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Software Project Management Plan Version 1.

0 29/01/2012


Submitted to Department Of Information Technology Charotar University of Science & Technology CHANGA


Change History Major Field Achievement Test SPMP Version 1.0 Baseline Version Release date: 29/01/2012 2 .

Updates of this document will serve to record the progress of the project. and other members of the CE-IT department of the Charotar University. faculty members. The primary audience is the project advisor. This document outlines a brief plan about how the project is to be shaped and also includes the milestones and deliverables. The SPMP document will serve as a guide for the students.Martin Parmar. and other administrative persons. Mr.Preface The purpose of this document is to specify the project plan to develop the Online Movie Ticket Reservation System. 3 .

............................................... Figure........................4 List of Figures 1........................Table of Contents Table of Contents......................................... Gantt chart 4 ....1 Schedule 2.... Figure 2.................

1. Project Summary 1. Scope. Overview 1. Purpose and Objectives  This project is aimed to provide the customers facility to book tickets for cinema halls online. Also. we will illustrate our system by providing DFD on some functions. through which they can book tickets anytime .  In this project. admin can check the statistic information from the system. The user can easily be able to know about the movies released and then make the choice.0.  Admin can use the system to insert and delete data (e.1. film description.1.g. changing according to the data in database). anywhere. And we will also provide some process description and data dictionary.  E-ticket system is basically made for providing the customer an anytime and anywhere service for booking the seat in the cinema hall and to gather information about the movies online.1. 5 . time table) which will update the webpage (webpage are dynamic page.

It is an automatic system. In fact. there is similar system on the internet. but there is no refund method found in the existing system.  The goals of our system are: 1 To provide a anytime anyplace service for the customer 2 To minimize the number of staff at the ticket box 3 To promote the film on the internet 4 To increase the profit To obtain statistic information from the booking record 6 .  After inserting the data to database. according to which the customer can book the tickets and the refund facility provides more flexibility to the system.OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT  The main purpose of our online ticket booking system is to provide another way for the customer to buy cinema ticket.  This system is basically aimed to provide the customer the complete information of the movie. staff need not to due with the order receive through the system.

This project will use resources in the form of time and effort that will be spent developing the project deliverables and under the guidance of Mr.3. 1.1. Assumptions and Constraints The author of this document is expected to complete the project within two semesters.1. this databank can be modified and updated at any point of time in the future by the administrative person.1.2. A tentative schedule is as shown below in table 1.4 for the expected delivery dates of the project deliverables.1. 7 . My advisor has said that a database of this whole system should be dynamic & should be accessible by the admin Of course. Project Deliverables The list of project deliverables is: ♦ Project Management Plan ♦ Software Requirements Specification ♦ Software Design Description ♦ Working System with an Access Database ♦ Final Project Document Refer to section 1.4. 1.1.Martin Parmar sir who kindly agreed to be the advisor and a guide for this project. Schedule and Budget Summary Budget Summary: “No budget required”.

Figure 1: Schedule 1. Evolution of the Plan 8 .2.

For configuration management. Roger 6) Software Engineering Seventh Edition Ian Somerville 9 . faculty members and also taken information from following books & website 1) IEEE Document Standards published in “IEEE Standards Collection” 2001 configuration management plan. copies of the same will be distributed to the members of the committee on the date as referred to in section 1. By 4) Fundamental of Software Engineering by Rajiv Mall 5) Software Engineering: A practitioner’s approach Ed. refer to section 7.The preliminary drafts of the SPMP will be submitted to my advisor and after approval.0. figure 1.1.1. 2. 2) 3) www. References This web application has been prepared on the basis of discussion with Team Members.

0.SOFTWARE DESIGN DOCUMENT SCMP.3.0. External Interfaces The external interfaces for the project would be users who want to give online exams including the student and administrative persons related to that educational organization.1.SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT PLAN SRS. Project Organization 4. Glossary LAN.LOCAL AREA NETWORK GUI.SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION 4. 10 .GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE SDD.

2. 5. Schedule Allocation Figure 2: Gantt chart Online Movie Ticket Reservation-Project Schedule Project Developers: 09IT056 09IT045 09IT052 09IT066 Status date: January 29th. 2012 11 .1.2 Gantt chart.1.1. 5.3. Work Activities Refer to section 5. Roles and Responsibilities The software developer is responsible for all documentation to be developed and for all work to be done. Internal Interfaces None 4.1. 2012 Due Date: March 31st.0 Managerial Process Plans 5.1.4. Work Plan 5.2.

