe inyour fiom Plus. need repaid interest. grants other Government and financial may available.uk telephone: 9006. .

uk about information different types € before or 7.. . for authorities this. child haveleast consecutive .direct..lsimportant your from with when child work.00am website www.-. Advice the Advice local government website Bureau www. include working alcohol.telephone inyour or * before close inareas local .gov." must for licence the authority. for been their Fathers have who workedtheir for employer least weeks for at 26 are entitledpaternity which t0 leave. counter chip working dangerous orcherr 0fa shop.00pm after ofchildcareregistered and childminders area. €c doing other of that be any kind work may harmful health .adviceguide. that childrennot are allowed These delivering s. Childcarelink up Some can with The gives 7. are entitledatleast weekl t0 leave.uk website orthe www.Citizens representative.org. rights tofull-time part{ime These apply workers it makes and and lt is. todo.-.' the ofschool (except where by houn 0800002 96 96. taking apply a from local may have insome ofperformances t0obtain kinds amedical :''certif working.'. women pay this also entitledmaternitybut depends long have be t0 onhow they working employer. employenhelp this. when do work.children16can under onlydolightwork.Thereareparticu milk.'. earliest age children paid is1 althoughalllocal .' five hours oreight (15-15 (or policy people childcare weekdays school on firing holidays) ItisGovernmenttohelp with responsibilities olds) Saturdays totake work. (hildren p. trade your (itizens Bureau. children.. well in You get and information onmaternitypaternity and can advice more matten the from personnel at officer your union work. Every must at two weeks old n :'. before i' : Bylaw.gov.childcarelink. no differencelong woman workedher how the has for employer.-. provides two up to weeks'time off pay.uk Childcare € morethan (13-l4yearolds)hours . . procedures give however. h totell employer advance. education. The tomake that does get the oftheir sure work not in way (15-16 olds) school year during holidays. the isborn. Hours time children and for atwork * for than houn any week more 1 2 in school Inthe there strict t0protect from children exploitation and UK are laws € for week morethan 25 hoursa (13-l4yearolds) hou6 or35 a.Childcare childrenwork and at New mothen fathers and Women are who expecting have right time work ababy alegal to off for 26 maternity antenatal They also care. are allow There exceptions typesperforsome of ' (including work modelling) younger may allowe: when children be (16) work. cannot during school the holidays they not Ihey * for thanhours aone rest more 4 without hour break e for thanhoursany day aSunday more 2 on schoolor . allow children one before towork hour school). Anychild leaving underschool age seeking paid todo r. not legal for todo work 3. . important the tofollow correct and to the employer notice taking enough about maternity Some may leave. inakitchen orbehind the with machinery .:' totheir 0r -: The sets clear for working and for law out limits the houn times l3 . cigarettes ormedicines.

uk . can be Ihey . can more on theIUC website.. j: 0nal minimum for waqe those under '-0nty withdraw may achildt licencework.l6.''osecuted donot ifthey ensure child their receives aproper find information ..ploying Aparent who achild.achild's licence application also prosecuted. 0rcarer makes afalse . employer beprosecuted An may .org. . example to for : .art.Ihe would longer than law child : et0cOntinue t0work.vorks hou6 the allows.

you fire. to why are and they to lfthesituation anemergenry.ambulance thecoast. can the number under 'Police'in phone Some'mino/crimes the book. Reporting acrime Inanemergency. law usedsetrle by the tivil is ro disputes individuals between 0rgroups. and strong by lfyou the are victim religiousracially of or motivated it isimportant crime.police. law t0crimes. if it that or to rnjury even isfor self-defence. coastguard.ianeither toyour police isNOT you go local station telephone You find telephone 0r them.you the orif are victim acrime you acrime of or see place. . 999 taking dial or112. are which usually investigatedpolice by the orsome other authorityare and punished courts. Anyone causes who harassment.uk for details. ordistress alarm pe0ple t0other because religion oftherr or ethnic can prose(uted given origin be penaltiesthecourts. or.online.(hAPtCrT: KNOWING LAW THE The and rights duties acitizen of The law Inthis chapter isinformation Every there persontheUK theright equal in has to treatment thelaw. Racially religiously and motivated crime lntheUK isacriminal it offenceuse to abusiveinsulting rn or words public because ofsomeone's orethnic religion origin. by the Then need explain thepolice needed where need go. * The police < (rime the and law * (riminalcourts = Human rights * Maniage divorce and * (hildren young people and € (onsumer protection Ihelaw bedivided criminal civil Criminal relares can into and law. can reported be online 5ee www. IntheUK isacriminal it offencecany weapon as gun knife to a such a or 0ranything ismade adaptedcause tosomeone.The operator ask which will you you service need-police. under about: The appliesthesame t0everyone-regardless are law in way ofwho they orwhere are they from.

