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Gozran:- begin kingdom building, no event Desnus:- Surveyor, Anza the Jay becomes bored with sitting around

while the party set up their new country and wanders off to explore a little more, make a stability check, reveals a hidden site on any claimed hex or fully explores a new hex adjacent to the kingdoms boarders. Failed check increases unrest by 2. If not offered some position or task Anza will repeat this every 3 months. Sarenith:- Strike, the workers in the lords keep are not happy with their living conditions while the keep itself is being completed, pay 1d6 BP to improve conditions or make loyalty check, if roll failed lose building benefits and increase unrest by 2. Erastus:- no event Arodus:- Wedding, Menas Varn, son of Maegar Varn, Baron of Varnhold, has approached the kingdom via a diplomat requesting to hold a wedding to his Kellid lover Lesit. His father disapproves of the marriage but once it has gone through and the people of Varnhold see his son as the strong minded individual that he is his father will be forced to accept the marriage as it will cement his sons popularity with the common folk. If accepted relations with Varnhold will improve by one step and the kingdom will gain 1d4 BP from increased business, this will also increase unrest by 1 and cause a -2 penalty to loyalty and stability checks until the next even phase from the commotion. If refused the kingdom must make a diplomacy check DC 20, if passed subtract 1 BP from the treasure for a wedding present, if failed Varnhold's opinion of the players kingdom will reduce by one step. Rova:- no event Lamashan:- Vanished, An old wreck has washed up on the shores of the Tuskwater close to the capital and its name plate reads Oathmaker, a trading barge that went missing in the Rivers over 100 years ago. The barge itself is heavily damaged and has nothing of value left when the PC's arrive no evidence suggests why the barge went missing or why it has suddenly returned from the murky waters of the lake. Make a stability check, increase unrest by 1 if successful or by d4 is failed Neth:- no event Kuthona:- no event Abadius:- no event Calistril:- Rustlers, as winter comes to an end the River Kingdoms bandits also begin working again and cattle start to go missing from your farms. Make a stability check if successful the threat is ended by the marshal at no cost to the kingdom, if failed deduct 1d4 BP from the treasury, increase unrest by 1 for each month this even goes on for. Pharast:- Monsters(cr7), smoke has been spotted on the horizon billowing from the lands of Holder Luminita, she has several families on her lands spread over a number of small farms. Upon investigation the party will encounter people fleeing the area back towards the Capital who will tell them that the Holder was killed some days ago and then creatures of flame started rampaging through the area burning farms to the ground, the largest farm in the area (the one belonging to Luminita) is still burning fiercely. Approaching the farm you can see an outline of the half brick farm house still glowing with residual heat from the fire which must have recently died down, the building itself is mostly burnt out but some smaller fires still remain and illuminate the area around the destroyed building.

