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We provide a suite of world-class financial and commercial services to help you grow opportunities and better serve your customers with less risk. we manage all parts of the supply chain from producer to consumer — worldwide. marketing and sourcing in the metals. and most importantly.About Traxys Traxys is your partner for financing. and carbon products. minor and alloying metals. minerals and mining . The results: you get a faster return-on-investment with less effort and more confidence. Along the way.5 Billion Turnover FY2008 • 260 Employees Worldwide • Over 20 Global Offices www. • Traxys Products • Traxys Investments • Traxys Power • Traxys Services Traxys primarily focuses on the marketing and sourcing of base metals and concentrates. investing. materials for steel mills and foundries.traxys. Facts & Figures • US $4. less working capital. industrial minerals and chemicals. more transparency.

and is aggressively focusing on business development and investment in and with its customers. and geographical strengths of both companies. As a division of Arcelor.traxys. metals and minerals industries.Our History Traxys was formed in 2003 with the merger of two well-known forces in the metals marketing industry: Sogem and Considar. With its roots dating back to 1919. Kelso & Traxys formed Partners Traxys Management Resource Capital Continental Considar founded when with the Sogem Metals Continental Metals is merged with become shareholder Funds becomes a merger of founded founded shareholder partner is sold to Arbed Considar Considar and Sogem partners Minority interest of Umicore acquired Minority interest of ArcelorMittal acquired www. Africa and Asia. create partner networks. Sogem primarily focused on serving Europe. distribution. Traxys has become a global leader in financing. Traxys continues to add offices. distribution and financial services for the mining. Considar specialized in serving the steel industry through the sourcing of ferro-alloys and other specialty metals and focused primarily on the North American market. Hochschild Pegasus. In 2006. Considar acquired the majority of Hochschild Partners LLC and its significant zinc and lead activity. This merger combined the service. marketing. Sogem was previously owned by Umicore and served as a marketing. and trading group involved mainly in base metals and concentrates. In 1997. product. With more than 20 global 1919 1974 1986 1999 2003 2006 2007 2007 2008 . both Arcelor and Umicore sold a majority stake in Traxys to the management of Traxys in a buyout sponsored by two pre-eminent private equity firms: Pegasus Capital Advisors and Kelso & Company.

Shareholder Partners Traxys Management The Traxys Management Team is made up of seasoned industry experts from around the globe. manufacturing.traxys. purchasing shares held by Arcelor and Umicore. buyouts of existing operations and distressed opportunities. . integrity and depth of its management. Pegasus is planning a multi-billion US$ fund focusing on sustainable development. communications. Traxys and RCF have created investment vehicles designed to bring new marketing sources to Traxys. Pegasus pursues investments involving companies with proven business models that require uniquely structured financing.8 billion under management. energy and environmental companies. real estate. RCF has been actively investing in the mining sector for almost a decade by utilizing a range of strategies that includes funding development and growth stage projects. logistics. The most important factors that influence Kelso’s decision to acquire a company are the capability. Kelso’s investment portfolio includes industrial. Management acquired an ownership stake. Pegasus Capital Advisors A private equity firm concentrating on specialty situations in the middle-market with more than US$1. In 2006. Resource Capital Funds RCF is the leading private equity firm specializing exclusively in mining industry investments with about US$1 billion under management. Kelso & Company One of the oldest and most established private equity firms with more than US$31 billion under management.

Big * Ingot Molds. Pots .traxys. Small Rolls.Products Base Metals & Concentrates Materials for Steel Mills & Foundries www.

financing . We are organized along five business lines. Our product experts have the knowledge and experience in distribution. Minor & Alloying Metals Industrial Minerals & Chemicals Energy www. and the ability to access exotic markets with minimal risk.Traxys strives to provide seamless solutions for supplying and accessing raw materials.traxys.

LWEC converted the existing J. LLC L’Anse Warden Electric Company. Warden Generating L’Anse Warden Electric Company . www. a subsidiary of Traxys North America. and will provide steam and electricity to a local manufacturer located in L'Anse. located in L’Anse.H. one of Michigan's most plentiful renewable resources. a coal. to utilize biomass. oil and natural gas-fired station. LWEC also has full FERC authority to create marketbased rates.traxys.Traxys Power L’Anse Warden Electric Company. bark and fines • Papermill Wood Residues • Railroad Ties • Tire Chips LWEC is a Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) market participant and is connected to the regional transmission system on-site. The fuel will include: • Forest Products – woodchips. Michigan. the biomass plant will utilize papermill waste from a nearby mill as part of its fuel input. LLC. LLC (LWEC). In addition to providing renewable energy for Michigan's economy. is the owner and operator of a 20 MW (17. The Renewable Energy Credits and the remainder of the capacity and energy generated will be sold on the wholesale market.7 MW net) cogeneration plant selling steam and electricity. Michigan.