any althouc' address.make ordamage. get atany Equality They stop ina information advice the Council You can further and fiom Race Advice or your Citizens Bureau. police stop member public ' ':' they Ihe for interview police atyour orsomewhere atthe station. t0 when want lf are are police. whenevercan. small punished. can citizensexpected the this police they aduty t0report t0the and have totake You ask Allgood ofthe or can any else. [onstable police orthe (inNorthern the 0mbudsman). Bureau . orpossession This offences as burglary crime.Police [ommission Advice it is idea toa orto [itizens matter. is and station he and the The of oolice UKto: rob the inthe is why have stopped. the vehicle penon stop. abusive be orcommit authority. Search Ihepolice isapublic and force service should and the for You not afraidreporting orasking police acrime should be of ' police stop search they might involved The can and anyone think be their help. reason you been protect property life and police ask to to more . pol can for name officer has Police for that force IndependentComplaints You ask the ofthe who stopped the i. alife toprevent disturbance t0save or you the can t0 station to complaint.station The can you go apolice toanswer quest . car : Ihe very numbers offcers are ofpolice who conupt drugsthingsbe for discrimination. rude. you choose peace) whethertolfyou apolicestation and can keeping the disturbancesas ruc:' you entitledleave you t0.risk anested. whereor is lfit isa lreland.they enterbuilding have but can a they permision amagistrate. officers obey law they not Police must the and must misuse ' ofi' ::. action.. with that been place. arrej: special To a Anyone make official can an complaint the against police. serious station he shebased the for their and reason search. home an to oris inconnectionacrime has committedaboutta.police stop lfthe ever you prevent detect are tohelp police and i' -. racial make statement. g0 apolice orwrite either Chief you. agood tospeak solicitor the first. includes such theft. inScotland 0rt0 from aSheriff). you being * oreventdetect the decide tomislead and crime help protect everyone. from local give officer narr. your lfyou stopped police should the are by the you questions. can for name officer stopp=: usually questioned police where orshe based :" you. you obsnuctive. goto (known volur:''. afalse Ihey ' criminal or to used committing damage. not t0answer more You need d0 and Police duties peopleYou ask the ofthe who do. serious someone... can peoplevehicle time. ofthe they search severely ormisuse authority their are q: Complaints t0 and any Police do have powerenter search buildinq officersnot the (tha: ifthey awarrant choose.prevent go.

isentitledlegal inprivate. the Usuallyadvice isgivenperson sometimes be over telephone. minor with toadistrict court. can with solicitor adult or a t0 advice This be a oftheir 'ocial an friend teacher. The solicitor duty police normally interview person the The should only ayoung under age parent rf 1 iftheir oran'appropriate present. can used evidence him her. solicitors for firms Duty work local that Information and advice specialise incriminal and afree law offer consultation. asuspect not questions police if But does answer atthe station. you rely incourt. being about offence. and Wales Northern most criminal are lreland minor cases InScotland.Arrest This caution that police forceperson means the cannot a t0answer questions. lfyou anested takenapolice apollce willtell are and to station. in but it may given the are ordeuined police you given ata station. your the for . later on irmething which :rything do may given you say be inevidence. officer you reason arrest. toa 2 the tosendmessage right a toafriendamember family. orincourt. or ofyour There some are differences the system inEngland and telling where are them you betweencourt lreland.police provide also that should states anything does toapolice can be ape60n say officer also interpreter they adelayfinding interpreter an unless think in an might usedevidence as incourt.Jspects: 'tudo havesay not to anythinE. caution this be as The against or fyou difficulty inunderstanding the have English. criminal go offences dealt inamagistrates'court. ifyou not when : Ltit may your harm defence do mention. Wales the and system inScotland and Northern that police the 3 the tolook the ofpractice-guidelines right at codes ar: Magistrates'and courts should when follow searching collecting for and evidence district -ris police given writen also note includesofficial caution toall the .could a 7 is Ihis be Anyone has anested toapolice voluntarily who been station adulf orgoes worker. result inserious toaperson harm 0rproperty. are written 'you anested jetails importantrights: legal lfyou been have anested. choice duty orthe solicitor. of three orare questioned aserious you unsure your position. questioned.have right to you the not or feel about legal (except your and questiOns togive name addres) you I the rightto asolicitor until have answer see spokensolicitor. InEngland.

ifthe verdict the decides penalty. disputes. of cases breaches qualifications.Criminalcourts Civil courts County courts Magistrates. can about procedure your county (inScotland ajury l2 members. parents young are The ofthe personexpected the toattend hearing.example work law reason excused.as health. InScotland isaunique orused the there system lreland has called thildren's System. Crown and courts sheriff courts procedure The small claims procedure informal ofhelping people nEngland. and electoral (see 4). provide for ifthey in enforcement. ofthe sitting auble. solicitor used of f ismade ofmembers public atrandom the up from local room ofthe chosen hearingheld anordinary withajudge people bot" is in and from register [hapter InEngland. include trying m0ney is0. isguilty judge on the Youth court penon 7 lfan accused is1 years 0ryounger. less cases Most and havecounty t0deal awide i' ofthe hear serious in range towns cities a court wlth people t0getback magistrateland courts. Memben public not ofthe inyouth and the are allowed courts neither name the nor photograph young can published in ofthe pe60n be newspaper by media. they receive InNorthern cases contract divorce. lreland. matten. as also knownJustices Peace. most cases to 0radistrlct The serious willgo aCrown court. involving injury.Scotland. sheriff court. jury procedure rn sheriff with a court eithera ora sheriff sheriff a A with This isusually forclaims lesthan 5. has in ajury 15 Everyonesmall from local loca and claims court (ourtsthe jury who summoned service do unles are is must it they not todo sheriffcourt). Scotland has members.Northern now a the Hearings and system 0n'y0uth based conferencingl . jury agood tobe such ill The decides on the isinnocent and verdict.islisted which under in phone book. iswhether defendant that the 0rguilty. civil These that . and Wales Northern serious are infront Ihesmall lreland.000 . In allofthese matten dealt rr 'and are with are heardpaid only by magistrates. cases heard settle disputes spending oftime money ofa and in court. although do training.'. serious are minor without usinc alot and -jury. are district They members local ofthe community. Wales Northern lreland sides dispute around You getdetails tl'. penonal family InEnglandWales usually unpaid have legal and they work and no t0them. casenormally old their is heardayouth infront up three in court of to specially magistrates trained judge.0rthey eligible. offences tried claims isan way to judge ajury afrown InScotland.

