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Phrases to Translate for Solaron Front Panel Localization

Note that there are several different groupings of items in this list, which have different requirements in terms of the allowed

Phrases From Front Panel--Translation must be no more than 20 characters
Phrase to Translate Comments or Context from AE

Secs to turn ON Value changed Cancel Cancelled Select item to show Wrong parameter Range:xxx xxx Range unknown Will reboot soon Reboot requested Please wait 30 secs CPU reboot... * reboot started Select item (2,8) Password is correct Changes allowed Wrong password Enter password for: #-select * cancel Return to default Read only mode Read only value Contrast = 99 Set contrast: <4 6> Backlight = 99 Set backlight: <7 9> Press # to change You can't change it 2,8 up/down #-select Faults cleared OK Press # to clear all Can't clear faults Can't reset: Select user: Enter new value There are problems Check DSP cable

this phrase referrers to faults

Restart Inverter Will try again Can't talk to DSP Wrong DSP command Can't access log DSP command rejected AC Current: AC Current Limit: AC Frequency: AC Power: AC Power Limit: AC Reactive Power: Ambient Temperature: Autostart State: Bus Voltage: Cabinet Temperature: Common Mode Voltage: Coolant Temperature: Faults: Ground Current: Limits: Line Reactor Temp: PV Current: PV Current Limit: PV Max Voltage: PV Min Voltage: PV Turn-On Voltage: PV Voltage: PV Voltage Setpoint: Reboot Comm: Reconnection Delay: Software Revision: Tracking State: Turn-Off Power: Turn-Off Timer: Turn-On Power: Unit Status: Wakeup Timer: Warnings:

FAULTS--Please translate both Fault name and Verbose Text. The name can be unlimited characters. Each verbose text item must be no more than 13 characters.
Fault Name Fault Number

aux supply lockout master control opened coolant flow coolant temperature dsp-fpga watchdog configuration communicationswatchdog timeout out of setpoint virtual direct current positive bus overvoltage bus undervoltage direct current negative input voltage alternating current zero sequence current

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

line synchro positive sequence high phase order softstart timeout mains contactor opened synchronous decoupling angle limit exceeded positive sequence low on/off cycling line reactor temperature bus slew rate negative sequence underfrequency

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

overfrequency ground current common mode voltage dc contactor opened

30 31 32 33

ambient temperature cabinet temperature pv tie contactor opened analog output connector interlock digital input connector 1 interlock digital input connector 2 interlock digital output connector interlock drive A connector interlock drive B connector interlock 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 drive C connector interlock 43 current sense connector interlock relay logic input connector interlock relay logic output connector interlock analog setpoint connector interlock thermal sense connector interlock bus charge stop button startup FAN_1 FAN_2 FAN_3 FAN_4 FAN_5 asymmetrical array maximum power ground fault current sense failure FAN_6 FAN_7 spare interlock 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 .

Each verbose text item must be no more than 17 characters. State name can be unlimited characters. Each verbose text item must be no more than 17 characters. State name can be unlimited characters. State on fault limit master control enabled startup warning lockout mpp active sleep autostart active verbose text on off Fault limit enabled disabled startup warning lockout tracking on tracking off sleep awake autostart on autostart off mov warning bad mov WARNING CODES--Please translate both State name and Verbose Text.environmental sensor interlock gfi device interlock solar softstart relay stuck pv tie contactor stuck dc contactor stuck ac contactor stuck 63 64 STATUS CODES--Please translate both State name and Verbose Text. Warning name Warn_fan1 Warn_fan2 Verbose text Warn_fan1 Warn_fan2 .