LLC U.traxys.White Pine Electric Power. even as the MISO market goes through a continuously changing process. The management and operating team at WPEP has demonstrated their dedication to provide outstanding reliability. WPEP is a Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) market participant and has been involved in the MISO market since prior to Day 2 implementation. LLC (WPEP). Power Marketing. subsidiary of Traxys NA. Electric Power with and understands the market from an independent power producer . the plant's availability and safety record has been outstanding. LLC (UPPM). is a subsidiary of Traxys NA. while safely operating the facility.P. U. There is a third. The staff at WPEP is well-versed in solid fuel operations. there have been no lost time accidents at the plant. capacity and ancillary service to its customer base. WPEP also has full FERC authority to create market-based rates. stand-by generator that is cross-connected between the two boilers to provide excellent operational reliability and performance.0 MW (rated) electrical generators. There are two coal-fired boilers providing steam to two 22. UPPM also has the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval to set market-based rates in the transmissionconstrained area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Despite the complexities of handling solid fuel. is the owner and operator of a 40 MW coalfired power plant located in White Pine. Power Marketing. UPPM is a fully licensed Alternative Electric Supplier (AES) within the state of Michigan and contracts with its sister plants and within the wholesale Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) market to supply energy. The facility in White Pine has operated at above 99% availability and from 2003.P. LLC White Pine Electric Power. The bulk of the output from the facility is contracted to a local White Pine utility company.P. Michigan that has been providing reliable electrical service in the Upper Peninsula since 2004. UPPM was created to serve retail customers within the state of Michigan. Our staff is involved U. Power Marketing www.

3 million tons. U. 260 barge fleeting capacity and 2 fleet boats. East Coast ports. Great Lakes ports. with a combined group storage capacity of 1.S. Gulf ports.S. Ceredo Dock Kentucky Coal Terminal Marmet Dock Quincy Dock . www. and the U. blending. allowing for blending services on inbound coals from both the NS and CSX railroads.Traxys Energy Kanawha River Terminals Traxys has contracted terminaling capacity at the 4 KRT river facilities. Traxys is able to monitor each and every stage of the process. Our proximity to these docks serves as an open line of communication between the customers’ needs and operations personnel to ensure the product meets all requirements and timelines. With highly experienced coal operations personnel located in Ceredo. Annual capacity of 36 million tons. handling and reloading services allow for shipment to all U. as well as coals delivered by truck.S.traxys.

which is one of the world’s largest and richest producers of Rare Earths (or Green Elements) outside of China. Pegasus Capital Advisors and various other investors. www. China has supplied the entire world’s demand for these elements. In recent years. California. Traxys and its co-shareholders believe strongly in the viability of a domestic Rare Earth industry based on responsible use of their own Western World’s strategic reserves at Mountain Pass. owner of the Mountain Pass mine. Our partners in the venture are Resource Capital Funds.traxys. including Molycorp’s .Traxys Rare Earths Traxys has entered the world of Green Technology by co-investing in Molycorp Minerals LLC. Goldman Sachs.

Traxys has created specifically dedicated investment vehicles to provide a full-range of financial and commercial solutions for mining and other production projects.Traxys Investments For mining enterprises with proven resources. Traxys is able to bring your product from project to market. Our experienced team and strategic alliance partners include world-class professionals who are able to provide all necessary service options. • Equity Finance • Debt Finance • Buyouts • Marketing & Trading .traxys.

streamlining the process of bringing your product to market. Distribution • Ocean/Land Movement • Warehousing • Tolling Regulatory Compliance • US and EU Customs • REACH • NAFTA Hedging Traxys has the financial resources and technical expertise to help you hedge prices so you can better forecast your revenues. Credit Risk Coverage Traxys has the international industry know-how to structure a variety of ways to cover your risk and maintain your cash flows. Off-take Agreements Traxys has the financial strength to give you confidence in counterpart performance and dependability. Market Support The breadth of our global network allows us to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and react efficiently – at the local level. Logistics Being a global company. Traxys has worldwide logistics partners that help make certain your products leave your facility and arrive at your customer’s location in a safe and timely manner. we offer guidance about commercial strategies and . www. You have the ability to collect promptly or use our agreement as your collateral for dealing with financiers or other relevant business partners. Trade Finance Traxys has the financial resources to offer solutions ranging from simple working capital funding to highly-structured long-term financing. Agencies Traxys coordinates directly with you as the producer and based on our extensive experience with the product and consuming market.traxys. both to suppliers and customers.Traxys Services Our marketing and trading services cover virtually every point along the supply chain.

com .Locations White Pine Pittsburgh Ceredo Cos Cob New York Sheffield Brussels Paris Madrid Moscow Cologne Luxembourg Barcelona Istanbul Beijing New Delhi Mexico City Hong Kong Lima Belo Horizonte Johannesburg Sydney www.traxys.