lawcentres. 5ometimes are by client a'no no the costs In no no cases.also you ltcan give detailslocal of soliciton places and togo for your advice area.r:.isvery It important out the h0w acaselikely website gives rangeinformationglish.e you eligible aid. not ofcase covered schemes by these and the availabledepends income savings client. t0find at start much is also awide of inEn !\. tocost whetherare and for legal Chinese.. there often acaseno no as are hidden costs clients representclientscourt.olicitors which oflaw specialise can get and areas they in. action solicitor take t0taking as win.Legal advice aid and Solicitors jolicit06 trained who advicelegal are lawyers give on matten. and lreland. fee the only the if win case. rffices throughout lt isimportant out the UK. fee'basis. can legal and They give advice posibly on case.find take a To (telephone: nformation Law from the Society 02012421222.adviceguide Gujarati. bookshop or telephone the Hodder on 0207837 6372.uk on 020 8570visit: teleph0ne: 4345. Solicitors give can also information on schemes the 0fa tocover cost solicitor's but alltypes are help.Munay. Punjabi www. in For teenagers The (itizen's Young Pasport practical toeveryday guide isa law written especially needs for people '14 lt the ofyoung aged to19..uk ofthe isthe website Community Service Legal and gives it informationwide oflegal on a range questions inseven languages. also possible help costs any be toget with for further appearances incourt. can and advice this. althoughdepends type this on the ofcase the and income savinqs and of give the Asolicitor information on client.org.1 isa Advice inmost and -ir. 0845 345 www.solicitor chargesclientthey the win.vww. Soliciton'charges basedhow time spenda are usually on much they on and confidential manydifferentoflega e-. and Urdu: org. important allthe lt is tocheck possible before costs agreeing toa Just ask! www. --: prot adviceon types :ase.the Advice can you oflocal Most cities one more Centres by large have or Law staffedqualified "ellow and fitizens Bureaugive names . isproduced by (itizenship the Foundation are different England and there three editions: and ScotlandNorthern You order through Wales.oro.uk).:.'. the addres nearest you telephone Centres ofyour centre..clsdirect. t0find which aspects oflaw : solicitor specialises tocheck they the experience Law inand that have right Centres you your Many :ohelp with case. fee.clsdirect. can the Law . can acopy a local publishers. are their 'ortheir and in Ihere solicitors' suchpayingcosts other as the ofthe side.solicitors-online. .. si. Other and advice information (osts There (itizens Bureau towns cities I . advertise papers the inlocal and Pages.uk Financialorlegalaid help Anyone isquestioned who orcharged inconnectionacrime with rs (see and entitled advice aduty tofree from solicitor above) free representati0n for fintappearance ltmay by solicitortheir a incourt.orq.com) Legal and Community the Service Federation7387 or www. You also this lawyers. help also on the and ofthe paid the on win.

disability. oftheir race. you get lfyou problems discrimimtion. hts/huma htm national on 30 900 g0 their helpline 845 30 or t0 website: www.Human rights Victimscrime of Anyone isthevictim aviolent can who of crime apply the[riminal to (ompensation Injuries for Authority compensation injuries.\/ictimsupport.www. EqualityHuman from and .dca.org.gov. rights set law onHuman These are outinBritish intheHuman intheUK. (Ihese organisations brought three willbe togethertheCommission in Rights Oaober 200/).wwweoc.cre. fortheir The has be crime t0 reported policequicklyposible t0the as as and for must within years the application compensation made two be ofthecrime. works itscounterpart Republic with inthe oflreland with aim achieving the of common standards parts theisland inboth of Equal opportunities For than years law theUK been more 30 the in has developed and t0try make that wort sure people not are treated unfairlyallareas lifeand in of because sex. schools hospitals towork away follows and have in that the Rights Human Acl general Theremore is informationtheHuman Act the Rights on on Victimscrime also free and from of can get help guidance Victim Support Department ofConstituti0nalwebsite: Affain phone ring You find telephone can their numberthelocal in book.u k/peoplesrig n-rights/index.2006 or In unfarr age discrimination also atwork became unlawful.uk The Human Rights Act AllUK courts follow principles European must the ofthe [onvention Riqhts. Public such Rights 1998 apply everyone Act and to bodies as thepolice. their www.can more face with information (itizens Bureau one the from the Advice orfrom of following organisations: (ommission Equality .drc. sexualityreligion.uk The 0pp0rtunities Equal Commision . is lreland is Rights which whether lreland its additional human considering Northern needs own rights lt also law. can more You find information Criminal Injuries onthe [ompensatron website: Authority www.gov.www.org.gov.uk The Rights Disability Commision r.com InNorthern there aHuman Commission.uk The for Racial .cica.


