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Report of The Year To Trip Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka Kuala Lumpur Reported by :The Secretary of The Trip Date: 12 February 2012 Reported to:Tn Hj.Sulaiman Daud Headmaster of Sekolah kebangsaan Rahmat

After UPSR, our school had a trip to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur. The visit was held on Saturday, 12 September 2011 accompanied by a total of 40 students in year six and five advisory teachers. The objectives of visit are to: a. To recognize product quality of DBP books. b.To gain knowledge how the books are published. c. To gain knowledge about the real life occupations. The costs of this visit is sponsored by Yang Berhormat of Rantau PANJANG Division. It includes the costs of the bus rental, RM2500.00, RM3500.00 for accommodation and meals. The students do not have to pay a single cent. Before leaving, the advisor teacher reminded the students to maintain discipline and good name of the school there. We arrived at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka at exactly 11.00 am. Our delegation was welcomed by the Public Relations Officer, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. He gave explanations on history and purpose of the establishment of DBP formation. We were also briefed about the parts and units that we visited. Before that, we were given a copy of the Pelita Bahasa magazine published by DBP for free .


00 pm. particularly when it comes to a question and answer session. etc. Dewan Masyarakat. We are also able to see clearly how the books were bound. undergraduates. We also got to know a wide variety of magazines such as Pelita Bahasa magazines. Among its benefits is that we can identify quality of the product by DBP. we were taken to the printing house. but it is very successful.WAJ 3103 ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY The first place to our destination is to the exhibition gallery. we started off out of the compound of DBP. systematic. After that. economic. Prepaired by MOHD FEKERI B ABDULLAH The Secretary of The Trip SK. undertaken by skilled workers and competent. About 3. We look at the books printed rapidly using sophisticated tools. we see clearly how the books and magazines were printed. While in this part we got to see variety of books issued by either DBP old books or new books. techniques. The visit has caused a lot of interest to us. Dewan siswa. Kelantan 2 . compiled. Wewere also given some information about the books and magazines. Here. The books were written in Bahasa Malaysia and English language books including religious. We hope that more students in this school participated in study visits in the future. Dewan Pelajar and others. Rahmat 17200 Rantau Panjang. These books are found to have become the main reference material either as students. after refreshments are served. and individual Although this is the first such visit organized by our school. and linguistic. political.