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Task 1: Introduction 1.1 Restaurant background 3

Task 2: Executive Summary 2.1 2.2 2.3 Objective Benefits to the company Planning 5 5 5

Task 3: Vendor Information 3.1 3.2 Company Background Location Map 6 7

Task 4: Proposed Solution 4.1 4.1.1 4.1.2 4.2 4.3 4.4 Hardware Requirement Hardware List Hardware Specification Software Requirement Internet Service Provider(ISP) Suggestion Floor Plan 8 9-13 14 15-16 17-20


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Task 5: Service and Support 5.1 Guaranty and Satisfactory 21

Task 6: Budget Proposal 6.1 Overall Cost 22




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Radix Spring Roll (Chicken Popia Organic). Coffee o. Float. MPCIM Page 3 .1: RFC restaurant front entries Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) was opened in 2010 is located in Seriab.00 am.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS INTRODUCTION Figure 1.00 am to 3. Burgers and Sausages Chicken and others will follow from time to time. Organic Chicken Ball and many more. Mocca. Kangar. Lunch will begin at 11. Lunch and dinner is Organic Chicken chop. Tarik Radix. Opening as early as 7. 2010. RFC provides a breakfast menu like nasi lemak. so the restaurant doesn’t have any wireless network connections. Inaugurated by the Minister of Perlis on June 30. Menu includes Ice Blended. Its managing director is Ismail Ahmad. Radix Fried chicken in Kangar is the sixth branch was established. The restaurant is still new.00 pm.

MPCIM Page 4 .2 – 1.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS SCREENSHOT OF RFC RESTAURANT From left to right . Figure 1.5: Screenshot taken from inside and outside of RFC restaurant in various occasion.

firstly we need to buy a wireless device capable to connect the restaurant to the Internet. BENEFIT TO RESTAURANT By adding a wireless connection to the restaurant. We have chosen to setup the connection at Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) as our restaurant venue. it will attract more customer to the restaurant during their free time. Nowadays. they will be attracted to drop by to restaurant to hang out with their friends. modem provided by ISP. many young generations have laptop with wireless access capabilities. PLANNING To setup a wireless connection to the restaurant.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OBJECTIVE We have been given a task to setup a wireless connection at a restaurant. RJ-11 and RJ-45 cable. Among the device that are required are Linksys WRT54G 802. and our own laptop to setup the wireless connection by configuring the router. They want to connect to the internet anytime and anywhere.11g Wireless Router. MPCIM Page 5 . When adding a wireless connection.

1: Our company logo SUFR7 Enterprise has been established since 2002. PayPal. Sunday & Public Holidays Payment Options We accept Cash.Friday 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 We are close on Saturday. Cheque. Our service include setting up wireless capabilities to an organization or company. providing maintenance to the wireless access. Finance.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS VENDOR INFORMATION Figure 3.1. MPCIM Page 6 . and last but not least advising our client about wireless connectivity whether to setup new or upgrade internet connection. Currently our staff consists of only 4 people. Opening Hours Monday . We have had handled a few projects involving setting a wireless connection in a building.

CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS OUR COMPANY LOCATION Figure 3. Lengkok Segar Jaya Taman Segar Jaya.1: Location of our company map Surf7.surf7. Butterworth MPCIM Page 7 .net 55. Pulau Pinang p: +604-3327 277 f: +604-3328 277 http://www.

Cable : RJ-11 Cable 2. Cable : Straight-through RJ-45 cable 3. Streamyx Modem MPCIM Page 8 .11g 4. Wireless Router : Linksys WRT54G 802.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS PROPOSED SOLUTION HARDWARE LIST HARDWARE 1.

This is due to the port consists of only RJ-11 port. MPCIM Page 9 .2.1: RJ-11 and the cable We decided to use RJ-11 to connect between ADSL splitter box and Streamyx Modem for the data transmission.1.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS HARDWARE SPECIFICATION 1. RJ-11 CABLE Figure 4.

2: CAT 5e with RJ-45 connector For the connection between Streamyx modem and the router. MPCIM Page 10 .1. This is due to not many device can support CAT 6 and the technology is not practiced wide yet. CAT 5e cable + RJ-45 CONNECTOR Figure 4.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS 2.2. we use CAT 5e for cabling.

