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School District of the City of Ferndale
130 East Nine Mile Road
Ferndale 20
January 24
To Organization Presidents:
You and other interested members of your group are in-
vited to the Open House to be held in the two new special
education rooms recently built as an addition to the
Harding School
Burdette at Sylvan.
The Open House
sponsored by the Board of Education assist-
ed by the School PTA, will be held on Thursday
evening, February 27
1958, from seven until ten o'clock,
These fine rooms were built with funds voted by the people
of Oakland County for furthering the education of handi-
capped children, The specially designed rooms are being
used by our Adjustment B Class and the Orthopedic Group,
It is hoped you can drop in sometime during the evening to
see this much needed addition to our school system,
You are also invited, if your time permits, to attend the
meeting of the Harding PTA which begins at 8 p,m,

Mary E. Pence
Report of the Superintendent of Schools
( 13) Harding School Addi
The Board, on October 15, 1956, gave informal approval to getting
data on building, with funds from the County, two rooms at Harding
School for use in the special education program. (Board Minutes,
October 15, 1956, Page 378, Vol.
On November 5, 1956, it was stated (REPORT OF THE SUPERINTENDENT,
November 5, 1956, Page 382) that "County funds can become available
for such construction and the architects have been requested to
make a study of the matter".
At its meeting on November 28, the Citizens Advisory Committee on
School Plant Planning endorsed the proposed addition. The architects
submitted sketches of the proposed construction on that date. On
D"cember 17, the Board looked over the equi valent to preliminary
plans", and on January 17, 1957, the Oakland County Board of Educa-
tion approved a Contract with the School District of the City of
Ferndale for the construction of the two rooms for special education
use, On January 21, 1957, the Board authorized the Superintendent
and the Secretary to sign tho CJntract, "Special Education Facility
Agreement No. 23", uubject to the approval of the Board attorney.
(Board Minutes, January 21, 1957, Page 676, Vol. 12A). The CACSPP
approved the final plans on March 27, 1957, and recommended approval
to the Board of Educa tj_on. Board approval for the f'i.nal plans and
authorization to advertise for bids was given on April l, 1957.
(Board Minutes, April 1, 1957, Page 1071, Vol. 12A)
The bids were opened on May 20
1957, ancl contract awards were made
on May 27, 1957. (Board Minutes, May 27, 1957, Page 1319, Vol. 12A).
The award for the architectural trades in the amount of $46,400 went
to the Leslie Construction C<:1mpany; for the mechanical trades in the
amount of $16,812 to Carl Bartone and Sons; and for the electrical
trades in the amount of $5,389 to the Stanley Electric Company. To
this total of $68,601 was added the architects fee making a grand
total of $72,031. Of this, the County would pay $70,000, and the
Board, out of the general fund, $2,03J..
The facility was scheduled to be completed for occupancy with the
opening of school in September 1957. However, a prolonged strike
by the supplier of aluminum skylights delayed the project so that
completion was delayed until late DecGmber. The classrooms were
occupied on January 2, 1958. To January 3, 1958, the following
sums have been paid,
Leslie Construction Company
Carl Bartone and Son
Stanley Electric Company
Jahr-Anderson-Machida, Inc.
Publications -Attorney
Balance to be paid
Within the very near future all essential paper work, documents,
guarantees, "a i ver of liens, etc, will have been completed and final
payments made.

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