(ommissionNorthern . but days inthe Iheprocedure formaniages ChurchEngland of isslightly differen: isthe The traditional method bymost used couples publication n ofban ' by which thesame as civil takes time the methodgetting of manied certificate. that this Certificates can be between 21 and there be difficult days 3 months the ofthe and before date wedding. has collected isnowill. are and face problems relationship -: iftheir breaks For example. their identity making their orwife certifcatesifthese notavailable. ofworshipinpremises have approved local or that been bythe authority. amemberthechurch be of to there for toattend churchatleast ofthe occasionsthe the on one three when details eitherreligious from ministe' banns read. lf either thepartners been of has manied before. blood not Close relatives are allowed tomany other each although are cousinsallowed tomany.partners toshow birth In to a need the their partner have in deeds aproperty. who 16 17 wantsget Anyone is or and to married needs permissiontherr written from parents. before You to oneach three manied butit isusual thecouo . need show they to t0 of But are partner maniageended. No can forced getmanied to regardless strong wishes ofhow one be the family be. who together before '. there noleqal todothis some duty women ' But is and keeo own their surname. can more are You get a is marriages local who authorised t0conduct 0rthe registrar ofmarriacphone Registration maniagesdeaths inthe see ofbirths. without manied nothave same rights couples being do the legal as You get list from local married may some can a ofthese your authority. ma" Ihese many days. claim oftheir any lf anunmanied havechild. Military service Inthe there been compulsory service military since'1960. banns publishedbeing aloud Ihe by read during ser' the are ofthe 5undays theceremony. UK has no Marriage ln0rdermarry. partner's posessions. past engaqementseen a their legal contractthese itisnot. personal documents. parents aduty supr both have t0 couple a yean thachild he she 1 until or is B old. chapter 6.lfamarried dies are awill. and book. together they manied. may (ouples have tomany who agreed oftheir usually Inthe an was as announce engagement. other to may difficulty stayinga the property orclaiming inits ashare value. t0 each must 16 old and unmarried.'. husband proof entitled allormost their possesions. couplestheUK together in live without (ouples live place aregistry aregistered place orlive get Amaniaqe ceremonytake in can office.donothave b. partner be yean orolder. . Living together getting .it can very forthesurviving t.org The for lreland Equality further information For on discrimination see atwork. IntheUK. need get totake couples to (ertificatesthe from registrar ofmaniages district(s) they inthe where live.equalityni. women their many when get take husband's surname they prefer manied.ifacouple notma". order get certificate. one if only partner's isonatenancy name 0' aqreement' for Inorder amaniage ceremony place. penon without or.www.

areas are placeswomengo stay telephone inthe called orshelten. (entre. orrefusing children as 1 :hey lived for years both adivorce have apart two and want E:ney lived for years only partner a wants have apart five and one llv0rce lfyou facing has you.:r 0rawoman for divorce must t0acourt pr0ve they that toapply a -= ' maniage has'inetrievablydowniorderdo he she broken In to this. doctorssometimes ananging help by an Family can There a and with therapist. breakdown can a difficult for time everyone ofamaniagebe very .lch domestic assault. cover things tohave . :reir partnercommitted has adultery ' :'reir partner behaved This can many has unreasonably. a place c tne partner deserted for least yean the has the other at two before ication :ppl for divorce ttelp advice and -'. The can help number nearestWomen's police also women ofthe find safe tostay. the Helpline atthe 0fthe section fiont Yellow including. Inthe brutality violence homeaserious Anyone UK. .. important are divorce. with chargedrape.partnerships Same-sex register relationship and .0rg..'kthis acivil knowna partnenhip. violence. orliving manied together-can be husband.. be forces awoman's can awomanhave including to sex.Ihere refuges are emergency numben Pages for women. isalsovoluntary :::ointment afamily . for Inorder a of cannot place the .relate. and inthe partner-whether aman a they are 0r who violent is towards their prosecuted. :hrs have legal tothosemanied couples. violence Domestic is crime.-jrprove 0fthe one following has things happened: . they When with ceremony as civil : . partner left itisvery orifyour particularly ifyou advice your position asolicitor.l: es. the Asolicitor (itizens Bureauexplain available Advice can orthe Insome there safe for to and in options.::pendent inEngland and called which organisationRelate. toget as as Itisimportant woman situation help soon for inthis any posible.rlved. they similar rights of Drvorce r : /orce take during fintyear maniage. who Any man woman. or . operates phone under or .. can their book Relate details You find contact inthe ww. from toget about legal young m0ney have children is over oriftheredisagreement 0rproperty..uk :'.-oles same can legally their ofthe sex now .

offerfree that for. is courses. authorities parents. law.ukthere laws (see have responsibilitystill aduty support inlaw has t0 his not parental employment and childrenChapter 6). they able local Many voluntary organisations authoritiesparenting and offer Parentline anatio".' may taken the ofthe authority. Where local actiontryand this to stop happening. they manied other not.they the powertakechild :. t I . who Afather does 1111.uk/parentinq protection Child local inits fr: Every authorityalegal toprotectchildren area has duty all and danger. continues ifthe their This even parents parentsnot separate ordivorce. be into care local treatment.org. / da. can reasonable discipline but force to them. most But doctors prescribe will a what is they believe are tounderstand involved. the doctor encouragetodiscusswith paren: will them this a ' contraception pe60r for young carer. children frnancially. 18.whenchild's are manied. Parents responsible care control children they for for medical as long the 0r are the and oftheir until consultation 0rtreatment as doctornurse penon understands involved.. the But a only motherparental has responsibility unles: ::= father registen the jointly the child's with mother birth the the subsequently m0ther father marries the the obtainsmother's father the agreement parental for equal responsibility * the parental father by tocourt acquires responsibility applying Parental responsibility untilchild18 old.co. . telephone: serviceparentstelephone: 20helpline for 0808 800 aweek parentir get www. is done emergency allothe' orwhen posibilities have failed. ofthe above lfit believesachild suffering harm it must that is significant athome. must the and place safety interest child allels.uk information You also can on : 0r: on BB( the website: www. are about the 0800 or:wwwchildline. Plus They a 24-hour.parentlineplus. posible.Children Parent( responsibilities have The says parents child are law that 0fa who manied another toone for equal responsibility child. charity works and parents. people f0r cHdren young Medical and advice treatment and Control peoplenot their From age 1 young do need parents'permisro" the of 6.bbc. and on support advicebeing aparent. In UK. can prosecuted orthe person the of nc for for advice istoo they be assault child lfayoung under age 'l6asks contraceptivea .org. ifthis believesthe what is are By they use that young fully punishmentsevere. responsibility their tomaintain children financially. continues a is years 5upport isafree confidential for helplinechildren young ChildLine and and parents. with. ta. alegal people UK talk any whether are with Both toeach 0r have inthe to about problem acounsellortelephor. with tryt0work but have t0 a from home into Thisonly inan and care.

