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ITB PROJECT Group 5 members Waleed paracha Ishfaq-ur-Rehman Asima Syed Rabiya Kamal

Company of Choice .

all under recognized and reputed name Ideas by Gul Ahmed is the retail venture of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills.000 spindles. the name GulAhmed is still synonymous with quality. The Company operates business through its wholly owned subsidiaries. not just in Pakistan but all over the world. kitchen and bathroom. The Company is a composite unit. 1953 Manufacturing started Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited established Company has continued to make rapid progress Fifty year since its inception. 297 conventional looms. The Ideas flagship store is located in the Clifton area of Karachi. Considering the growing trend towards the retail industry in Pakistan. as well as the increase in cotton prices and the need to focus more on value-added products. strictly focusing on specialization. embroidery and tailor-made services. 250 wide width air jet looms.Company History The Gul Ahmed Group began trading in textiles in the early 20th century. as well as men's and women's apparel. Ideas offers a range of home textiles and furnishings for the bedroom. innovation and reliability. The mill is presently a composite unit with an installed capacity of 130. It also provides inhouse monogramming. with plans to establish a retail chain throughout Pakistan. Manufacturing takes place in decentralized production units. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited is engaged in the manufacture and sale of textile products. Gul Ahmed . 90 Sulzers. and a state-of-the-art processing and finishing unit. the company decided to diversify into the country's retail sector in 2003. making everything from cotton yarn to finished product.

536 square meters and 32. is 78.241 kilograms. respectively. Both subsidiaries are engaged in trading of textile related products. 2008. The Companys cloth and yarn production for the fiscal year ended June 30. Responsibly delivering product and service to our partners Mission Statement To deliver value to our partners through innovative technology and team work. . Fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities.International Limited (FZC) and GTM (Europe) Limited. Vision And Mission Statement Vision Statement Setting trends globally in the textile industry.

processing and finishing of all types of cotton and blended fabrics. activities start from the spinning of cotton as well as man made fibers and extend to weaving. . export committees and have also assisted the Government of Pakistan in some of the major trade talks with EC and USA authorities.Business Activities Textile In the textile field. garment manufacturing. bed linen. etc. The directors have held top positions in various textile bodies. Management The large stature of the company requires management nothing short of top notch management. Management of the group is professionally qualified and broadly experienced. home furnishings.

M.Company Information Board of Directior Bashir Ali Mohommad Zain Basheer Zaid Basheer Mohammad Zaki Bashir Abdul Aziz Yosuf S.Nadeem Shafiqullah Zain Basheer Mohammad Zaki Basheer Abdul Aziz Yosuf Chairman & member Member Member Secretary Auditors:- .M.Mohammad Saleem Sattar Company Secretary:.Mohammad Saleem Ghaffar Audit Committee:S.Nadim Shafiqullah Razak Bramchari Dr.Amjad Waheed Adnan Afridi Chairman & CEO Non Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Independent Non Executive Director Non Executive Director Independent Non Executive Director Independent Non Executive Director Chief Financial Officer:.

STATE LIFE BUILDING NO. KARACHI-75120 Share Registrar:FAMCO ASSOCIATES (PRIVATE) LIMITED 1ST FLOOR.I. KARACHI-74000 PHONE NO. (021)32427012. Chartered Accountants Internal Auditors:ANJUM ASIM SHAHID RAHMAN Chartered Accountants Legal Advisors:A.K. (021)32426752 Mills LANDHI INDUSTRIAL AREA KARACHI-75120 Bankers:- . CHUNDRIGAR ROAD. BROHI & CO ADVOCATES Registered Office:PLOT NO.32426597 & 32425467 FAX NO.HYDER BHIMJI & CO. 1-A OFF: I.82 MAIN NATIONAL HIGHWAY LANDHI.

