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SEIKIMA II AKON 21 Dallas, TX Presented by Cure First of all before you read, I am not a writer, but regardless I wanted

to tell my experience of being a part of an amazing event. Forgive me if you get lost or confused, I too am lost and full of excitement as I write this. Wow, really do not know where to start. There have been many posts already out there, and so far I think this is the best one posted by a true Shinja & also you can see the interview from our friends at MAT

I guess I’ll start with what this concert meant to me, and take it back to how it started. When I was younger I was in a band, our favorite bands were LOUDNESS, KISS, Motley Crue, EZO (FLAT BACKER), X (X-Japan), Ziggy, other Hollywood bands such as Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, etc, and of course SEIKIMA II. We used to cover SEIKIMA II songs at our little parties where we played (btw we sucked). Years later I have become a part of the Japanese Rock Industry, more so with the Visual Kei scene. When I first joined up with Cure Magazine, I was asked if I would be interested in getting SEIKIMA II promoted in the U.S. I was handed some promo sheet of the band (he thought I did not know who this band was), I took the sheet, and said for this band, you do not ask me you tell me and I will be the first in line to do it. I was so excited to actually have a part in promoting this band in the states! A few months passed by and things were going slowly with what was able to be done (everything needed to be approved, and sometimes things moved to slow). I ended up taken shit in my own hands, and contacted A-Kon in which the previous year we brought a LOUD KEI band called ALSDEAD to perform. I called them and mentioned I would love to have SEIKIMA II perform in Dallas, TX at AKON 21. The staff of A-Kon had an open ear to what I had to say, and was very excited. With that a call was made to Japan and an announcement was made. Now not only was I going to promote, but got them booked in the U.S. This was a Shinja’s dream come true. At Oni-Con in Houston, TX H.E. Demon Kakka made a live Skype announcement of the return of SEIKIMA II, however with a late O.K. on promoting it, the turn out was less than mediocre (we had about a weeks time of announcing it). However the ones that showed up were definitely hardcore Shinja that just came to see H.E. talk. I had explained to Japanese management that this band has a decent following across the U.S. and do not let this discourage you. The live will be an amazing event.

July 3rd Dallas, TX Cure Media USA arrives and prepares to meet the staff and members of SEIKIMA II. I’ve worked with many bands before, and I figured I would be like how I always am; Professional. I meet with the heads of the company with out any problems, then with in a short moment Professionalism was shot out the door. Why? JAIL O’Hashi has just appeared. I turn to a staff member of Cure Media and whisper loudly “Its JAIL!!!!” The rest of the members have now appeared and I have absolutely no words what so ever. I am now 14 again and star struck. We all get to our destination and I finally pumped up courage to approach Jail….well kind of. I looked him in the eye put out my

the business of before the flight my dumb ass forgot it along with my “Cats In Boots” LP that I wanted Jail to sign (however I did remember the CD). and leave the sound check. Everyone was very thankful to me for making their dreams come true.hand and very nervously said “Mr. that because of all the fans that showed up. I wanted this huge back drop of SEIKIMA II. There is one of my favorite guitar heroes and I come off as a douche. Please know I have not yet spoken to any one from SEIKIMA II besides simple greetings yet. I was looking for a place in the front in where I can squeeze in. RAIDEN. it made my dreams come true.?” LUKE. June 4th A-KON At the booth (which unfortunately I was not able to stay long because of behind the scene duties) I was able to meet awesome fans that showed up from all over.V. I so want to throw the horns in the air and rock out. I had a shirt prepared for me of JAIL’s face on my shirt. Now I have two lol. In my heart and mind I needed to hear this with all the Shinja and soon to become Shinja at the actual live. It’s almost show time with the first band Inugami Circus Dang to perform. time for everyone to make decisions and getting the o. =( After checking everyone into their hotel rooms I find myself in work mode. Making sure everything is going on as scheduled and getting the booth prepared.k. like a full make up stand where fans would get transformed to soldiers of JIGOKU. So I found a white t-shirt and headed to the artist alley for someone to put his face on my new shirt.E. Took an awesome photo true Shinja! Metal In YO FACE! There’s my Jail shirt I had made at the event. Again. My thought was right back at them.. Next I head to sound check. RANDY MEERS from CATS IN BOOTS . however to my dismay I received a text saying that the guest JAIL requested passes for have showed up. Best I was able to do was have a friend bring over his mixer and sound system (thanks Rei San). Inugami did an awesome job and it was a great live performance. & XENON are testing the monitors and start playing “FIRE AFTER FIRE” one of my favorite songs.. screen (Thanks Laura). and have AKON provide a T. and so much more. at the booth still made me happy. No problem I said. for things was like pulling teeth from a Great White Shark in the ocean. O'hashi…my name is Shion DJ of Cure Rock Radio a-a-a-nd I’m ve-r-r-y ha-p-p-y you are h-e-e-ere. and many awesome Cure Rock Radio listeners gladly invited me. JAIL. and will be in the audience ready to embrace a dream come true and rock out to SEIKIMA II. I was asked to introduce the band. Demon Kakka appears on stage. Instead I can’t take it. Still to crank SEIKIMA II and have a decent screen size T. However the time was coming near to SEIKIMA II. but with all the excitement. “HOLY SHIT” I think to myself “am I the only one in this room who is about to piss his pants in excitement.” Then walked away……I’m such a dumb ass…. I wanted to do so much originally with the booth. I must hand it to the A-Kon staff. however when SEIKIMA II comes on I am not working one bit. Also. Each member except H. they have done more than anything to make everyone of us feel comfortable and it is always an honor to work with them.V. Without the Shinja’s around the world this would not be possible.