childcarelink. fit all intended quality Satisfactory 'Being quality'means must free '. :ervice [hildcareLink 96 96 www. not t0qoods privately But does apply it bought trom an individual. g00ds be tor ofsatisfactory the scratches ordamage-unless assi(ant you l. cases. in Informations be satisfactoryand quality. '.orq. rule goods toall sold. the for tobe alone By when buy law. Ihis applies goods buy ashop trader-new rule toany you from or or second-hand. on 08000 02 or :ov. you reasonably and that seller manufacturer person 16 'ome they in care can expect all the and claim. you something ashop. The ofGoods 1 states the Sale you from or Act979 that goods buy ashop rrldminders and nurseries be must registered inspected and by the trader must: (0fsted).(onsumer protection Leaving on own achild their :sageneral it isagainst law children left inthe rule.can detailsregistered lffice Standards for inEducation You get 0f (hildren's your from local .uk give the can you telephone ofyour ClS.:. the and '169 (NCMA) .rildminders area your authority.ncma. .: the sales told abour oryou achancet0 had lookcarefullyatthe you item before b0u0fi:' l : had opportunity the the tofind fault. of (C15). . from itshouldeverything do unles are the ofaresponsible aged orover. can number local You also mmatch description. forthe ofthe they 'i Match description the 'Matchingdescription'means you must the the that g00ds buy be the samethe as description packaging on the 0radvertisement of atthe time This applies goods including sale.rntact National the Childminding Asociation on 0800 4486 ' www.. second-hand privately. sold .uk {ftbe for their purposes. for example anewspaper window through 0rshop advertisement.buyerexpected responsibility Inthese the is totake quality goods buy.

atthe ofthe . and magazines. and audio video recordings have opened. when houses. from . using straight bypost. cannot change mind tickets accommodatio' or telephone and calls makecopy ofany letters emails you a or that send. bookings. this not to . some 0r But may bargaining take place buying second-hand as 0rsome goods cars. goods lfyou buying ontheinternet. such household such decorating servicesas orgardening. you is phone 0ntheinternet. also tomake that have full You need sure the picture website asecure ofpaying-this way isshown asmall . importantmake tha' it is are to sure you thetraders address. did agree ifyou not 30 adate. purchases Taking withyour care Sometimes are there problems goods with bought shops. lfthere aproblem something bought.eceivegoods thedate to if do the by agree: orwithin days. arecord For you your for have a toa 0r keep of example.' offers by yellow padlock bottom screen.with reasonable skill care and .perishable such flowers food. ifthe particularly g00ds Keep receipts were as expensive 5ervices Ihelaw covering services-such as hairdressing repairs+tates orshoe that must done: services be . lfyou tomakecomplaint shop company. inthe do people UK that expect In prices notbarter negotiate forgoods. mail from by idea orderon internet s0 isag00d touke followinq or the and it the sreps: Be cautious ofadvertisements exaggeratedand that make claims. that been newspap€' Prices usually marked most goods these the are clearly on new and are prices customer t0pay.purposes for intended Fit alltheir 'Being foralltheir purposes'means goods do fit intended must that the packaginq what seller. a problemsagood toagree price the Ioavoid it is idea the before work starts. the oradvertiser claims.. general. Mail order internet and shopping people buy There special regulations are toprotect who goods hom. of people try sell thingsyour who t0 you at d00r proofofpurchase. are and items as You a or ' entitled afullrefundyou notr. you with stop it As as listed 0r your within working ifyou away tell shop trader the and the or about problem are entitled cancel order to 7 thai days decide you not to the But does apply allpurchases do want buy item. well therights above. within areasonable time for reasonable charge.

oft.uk have acredit to something cost which between fl 00 ' you used card buy :nd f10. Paying by credit card www.co. www. you entitled t0your backtoa are either money or replacement. the orfrom Citizens Bureau. seriousfault and long have the how the is whether Ihere more it is information consumer from BBC about rights the websrte sunreasonable todeveloo for fault a so soon.ukYou informationthe can qet also from government's official department 0rotects which c0nsume6-the0fFair Ofn(e TraCirr. be This useful trader ifthe does can r0thelp solve problem gone ofbusines. can tothe orread :ntitled allorsomeyour t0 of money tobe back.action will fiee Ihe taken depend on row you had goods. :ohave item the repairedofcharge.oov. todeal the Help advice and You get can advice from lrading locally the Standards listedthe Office.you claim money and is with can the rack the card from credit company. may be an independent You subscribe magazine it in magazine. shop's lt isthe responsibility with problem. in phone under local book the authority. t0 the orhas out .(omplaints lfafault appears after have an and are soon you boughtitem you not responsible.000 thereaproblem it.bbc. Advice You check prices performance products can the and ofmany inWhich? f an worked atfirst then item well and developed you still afault. offered areplacement the or reference department public ofmost libraries.