All Pakistan Bed sheets & Upholstery Manufacturers Association. Employees Federation of Pakistan. Faysal Bank Limited Habib Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Hsbc Bank Middle East Limited Meezan Bank Limited National Bank Of Pakistan Nib Bank Limited The Royal Bank Of Scotland Limited Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited United Bank Limited List of Membership of Trade Bodies and Organization The Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. Chamber of Commerce & Industry. All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association. Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited.A. P. . Karachi.C. All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. Karachi Cotton Association. Pakistan Citi Bank.F Apparel Manufacturers Exporters Association. N.Main bankers of the group are: Allied Bank Limited Bank Al Habib Limited Barclays Bank Plc.

plain or fully accessorized with tiebacks. embroidery and embellishments. Fabric Running meter fabrics. Their main catalogues are based with the latest in Women and Men fashion wear . skills and craftsmanship of this traditional industry. They also produces quality goods when it comes to kids wear and their products are loved and cherished by all who own them. packed to buyers' specific requirement. Curtain Ready made curtains lined. un-lined and taptop curtains. pelmets. produced from the fertile lands of the Indus Valley. are spun. packed to specific requirement. For years now Gul Ahmed is the Leading brand in Pakistan and with its exquisite quality and design it is the customers first choice. in different styles of confectioning and embroidery. pillow covers. bolster case with all sorts of fancy confectioning. . valance sheets. cushion covers. People wait year long seasons after season for the latest Gul Ahmed styles and designs to come out and race others to get them first. woven and processed into the finest quality cotton and blended products through a combination of latest technology. The purest of cotton fibers.Product Gul Ahmed's fine textile products represent a unique fusion of the century old traditions of the east and the latest textile technology of the west. packed to buyers' specific requirement.duvet covers. Other then that Gul Ahmed also provides Bed-Linen Quilt covers . flat and fitted sheets.

So far in Pakistan. Gul Ahmed has followed the following Pricing Strategies Market-Penetration Pricing Product Line Pricing Optional-Product Pricing By-product Pricing Product Bundle Pricing Promotional Pricing Place . rayon and other man-made fibers Accessories:Gul Ahmed also provides matching accessories with their latest fashionable clothes e. Price Gul Ahmed provides excellent quality at the least price possible their products are feasible to almost all market segments in Pakistan and all around the world for that matter .g hand bags.Yarn Gul Ahmed specializes in medium-to-fine-count cotton yarns and is also capable of producing yarns using a wide variety of synthetic fibers including polyester. Kitchen and Bathroom items Gul Ahmed has also started increasing there product line to kitchen designing items and bathroom accessories.

the company decided to diversify into the retail sector in 2003.A Egypt and Bulgaria using their brand Ideas® Promotion Promotion Suggested and Previously used IMC Channels Advertising Flyers Banners Bill Boards Magazines Sales promotion Coupons Point-of-purchase Contests Market .Gul Ahmed has been using a direct selling strategy i. from Producer to Ultimate Consumer.e. As already discussed Gul Ahmed will have its own retail outlets in Pakistan and other foreign countries like U. After visualizing the needs of customers and the growing trend towards the retail industry.S. It has its own retail outlet in different cities of Pakistan with the name of Ideas®.

The segment that is we going to serve would have an age group of 15 to 50.e. The factors would be continued in the upcoming markets as well having more emphasis on the Quality part. With these attribute Gul Ahmed would be able to charge premium price for its products Managemet Policy .Market Segmentation:Gul Ahmed’s will focus on female consumers as they are our primary customers. Quality. Unlimited range of designs and Wide range of colors. The income level would be upper class and middle class. Target Market and Size of the Market Market Population Females of Age Group 15-60Income Group Upper & Middle Class having 50% income distribution Competitive Advantages Strategy -Differentiation Gul Ahmed has always differentiated itself from its competitors on the base of three things i.

For that the management has implemented a few policies which the people working in the company follow Quality policy:Maintenance of Quality Systems on the guidelines of ISO 9000 series of standards. work instructions. ISO 9000 concepts & system documentation including: procedures. 2. . Practical measures related to health and safety. specification etc.Gul Ahmed is a large International company and it requires to be managed properly. Social Policy:Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited has striven to become one of the leading companies to actively participate in the social and economical growth of the country. Relaxed environment for employees. 4. Training should be an on-going process and refreshers and reviews are a part of training. Equal opportunity Gul Ahmed holds long term corporate objectives towards conservation in the use of electricity. Training of employees on quality awareness. The company will endeavor to address following issues: 1. Enforcement of minimum age of employee of eighteen (18) years without any discrimination. gas and water. 3. Customer satisfaction through employee participation & innovative technology application.