Project Status Symbols S Schedule A Satisfactory C Caution F Critical Planning / Progress Symbols B S A X Work before Schedule Time Scheduled Activity Time Work after Scheduled Time Scheduled But Not Worked 12 .

5. However. Resource Allocation This project will use resources in the form of time and effort that I shall spend developing the project deliverables as mentioned in section 1.3.2. Schedule Control Plan If the work scheduled in section 1.3.1. no changes shall be made to the requirements once the SDD is completed. the developer is ready to spend extra time on the project in between and after the schedules to make up for the lost time and deliver the final project on time. 5. Budget Control Plan None 13 . Once the changes have been made to the SRS document.2. the changes shall be brought to the attention of our group and discussed.2.1. and resources in terms of knowledge and skill of the developer required.1.1. Budget Allocation None 5.2. Control Plan 5.4 is gets behind. an updated version of the SRS shall be released and circulated to the committee. Any changes that are to be made will be with the prior approval of the group and only if feasible and permissible within the constraints of the project mentioned in section 1.2. Requirements Control Plan When changes are to be made in the requirements after the SRS has been released.1. 5.2.

Each of preliminary versions of all the documents and updates and status reports will be sent and discussed with the advisor and upon approval the approved document will be circulated to the other members of the group. Closeout Plan All the details about the post-mortem debriefings.5.4.4. The report on the status of the project will be sent to the members of the group at the second module of this project. Reporting Plan The updated SPMP will be circulated as mentioned in schedule of section 1.1. 5. This will affect the quality of the project in terms of requirements of the product and their fulfillment.2. This will help the developer in delivering an efficient and quality product. The developer may consult the faculty and other members of the group especially. At the end of the second module of project the developer will provide the group with electronic version of the project code and documentation for future reference and maintenance purposes. 5. which is not desirable. Risk # 2 “Lack of Skills and knowledge of tools needed for statistical analysis”.4. report on the lessons learnt. 14 .3. Risk Management Plan Risk # 1 “Deficiency in the knowledge and understanding of the problem and its Solution” indicates that the developer does not have the complete understanding of the problem. Building a prototype for the project model and doing an extensive literature search can overcome this. the developer is expected to update his / her knowledge of tools available for this purpose and decide the one that will be used in the project and master it. which means that the developer does not have knowledge about the tools and knowledge of working on statistical analysis. In this case. project objectives and the milestones achieved would be mentioned as part of the final project paper at the end of the first module of the project component.

Process Model The ONLINE MOVIE TICKET RESERVATION SYSTEM will be implemented and executed using the WATERFALL MODEL.3.2. and Techniques Refer to section 6. Product Acceptance Plan The committee will test the final product / application for acceptance.1 (process model) for a description of the process.1. 6. 6.4.6. This project adapts the system for use on a Personal Computer using PHP and MY SQL as its database management system. Infrastructure Plan The hardware resources are two Pentium III computers running Windows Xp/vista/7 Operating System. The tool for the statistical analysis is undecided at this point of time and would be mentioned in the updated version of this document. Tools. Methods. Each of these computers should have at least 256 MB RAM and a minimum of 10 GB of hard disk space. 6.0 Technical Process 6. 15 . This process is described in [Braude] Software Engineering: An Object Oriented Perspective.

For example. Documentation Plan The IEEE standards would be followed for all documentation purposes. 16 .2.3.4 for delivery dates. 7.1.2. 1.7.0 Support Process Plans 7. and the next full distribution to the group would be version 2. this baseline document will be version 1. etc. 7. All the documents would be discussed and reviewed with advisor before their baseline versions are issued and distributed to the members of the committee on the due dates mentioned in section for its delivery date. 0. all the preliminary versions that are submitted to the advisor for review would be named with the abbreviation followed by 0. etc. SDD and followed by the version number. Informal updates with the advisor will be numbered with 1. After the advisor approves the basic SPMP.2. See section 1.1.0 and is distributed to the group members and stakeholders. Configuration Management Plan All the project deliverables are to be considered as configuration items. Quality Assurance Plan A Software Quality Assurance Plan will be developed following recommended departmental standards. The Configuration item as well as its file would be named after the document like SRS.1.1.

Review and Audits Review and Audits would be addressed as a part of the Software Quality Assurance and Verification & Validation Plan that would be developed following recommended departmental standards. the advisor and the studio committee.7. 7. Problem Resolution Plan None. Process Improvement Plan None. 7.5.7. problems would be resolved informally between the developer.1. Subcontractor Management Plan None 7.4 for its delivery date. this is a single software development experience and the lessons learned will be included in the final project document.4.6. 17 . See section 1.