someone you do understand very take isan available help. section information 0n a t0getfunher centres. seekers t Libraries (itizens Bureau a The Advice e The police o Sources ofinformation o Jhe internet general onhow get to tips and information and advice o Eefore ask information carefully what need you for about you to think know. you I Takethe will an with all relevant documents Sometimes have your reference for case number account or o lrytoavoid explanations long you to you refer a Make ofthe ofthe anote name person talk so can toil need visit ifyou tophone again. for When are advice: . afew about key you toknow Make notes the things want you o Take and tomake about information receive notes the apen paper o lfyou not with to English well. and r Help refugeesasylum more the about services by offeredadvice libraries about for and sources other ofinformation. or prepared Be followrng you lookinginformation consider the orhelp.ask or ifthere interpreter you. chapters book are aD0ut: you particular This tells subject.ChAPtErs: OF HELP INFORMATION SOURCES AND lntroduction offering of organisations allkindshelp In UK. are different In chapter isinformation the there many this there to of Inother ofthis there detailswherego and advice.

posible some and libraries to in for services. Pages Thomson section The reference ishelpful guides. print with with and books large forpeople sight talking booki) you to a f you notreturn and items time. achargethese -. do service. can lfthe does you another library.Ihe isalso need 0n ifyou informationsomething . : spossible tobonow audiotapes DVDs. have items usually tobecome books other you and proofofyour and you identity have amember usually toshow which public use do can to word also have Libraries computers the y0ur a00ress. directories. library a inparticular. amember.'enbers borrow foraspecific oftime.Ihere b. : es children.Thereare on There also other English. receive and emails browse internet. translation photocopiers machines and fax To become Computers.: . lf facilitles events.Public libraries public libraries.als0 send and (hildren photocopy tosend might faxes. ltis the processing. items and Books other period libraries At '.:r r raqe chrldrenread to for i. willhave pay books other on do you order they usually it a fine.rre usually Libraries for is section librarychildren. some books can books often and CDs. find addres local inthe the ofyour library libraries free. library nothavebook need. can You has 0r town city Every and intheUK one more phone Most ofthe book. for from Reference such dictionaries. ifyou tobonow but local Anyone use local may a and taxes. aseparate 0fthe reading there special books sometimes are and :. Inthe reference there books as section are Local Yellow and telephone encyclopaedias. Sometimes are there newspapers. are books audiotape kalled 'n anguages than problems. are forbynational are They paid offered services bypublic want library. and good toask place about and local community might a libraries offer you notunderstand very some English well.

there special purpose. . theNH5.adviceguide. housing.benefits.'sh.org. have if have 0r ::rstanding they be toprovide English may able interpreters also an website -AB runs information atwww.itizens Bureau Advice police The service Advice (tAB) free. and [hinese. rfflce. They can help lf you problems . impartial The role the . available on wide of a ltis in -r Welsh. Bengali.ukyour safety about or the a ' ': you a(AB you parts country are visit willbeable help Insome ofthe office should theopening ofyour check times to you. pensions. immigration. with local r. sohelp you togot0court atribunal. the library the website personal orhavequestion thelaw crime.AB also withcompleting and forms writing letters.gives information rangetopics. they offer isto with but also protection asistancethepublic. and haveCAB You find addres theohone and (ities a office. about are information forthis lines Inmany communrtres '. ':stic violenceconsumer and oroblems.nacab. qrve and across range advice help awide oftopics.uk -.org. polrce local orvisit CAB atwww. . employment.. isalso Help available Details this availabletelephone by email. can the in helpful people to lfyou wonied about seeking assistance. (t50s) work leve there community officers who atalocal to are support provide presence streets reassure people local They' and avisible onthe :'actical give help may talk onsafety inschools community and issues and centres generallythe help police their duties. lrzens Bureau gives confidential and main of police deal crime. .: website. . [4ost They expected friendly and to tobe -. are independent . are their .: ltisan organisation with trained advise6. Punjabi Urdu.These include -:y. Gujarati.

police. for each 0fthe (ir(umstances.Other sources ofinformation (ontactingpolice the lfyou advice need report whichnot need oryou to acrime is dangerous * Yellow ayellow Pages: telephone which details directory gives of you orlife+hreatening phone local station. ' about and pens also able fitsmoke be to detectort for especially elderly.further the For You also abank post pay :' can open accountatthe officeandbills information y0ur contact localfire (the service number the isin telephone the office get post you application for forms driving licences. will which you or coastguard You be where are service.': good local for information the such opening oflate che-' as times night . -'e nre (known areasthe and service) c Tourist (entres: information local service insome as fire rescue j information give about attractionj . useful websites.yell. is .com there emerqency. surgeries o" doctor's and so advice what do thereafire. can check Ihey also passport and applications you them passport before send tothe office.gov. ofworship. have Some information and centres rc advice open The Service Fire the oublic. "l t Helplines: organisations many have specialtelephone : . is t0life in dial or The similar Yellow tothe Pages.an help fire and prevention. The numbers section .will asked you calling and from the o Local authorities: information their allgive about services as such location accident ofthe 0remergency. othe' g0 book under'Fire') wwwfire.. number organisations. other phone Most authorities authoritybe can foundthe in book. get from ( r : on isues You can these the (see orpublic or the library from internet below). call orll2underany not 999 Do educationsocial and services.. tomake escape about to if plan is how afire for and family advicefire you your and on hazards home.some o Post inthe In offices:the role the officetocollect delive' main of post is and areas are home safety and fire there free fire checks the service might mail. isan I Thomson aguideyour area Local: to local (available Britain in6reat lfthereadanger oracrimeprogres.lines which advicespecific orproblems. also They provide information benefits state . often with safety fire giving This includes places well on as transport. ambulance operatorask service require: fire. isinthe telephone under'Policei phone or1 unless book D0 NOT 999 12 website atwww. newspdp€rs . and should the police Ihe servicesbusinesseslocal Iherealso inthe area. I Newspapers: either these are national Local 0rlocal.uk or t0 licencespasports. 999 i 12. local h.

