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HOME ENERGY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ABOUT US CONTACT US Invoice Reconciliation e-Bench™ provides a comprehensive invoice verification and reconciliation system to ensure that all invoices are accurate and a client is not either over or under charged. Many meters are still being read manually. As with any process or application where there is human input, so there is the opportunity for error. e-Bench™ is configured to check all invoice data to verify if the information on the invoice can be regarded as accurate. It does this in two ways:

Checks to ensure the correct tariffs have been applied, i.e. cents per kWh and other levies such as taxes. Checks to ensure if the consumption levels are within the bounds of what might be expected for that particular month. e-Bench™ achieves this by comparing the same month of the previous year and then seeing if the consumption levels are within a certain percentage of that earlier period. Please note this percentage can be varied by the user from 5% to 100% or by an absolute amount. If problems are detected, e-Bench™ sends exception reports to whoever is designated as the recipient of these alerts (in most cases ETSL), so they can be investigated. The advantage of this intelligent processing is that errors are picked up as they quickly and can be managed accordingly.

com/BPM Free Inventory Reports--All Vendors No forms. www.QuickBooksOnline. Large organizations can receive hundreds or thousands of invoices each month.  P. Invoices are official documents that represent a bill of sale. Internal controls can include separating the person completing the invoice reconciliation process from the employee responsible for cutting checks to pay invoices. Companies may also reconcile invoices against vendor statements. Ads by Google Guide to Process Rules Free Vendor Inventory Bank of America® Free Invoice Templates Net billing Free 20 page Process Rules Guide. price for each item.ratifyinc. This ensures the company is not processing false invoices for payment. Sign Up Free! www. This is similar to the three-way match process found in the accounts payable process. Companies — especially those that are publicly held — must pay close attention to bill payment to ensure the company does not waste capital. payment terms.progress. +64 4 801 6210 general@energyts. Common points to reconcile are quantity of Supporting Those Working to Improve Their Communities. +64 4 384 6121 F. Example Business Rules Included! www.bankofamerica. See How. sitemap Traditional invoice reconciliation is a three-way match process. A Fully Convergent Billing System Monetizing Financial Relationships .com/ahead Familiar Forms Make Accounting Easy So You Can Save Time. Accounting clerks will review invoicesagainst the bill of lading sent with goods from the vendor and the company’s internal purchase order. This creates the need for a strong reconciliation process. Easy Install. This ensures no unauthorized invoices exist and all invoices receive prompt payment. bill payment is a part of the cash management process. and authorization from upper management.

At this time. Carter & Boyce has worked with Hotels for over 35 years www. Owners and managers will review general ledger account codes. Most vendors or suppliers will send statements within the first two weeks of each month. Companies using a computerized accounting application will have electronic records for invoices. Paid invoices will be marked off the Most companies will create standard invoice reconciliation procedures. For example.documentconversion. This allows for a final review of the information prior to releasing funds. Monthly invoice reconciliation using statements starts with comparing unpaid invoices to the monthly Medical Billing Earn a Medical Billing Degree From Your Home! Financial Aid.mcb-cpa. Ads by Google Free Bookkeeping Video Hotel Accounting Experts SmartAP Service 10 Secrets To Start & Grow Your Own Bookkeeping Business. many companies pay their bills on the 10th and 25th of each month. Business owners and managers will often require the same information supplied with each payment request prior to signing the corresponding check. Each invoice is compared to the purchase order prior to issuing payment. whichever comes first according to invoice dates. This creates a standard cycle for paying bills. No CAPEX Save thousands and increase profits www. authorized Matthews. recalculate math figures or ask questions to confirm the accounting clerk completed all required reconciliation Advanced OCR for invoices. this should leave all unpaid invoices currently in the accounting file. This results in simply matching the invoices to the statement and paying the bill.system MetraTech. Another option is for companies to pay invoices once a month after receiving statements. Invoice reconciliation is a highly cyclical process. accounting clerks will review invoices needing payment and collect the corresponding purchase orders. www.MedicalBillingDegrees. Accounting will probably have stapled internal purchase orders to each open From Home . Watch Today! Accounting-and-Bookkeeping-Tips.