3rd Floor. MI 49971 USA Tel: +1 906 885 7100 Fax:+1 906 885 7400 L’Anse Warden Electric Company. 13-Bajo 28036 Madrid Spain Tel: +34 91 378 9730 Fax: +34 91 314 7585 Mexico City Traxys Mexico SA Homero 538. Endeavour House.O. Suite 1502. Sydney Australia Tel: +61 2 8536 8300 Fax: +61 2 8539 7133 White Pine White Pine Electric Power LLC P. NY 10022 USA Tel: +1 212 918 8000 Fax: +1 212 918 8076 Paris Traxys France SAS Immeubles Technologies Blvd de la Mission Marchand. Av.Box 21 Brussels B-1210 Belgium Tel: +32 2 227 2300 Fax: +32 2 227 2370 Ceredo Traxys NA . 18 Chaoyangmenwai Avenue Chao Yang District 100020 Beijing China Tel: +86 10 8569 7200 Fax: +86 10 8569 7209 or 7210 Belo Horizonte Traxys Brasil Ltda. Avenue du Boulevard 15th Floor .traxys. 15th Floor Chinachem Century Tower 178..U. Piso 9 Miraflores.O. 602 30110-021 Belo Horizonte-MG Brazil Tel: +55 31 3274 4010 Fax: +55 31 3274 4011 Brussels Traxys Belgium SA/NV 21. Ltd. 34726 Kadikoy 8104 Istanbul Turkey Tel: +90 216 418 1668 Fax: +90 216 418 1878 Johannesburg Traxys Africa Pty Ltd. Main Street L’Anse.Carbon Division 100 Main Street & River Front P. Box 308 Ceredo. PA 15144 USA Tel: +1 724 274 0455 Fax: +1 724 274 0446 Sheffield Traxys U.Barcelona Traxys Metals y Quimicos S. Box 695 29639 Willow Road White Pine. 903 (PH) Colonia Polanco Mexico D. Office Tower A Full Link Plaza No. 2nd Floor South Wing Thompsons Tours Building 6 Hood Street Rosebank 2196. WV 25507 USA Tel: +1 304 526 0700 Fax: +1 304 453 6917 Cologne Traxys Deutschland GmbH Hansaring 61 Cologne D-50670 Germany Tel: +49 (0) 221 161 2101 Fax: +49 (0) 221 161 2135 Cos Cob Traxys North America LLC 99 River Road Cos Cob. Power Marketing. rue Pletzer Centre Helfent Bertrange L-8080 Luxembourg Tel: +352 4599 991 Fax: +352 4599 99222 Madrid Traxys Metales y Químicos. 142/3-4 Feneryolu. 84-88 F-92411 Courbevoie Cedex France Tel: +33 1 4643 8683 Fax: +33 1 4643 8696 Pittsburgh Traxys North America LLC 816 RI Lampus Avenue . CT 06807 USA Tel: +1 203 413 6260 Fax: +1 203 413 6282 Hong Kong Traxys Far East Ltd. S. Box 167 Springdale.L.P.U.L. Poligono Cova Solera S/N Edificio Sogem Apartado Correos n 196 E-08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Spain Tel: +34 93 586 0450 Fax: +34 93 588 2620 Beijing Traxys Europe Beijing Representative Office Room 1203. Suite 1 3-5 Stapleton Avenue Sutherland NSW 2232. Manuel Ferrero. MI 49971 USA Tel: +1 906 885 7100 Fax:+1 906 885 7402 www. Box 695 29639 Willow Road White Pine. Vasant Square Mall B/5. Conj. Johannesburg South Africa Tel: +27 11 447 4317 Fax: +27 11 447 0957 Lima Avenue Jose Pardo 223. do Contorno 4023. Ltd.O. Shepcote Lane Tinsley Sheffield S9 1US United Kingdom Tel: +44 114 244 7991 Fax: +44 114 242 1548 Sydney Traxys Australia Pty. Lima. CP 11560 Mexico Tel: +52 55 5531 4003 Fax: +52 55 5531 4202 Moscow Traxys Russia Bolshaya Andronevskaya Street 25/33 109147 Moscow Russia Tel: +7 495 796 2834 Fax: +7 495 733 7867 New Delhi Traxys India Liaison office of Traxys Europe 10C. No. Vasant Kunj New Delhi 110070 India Tel: +91 11 4600 0765/766/767 Fax: +91 11 4600 0769 New York Traxys North America LLC 825 Third Avenue 9th Floor New York.F. LLC P. Peru Tel : +1 51 1 445 7900 Fax : +1 51 1 445 7900 Luxembourg Traxys Europe SA 3. Of.O.K. MI 49946 USA Tel: +1 906 885 7100 Fax:+1 906 885 7402 U. Gloucester Road Wanchai Hong Kong Tel: +852 3969 1781 Fax: +852 3969 1789 Istanbul Traxys Turkey Bagdat Caddesi Durak. LLC 157 S.