Limit Name alternating current headroom direct current ac power vdc high vdc low current harmonics coolant temperature Verbose Text iac headroom pv current pac vdc high vdc low reactive power coolant temp English attachment eyes blower bonded grounding lugs Translation golfari di fissaggio compressore capicorda di terra saldati bonded grounding stud charge equilizer perno di terra saldato equalizzatore di carica .Warn_fan3 Warn_fan4 Warn_fan5 Warn_fan6 Warn_fan7 Warn_charge_abate Warn_fan3 Warn_fan4 Warn_fan5 Warn_fan6 Warn_fan7 Warn_charge_abate LIMIT CODES--Please translate both State name and Verbose Text. State name can be unlimited characters. Each verbose text item must be no more than 17 characters.

compression lug capicorda a compressione conduit entry fittings raccordi per inserimento tubi conduit fittings coolant pressure gauge coolant reservoir raccordi per tubi indicatore di pressione liquido refrigerante serbatoio liquido refrigerante crimp-on ring terminal DC contactor morsetto ad anello a crimpare Contatto CC DC hot leg disconnect switch sezionatore conduttore in tensione CC DC hot leg interface interfaccia conduttore in tensione CC .

de-energize togliere tensione delta-connected mains disconnect switch EMI filter rete collegata a triangolo sezionatore Filtro EMI fan filter filtro ventola field wiring terminal box muffola terminale per collegamenti da eseguire in loco grommet ground fault protection anello di tenuta protezione contro guasto di messa a terra grounding lug capicorda di messa a terra hard reset ripristino impostazioni predefinite .

tensione di commutazione alta high frequency switching voltage frequenza apparecchiatura elettrica ad alta high-energy electrical equipment tensione hot leg conduttore in tensione input DC power wiring interconnect terminals interface connection linee di alimentazione ingresso CC morsetti di intercollegamento collegamento interfaccia inverter inverter connections inverter collegamenti inverter latching fault lilfting point guasto a ritenuta punto di sollevamento collegamenti elettrici a tenuta liquid-tight electrical connections stagna liquid-tight grommet anello di tenuta ermetico logic board scheda logica .

maximum power point tracking tracciamento del punto di massima potenza metal oxide varistors MOV MOV indicator varistori a ossido di metallo MOV indicatore MOV Moxa communications interface Interfaccia comunicazioni Moxa National Electrical Code NEC negative array connectors negative array neutrals non-latching fault National Electrical Code NEC connettori array negativo collegamenti neutri array negativo guasto senza ritenuta overcurrent protection protezione da sovracorrente peer-to-peer communication photovoltaic (PV) array configuration comunicazione peer-to-peer configurazione array fotovoltaico (PV) .

photovoltaic panel array photovoltaic VDC positive array connectors positive array neutrals power drop off array pannello fotovoltaico VCC fotovoltaico connettori array positivo collegamenti neutri array positivo caduta di alimentazione PV array neutral output legs PV tie conduttori neutri uscita array PV collegamento PV remote control terminal block morsettiera per comando remoto remote PV tie cabinet cabinet remoto di collegamento PV secondary protective earth Solaron 500 Inverter morsetto terra di protezione secondaria Inverter Solaron 500 Solaron inverter unit surge protection three-phase 480 V grounded WYE feeder Unità inverter Solaron protezione da picchi alimentatore WYE (stella) trifase da 480 V con messa a terra serrare il dado ad aletta di messa a terra torque grounding lug nut .


which have different requirements in terms of the number of characters be no more than 20 characters .t Panel Localization ms in this list.

name and Verbose Text. Verbose Text AE Comments/Context . The name can ose text item must be no more than 13 acters.

aux supply lockout softstart coolant flow coolant temp dsp watchdog configuration comm watchdog off setpoint virtual fault pos current buss high buss low neg current AC volt AC current zero sequence doubles as ac current measurement failure detection AC sync pos seq high ph ord Softstart AC contactor decoupling pos seq low cycling reactor temp bus slew rate neg seq frequency low Not used in Solaron Not used in Solaron displayed from two separate faults – timed and instantaneous frequency hi ground current common mode DC contactor 60 Hz component of array common mode voltage .

ambient temp cabinet temp tie contactor analog intlk dig 1 intlk dig 2 intlk dig out intlk drive a intlk drive b intlk drive c intlk I sense intlk relay 1 intlk relay 2 intlk set intlk thermal intlk charge fail stop button turn on fan 1 fan 2 fan 3 fan 4 fan 5 array balance overpower gfi failure fan 6 fan 7 spare intlk average value of pv common mode voltage .

enviro intlk gfi intlk solar softstart stuck pv tie stuck dc contactor stuck ac contactor stuck State name and Verbose Text. State ch verbose text item must be no more . State name se text item must be no more than 17 AE comments and context First value if bit is set. second value if bit is not set oth State name and Verbose Text.