VPN Pass-through. MPCIM Page 11 .3 x 1. ACCESS POINT For the access point.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS 3. Linksys WRT54G 802. Reset Button 802. Below are the full features of the router.2. 1.3: Linksys WRT54G 802.11g wireless data rates up to 54Mbps (5 times as fast as 802. wireless MAC address filtering. Figure 4. The reason we chose the router is because of it’s easy-to-install feature.0 inches.8 x 6. SPI firewall. but also interoperable with Wireless-B devices (at 11Mbps) Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).11g FEATURES Dimension Internet Connection Port LAN Connection Port Buttons Speed DESCRIPTION 9.1.11b).11g. we decided to use a wireless router.06 lbs One 10/100 RJ-45 Port for Cable/DSL Modem Four 10/100 RJ-45 Switched Ports Secure-Easy-Setup Button.

full duplex RJ-45 connector with auto MDI/MDIX support WLAN capabilities/standard WLAN: One 10/100Base-T Ethernet. full duplex RJ-45 connector with auto MPCIM Page 12 . 250 g Broadband (cable.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS 4.1. DSL. Below are the summary of the specification for the Streamyx modem. the ISP has provided ZyXEL P-320W as a medium to provide the wireless Internet connection to the restaurant. Figure 4.4: ZyXEL P-320W router used as Streamyx modem FEATURES Dimension Internet Port DESCRIPTION 115(W) x 162(D) x 33(H)mm. STREAMYX MODEM For the Streamyx modem. Ethernet connection (adapter or cable) LAN port LAN: Four 10/100Base-T Ethernet. satellite or wireless) Internet service and modem with Ethernet RJ-45 connector.2.

LAPTOP Figure 4.1. This can save customers. our client does not need to buy a new one.5: Laptop used to configure wireless network For the access point and Streamyx modem setting and configuration. they only have to pay something necessary. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) support Memory Size 1MB Flash. OTIST Button 64/128-bit WEP Encryption.11g/b compliance Buttons Security Reset Button. we will use our own company laptop and thus.2. MPCIM Page 13 .CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS MDI/MDIX support. IEEE 802. 2MB DRAM 5.

It will also provide the security needed during configuring the modem and access point. MPCIM Page 14 . Packet Tracer Our company will use the software to do a prototype to see the arrangement of the network. and traffic flow on the network. data rate.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION Mozilla Firefox The web browser will be used to configure the modem and access point directly from the ISP using WebGUI. Visio This software is used to design and draw the floor plan and the arrangement of the network device on the wireless network. This is done to see the network movement.


We highly recommended BB Deal 4Mbps due to higher speed and our client do not have to worry about decreasing speed if the internet is to be consumed simultaneously. The plan also provides constant speed and unlimited bandwidth rather than Unify which the speed drop significantly after the bandwidth reached its limit.3.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS ISP 2: TM Streamyx Figure 4.2: TM Streamyx package Our suggestion is TM Streamyx because it provide greater value to our client than TM Unify. MPCIM Page 16 .

4.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS FLOOR PLAN Figure 4.1: First Floor of RFC Restaurant plan MPCIM Page 17 .

CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS FLOOR PLAN (CONTINUE) Figure 4.4.2: Second Floor of RFC Restaurant plan MPCIM Page 18 .

CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS Name ADSL Splitter Box Symbols Streamyx Modem Telephone Counter Orders and Payment Door Stairs Wireless Router (Access Point) Windows MPCIM Page 19 .

1 and Figure 4.2.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS RJ-45 RJ-11 Table Divider Chair Room Figure 4.4.4. MPCIM Page 20 .3: Symbols and its meaning used in Figure 4.4.

CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS SERVICE AND SUPPORT Our costumer can contact us any time during office hour. Should RFC restaurant face any problems and difficulties. MPCIM Page 21 . Any problem and complaint will take our full priority and solved at our capabilities. We will ensure the hardware run as smoothly as it should be. We also ensure that the security of wireless network in RFC restaurant are guarded from unauthorized access and also maintain the network to ensure wireless connection steady at any time. we are ready to give our service to our fullest commitment.

CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS COST PROPOSAL Below is the cost involved when implementing the wireless network in Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) restaurant.1: The table for implementation budget MPCIM Page 22 . 1 4 5 6 7 8 Items Linksys WRT54G 802.11g CAT5e Cable (40 metre) RJ-11(20 metre) Installation Cost Maintenance Fees (Per Annum) ISP Registration Fees Net Price RM 120 RM 35 RM 12 Price RM 120 RM 35 RM 12 RM 200 RM420 FREE Total RM 787 Figure 6. No.

+Perlis&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=11478> MPCIM Page 23 . “Google Maps”.000489b088f2ffb936e07> “Your Malaysian Business Directory”. < hq=taman+pertiwi. viewed 10 November 2011. Hotfrog.blogspot. viewed 8 November 2011. Google 23 June 2010. “Streamyx Modem Support”.&hnear=Kangar. Unknown 1 June 2010. <http://maps. <http://www.html> 2.hotfrog. viewed 8 November 2011.CSC2133 NETWORKING FOR HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS REFERENCE 1.