www. put lfyou inverted (tonsumer the .rgine Google is atwww. radio can agood oflocal stations be source information.co.thwords separately you and ofresults. for give millions : . most search .Television channels: are national Local and radio these either orlocal. Directgov:this is Government-sponsored websitegives a that government information local national issues. enter key .google.uk Using internet the -he internet be can accessed acomputer athome.lu needknow addres specific (this to the ofa website usually begins .the through either in libraryinan rcal or internet To informationthe cafe.get from internet .rmas around words the rights') search willlook engine " websites words combination.uklhe uses words search engine key ' .direct.iness law orovidestoother ' rformation.uk you This at ' ocal. with inthis only Websites -ere many are addresses websites guide. .lnsumer for rights.ranging from about and you how complete returnhow renew atax t0 you alibrary book. has 40 ltalso sections on education.rver languages. example)the into search itwilllook engine. find information aspecific lfyou the words about thing. and and links valuable sources -. science. history. national international and information newsservice and hasa .co.bbc. ofuseful inthis Aparticularly gives access :fulwebsite BBC isthe websitewww. ith'www')you tousesearch The popular or need a engine.gov.'.

r! should tobeagood try neighbour.(hAPtCr9: BUILDING BETTER COMMUNITIES (ohesive communities Becoming [itizen aBritish or senled UK becoming inthe brings opportunities but also responsibilities. Good citizens Aspecial survey{he Citizenship in2005-tellsagreat UK Survey us deal what about people about rights responsibilities a think the and ofbeing citizen. reading isno but abook part substitutebeing ofsociety. want But to the people to getonwell their gives and information with neighboun contribute well-beingall. about and t0the of purposethis istohelp migrants want become ways some themany inwhich The of of book new who t0 people help make can to their settled theUK tobecome [itizens become aware in or British to more of (ommunities place live thelaws. about things w0rK. abetter to customs traditions Knowing these will and here. be life will better everyone. people most believe there that should aset shared withwhich be of values everyone parts Many inother ofthis can agree. make you what you the 5o sure know days can put your you what out rubbish tobe for it collected and that know arrangements inyour for there are area recycling. ofthose are values mentioned book. isqood avoid to who next lt to makinq toomuch and respect privacyyour hbours. an0 makeeasier become and it to afull active citizen.getting know undentand for to By and your community. inadditionobeying law. This section looks Although isone theworld's diverse Britain of most societies. principleall There general isa that people respectlaw should the and atsomethe of responsibilitiestherights ofothers.(anstart dothrs introduc You t0 by yourselfthepeople live t0you. for have us 5urveys given some interesting very information what about people good about area live Everyone makes feel orbad the they in. ofthe noise to the of neig One most isabout common ofcomplaint neighbours leaving causes about rubbish outside house.The that things people strongly should theresponsibilities felt be of people inthe were: all living UK To and obey respectlaw the .

www. you fndout these will about opportunities inthe by notices school or include: Ihese from your notes children home. Jurors School also cases hear involving and although types murder rape. sales. people not todo the Some are jury qualified service othen be for and might excused doingMore from it. for Affairs details be can found the 0n Department Constitutionalwebsite.dca. task isto the tohelp events the good the ofa inthe doing something for school also ald making friends new inyour outcomecriminaltrial Crown Court. might book toy or Apart getting right vote. ajuror importantand a role is a positive chance something for community.They among willbe jury people each for service they have localcommunity. and offences. tess School are communitywish positive make t0children's They be a contribution education. out ofschool activities.Often activities children their you be Ihere anumber are ofpositive inwhich can agood ways citizen.# properly Ioraise children € To others fairness respect treat with and # To behave responsibly * To and your help protect family € To respect preserve and the environmenl + To morallyethically behave and To all equally treat races yourself Iowork provide to for Iohelp othen -+ Iovote. reach aoe limit.gov. parentshelp clasrooms mealtimes 0ften. can in orduring by helping tosupervise orhelping with reading. are wayswhich can attheir have there many in Supporting the communig schools. ::lr: :i. on electoral might bringing tosell. :i randomly they Becausejurors are selected represent allsections ofsociety. are knownparent associationsand (PIAs) from electoral Anyone ison electoral and the register. might good ofyour for from the to peoplethe register food You have ideas own raising jury page Jurors chosen (see 90). many chosen year and will an opportunity involved legal t0be inthe system. bring Many schools events moneyextra organise toraise for equipment 0r Activities include sales. who the reqister Thesealso as teacher isaged can asked 1 The ofjurors decide volunteering with orjoining association of isaway B-70 be toserve. these ofcases governors people the from school who to are common. hear more the Jurors governors serious cases as burglary.must aged presented election orappointment. Ihey be totake unbiased tothe t0ensure will asked an approach case that fair takes Being isavery trial place.uk Helping atschools you help lfyou children. then averdict of'guilty'0r'not on that service Jury .drugs criminal such theft.isno There upper Iheir istoconsider task the evidence throughout and 1 orover the 0ftheir the trial 8 at date guilty'based evidence. (PSAs). are parent staffassociations be t0serve a asked 0n Sometimes are eventsorganised and by atrandom money.