. to GNDTorque.tate name and Verbose Text. Notes Ground lug: A lug (copper or brass fitting to which electrical wires can be soldered or otherwise connected) that connects a Attach ground connections to bonded grounding conductor to a grounding grounding studs and torque grounding lug nuts electrode. State name bose text item must be no more than 17 Context Lifting harness attachment eyes (x4) Blower temperature exceeds upper limit.

features a neutral and two hot legs. 240 V to each other. Before mounting a Remote PV Tie cabinet you must determine where conduit entry fittings are required to penetrate the cabinet for your installation configuration. The most common service in the U. features a neutral and two hot legs. Area allowed for conduit fittings Conductors terminated to these terminals must use a crimp-on ring terminal or compression lug. 240 V to each other. typically 208 V or 240 V. The most common service in the U. single-phase. an accessory such as an access fitting or bushing. One such leg will have a higher potential to another hot leg than to ground or neutral..Conductors terminated to these terminals must Lug: A copper or brass fitting to use a crimp-on ring terminal or compression which electrical wires can be lug. Leg as in 'hot leg' refers to one of multiple hot conductors in an electrical system.S. depending on the electrical service for the system. typically 208 V or 240 V. and 120 V each to the neutral . and 120 V each to the neutral Leg as in 'hot leg' refers to one of multiple hot conductors in an electrical system. 240 V. In an electrical conduit system. depending on the electrical service for the system. One such leg will have a higher potential to another hot leg than to ground or neutral. 240 V. single-phase.S.. soldered or otherwise connected.

which erases all applications that were installed by the user as well as all user data.Verify 5 minutes has passed since de-energizing the inverter to allow the bus capacitors to completely discharge before working on the unit. every 12 months you should perform regular checks of the self-contained cooling system to determine if the fan filters need to be replaced. and torque nuts to electrode. Ground lug: A lug (copper or brass fitting to which electrical wires can be soldered or otherwise Ground conduit entry fittings to the grounding connected) that connects a lugs (if desired) with lock nuts inside the grounding conductor to a grounding cabinet if desired. the primary and secondary Protective Earth (ground) wire must be connected. For delta-connected mains. GNDTorque. If the unit encounters a unrecoverable fault. Grommets and eyelets are metal. you will need to perform a hard reset. or rubber rings that are inserted into a hole made through another material. to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole. To restore a device to its factory settings. noun Electro-magnetic Interference Filter As part of preventative maintenance. . or both. plastic. A system module equipment ground must ground all equipment and must terminate in the Product_Name field wiring terminal box at one of the bonded grounding studs. They may be used to reinforce the hole.

A device used to convert direct current into alternating current. All latching faults (with the exception of one that can autoreset) remain in force until the fault condition has been cleared and the reset faults command is issued. single-phase.S. 240 V. check the Tachometer signal to the logic board to see if there is a problem with this signal. 240 V to each other.8 (B)(2).. or maintaining high-energy electrical equipment. The most common service in the U. One such leg will have a higher potential to another hot leg than to ground or neutral. Maintenance personnel must receive proper training before installing. typically 208 V or 240 V. and 120 V each to the neutral Negative PV array hot leg to inverter DC contactor The Product_Name limits DC input current in accordance with NEC 690. features a neutral and two hot legs. Leg as in 'hot leg' refers to one of multiple hot conductors in an electrical system.The line reactors and delta filter capacitors suppress the high frequency switching voltage and let the 60-Hz AC current pass through the line reactors. thereby allowing input DC power wiring to be rated for 125% of the limited current value. A printed circuit board that contains logic circuits. troubleshooting. If the fan is running. . Check the coolant pressure in the coolant system of the inverter. depending on the electrical service for the system.

