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Faculty of Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration
Course Title: Business Policy & Strategic Management Credit Hours: 3 Course Prerequisites Instructor Semester: Spring 2012 Class: BBA-8 Sections A & B Lab: Not Required All core courses of BBA program Prof Col (R) Manzoor Iqbal Awan +92 321 850 0732

Primary Textbook: Dess, Gregory G., Lumpkin, G. T., & Taylor, Marilyn, Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantage, 2nd International Edition, The McGraw-Hill Companies Note: STUDENTS MUST POSSESS THE PRESCIBED TEXT BOOK. No dependence on handouts . Reference Books: 1) 2) 3) Pearce II, John A., Robinson Jr., Richard B., & Mital, Amita, Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation and Control, 10th Edition, 2008, The McGraw-Hill Companies David, Fred R., Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 12th Edition, 2008 Thompson Jr., & Strickland Jr., A. J., Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 13th Edition

Purpose This is an advanced management course in strategic planning, policy formulation and implementation to develop an integrated organizational view by inter-relating the functional areas of finance, marketing production, personnel and the general business environment. Case studies will be used to shape class discussions on solving real- life strategic business issues and problems. Learning Objectives/Outcomes Upon completion of this course students will be able to: 1. Perform a rigorous analysis of a company's strategic direction. 2. Identify and explain a company's mission and vision statement and relate and critique these statements to the company's strategic direction. 3. Prepare a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis and explain and evaluate the relationship between the SWOT and a company's strategic direction. 4. Identify and explain all micro and macro forces that shape a company's strategic plan and determine performance. 5. Analyze and evaluate all the steps for the proper alignment of financial and nonfinancial resources within a company's strategic plan.

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evaluate. 14. and draw conclusions on the financial performance relative to the company's strategic plan. evaluate. Establish metrics to assess and measure strategic performance. Study Methodology In consideration of the study stage/semester of the group and the professional development needs. are to encourage public speaking and to cover and elaborate on the given topics. and draw conclusions on the effectiveness and performance of control and integration mechanisms.6. he/she should speak up and explain how and why his/her viewpoint differs. Analyze and evaluate the company's communication and feedback loop relative to company strategy and performance. 9. evaluate. Remember: “Silly is only that idea/question which surfaces in one’s mind but is not expressed/asked” Rev 00. Analyze. 11. Assess. 13. Contribution accounts towards the final grade. and recommend changes to company strategy based on a full analysis of a company's strategic plan. evaluate. If. Analyze. he/she should let me know before the start of class to save us both the embarrassment of my calling upon you. the classes will be conducted in the form of discussions rather than wholesome lectures. for some reason a student is not prepared. Analyze a company's strategic plan in the context of the industry life cycle and environment in which it operates. 10. Class Contribution Purposes of class discussions. Develop and prepare a strategic review document presented in a consistent form and properly documented. 12. 7. 23rd January 2012 Page 2 of 5 . Every student’s point of view is important and if the class later reaches a consensus that differs from the viewpoint of a student that in no way diminishes the value of latter’s earlier comments. If he/she disagrees with someone’s comments. This shall necessitate going through the prescribed readings/text/chapters before the classes. especially the ones as part of questions & answers after each presentation." let alone "attendance. and develop strategies for a single or multi-business organization. Analyze. 8. Being "right" or "wrong" should not be of much concern when contributing to class discussion. and to respond effectively to others’ comments. to present ideas concisely and persuasively. and identify risks and risk mitigation strategies appropriate to the company's strategic direction. Analyze. analyze. Note that the word used is "contribution" not "participation. Every student also should strive to be a critical listener to his/her fellow students’ comments." Class discussion provides an opportunity to develop oral communication skills.

