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Al Bhed Of all the races of Spira, the Al Bhed are most like the Hume. Characterized by their distinctive swirling green eyes & their affinity for mechanical devices, the Al Bhed the victims of a centuries-old discrimination campaign by the Church of Yevon. Personality Ruled by their passions, Al Bhed often have upbeat personalities, usually seeing the bright side of a situation, no matter how bleak. They also tend to be a bit mischievous, playing pranks or stealing minor effects from others for fun. They become grave, though, when they are seriously threatened, swiftly turning stern in the face of danger. Once the menace has passed, they are just as quick to cheer, returning to their sunny disposition. Even persecution from the Yevonites cannot repress the Al Bhed spirit. Physical Description Like Humes, the Al Bhed average 5½’-6’ tall & typically weigh around 130-180 pounds, with the females being significantly shorter & lighter. They almost always have blonde hair & green eyes, which have a strangely swirling iris, as if their pupils were in the shape of little spirals. Other than that, they can easily pass for Humes, & so they commonly disguise themselves as such by wearing goggles or some other device to cover their eyes. Relations The Al Bhed have poor relations with the other races of Spira, although it not through a lack of trying. Because of their affinity for machina, the Church of Yevon has singled out the Al Bhed as a heretical people, & so most others do not receive them well (50% chance for viewer’s attitude to be 1 step more hostile). Despite this, the Al Bhed have traveled the world, traded with others to fund their expeditious uncovering ancient machina, & even participated in Blitzball tournaments. Alignment Although they can be of any alignment, their positive attitudes grant the Al Bhed a slightly Good bent. They also strongly favor Chaos over Law by a ratio of about 2:1. Being an adaptable people, though, there are Al Bhed of all alignments, much like their more numerous cousins, the Humes. Al Bhed Lands For most of their history, the Al Bhed have not had a place to call their own. They had spread to every corner of Spira, plying the seas in their motorized ships & forming enclaves in Humes cities such as Luca & Kilika (but not Bevelle). A couple of decades ago, though, an Al Bhed man named Cid founded the city of Home on Bikanel Island, on the edge of the Sanubia Desert. This place was so named because it was designed to be a refuge for all Al Bhed, in response to escalating harassment from the Yevonites. Religion Although the Al Bhed believe in the afterlife, they reject the doctrine of the Church of Yevon. They are the only group in Spira that openly opposes the the ban on machina & the use of the Final Summoning to combat Sin. They also believe that the Farplane is not a place where the living should enter, & that the images of the deceased that people see there are just memories & not communicable spirits. Because of these vast theological differences, the Yevonites have declared that all Al Bhed are heretics & have actively ostracized them. Language The Al Bhed language is distantly related to the Common speech, sharing the same alphabet, grammar & syntax, but the words themselves are very different. Because of this, as well as the social divides between the Al Bhed & the other Spiran races, the Al Bhed tongue is used almost exclusively among the Al Bhed, & many Al Bhed also speak Common. Their language is very useful when discussing technical topics, though, such as mechanics, engineering, & architecture. Male Names Berrik, Eigaar, Nimrook, Rin, Ropp Female Names Judda, Lakkam, Linna, Naida, Rikku Adventurers As the Al Bhed oppose the use of the Final Summoning, they almost never act as guardians for summoners on a pilgrimage. In fact, they often embark on missions to sabotage a summoner’s efforts to summon the Final Aeon, even up to kidnapping a summoner. They do this because they see the Final Summoning as a needless sacrifice of the summoner’s life. They also travel far across Spira many vast seas, seeking either to meet & trade with far-flung friends & relatives, or to search Sin-scorched ruins for broken machina to collect & repair. Racial Traits · Medium: As Medium creatures, Al Bhed have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size · Humanoid traits; [Al Bhed] subtype · Al Bhed base land speed is 30’ · -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity · +2 racial bonus on attack rolls against Constructs · +2 racial bonus on Craft & Disable Device checks · +4 racial bonus on Disguise checks when masquerading as a Hume · +2 racial bonus on all saving throws versus mechanical traps · Automatic Language: Al Bhed · Bonus Languages: Common · Favored Class: Bandit Al Bhed Al Bhed differs only slightly from humans; in their bright green eyes with spiral-patterned irises. As a result, they often wear goggles. Another mark of the Al Bhed is that most of them have blond hair. The Al Bhed possess their own language (known as Al Bhed). The Al Bhed pride themselves on the usage of their specialized knowledge of ancient technology which they call "Machina". Al Bhed Racial Traits • +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Al Bhed are very bright, but because of their obsession with forbidden technology, people tend to be cautious of them. • Medium: As Medium creatures, Al Bhed have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. • Al Bhed base land speed is 30 feet. • Weapon Familiarity: Al Bhed are automatically proficient with Firearms. • +2 racial bonus on all Craft, Disable Device, Knowledge (technology) checks. Al Bhed are intuitive and have an innate understanding of technology. • Automatic Languages: Common and Al Bhed. • Favored Class: Thief. A multiclass al bhed's thief class does not count when determining whether she takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.