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Mace Business School

establishing world-class standards. a international consultancy and construction business. nETWoRk And AgREE on A coMMon AgEndA foR MovIng foRWARd. Mace took a significant step toward achieving these objectives with the foundation of the Mace Business School. We provide a robust and collaborative learning environment aimed at achieving project excellence. Mace is relentlessly committed to employing the best people and supply chain companies to ensure excellent service for our clients. the Mace Business School provides a unique environment focused on the transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise to and from our suppliers. the first of its kind in the industry focused solely on improving the performance of construction businesses through learning and knowledge sharing.” Brian Moone. and improving the way our industry operates to the benefit of our clients.WHo WE ARE Mace Business School is part of the Mace. Today. In 2006. THE MAcE BuSInESS ScHool pRovIdES THEM WITH A foRuM To lEARn TogETHER. Best Integrated Supply chain of the Year “WE BRIng TogETHER gRoupS of cEoS And SEnIoR ExEcuTIvES WHoSE coMpAnIES HAvE WoRkEd TogETHER on pRoJEcTS. director Mace Business School .

their strategic thinking and their people management skills. Our award winning services were initially developed to improve the supply chain delivery on some of the industry’s most complex projects for Mace Construction Management.WHAT WE do We develop and deliver interactive and engaging bespoke management training courses on behalf of our client’s for their supply chain partners. We can now offer this service to any Mace Group clients to develop their supply chain. we also help our partners to develop their leadership abilities. We know that creating the right culture in an organisation is critical to its success. “I WAnT ouR BuSInESS To lEAd. MAcE BuSInESS ScHool IS onE of THE kEY BuSInESSES HElpIng uS To AcHIEvE THIS. director R&S group limited . We create strategies to deliver learning outcomes to support the project requirements. We understand the different learning styles of individuals and can tailor the delivery of learning to suit the audience. In addition to project management training. To BE SEEn AS A HIgHlY pRofESSIonAl oRgAnISATIon THAT IS pRoud To WoRk In THE conSTRucTIon InduSTRY. Mace Business School draws on the broad industry expertise of the Mace group to ensure that all of the content of our courses are the most up to date available to the industry. Our expertise has since been utilised across other Mace Group subsidiary companies to improve the capability of their supply chain companies. Our collaborative and integrated approach enables our industry partners to work more efficiently and cost effectively with confidence in the delivery excellence they provide.” keith Barclay.

as well as a full range of small.HoW WE do IT The Mace Business School is aimed at supply chain companies that have shown exemplary leadership in the industry.” peter Emerson. and networking opportunities. THE fIRST MEETIng IS THE SITE MEETIng. focused. and interactive courses. WE WERE pRoJEcT-REAdY And dIdn’T REquIRE A lEARnIng cuRvE. BuT MAcE BuSInESS ScHool’S HEAdSTART pRogRAMME goT uS All up To SpEEd And on THE SAME pAgE BEfoRE THE pRoJEcT BEgAn. workshops. Mace Business School’s programmes offer comprehensive training. these products and services include: P l wz 9 h U “noRMAllY. group coo Severfield Rowan Training courses and programmes: Interactive and engaging project and business management training courses and programmes facilitation: Interactive workshops for stakeholders to create a collaborative environment Mentoring and coaching: To hone individual skills Research: To underpin and support learning and create innovation dissemination: To share knowledge through publications and other media course and event management and administration: We provide total support to all our courses and events . WHEn WE dId ARRIvE on SITE. The business school has developed a range of core products and services to underpin its bespoke offerings to its clients. Led by senior Mace executives and other top-level industry experts.

It goes without saying that only by partnering with the highest performing organisations can we deliver world-class buildings to our clients. Quite simply. the European headquarters for GlaxoSmithKline. Mace Business School is proud of our company’s unrivalled reputation for delivering complex projects to the most exacting standards.” Jonathan foster. London Bridge. project director Mace group GSK House BA London Eye Heathrow Terminal 5 . Shard. Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 and the British Museum’s Great Court are just some of Mace’s high profile projects. And we’re especially proud of the collaborative way in which we work with our industry partners to achieve those standards. IT IS pRofESSIonAl And SHoWS ouR coMMITMEnT To TRAInIng. That’s the mission of the Mace Business School. London Bridge “THE BuSInESS ScHool IS An ExcEllEnT fAcIlITY. To succeed we need to operate as a unified team with a single vision and a common way of working. our reputation rests on the quality of our industry partners.WHY IT MATTERS The Shard. The London Eye.

Our experts in programme and project management. To discuss a training Mace group Atelier House 64 Pratt Street London NW1 0LF United Kingdom t: +44 (0)20 7068 6000 f: +44 (0)20 7068 6111 www. Our talented and professional people work from within our customers’ organisations. Our customers are at the core of what we do. We believe it is our relentless passion for finding a better way that helps us to deliver the best projects safely and efficiently. offering highly integrated services across the full property lifecycle. constantly striving to find better solutions to complex infrastructure and property .moone@macegroup.About Mace group Mace is an international consultancy and construction company. and facilities management thrive within our collaborative and entrepreneurial culture.macegroup. construction delivery. and we continue to grow and expand to better serve their property needs across sectors and geographies. cost consultancy. constantly asking challenging questions and driving value at every turn. while defining industry best practice. a leadership programme or any other way the business school can help your business contact us today: Brian Moone director brian.