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A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance - Lê Xuân Hồ

A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance - Lê Xuân Hồ


16/. By next June, Kevin ________ for this company for seven years.
A. will work B. will have been working C. is working D. has worked
17/. Jane usually _______ for dinner, but today Steven _______ the
cooking because she is so sick.
A. cooks / had done
B. is cooking / does
C. has cooked / does
D. cooks / is doing
18/.- This is the second time I ______ in an expensive restaurant like this.
A. have eaten
B. ate
C. had eaten
D. eat
19/.- _Where is John? _ He ________ in the garden.
A. works
B. had worked C. is working
D. worked
20/.- People ______ much higher living standards over the last five years.
A. got
B. were getting
C. have been getting D. had got
21/.- _ Oh, no. The last bus has left. _ Ok. Don’t worry. I ______ you
home then.
A. am driving B. will drive C. am going to drive D. have driven

1/. Jimmy ________ the piano in his room at the moment.
A. played
B. had played
C. has played
D. is playing
2/. They ________ to European cities many times.
A. traveled
B. are traveling
C. were traveling D. have traveled
3/. The Greens ________ Vietnam again last month.
A. visit
B. are visiting
C. visited
D. have visited
4/. He _______ famous for his books on the adventures to the South in the
early 20th century.
A. becomes B. has become
C. will become
D. became
5/. My brother ________ you since yesterday.
A. looked for B. was looking for C. looks for D. has been looking for
6/. Listen! Someone _______ in the next room.
A. sang
B. is singing
C. sings
D. was singing
7/. He first _______ his wife in London ten years ago.
A. was meeting
B. has met
C. meets
D. met
8/. They _______ New Hampshire yesterday afternoon.
A. leave for B. have left for
C. left for
D. are leaving for
9/. Their family _______ to live in Nottingham in 1999.
A. move
B. moved
C. will move D. have moved
10/. Jeff ________ as a truck driver for more than three years.
A. worked
B. has been working C. works
D. will work
11/. They _______back to Vietnam next summer vacation.
A. are not going to get
B. haven’t got
C. will not get
D. A and C are correct
12/. That energetic author ________ more than twenty novels up to now.
A. is writing B. will write C. has written
D. wrote
13/. Korean lifestyles________ well-known all around the world recently.
A. have become B. will become C. were becoming D. had become
14/. I _______ writing the report yet.
A. am not finishing B. haven’t finished C. didn’t finish D. won’t finish
15/. At 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon we ________ in the school library.
A. were studying B. will be studying C. have studied D. had studied
A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance - Lê Xuân Hồ

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GHI CHÚ 01: 
Thì quá khứ ñơn:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì hiện tại hoàn thành:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn:
A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance - Lê Xuân Hồ

- 267 -

for a long time ago 3/. had joined D. met B. A. while C. when B. All his classmates _______ by the time he came to the party. while D. A. A. has written C. had finished D. A. after _________________________ (to be continued) A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance . A. before C. had written B. I won’t go home until I _______ writing the report. joined C. have met 6/. he ______ in the army. Scarcely _______ their car when the police arrived and gave them a ticket.A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance . They will call you as soon as they ______ in New York. finish B. A. was meeting C. is writing D. are walking 7/. was B. will have left B.Lê Xuân Hồ A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance . they parked B. He _______ the phone down than his boss called back. A. He was working on the computer ______ his sister was watching TV. after D. no sooner 18/. a long time ago C. until B. did they park D. until D. A. will finish B. will have finished 12/. no sooner put D. A. A. is D. have been walking D. for three years ago 4/. before C. will arrive B. John began working for this travel agency ______.268 - . A. By the time they come back. walked B. had been walking 14/. have finished C. They have been working on that project ______. I haven’t heard of Judy _______ we graduated from university seven years ago. since a long time D. have finished D. was no sooner putting C.Lê Xuân Hồ A preparation course for the GCSE & University entrance . A. After he had graduated from university. Jimmy has learnt how to play the guitar since he ______ five years old. A. since 15/. until B. I was walking along the street when I ______ Kathy and Tony. A. We are not going to leave ________ he has come here with us. While Peter _______ the report. we ______ cooking for the meal. Little Jimmy went to bed _______ he had done all his maths exercises. three years ago D.Lê Xuân Hồ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì tương lai ñơn: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì tương lai tiếp diễn: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì tương lai hoàn thành: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thì hiện tại ñơn: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. will be arriving C. had been 2/. was writing 5/. was joining B. A. by the time C. while D. had met D. were leaving D.269 - . as soon as 16/. has joined 9/. We ______ along the path for more than two hours when we came across a stray baby lion. arrived 13/. since D. A. will have finished C. had they parked C. as 17/. had left 8/. for three years B. while C. when B. has been C. they had parked 11/. He was reading a book in his room ________ the fire started in the kitchen. for a long time B. had no sooner put 10/. has no sooner put B. have left C.Lê Xuân Hồ . A. when B. since three years C. he heard a big explosion from the house next door. A. arrive D. We are waiting for Kevin. had finished  EXERCISE 2: 1/.

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