1 str/1d3 str damage. fly 30 ft(average) Melee 2 claws +9 (1d3+1) or MW dagger +10 (1d3+1/19-20 plus poison fort DC 17. fly +17. maybe. poison use. stealth +19. cure 1 save) add +2 to hit for invisibility Special abilities sneak attack +3d6 SLA (CL 8th. +1 size. DR 5/cold iron Speed 30ft. silver bracelets shaped like doves in flight (200gp). courtiers outfit (female). concentration +11) at will – dancing lights. Then Dovan is meant to use the distraction to finish off the ailing Baron before making good his own escape. blindness/deafness (DC16) Str 13 Dex 18 Con 15 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 17 Base atk +4. sylvan SQ daylight door(d. 1/rnd for 6 rnds. sapphire ring (60gp).no event Sarenith:. knowledge planes +10. lesser ring of fire resistance. pair of sapphire earrings (120gp).. a DC 10 Perception check reveals the presence of the two medium fire elementals and a check result of DC 20 reveals that there seems to be another presence in the building from the strange movements of the wispy smoke still around. Dovan and Happs have teamed up to take out the leader of the PC's new kingdom in revenge for their loss of face and the troubles caused by the PC's in breaking up the bandit ring. healers kit. knowledge arcana +10. flyby attack. improved initiative. ritual gate Treasure/equipment bracer’s of armour +2. MW small dagger. Bestiary 2 (cr5) Init +8 Senses low light vision. perception +16 Ac 20.Assassination(cr8). touch 17. perception +16. +3 event Desnus:. survival +11 Languages ignan. flare (DC13) ghost south (DC14) light. Bestiary 1 (cr3) Lurker in Light. Happs on the Grassy Gnoll (cr6) . Happs is set up with a crossbow on the first floor of a tavern on a road through town the PC's regularly travel. MW lute.door 1/day from and too areas of bright light). weapon finesse Skills acrobatics +15. CMB +4: CMD 18 Feats alertness. immune blindness. +2 bracer’s) HP 50 (8d6+16) Fort +4 Ref +10 Will +9 Defensive abilities blend with light (greater invisibility in better than dim light). he will be taking a shot at Baron Monty and then firing off several more bolts to draw the PC's attention before making his escape through the back of the tavern..Inside the building or within 10 feet of its walls each creature takes 1d6 fire damage per minute must make a fortitude save DC 15 (+1 per previous check) every 5 minutes or take 1d4 non lethal damage from the oppressive heat. silver broach with herald design (40gp) Gozran:. however he is going to use his time subduing and kidnapping Magister Nefty for his own sinister purposes allowing the Baron to survive. A DC 49 perception check reveals the Lurker's square until she moves. Approaching within 30 feet of the farm will cause the Lurker to spot the party and raise the alarm to her fire elemental minions who will move out of line of sight behind the stone walls and await the party to enter the building to enter. escape artist +15. 2 Medium Fire Elementals. mage hand 3/day – daylight. flat-footed 16 (+4 dex. common.

skald Treasure/equipment MW heavy crossbow. CMB +7: CMD 20 Feats deadly aim. rapid shot. The next two rounds he will rapid shot (-2 to hit extra attack) 2 human bane bolts(+15/+15 to hit. 2d8+2d6+11 damage 19-20/x3 crit) and a standard bolt (+8 to hit. trap sense +2 Speed 30ft Melee +1 sap +9 (d6+1) or 2 MW short swords +7/+7 (d6/19-20) Ranged throwing dagger +8 (d4/19-20) Offensive abilities ambush (move. favoured community +2 (Montyville). survival +12. two weapon feint. he will then use a move action to stealth(perception DC15). weapon focus heavy crossbow. sap adept.arrow eruption 1st. ride +13. sneak attack +4d6 Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 13 Wis 8 Cha 12 Base atk +5. DC11 will save or fall asleep) to harass any pursuit. +3 dex) HP 54 (7d10+14) Fort +7 Ref +9 Will +5 Defensive abilities track. flat-footed () HP 56 (7d8+14) Fort +4 Ref +8 Will +1 Defensive abilities trap-finding +3. animal +2) Spells (CL 4th. d28 non lethal damage. chain shirt +1. flat-footed 15 (+5 armour. +1 to hit.LE male human urban ranger 7 Init +3 Senses perception +12 Ac 18. 2d8+8 damage 19-20/x3 crit) at the PC's. touch . hunters bond. potion of haste. disable device +13. trap-finding +3. sap master. 4 human bane bolts +1. CMB +5: CMD 18 Feats combat expertise. vital strike Skills climb +7. two weapon fighting. Should any of these bolt slay a PC he will use arrow eruption to duplicate the bolt and hit 4 other PC's with the same attack in the next round. point blank shot. push through Speed 30ft Melee MW short sword +8/+3 (d6/19-20) Ranged MW heavy crossbow +12/+7 (d10/19-20). handle animal +9. MW short sword. touch 13. 2 sleep bolts. crit multiplier x3) and gravity bow (increase base damage to 2d8). surprise attack (opponents always flat-footed in surprise round). stealth +13. swim +6 Languages common. standard and swift actions in surprise round) underhanded (maximum sneak attack damage in surprise round). human slaying bolt. perception +12. evasion. 20 bolts. 2 potions cure moderate Before taking his first shot Happs casts both aspect of the falcon (+3 perception. fort save DC20 or additional 50 damage) from 120ft away. endurance.gravity bow. weapon . rapid reload heavy crossbow. Dovan the Witch Wrangler Ne male human bandit rogue 7 Init +3 Senses perception +9 Ac . he will then take deadly aim(-2 to hit +4 damage) and vital strike his slaying bolt at Monty(+15 to hit. concentration +9) 2nd. knowledge local +11. aspect of the falcon Str 10 Dex 16 Con 13 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 8 Base atk +7. or +10/+10/+5 Special abilities favoured enemy (human +4. after using all of his human bane bolts he will then make his escape using sleep bolts (+17 to hit. crossbow mastery. 4d8+9 damage 19-20/x3 crit. cloak of resistance +1.

