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Traffic surveys required to be conducted in connection with the preparation of road project are as under: (a) Classified Traffic Volume Counts (b) Origin-Destination Surveys (c) Speed and delay studies (d) Traffic Surveys for the Design of Road Junction (see irc: sp 41) (e) Accident Records

Classified Traffic Volume Counts  A seven day count will then give the Average Daily Traffic (ADT). This value may be

converted to Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) applying seasonal considerations and using conversion factors from any continuous traffic count in the region.  When traffic census data from existing count stations are compiled, it may be found

useful to collect past data (preferably about 10 years) so as to establish meaningful past growth trends for each vehicle class.

Traffic Surveys for the Design of Road Junctions  Road junction design requires information on directional movement of traffic

in the peak hour. For this purpose, it would be sufficient to have counts for 2 hours each in the morning and evening peak periods unless there exist extended peak hours.  For simple ‘T’ or 4-way junction, the survey could be conducted by stationing

enumerators on each arm of the junction to note the number of vehicles entering through the arm and the direction of their exit.

the desirable period of projection is 10 years but it should not be less than 5 years.5%   per annum could be adopted for this purpose. however. the desirable and minimum forecast periods are 20 and 10 years. as a broad guide. (excluding the period of construction. For major truck routes.Traffic Projection  For design purpose. . a compound growth rate of 7. In the case of 10 lower category roads. If reliable information is not available. it is necessary that classified traffic should be predicted for the future horizon year for which the facility is to be designed.