A maximum power point tracker (or MPPT) is a high efficiency DC to DC converter which functions as an optimal electrical load for a photovoltaic (PV) cell. and converts the power to a voltage or current level which is more Enables maximum power point tracking suitable to whatever load the (MPPT). To reduce the risk of fire. system is designed to drive. generated by the PV array or from electrical Also known as voltage-dependent lightning strikes. metal oxide varistors MOV: Metal Oxide Varistor Ensure that there is enough remaining LAN cable to easily reach the LAN1 port on the Moxa communications interface. To provide the required overcurrent protection.000 AIC (ampere interrupting capacity) minimum circuit breaker switch on the AC input. connect only to a circuit provided with 800A maximum branch circuit overcurrent protection in accordance with the National Electrical Code. translate. Also NEC National Electrical Code connections Non-latching faults are faults that occur when the inverter is not in the On state. ANSI/NFPA 70. and cut the LAN cable in preparation for attaching a Moxa: Company name. Varistor: A two-electrode semiconductor device having a The surge protection consists of two 600 V voltage-dependent nonlinear MOVs (metal oxide varistors) that help protect resistance. . most commonly for a solar panel or array. resistor. Do not modular connector. its resistance drops as the Product_Name from overvoltage conditions the applied voltage is increased. You must configure the wireless network for peer-to-peer (or Ad Hoc) communication. you must install and operate this device with a 5.

connections Drop-off: A noticeable decrease This wiring diagram also shows that the Remote PV Tie connects the PV array neutral output legs to ground reference when the inverter unit is not operating (DC contactor open). Attach ground connections to bonded grounding studs and torque grounding lug nuts to GNDTorque. Before making any other connection to this device.) You must connect the Product_Name to a threephase 480 V grounded WYE feeder or service rated at no less than 400 kVA.The disconnect switches must be rated for 600 V and the current rating of the photovoltaic panel array connected to the inverter. the center terminal is for the ground wire. . connect the secondary Protective Earth (ground) terminal to a local earth (ground) terminal with a copper wire that is sized according to the applicable requirements. Prepare approximately 20 cm (8") of outer cable shielding to be used as a ground conductor to connect to the remote control terminal block. The following figure shows how the PV array positive and negative neutral legs are interconnected through a DC contactor within the Remote PV Tie cabinet whenever the Product_Name unit is operating. (Used only when two Remote PV Tie options are configured with a single Solaron inverter unit. PV = Photovoltaic PV = Photovoltaic Terminal Block: A cluster of five captive screw terminals at which a telephone pair terminates. and two other terminals are used for the tip and ring wires.


voce da vis. Predefinite Modo sola lettura Valore sola lettura Contrasto = 99 Imp. Riavvio CPU. utente: Ins. password per: # selez. # modificare Impossibile modif.: <4 6> Retroillum. Riavvio a breve Riavvio richiesto Attendere 30 sec.. 2. = 99 Imp. errori Reset impossibile: Selez. contr. Errori eliminati OK # elimina errori Imposs.Translation (Column A) Translation (Verbose) Secs all'accensione Valore cambiato Annulla Annullato Selez. * annulla Rit. * riavvio iniziato Seleziona voce (2.8 su/giù # selez.8) Password esatta Modifiche consentite Password errata Ins. retroill.: <7 9> Prem.. Parametro errato Intervallo:xxx xxx Intervallo sconosc. Imp. nuovo valore Problemi Controlla cavo DSP . elim.