reduce unrest by 6 as political machinations cease Abadius:. as winter draws to a close once again and the seasons turn to spring the entire hillside around your capital blooms in rare Star Child Orchids.Home Town Hero. if captured he will offer to turn on Happs for leniency while attempting to escape at any opportunity. sense motive +9.Duelling Diplomats. improved feint(rogue talent) Skills acrobatics +13. 4 throwing daggers. Lamashan:. Once Nefty is knocked out he will pick her up and attempt to escape with her to his own hide-out away from Happs. Pharast:.Political event Calistril:.Natural Blessing. hostilities have been going on and off now for several months and dozens of men have lost their lives . Once the dust settles depending on what has happened Happs will either disappear if Monty has been slain. 2 potions of cure moderate Dovan will be hiding (perception DC40) in the crowds on the street waiting for Happs to fire his first shot then once the commotion kicks off he will move into a position to charge and sneak attack Nefty with his sap (+11 to hit. Erastus:. stealth +13. swim +6. d6+1 non lethal damage plus 64 non lethal sneak attack damage) one round after Happs stops firing. perception +9. +1 chain shirt.finesse(rogue talent). Whatever happens the PC's cannot afford to leave two such dangerous men running around alive and free within their kingdom. winter begins to draw in and people withdraw from conflicts to settle next to a warm fire with family and friends. potion of haste. disable device event Rova:. the raven haired beauty increases the treasury by 1d4 BP while spending her treasure and provides a +2 bonus to loyalty and stability checks until the next even phase. skald Treasure/equipment +1 sap. Dovan will spend several days torturing Nefty before leaving her for dead in a secluded cave about one days ride along the lake shore from the city if he manages to capture her while the PC's attempt to track him down or will go into hiding if he fails to capture Nefty and wait for another chance. if forced to fight he will attempt to feint and knock attackers unconscious with his sap in order to make a faster escape but if cornered and forced to fight he will draw his blades and attempt to kill anyone who stands between him and escape. if Monty lives he will send a note detailing where Dovan is hiding with Nefty to draw Monty out for another shot (after the PC's have dealt with Dovan) or if captured will offer to turn on Dovan for leniency. If either Monty is killed or Nefty is kidnapped the kingdom gains 1d6 unrest as a result of the event. escape artist +13. bluff +11. 2 MW short swords. Baron Hargev of Pitax(NE male shoanti fighter 4) and Swordlord Gabradon(CN male taldan fighter 4) of Mivon are currently at odds over a piece of frontier land. such an event only happens every 77 years and is seen as a blessing of good fortune on your kingdom. gain a +4 bonus on stability checks until next event event Arodus:. Aliska Tiberis (CG female varisian fighter 6) has returned from a long voyage across the sea with treasures from the jungles of Sargava to retire in her birthplace now the Stolen Lands are being resettled. If a festival is organised in her honour double these event Neth:. disguise +11. use magic device +11 Languages common. +1 cloak resistance. climb event Kuthona:.

Gozran:Desnus:Sarenith:Erastus:Arodus:Rova:Lamashan:Neth:Kuthona:Abadius:Calistril:Pharast:- Init + Senses perception + Ac . three duels and one drunken brawl involving nearly all of their retainers. touch . concentration +) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Base atk +. CMB +: CMD Feats Skills Languages Treasure/equipment . shouting at each other through the bars while their retainers eye each other warily. flat-footed () HP () Fort + Ref + Will + Defensive abilities Speed Melee Ranged Offensive abilities Spells (CL . they are both currently meeting in Montyville to attempt to resolve the issue but so far all that has happened is several shouting boarder clashes. in separate cells. While the area is apparently rich in rare lumber which both men want to profit from it is in an area of forest which is neither truly in Pitax or Mivon as no details boarder maps have been drawn and agreed on by both countries. The PC's will come across them in the town jail.