Some entries will be prescribed. The journals will be shown during the 1st class in the 8th study week as part of midterm evaluation.member student team that will issue appropriate instructions including those related to formatting (font. All students and group leaders will be responsible for timely provision of the soft copies of their respective individual/group study papers on the announced pattern etc to the nominated lead team members. A high standard of deliverance is expected. Team Project (Research Paper & Oral Presentation) Teamwork is designed to train students to work in teams to improve performance. The organization will be allocated. and also enhance their presentation skills. These journals are to provide students with a forum for making meaning of their experience in the classroom as well as the own time assignments/projects given as part of the course study. The completed journals will finally be submitted during the 1st session in the 15th study week. one in the 8th study week and the 2nd before end of the semester. grouped together. will collaborate to prepare a team project. Two such sessions are tentatively planned. details later. Further details will follow. and designing a suitable path for actualizing the former while taking appropriate measures to overcome the latter. Rev 00. Individual Project (Research Paper & Oral Presentation) Each student will formulate strategic business plan for a large size national organisation. which shall be graded based on quality and learning progression – both theoretical and application – as part of end of the semester evaluation. line spacing. preferably out of the 3 choices that will be submitted in order of priority through the CR by the 2nd class in the 2nd study week. and will be lead by a 2.Individual Reflective Journal The purpose of the journal is to encourage students to be purposeful and reflective professionals. 3-5 members. Students are expected to write at least one journal entry per class/assignment/quiz/project. 23rd January 2012 Page 3 of 5 . size. Individual/Team Research Studies Compilation Compilation of soft copies of all studies (individual as well as group) will be treated as a class project. margins. Counselling Guidance through counselling helps to build confidence and to empower students by making them aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses. participated by all students. others will be freelanced. & page numbering etc) after soliciting my approval of the contents.

40% Mid Term Examination .Course Outline: Note: This outline is “tentative”.5% Rev 00. may be revised as needed. 23rd January 2012 Page 4 of 5 . the final grade for the course will be determined based on the total points accumulated in the below areas with weightage given against each: Final Examination . Study Week(s) 1 -3 Course Material/Activity • • Course Introduction Strategic Analysis ü Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantage ü Analyzing External Environment of the Firm ü Assessing Internal Environment of the Firm ü Recognizing a Firm’s Intellectual Assets: Moving Beyond Tangible Resources Strategic Formulation ü Business-Level Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage ü Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value through Differentiation ü International Strategy: Creating Value in Global Markets ü Digital Business Strategy: Leveraging Internet and E-Business Capabilities Individual Project Presentations Provisional Individual Counselling Strategic Implementation ü Strategic Control and Corporate Governance ü Creating Effective Organizational Design ü Strategic Leadership: Creating a Learning Organization and an Ethical Organization ü Managing Innovation and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship ü Recognizing Opportunities and Creating New Ventures Team Projects Team Project Presentations Recap and Individual Counselling Remarks/Required Reading • Chapters 1 to 4 4 -6 • • Chapters 5 to 8 7-8 9 10-13 • • • • Sequence later Midterm Examination • Chapters 9 to 13 14 15-16 17 • • • • Details later • Sequence later • Grading and General Course Policies The grading will be done as per policy of the university. However.25% Class Contribution .30% Quiz/ Research Work/Presentations .

One guest speaker/seminar/visit to a practical situation. Rev 00. The course will include the following: a. c. 23rd January 2012 Page 5 of 5 . b. Assignment 1 Personal Essay & SWOT Ø Part 1. personal & professional objectives in life and the road map for achieving those.consult@yahoo. program. for proper identification and avoidance of misplacement as per following example: Ø Ø “S12-AU-BBA 8-A/B-Assignment 1 (Personal Essay & SWOT)-Individual Name” Ø Submission: ü Soft copy (as a single file. schooling etc). the assignments will not be Ariel or Times New Roman with size 12 and 1. 2. applicable to all assignments during the semester. No retake will be allowed if a student misses a quiz. emanating from student projects . email ID & cell #. childhood. ü Personal Identification. passions/special interests. 3. Part 2. Personal Essay Writing ü To cover your life thus far (family. In the top right corner of the assignment as well as in the body of email. 5% marks will be deducted for not complying with the given deadlines. name. neither there will be any reminders not requests for changes entertained.Notes: 1. and any other aspect of value ü Minimum 2 word processed pages. 6 quizzes/assignments. There will be 2/ 3 formal presentations by each student. including this one ü Font. Deadlines of various class activities/assignments/projects/presentations must be met. in case of delay exceeding 24 hours.5 line spacing. with page break between the personal essay and the SWOT sent as attachment) at the email ID integrated. ü Email Subject. and ü Hard copy during that class. However. the entire class will abide by FORMAL dress code – NO EXCEPTION. comprising enrollment #. with how do you plan using your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses ü In tabular form Format. SWOT Analysis ü Candid. before 2nd class in the 2nd week. For all such announced presentations.