PV : Tensione PV: Setpoint tensione PV: Riavvio communicaz: Ritardo riconnes. con DSP Comando DSP errato No accesso al registro Comando DSP respinto Corrente CA: Limite corrente CA: Frequenza CA: Alimentazione CA: Limite potenza CA: Potenza reattiva CA: Temp. linea: Corrente PV: Limite corrente PV: Max tensione PV: Min tensione PV: Tensione accens. reatt.: Stato unità: Timer di riavvio Attenzione: Translation (Column A) Translation (Verbose) .: Revisione software: Stato di Controllo Potenza di spegnim.: Errori: Corrente di terra: Limiti: Temp.Riavvia inverter Nuovo tentativo No com.: Potenza di accens.: Timer spegnim. ambiente: Stato avvio autom: Tensione bus: Temperatura cabinet: Tensione ordinaria: Temperatura refrig.

errore virt. Master ap. aux. bus alto bus basso corrente neg Tensione Ing.alimentazione ausiliaria blocco controllo master aperto aliment. corrente pos. bassa sovra-frequenza corrente di massa tensione modo comune contatto cc aperto freq. temp reattore pendenza bus seq. blocco cont. freq. flusso refr. massa comune cont. refr. neg. alta corr. linea seq pos alta ordine fase Softstart Cont. watchdog comm fuori setp. Dsp configuraz. aperto disaccopp. pos seq low funzionam. flusso liquido refrigerante temperatura liquido refrigerante temp. CA sequenza zero corrente sequenza zero sincronizzazione linea sequenza positiva alta ordine fase timeout softstart contatto di rete aperto superamento limite angolo di disaccoppiamento sincrono sequenza positiva bassa funzionamento on/off temperatura reattore di linea pendenza del segnale del bus sequenza negativa sotto-frequenza sincr. Controllo dsp-fpga configurazione Intervallo di comunicazione watchdog setpoint fuori limite virtuale corrente continua positiva sovratensione bus Sottensione bus corrente continua negativa tensione in ingresso Corrente Alternata cont. CC aperto .

analog. temp cabinet cont. pot. termico err. B int. dig int. dig 1 int. int. mot. ril cor Interruttore rilevamento corrente interruttore relè ingresso logico int. dig 2 int. usc. set. relè 2 int. mot. C int. int. colleg int. array super. A int.temperatura ambiente temperatura cabinet contatto collegamento PV aperto Interruttore uscita analogica Interruttore ingresso digitale 1 Interruttore ingresso digitale 2 Interruttore uscita digitale Interruttore Motore A Interruttore Motore B Interruttore Motore C temp ambient. relè 1 interruttore relè uscita logica interruttore setpoint analogico interruttore sensore termico carica del bus tasto stop avvio VENTOLA_1 VENTOLA_2 VENTOLA_3 VENTOLA_4 VENTOLA_5 Array sbilanciato potenza massima Mancato rilevamento corrente di messa a terra VENTOLA_6 VENTOLA_7 Interruttore di riserva int. riserva . carica tasto stop accensione ventola 1 ventola 2 ventola 3 ventola 4 ventola 5 bil. mot. errore gfi ventola 6 ventola 7 int.

cont.Interruttore sensore ambientale int. gfi soft sol. Translation (Column A) Translation (Verbose) Acceso Acceso Spento Errore limite abilitato disabilitato avvio errore limite controllo principale abilitato avvio Attenzione Attenzione blocco blocco controllo mpp attivo Controllo on Controllo off ripresa sospensione del funzionamento sospensione avvio automatico attivo avvio autom. cont. pv bl. amb. coll. cc bl. ca bl. on avvio autom. off mov err avviso movimento Translation (Column A) Translation (Verbose) Avviso_ventola1 Avviso_ventola2 Avviso_vent 1 Avviso_vent 2 . Interruttore dispositivo gfi relè softstart solare bloccato contatto collegamento PV bloccato contatto cc bloccato contatto ca bloccato int. bl.

Avviso_ventola3 Avviso_ventola4 Avviso_ventola5 Avviso_ventola6 Avviso_ventola7 Avviso_riduzione_carica Avviso_vent 3 Avviso_vent 4 Avviso_vent 5 Avviso_vent 6 Avviso_vent 7 Avv_riduz_c arica Translation (Column A) Translation (Verbose) corrente alternata soglia di altezza massima corrente continua alimentazione ca livello vcc alto livello vcc basso armoniche di corrente temperatura refrigerante CA Altezza Max. CC alim ca vcc alto vcc basso potenza reattiva temp. refriger. .