and that’s exactly what happened. When the show started with its opener “FIRE AFTER FIRE” (one of my favorite songs of SEIKIMA II) my horns raised high in the air and the headbang’n began.E. (“lol” inserted for coolness…). I let him know what a big fan I was of his writing and guitar playing (his face was painted on my shirt.E. He is extremely charismatic and funny as hell. So of course I stayed in VIP to rock out to SEIKIMA II. but it was line drived along with other Mankos (apples). He was so thankful and kept mentioning how he wanted to stay in the U.E. He talked about future projects that he would like to work with me on. Demon Kakka and decided to drink upstairs in the hotel room. I said I’d be honored. the members of Inugami Circus Dang. I finally was able to speak somewhat normal to one of my guitar heroes JAIL O’Hashi. I almost wanted to cry lol. I thought to myself. Demon Kakka on her arm with his signature on it the next day.S. The members of Inugami Circus Dang were already there with staff members of A-Kon. I have to say I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the night. The performance from each member was amazing. After the autograph session was done we proceeded to the after party held by A-Kon. was to make sure no objects were thrown at the audience. introduced myself to him and said “SHOT GUN SALLY!!!” He was sooo awesome and very nice. I was soooo excited. They said as long as there is no arc and does not hit the chandelier above it would be fine. That night I had a better chance to talk to JAIL while smoking outside. MC was hilarious!! You can read more details about the show by checking the link above. One of the things I was told by staff. I tell you.E.. Doing my best trying to keep a straight face as my heart stopped. The show had ended and autograph session was held right after.was here!!!! He came through the VIP side door where I was for the Inugami show. I never in a million years dreamed I would be so close to LUKE or H. wow a line drive apple thrown at you from H. not that I cared since I was so happy that it was happening regardless). will be interesting. so I’m pretty sure he knew already as well as his friend that asked where I got it done). That night I was extremely happy and took my main man James to the bar. Demon Kakka get behind the bus wheel. my arms never left the air for the whole show. He then realized that it was I who for one year worked on booking them in the U.E. It was hilarious to see H. Not sure where it went or if it popped someone in the head. He was very polite and signed my Cats in Boots CD as well as my AKUMA NATIVITY CD/DVD along with the rest of the members. June 5th A-KON The next evening A-Kon held a special dinner for Cure. We ran into H. Demon Kakka had me in tears with his jokes. Made me wish I finished my tattoo before A-Kon. and H. We then left the dinner and proceeded back to the hotel in the moooooooo bus. wish I took a picture of that one. & SEIKIMA II. We talked about the live and how happy he . but I mentioned in ADAMS APPLE he most likely will be throwing it into the crowd. and soon after SEIKIMA II arrived. I have to tell you straight up. I ran up to him.S.E. one even got a tattoo done of H.E. that H. All the fans were amazing. (I had no idea nobody knew what my role was. Of course I quickly arrived to grab my beer.

Knowing what kind of personalities they have makes me even want to work harder for them. I also mentioned that if there is a next time I’ll represent each one of them with permanent ink on my arm. The story does not end here. I wish I had time to talk to him more. I was holding two Manko’s and trying to pose. George. I will be working on being able to offer official SEIKIMA II goods for all Shinja around the world. Jess. Wish me luck. With SEIKIMA II. not just for me but for the Shinja that attended the show. each member was exactly the opposite with all being polite. Shadow. Mary. and all the others that worked so hard in helping me make this dream come true. One of the scariest things about meeting someone you have been a fan of for over 15 years is whether or not the image you have is the same when meeting them in person. and it was a dream come true. At the airport Luke made a comment that next time I better wear his face on my t-shirt. Ghent.E. So many exciting things happened at A-Kon. Some I know have had bad experiences and have been let down when meeting there favorite celebrity. I let him know that I never in a lifetime thought I’d see SEIKIMA II live. He had a huge smile on his face. sincere. however I felt the hand of Xenon touch my shoulder. and to the new Shinja that were recruited. This is just a chapter in the doctrines of SEIKIMA II. Laura.was with how the fans were. my facial expression turned to a huge smile that said “HOLY SHIT HE’S TOUCHING MY SHOULDER!” I want to say a special thank you to the staff of A-Kon. I informed him that there are many Shinja that will be more than honored to help support the cause of any request of H. he is such an amazing guitar player and overall great personality. We also talked about possibly other future projects to work on here in the U. Nathan. Lastly it was time to leave for the airport. You can currently purchase SEIKIMA II via Itunes with their latest projects done in English. Also the latest issue of Cure Magazine is out that covers the SEIKIMA II live at A-KON . and like JAIL wish he did not have to leave. and of course CD’s are also available. Demon Kakka. Most importantly to the Shinja that appeared in full force to attend this amazing Black Mass. One thing I forgotten to mention is when I took a photo with the band.S. and thankful.