you chance new from ltgives a tomeet people can ifyou boredhome. parties Political you as Activities do avolunteer can include: joining parties welcome members. social charities. are isworkinggood without There performance.But or work that you a or your many advise on opportunities an governor. volunteer and help are at Some activities You contact local toask neednew your school ifthey a governor. For instance by handingleaflets $reet I working the out inthe with homeles people! and for support. faith and .also to alay representative (0TS) set inMay todrive on a was up 2006 forward Governmentb the role in police authority toapplybecome oreven to You will find supp0rting voluntary The sector amagistrate. knocking orby on doors askingtheir Becoming I ment0ring (itizen you stand office alocal I workhealth hospitals aBritish allows to for as [ouncillor a oras in and I workinq animals. Political always new and apolitical partyan is important ofdemonstrating for views . often raise They advertise newspapers inlocal most and charities websiteswillgive more have you inforntation. t0become people LEA rlolunteer becausewant do simply they to something other tohelp pe0pre. have key ofsetting ising sta They three roles strategic direction. and community organisations. of Many charities volunteen with activitiestohelp want tohelp their and Local Services them money. LearningSkills and Councils. want that lfyou to Many service local providers toinvolve people want local indecisions you get informationwww. are they Thereopportunities as Board adatabase toservea of thousands ofvolunteering 0pp0rtunities. oftheThird the 0ffice Sector ltis posiblebecome (non-police) bodies. might you giving achance can Your help by you your topractice English give orto local you a education (tEA) be tohelp find school authority will able you skills willhelp find job improve [V. third includes v0luntary advertisements inyour newspaperlocal for vacancies local or0n radio.uk about volunteercan more from which is way the inwhich work.Governorslarge are a volunteer and an force have important toplay Volunteering part inra schoolndards.do-it. many benefits volunteering. (areTrusts member inPrimary orRegional Development Agencies.org. associations housing and arts Inrecognition importantvolunteers not-for-profit 0fthe role and the people as councilsadvertise t0servevolunteers governing sector inboth also for play intheir society the and economy. accountability ensuring and monitoringevaluating and school Volunteering for causes payment. helpinqeldedy way supportthe you the proces. local Universities. Member Parliament provides of and so an opportunity for becoming even with more involved political the inthe life UK. their work to improve environment vote their for candidates. parties especially hold for democratic Political are and the busy I youth work atelection when memben hard persuade to people I helping the times. often athriving sector. enterprises gr0ups.

itselfon UK promotes needs has 40 over ways society's and solutionsinnovative totackle and years'experience partnersvolunteers inactivities that insupporting and really adifference lives.gov.(5V is Make Day. oraspiring help find and towork refugees mentors-tothem jobs toget Allofthese with as their group go Prince3Trust them helps with find volunteering with a that insociety.org. information For more t0 abusinesl volunteering. managers need Manytew activities volunteers. UKI day Enterprisethe biggest inthe Office the Directorate originally Home and Social (DTl) for (SEnU). make topeoplel . an of www.000 volunteersrun who activitiesprojects and over senior formerly Department and ofTrade Industry Unit q0 For more to for recruit senior closely the other volunteers. inthe and CSV 10.timebank.uk TheTrust key groups: has four target people isanational that t0inspire connect and TimeBank charity seeks people young appeals who that r Unemployed toshare give time.uk Service Community V0luntee6 isone the prides pioneering new lt inthe that volunteering. volunteering. offenders and ex-offenders. opprtunitia lfyou 200 of There schemes cities towns. infinding tohelp disadvantagedFor I Young departments volunteers with TimeBank has worked the with Home tofind 0ffice volunteers example.uk t0help lfyou to challenging environment. and their TimeBank topeople know a young underachieving people know to about dont their and are demand-butjust what do time skills in a people care inpartnershipGovernment Young leaving with wherestart.uk sector on [ommunities and LocalGovernment the ofthird incommunities and decision-making and atalocal regional organisations Having in1 by Prince Prince's was lrust founded976 The ofWales.an you achance others As MV get tohelp at aged aimed youth offering of your at same has UKt leading chariry arange you becomethe something and enjoy develop skillsthe time. to TimeBank has worked itor people. up training. on that younger Millenium Volunteersis For people 16-24. information within [abinet ltwillwork with Department the Office. more to more involved For information real issues their career havetackle managementina own as they to www.became duty Royal he www.m illeniumvol unteers.org. 0ffice the Sector at: The dedicated toimproving his completed inthe Navy. aDifference campaign topromote Active the of former Communities tSV's Ihe brings 0TS togetherwork the (ACD).gov.csv. has inthe CSV ofdirect volunteeringcommunity. young aged go get mentoring for and advice you AwardExcellence.ca ce. (D(LG) role www.0rg. more For information. visit the of Third website level. TheTrust by doing instarting support including personaldevelopment.want volunteer disadvantaged (CSV) of largest people can the at organisationsyoung you contactTrustwwwprinces-trust. began to the ofdisadvantaged lives (MV)anational programmedeliver commitment.uk/thirdsector binetoffi young inthe and theTrust people UK. people. do hours are inmost and people 14-30.

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