Admin. The members of the committee are: Technical Directors. Management Representative (Health & Safety). General Manager Maintenance. Environmental Policy:Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited pursue long term corporate objectives towards conservation in the use of electricity. We plan to meet global environmental challenges in all areas. A health and safety manual ensures for staff and workers. Health and Safety Policy Gul Ahmed has a H&S manual and a permanent committee to ensure safety of staff and workers. Security & Fire chief. In order to achieve and maintain high quality control and to retain strict focus on . gas and water for setting up an environmental management system. Processing Manager. Gul Ahmed promotes equal opportunity employment and provides a congenial.The Company plans to set up an environmental management system in order to meet global environmental challenges in all areas. relaxed and healthy work environment. Stitching Managers. Operations Gul Ahmed is a network of composite mills which manufacture goods from yarn to finished products.

the production units have been decentralized into the following units: Spinning Weaving Pretreatment. Japan. Weaving The units have 223 air jet looms. Printing. and other fancy fabrics with a width of up to 330 cms. Poly viscose and 100% viscose yarns are also produced from 7 Ne to 100 count.specialization. drills. twills.. Poly Cotton.A.S. Finishing: . Printing.K. Germany & the U.296 spindles. sheetings. dobbies. Ring Spinning The ring spinning operation comprises of a total of 130. Pretreatment. Finishing Design & Style Hemming – House Hold Textile Quality Control Spinning Gul Ahmed has two spinning units. A wide range of yarns are produced in these units: 100% cotton from 50 NM for knitting and weaving. The air jet looms come from Tsudakoma of Japan. The latest installation of air jet looms operate in a new custom built weaving facility supported by the most modern yarn preparation equipment and are comparable with the finest available yarn preparation equipment anywhere in the world. These units produce fine quality lawns. The machinery used in these units is made in the U. Dyeing. satins. Dyeing. up to 135 NM for light weight dress fabrics.

wax engraver. Gul Ahmed places great emphasis on innovation and implements the latest technology available. Gul Ahmed has 4 sophisticated rotary printing machines Capable of printing up to 21 colours on fabrics as wide as 320 cm. colour scanner. Processing and Finishing Machinery Computerized Colour Kitchen Calender CAD/CAM System Colour Scanner Dyeing Range Embroidery Machine (20 head 9 colour) Film Plotter Laser Engraver Mercerizing Rotary Printing including 21 colour and upto 280 cm width Singeing & Desizing Stentor Sanforizing Washing and Drying Range Wax Engraver The first installation of a laser engraver. & CAD/CAM system in Pakistan was made at Gul Ahmed. . It is dedicated to computerization in aspects of design reproduction.The wet processing unit is equipped with a wide range of state of the art machines which gives Gul Ahmed a flexible processing possibility and an edge over its competitors. film plotter.

Design & Styling Gul Ahmed's design studios are staffed with experienced artists with capabilities to meet the most stringent requirements in design and to adapt to different colourways to meet the requirements of each individual country. density of cloth and fastness of colours.In the finishing section. Fully equipped labs are installed separately in areas of spinning. The company also employs leading European designers who constantly develop new designs for specific geographical areas. weaving and wet processing.House Hold Textile These units. . Final touch to the fabrics is given on different calenders according to the requirements of the buyers. The designing team visits major international exhibitions to keep abreast of current market trends. An automated and computerized colour kitchen enables production of exact colour shades each time from the use of recipes which are stored in the computer's memory station. are capable of making all of the different product size and style requirements of each individual country. A top French designer works full time for Gul Ahmed and spends 2 months in Pakistan and 2 months in Paris on a rotational basis throughout the year. modern stenters are fitted with the most sophisticated electronic weft straighteners which achieve perfect finishes. equipped with high speed stitching machines and an intensive labour force. Quality Control Gul Ahmed maintains strict quality control and possesses computerized testing for strength of yarn. Hemming .

Our efforts towards improvement of our quality system. based on the guidelines of ISO 9000 series of standards is a journey towards excellence. . Our culture stresses employee participation & innovative technology application to achieve continuous improvement.The quality control personnel conduct pre-inspection of goods at different stages to maintain international standards and to ensure customer satisfaction on a regular basis. Quality Policy We at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills want to maintain our position as one of the finest quality-managed companies capable of meeting the requirements of our external & internal customers. Conclusion Gul Ahmed is a well know brand known for its quality and innovative products time after time it needs to keep on working with its policy keep the customers enthusiastic and satisfied with the utmost quality available and its brand name will prosper more and more .